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How To Name Your Street Food Business

How To Name Your Street Food Business

Street food has become immensely popular, especially in recent years where supporting local businesses has become admired by the general public. You might be wanting to start your own street food business, in which case, you’ll need your own totally unique name to make you stand out from the crowd!

I’m Molly, and I am here to tell you all about our Street Food Business Name Generator, whilst also guiding you through our top tips on how you can choose the perfect business name.

20 Street Food Business Name Ideas

To get started, I popped in words that I associated with ‘street food’ into our name generator. Here are, in my opinion, 20 of the best suggestions that were curated that you can use for your street food business names.

  1. Booth Spices
  2. Cart Appetite
  3. Cart Bazaar
  4. Food Dude
  5. Food Feast
  6. Food Grub
  7. Food Lord
  8. Foodie Chief
  9. Foodie Havana
  10. Hideaway Hut
  11. Market Appetite
  12. Market Flavor
  13. Premium Booth
  14. Snack All-Out
  15. Snack King
  16. Stall Captain
  17. Stall City
  18. Street Feast
  19. Streetnetic
  20. Street Rush

20 More Street Food Business Name Ideas

  1. Golden Grillz
  2. Street Harvest
  3. The Bottle Booth
  4. Wild Street Tastes
  5. The Food Corner
  6. Express Eats
  7. The Walkup Wagon
  8. Food Quest
  9. Parked Pizza
  10. Fresh Fare To Go
  11. Homemade Hawker
  12. Street Snax
  13. Burger Boulevard
  14. Paved Sustenance
  15. Urban Eatery
  16. The Market Eatery
  17. The Taco Experience
  18. Street Vittles
  19. Noshers
  20. Quick Cuisine

Best Real-world Street Food Business Names

Best Real-world Street Food Business Names

Hopefully, you have had the chance to use our Street Food Business Name Generator, and have already come up with a few of your own ideas or names for your street food business.

There are hundreds and hundreds of street food businesses already out there, each one with its own unique business name. Let’s take a look at some of the best names in the business, and see what makes them so special.

Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

Inspired by Mauritian street food, Lovely Bunch of Coconuts combines BBQ meats and biryanis on the streets of London.

Although the name seems a bit wordy, it is fun and quirky and sounds appealing to its customers.

Mother Clucker

Offering delicious Southern-fried chicken, Mother Cluckers chicken contains half the grease but double the crunch.

The name works so well because of its humorous play on words, whilst also still linking to their signature dish on offer.

Yum Bun

This street food business offers fluffy steamed pockets filled with the best ingredients. You can choose fillings such as slow-roast pork belly, panko-crusted cod, or Japanese-style chicken.

This name is nice and simple, and its use of rhyme makes it enjoyable to say out loud.

The Gyoza Guys

These guys offer four varieties of gyozas, all guaranteed to be delicious. You can find these at Victoria Park Market, London.

The use of alliteration in this name makes it roll off the tongue, and you know that these guys are there to give you the best gyozas you’ve ever eaten!

Only Jerkin’

Offering jerk chicken strips, their fried chicken is some of the best on the street food market.

This is yet another chicken stall that uses a play on words to make its name really stand out. The play on words is immediately eye-catching and will draw customers in as soon as they see it.

Be sure to keep your food business name ideas personal to your brand!

This is your opportunity to really let your creativity and humor shine! You want to attract your customers straight away, so your name, combined with the delicious smell of your food, should entice a whole queue of customers quicker than you can say grubs up!

As seen by the real-world street food names already out there, most of them are amusing and entertaining and put a twist on common sayings. This might be something you want to consider, to humor your customers and really stand out from your competition.

Try to really make an impact! You want your name to represent you as a brand, so you may want to include words that relate to the food you are selling.

This, along with something memorable, will really grab your customers’ attention and make them more likely to recommend you to friends and family.

Our Street Food Business Name Generator is there to give you inspiration and to make the process of choosing a name much easier for you. Try inputting some comical words and see if it curates any eye-catching suggestions.

5-Tips for creating unique Street Food Business name ideas

1. Be Creative

As briefly mentioned, you want your name to be as unique and to stand out as much as possible. Put the passion you have into your food into your choice of the name too.

Try to think of as many cool and wacky words as possible and see what works well in a name format. Make sure they are still relevant to your business, though!

Even if creating a business name doesn’t come naturally to you, you are still capable of coming up with ideas and suggestions, even if you think they aren’t the best.

Everyone has to start somewhere, so get researching some common phrases and puns that might work well within your name.

Our Street Food Business Name Generator is a great start if you are struggling for that initial inspiration.

2. Incorporate Your Brand Identity

When coming up with names for street food businesses, remember to keep them relevant to your brand identity. For example, if your street food stall specializes in pasta, then brainstorm words that you associate with this to really make your customers aware of the cuisine on offer.

There are hundreds of words that you could potentially use for your street food business name, so stay optimistic!

Your street food business name needs to stand out and portray your values and principles. If your street food brand is passionate about environmental issues and sustainability, for example, then incorporate this in your name.

You want customers to be aware of your unique selling points and most people are already looking for something different when deciding which street food business to visit.

3. Ask For Feedback

This step will really ensure that your name is likable by your customers and will be successful in the long run.

Create small surveys or questionnaires and hand them out to people you would consider to be in your target audience. Ask them to answer questions about your potential street food business names such as:

  • What do you first think of when you read our name?
  • What sort of business would you associate with the name?
  • How much do you like the name from 1-10?

Once you get back your answers, you will be able to tell straight away which names work and which names don’t. Asking people to rate your potential names means that you will be able to see which is a clear winner, and you can eliminate the ones which didn’t receive the best feedback.

4. Check Domain Availability

This is always a common mistake that business owners make when it comes to the name picking process, so do yourself a favor and complete this step quite early on!

You don’t want to let go of a name that you think is perfect, so by completing this step it will save you the heartbreak of letting it go!

You can use websites such as Domain Checker to see if your name is available to use. Do this with every name that you feel drawn to; this will help you to cut your losses early on.

Check whether your name is available on social media sites as well, as this will make it easier for your customers to find and contact you.

5. Use Our Street Food Business Name Generator

We recommend completing all of these steps above to guide you through your name-picking process. Once completed, we must remind you of our Street Food Business Name Generator which is the easiest tool to use if you’re lacking motivation or have hit a brick wall.

Try it out now! Pick some words that you came up with within your brainstorming process, pop them into our generator, and sit back and relax whilst it comes up with multiple name suggestions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here is a list of similar words for ‘Street Food’ that you might want to use in your own Street Food Business name:

-Finger Food
-Food Booth
-Food Truck
-Fast Food
-Food Cart
-Street Food Vendor

Business names within the food industry need to be catchy and interesting in order to appeal to a whole array of customers. Here is what you need to consider when picking a name:

-Outline the guidelines
-Start a brainstorming session
-Pick a clear and simple name
-Make it memorable
-Think of a trendy name

The street food industry can be an exciting and extremely rewarding business to get into, especially if you choose a product that you know is going to sell well. The food scene is constantly changing and people are always looking for that new and exciting cuisine, so having a unique selling point will really help you to stand out from your competitors.


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