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How To Name Your Hosting Business

According to Finances Online, the US is the country with the highest number of hosted domains, totaling 107,346,685 domains. That means that there is a lot of competition out there if you are eager to start your own hosting business. To stand out from these competitors,  you need some unique hosting company names, which is what we’re here for! 

I’m Molly, and I am here to guide you through the top tips when it comes to naming your hosting business. It can be tricky to know where to begin with the name-picking process, but this article is a great start! We recommend that you use our server name generator which is the perfect tool to provide you with hosting company names. 

20 Hosting Business Name Ideas

20 Hosting Business Name Ideas

Down below I used our Hosting Business Name Generator to come up with 20 of the best hosting business names. Whether you like the look of one or just want to use them for inspiration, take a look at some of the suggestions:

  1. Connect Hosts 
  2. Entertain Well 
  3. Guest Titan 
  4. Host City 
  5. Host Deck 
  6. Host Fusion 
  7. Hyper Host 
  8. Host Iconic 
  9. Host Surge 
  10. Infinite Entertainment
  11. Mega Hosts 
  12. Operation Host 
  13. Premium Treats 
  14. Servetastic 
  15. Service Shift 
  16. Smart Guest 
  17. Smarter Service 
  18. Sonic Service 
  19. Superior Services 
  20. Treating Surge 

20 More Hosting Business Name Ideas

  1. Amoura Host
  2. DuoHost
  3. HostPro
  4. Pheonix Hosting
  5. EcoWeb
  6. Dude Host
  7. MarketHost
  8. Techfly
  9. TrueConnect Hosting
  10. Host Monkey
  11. Ultra Host
  12. Ace Host
  13. TotalTrust Hosting
  14. Hostit
  15. Goldfish Hosting
  16. BoostHost
  17. Epic Host
  18. All-Star Hosting
  19. HostX
  20. MasterHost

Best Real-world Hosting Business Names

Best Real-world Hosting Business Names

Hopefully, you have had the chance to use our server name generator and are feeling immersed in the name-picking world! It is always best to research hosting businesses that already exist to see what has made them so successful. There are thousands of hosting businesses already out there, so scoping out your competition can help influence your name-making decisions. 

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the most successful hosting company names. 


Based all over the world, this hosting business offers upbeat and modern events. 

The name portrays a magical and immersive vibe, enticing customers at the first glance. The idea of a wonderland is unique and customers know that they can expect different and premium hosting.


Specializing in hosting events in New York and Los Angeles, MKG offers immersive brand experiences.

This name works extremely well because it is short and simple. The use of an abbreviation makes it snappy to say, and easy to spell and search for.

A Perfect Event

Based in Chicago, this hosting company offers timeless florals, styling, and stationery for all events they manage.

This name gives the customers exactly what they want from a hosting business; the perfect event. Customers are aware of the subject of this business and the name makes them sound reliable and dream-like.


Eventive focuses on brand management and events, having worked with people as big as Rihanna! 

The name has a nice remix of the word ‘inventive’, making the company sound unique and imaginative. Again, customers are reminded of the hosting services on offer through this one-word name with a twist.


This business focuses on hosting speaker series and roadshows, all online and easily accessible. 

This makes the company completely unique from the rest, as well as its totally unique business name. Black Rock has a great sound to it, and this two-word name keeps it simple and cool. 

Unique Content for the Niche

When it comes to naming your hosting business, you might want to use a name that links back to the type of hosting that you do. For example, if you specialize in hosting events, then using the word ‘event’ within your name can be really beneficial. Although it sounds obvious, having the type of business that you are within your name allows customers to understand what your business is about straight away and they know whether they want to use you or not.

Try putting the word ‘event’ or something equivalent into our server name generator and see what ideas are curated! 

5-Tips for creating unique Hosting Business name ideas

1. Be creative

Don’t hold back from letting your creativity out! Picking a business name requires a lot of thought and effort, but it should also be a fun task. In some instances, the crazier the name the better. To be really creative, you can consider using a pun or a play on words within your name to really stand out and appear humorous. If you can pull off a creative name, it will be extremely memorable for customers and they are more likely to come to invest in your business. 

Come up with some really creative words and pop them into our server name generator. There will be plenty of creative names to pick from, and you’re sure to like at least a handful! 

2. Use alliteration

This language technique can be really successful if it is done well. Alliteration makes any business name sound that bit snappier and makes it seem much more creative. Alliteration helps the words to stick in customers’ minds and they are much more likely to remember you from your name alone. Because you are a host business you may want to focus on words with the letter ‘H’ in them. 

For example, you can pop in any words beginning with the letter ‘H’’ into our server name generator and then only focus on the names that match this word with another ‘H’. This will help you to focus on names that have alliteration and will help to narrow down the search. 

3. Ask for feedback

This is perhaps one of the most important steps you can take when coming up with a business name. Asking for feedback will give you multiple opinions, and it will be easier to decide on the name that will stick with your company forever. Gather a range of people and ask for their opinions on a list of potential names. You can ask them questions about your hosting company names such as:

  • What words do you associate with our name?
  • Would you be likely to pay for our services based on our name?
  • What do you first think of when you see our name?

You can even ask them to rate each name on a scale of 1-10 which will give you a clear indication as to which names are the most popular and which ones you should probably get rid of or re-think. 

4. Check for domain availability

You might think that you’ve found the perfect hosting business name, and it may have taken quite a bit of time to get there. However, have you checked whether the name is actually available to use?! This is a common mistake made by a lot of businesses, but don’t worry as it is easily solvable. All you need to do is a quick Business Name Search online to check if the name is available to use in your country/state.

Try to avoid using names that sound even remotely similar to a hosting business that already exists. You want to avoid as much confusion as possible for customers, and having a unique name will also help you when it comes to finding social media handles.

Remember to use our server name generator to find a really distinctive name that will be available to use.  

5. Use our Hosting Business Name Generator

We hope that these tips have been extremely useful to you so far and that you have already put some of them to good practice! Don’t worry if not; we know that the name picking process can be a pretty tricky task! Can we remind you once more about our server name generator? It really is the perfect tool to use if you are struggling to come up with that perfect business name. Simply pop in any words that you want within your name, hit the generator button, and sit back and relax as plenty of name suggestions are handed to you on a platter! 

Or, try out our go daddy business name generator which can offer you similar results. We’ve got a generator for pretty much any business, so not being able to find a business name that you like is extremely rare!  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Being a host is all about being reliable and responsible for customers having a good time. Coming up with a name that represents this can be initially tricky, but here are some name suggestions to help you out: Amoura Host, DuoHost, HostPro, EcoWeb, Dude Host, Market Host, & Techfly

When it comes to creating a business, coming up with a catchy business name can be one of the hardest steps to take. You want a name that grabs attention and sticks in your customers mind when they first see it. These steps should have you creating that perfect business name in no time. Create a new word, Use alliteration, Keep it short and snappy, Avoid slang or unknown words, Mix and match words.


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