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2. Get Tattoo Business Name Ideas

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How To Name Your Tattoo Business

Just like getting a tattoo is a commitment, choosing a name for your tattoo business is a crucial decision that should be considered. Your tattoo shop name needs to represent your brand, including the ethos, values, and what makes your brand special.

If you’re struggling with ideas for your cosmetic tattoo business name, then this article will offer enlightenment. We’ve gathered up great real-world examples of famous tattoo business names to get your ideas flowing. You can also try our tattoo shop name generator for more ideas of perfect names to use for your brand.

20 Tattoo Business Name Ideas

Your tattoo business name should ideally encompass everything you want your customers to know about your brand. Often, the name of your business is the first thing customers will notice, and it is what will inspire them to visit your shop.

To give you inspiration for your own tattoo business, we’ve used our generator to come up with 20 potential options that you could use for your own brand:

  1. Tattoo Eignma
  2. Tattoo Angel
  3. Tattoo Absolute
  4. Tattoo Chaos
  5. Tattoo Tattoo
  6. Tatoomatic
  7. Tattooable
  8. Conspiracy Ink
  9. Inkgenics
  10. Signature Ink
  11. Fever Ink
  12. Inkverse
  13. Primitive Tattoo
  14. Tailor Tattoo
  15. Armour Ink
  16. Palace Tattoo
  17. Saint Ink
  18. Misfit Ink
  19. Asylum Ink
  20. Vintage Ink

20 More Tattoo Business Name Ideas

  1. Tribal Scrolls
  2. Inked
  3. Grayscale Art Tattoos
  4. Fantasy Drawings
  5. Skin Color
  6. Heart Ink
  7. Etched Symbols
  8. Skin Art Studio
  9. Skin Deep Ink
  10. Elegant Curve Tattoos for Women
  11. Needle Master
  12. Sketch My Life
  13. Body Drawing Temple
  14. Inspired and Inked
  15. Color Mark
  16. 3D Interactive Tattoo Studio
  17. Forever Lasting Tattoo
  18. Rock Tattoos Forever
  19. Rebel Yell Studio
  20. Street Art Ink

Best Real-World Tattoo Business Business Names

Big Seven Travel has compiled a list of the best 50 tattoo parlors, which are all located within America. These tattoo shops represent the type of aesthetics your tattoo business could have, and offer some great tattoo business names.

For more inspiration to help you choose your tattoo business name, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite 5 real-world tattoo businesses with awesome names. After you’ve read our list, try using our tattoo shop name generator to come up with some options to consider using for your own business:

Smith Street Tattoo Parlour

This tattoo shop is located on the street they are named for, Smith Street, in Brooklyn, New York. This name choice helps to represent the brand, as they specialize in traditional American-style tattoo art. Located within the Big Apple of the States further helps the American iconography of the brand.

Furthermore, using the location of the shop within the name alerts customers to where their tattoo shop is located, which can help more people to find them. Using the phrase ‘tattoo parlor’ also elevates the status of the business, as parlor has connotations of grandeur rather than ‘shop’.

Apocalypse Tattoo

This tattoo shop is located in Seattle. By using the word ‘tattoo’ within the name, it clearly advertises to audiences what their shop is about.

While the word ‘apocalypse’ is longer than many traditional names, it works well for the tattoo shop as it inspires ideas of toughness, edginess, and other attitudes that are often associated with tattoos.

Daredevil Tattoo Shop

Located within New York City, the Daredevil Tattoo Shop not only offers the tattoo to customers but hosts a large museum of antique tattoo memorabilia.

The word ‘daredevil’ implies a fun, adrenaline-rush-inducing atmosphere from the brand, which is similar to the associations used by Apocalypse tattoo.

‘Daredevil’ also implies you need to be brave and willing to receive one of their tattoos, which can help to bolster the ego of the customer. This positive reinforcement given to customers through the name can help to promote the brand.

Black and Blue

Located within San Francisco, Black and Blue is a female-owned tattoo parlor that accepts walk-ins. You can receive a tattoo from one of their 10 tattoo artists,

Black and Blue is a successful tattoo shop name as it uses alliteration to make the name catchy, and also uses a common phrase which makes it easier for customers to remember,

The colors used within the name are also a double meaning, referencing traditional colors used within tattoo ink as well as the bruising that occurs from the tattoo process.

Till the End Tattoo

This tattoo shop is within Miami, Florida, and is co-owned by Katherine Flores, regularly featured on Spike TV show Ink Masters.

The name works well for the tattoo business as it again offers a double meaning, as it uses the associations of the tattoo industry as apocalyptic and gritty, as seen with Apocalypse tattoo, while also referencing the permanence of the tattoo.

The alliteration of the ‘T’ sound within the name also makes it easy for customers to say and remember, whilst also being a great catchy tattoo business name.

How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Tattoo Business

Choosing your tattoo business name can be tricky, as it is essential it encompasses the elements of your brand you wish to show off. Your customers should get an idea of what kind of tattoo style you offer, as well as your potential clientele, so they can better understand your brand.

If you specialize in delicate, floral tattoo pieces for women, consider naming your tattoo business in line with this notion. Alternatively, if you offer highly realistic pieces, consider using words such as ‘portrait’ or ‘picture’.

However, avoid choosing a tattoo business name that is too elaborate or uncommon, as this can confuse your audience. it is also recommended to include ‘tattoo’, ‘tattoo shop’, or ‘tattoo parlor’ after your name to alert customers to what your brand is about.

If you have inspiration for your tattoo brand, try using our tattoo shop business name generator to make your ideas a reality!

5-Tips for Creating Unique Tattoo Business Name Ideas

Creating your tattoo business name can be a difficult process, which is why we’ve put together a list of 5-top tips to help you make a decision. After you’ve read our tips, try using our tattoo business name generator to create your own brand name.

1. Think Before You Ink

Just like a tattoo, your business name will likely be with you for life. Therefore, it is essential to ensure you have chosen the best name for your brand as it can help you grow and succeed.

Your name should ideally align with the type of art style you offer, your location, or other unique and identifying features of your brand. This way, it is easy for customers to find you, and also makes it easier for your brand to stand out.

2. Consider Your Clientele

Your target audience for your tattoo shop should also be a deciding factor within the name. While the tattoo industry is diverse and inclusive, business is all about branding, and the easier it is to identify your tattoo business, the better.

For example, if you offer small and quick tattoos, consider a name such as ‘Time Tattoos’, as the shortness of the name indicates brevity, and is also catchy through the use of alliteration.

Do you intend to appeal to an older or younger generation? Do you offer portraits or traditional-style tattoos? Considering the unique elements of your brand can help you create a unique name to match. For ideas on how to name your tattoo business, try our tattoo shop business name generator.

3. Generate Demand for Your Designs

Your tattoo business name is often the first thing your potential customers will learn about you, which is why it is essential to choose a name that will draw people in.

Making your name unique to your brand and the services you offer is the best way to make your tattoo shop business stand out. Using a catchy, memorable, or unique name is the best way to showcase your tattoo business, as well as make it easier to market.

Online and in-person marketing can benefit from a great name. Ideally, choose a name for your tattoo business that can grow with you, and continue to accurately represent you as your business expands and proceeds.

4. Create a Cohesive Brand

Having your tattoo business name remain the same across all relevant platforms, social media and advertising is an essential way to help your business grow.

Once you have decided on a name using our tattoo shop business name generator, try using our business name search index to ensure the corresponding domain name is available. This way, you can guarantee cohesion across all your marketing that will help your tattoo business grow.

5. Use Placement and Personalisation

There are many slang words associated with tattoos that will vary from area to area. Therefore, if you are considering using slang words with your business name, such as ‘Getting Inked’, it is important to understand the local context and ensure it will be understood by your clientele.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Naming your tattoo business can be difficult as there are so many businesses active within the field. Therefore, it is important to use a unique and distinctive name to help identify your brand. Words such as ‘ink’, ‘tattoo’, ‘art’, ‘sleeve’ and other associated words can be used within your name. If you are struggling to think of ideas, enter some of the key words associated with your brand and use our tattoo shop name generator to come up with inspiration for your business.

There are many slang words used for tattoos that you can use as inspiration as your tattoo business name. Popular slang words include ‘ink’, ‘getting some ink’ or ‘being inked’, as well as the shortened version of tattoo that is ‘tat’ or ‘tats’. The word ‘tac’ can also be used as slang for tattoo, often within the phrase ‘tac it on’ to represent the tattoo being put onto your body. There are also slang words relating to the execution of the tattoo, including a ‘banger tattoo’ which is an art piece completed in a single session. Using slang words in your tattoo business name can be a great way to localise your business, as well as showing you are urban, contemporary and modern.

The best business names are often those that are relevant to the unique elements of the business, as well as being memorable and catchy. To create a good name for a tattoo business, it is recommended to think outside the box and try to think of iconic business names that will make your tattoo shop stand out. It can also be recommended to include ‘tattoo shop’ or ‘tattoo parlour’ within the name as this can make it easier for new customers to find your business.

It can take time to come up with a good name for your tattoo business. For inspiration, try researching real-world tattoo businesses, as well as popular art styles, techniques and other influences within the field. Creating a list of keywords associated with your tattoo business can help you create a unique tattoo business name. You can also use our tattoo shop business name generator to help you finalise your business name as it offers many suggestions that can be used and combined.


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