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Originally named Jomax Technologies, the company was renamed in 1999. Founder Bob Parsons wanted to come up with something a bit more fun and memorable. GoDaddy was chosen because it made people smile and because the name stood out.

Site Ground Web Hosting

The name is a nod to the types of services that the company offers.


As the name of this business suggests, the company specializes in the field of green and sustainable hosting solutions.


The name is somewhat reminiscent of GoDaddy and it has once again been chosen for the sake of being different and memorable.

Dream Host

Obviously, there’s nothing too exciting about the name of this hosting service provider. Still, Dream Host has managed to build a name for itself through the quality of the service being offered to clients.

Host Monster

The word monster is associated with power and strength. It can obviously translate to the world of hosting because of the positive connotations.

Fat Cow

Another attempt to bring originality to the table. According to the founders of the company, there’s a lot of technical speech and jargon in the world of web hosting. FatCow specializes in interactions with small business owners, making hosting readily understandable and approachable.

Colocation America

The brand immediately tells potential customers what type of hosting service it offers. Thus, it appeals to a niche market segment of people interested in colocation and dedicated server hosting.

Branding Strategy & Naming Terminology

Things can be tricky as far as marketing goes because some hosting company customers are knowledgeable in the technical realm, while others have no idea what website hosting actually entails. Thus, a good marketing campaign should find the balance between emphasis on technical characteristics and other positives that most clients will identify with.

As far as naming goes, the examples presented above show that hosting companies enjoy a lot of freedom when it comes to setting up the brand.

Some have gone to incredible lengths when it comes to ensuring originality. GoDaddy and FatCow are just two examples of completely irrelevant names that sound a bit silly but that still generate a lot of interest.

A good naming approach would be to focus on the company’s area of specialization, on a technical aspect of hosting, on wordplay or something completely irrelevant. Whenever the final approach is chosen, branding and marketing efforts will have to be incredibly well planned for the purpose of giving the respective name positive connotations.

Flexible, secure, uptime guarantee, 24/7 support, 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, affordable shared hosting, technical support, chat support, multiple domain hosting, smart, domain registration, hosting that grows with the website

Demographic & Interests

Hosting companies work almost exclusively with businesses. Some of them have a simple project to host (for example – a corporate website used for presentation purposes), others have an entire portfolio of websites and web stores.

The characteristics that the clients of hosting companies are interested in include affordability, a high level of security, guaranteed uptime and excellent customer support. While some of the clients understand the technical specifics of hosting, others don’t really want to burden themselves with such information. This is why they expect to get proper assistance from the team responsible for addressing hosting issues.

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