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How To Name Your Space Business

The age of commercial space business is upon us. With the advent of companies like SpaceX, space has never been more open for exploration. As a lucrative opportunity, you might be looking to move into the industry and set up your own space-related business, and to do so, you will probably need a name for your business.

Our space business name generator is a great place to find inspiration and name combinations to help as you craft the name for your budding space brand. This guide can help you as you use our space name generator to develop a memorable and distinctive brand name.

As the first impression of the company, your business name is integral to success. Our handy guide sets out some inspiring space company names and a few tips and tricks to use when coming up with your space business name. I’m Alex and I’m going to be here helping you to find the best name for your business in this guide.

20 Space Business Name Ideas

20 Soap Business Name Ideas

To begin with, let’s take a look at a few space business names I got from our space company name generator. All I did was input a few words I associated with space into the space name generator and here are twenty business names I came up with.

  1. Space Launch
  2. Space Origin
  3. Astro Heavy
  4. Astro Tango
  5. Starsgenix
  6. Space Legion
  7. Astro Command
  8. Starslance
  9. Rocketio
  10. Rocketorzo
  11. Starsaza
  12. Rocketaholic
  13. Spaceology
  14. Spaceonus
  15. Voyage Space
  16. Astroopolis
  17. Origin Astro
  18. Space Astro
  19. Vanguard Astro
  20. Omega Astro

20 More Space Business Name Ideas

  1. Explore Beyond
  2. The Wide Open
  3. Space Tech
  4. Modern Space Solutions
  5. Empty Space
  6. The Spaceologist
  7. Uncharted Exploration
  8. Above the Horizon
  9. Rocket Tech
  10. EZ Takeoff
  11. LftOff
  12. Next Galaxy
  13. Light Year
  14. Speed of Light Exploration
  15. Reach the Stars
  16. Stella Tech
  17. Super Nova Tech
  18. The Big Bang Studio
  19. Solar Explorer
  20. X Mission

Best Real-world Space Business Names

Now we’ve taken a look at how the space company name generator can help you come up with creative space business names. Let’s take a look at some real-world space business names to get even more inspiration.

Checking out competitors’ brand names is a great form of research to do before trying out our space business name generator and can help you to find ideas for your own brand name.

We’ve listed our favorites below and have explained why we think each brand name works so well for the company.


Contrary to popular belief, SpaceX is actually not the company’s full name, but a shortened version. The full name is, in fact, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, but this shortened version is the one most people recognize. This brand name is successful for a few reasons.

Firstly, the use of the word ‘space’ in the name leaves you in no doubt as to the fact the company is in the space industry. Secondly, as a shortened version of the word ‘exploration,’ the X in this name offers more colloquial language while still letting the consumer know what they do. Finally, this brand name is short, sharp, and easy to remember.

SpaceX is a hugely successful business in the industry, and perhaps, some of that comes from having a memorable and effective brand name!

Orbital Insight

This California-based company is a geospatial analytics company that uses geolocation data to provide insights into human activity for different brands. The name explains simply what the brand will do. Using orbital, a word associated with space, the customer understands that the brand is using data collected from drones and satellites currently in orbit, with the insight part reflecting the brand analysis of this data.

Short and sharp, this brand name works to explain succinctly what the brand is going to do and how they are going to do it.

Rocket Lab

This space business offers launch services and other spacecraft and satellite components to third parties. Their name is short and witty. Rocket Lab, while letting the customer know the area that the brand operates in, also invokes images of a child-like lab filled with different rockets.

This fun, simple, and innocent-sounding name, makes the brand appear fun and inventive, as well as conveys the business opportunities they offer neatly.


This Japan-based company is working for the safe and sustainable development of space for the benefit of future generations. Their name works to convey their brand ethos.

The prefix ‘Astro’ connotes space and lets customers know where and what the brand is working for, while ‘scale’ connotes a balance. This balance, between exploration and sustainability, is what the brand is working towards.

This space business name smashes two words together to create a new and fun name that clients are likely to remember.

Open Cosmos

This UK-based company uses satellite technology to help solve the earth’s biggest problems. Working with clients on their projects, Open Cosmos brings satellite technology to the forefront.

The use of the word open in their brand name conveys their ethos of growing a global business. It communicates that they’re opening up space to others in order to help them with their projects. ‘Cosmos’ is a word associated with space and is generally used to mean ‘universe.’

The brand name invites you to be a part of the newly opened industry that is space technology to find solutions to your problems.

Unique Content for the Niche

Unique Content for the Niche

As a relatively new commercial industry, there is a huge market for space businesses. Whether you’re helping to launch satellites or creating spacecraft, there isn’t a huge number of other companies doing what you’re doing, meaning your space business could be unique!

You should use this uniqueness in your brand name to ensure that clients know why they should pick you for their project. Why are you the best choice? What do you do that is different from other space businesses? Think about this, think about words associated with your brand, and input them into our space business name generator to create individual and distinctive names for your space business.

The space industry is now open to everyone and so space business is becoming more and more popular. Try and create a name that will make you stand out as the market is flooded with new space businesses in the years to come, and check out our space usernames generator for ideas!

5-Tips for creating unique Space Business name ideas

Now we’ve gotten through some of the inspiration, let’s have a go at creating a business name! Below we’ve gathered some handy tips and tricks for creating a unique space business name. Check them out before you head over to our space usernames generator to ensure you get the best out of this invaluable resource.

1. Word association

Create a brainstorm of every word you can think of that relates to your brand and the space industry. Find as many as possible and then choose your favorites. These few niche words can then be input into the space business name generator to find unique combinations.

Remember to use words that show exactly why your business is unique and remember to convey meaning to your audience. What is your brand bringing to the table that is different from your competitors?

2. Check out the competition

Checking out what other businesses like yours are doing is a great way to understand the market a little more. See what other brands are naming themselves. How do their names make you feel? Can you understand the brand from their name?

If you can’t find any brands like yours then you’re in luck!

3. Limit the words

In our research, we’ve found that most commercial space businesses seem to keep their names short. Short and snappy names are easier to remember and will help you to stand out. If there are too many words, you risk boring your customers and causing them to forget you completely!

4. Check out your company name’s availability

Ensure you do this step before you send off your business cards to the printers! There is nothing worse than falling completely in love with a brand name and finding out it’s already in use!

Do a quick google search and check the domain name availability before you settle.

5. Use the space business name generator

And finally, we’re pretty biased but we think our space business name generator is a fantastic resource for you to use when trying to come up with a name for your space business. Try inputting those words you brainstormed earlier and see what unique combinations are suggested for your space business name.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A good name for a space company should convey what it is the company does in space. For example, are you exploring space? Are you using satellite data to help companies out? There are many different branches of the space industry and your brand name should give the client some idea as to what they can expect of your brand. Come up with a list of words associated with what your brand is going to do and then try inputting them into our space business name generator to find some great space business names.

Space terms can come in handy when you’re trying to name your space business. Using space terms in your business name can help to let clients know that you’re working in space, or using space technology. Some great space terms for space business names are: Astro Comet Star Astronaut Cosmos Galaxy Nebula Orbit Satellite Starlight Telescope


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