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How To Name Your Amazon Business

Amazon receives between 2.3 and 2.7 billion online visitors each month. Therefore, developing a show-stopping business name is imperative to the success of your company.

My name’s Monique, and I’m here to guide you through the naming process. Read on to discover how to use our valuable Amazon Business Name Generator to create a unique and highly brandable Amazon store name.

Tutorial for Creating Amazon Business Name

20 Amazon Business Name Ideas

The Amazon Business Name Generator is a great tool to help you curate a compelling name that stands out on Amazon’s prolific marketplace. I managed to develop an impressive list of possible names by entering keywords into the generator. Here’s what I found:

  1. Motherload Market
  2. Tech Tsunami Store
  3. Green Thumb Goods
  4. Dockside Direct
  5. Spartan Sales
  6. Curiosity Click
  7. Find Line
  8. Trusted Threads
  9. Tech Total
  10. Clickable
  11. Marketplace Maestro
  12. Merch Mart
  13. Buyology
  14. Clickporium
  15. Axis Trader
  16. Certified City
  17. Ware Worldwide
  18. Minute Market
  19. Find Fortress
  20. WeLove Wholesale

Now, it’s your turn to use the Amazon Business Name Generator. Refine your search by adapting the character length, word count, and keyword placement. Switch on ‘Rhyming’ to find harmonious combinations.

20 More Amazon Business Name Ideas

  1. Fill Your Basket
  2. Computer Checkout
  3. Find & Deliver
  4. BuyBuyBrought
  5. Wholesale City
  6. The Web Market
  7. TechOnline
  8. Clickthrough Co.
  9. Unique Online Wares
  10. MeMarket
  11. BuyNow
  12. Online In Time
  13. Always Open
  14. Findline
  15. Salesforum
  16. World Wide Wares
  17. DeliveRandom
  18. Trusted Wares
  19. One Click
  20. Everything Online

Best Real-world Amazon Business Names

World of Books Ltd

As a leading seller of affordable and second-hand books, the company’s service is short, sweet, and effective. Consumers are often attracted to practical names, such as this, to save time trolling through an extensive range of options.

Utopia Deals

The definition of Utopia represents a state of perfection. In conjunction with Deals, Utopia suggests an elite range of deals for consumers to explore. The name is successful as it is unique yet understandable.


Online consumers can easily distinguish the products sold by this merchant. ‘Pharma’ directly links to the sale and distribution of pharmaceuticals, and health and beauty products.


Zappos is a best-selling Amazon shoe business. However, for those who don’t speak the lingo, Zappos plays on the Spanish word for shoe, ‘Zapatos.’ The brand’s easy pronunciation helps the name linger in customers’ memories.


This business has strategically derived this name from the historic retail phrase ‘shopping spree.’ Consumers may gain the impression that the merchant has plenty of products to offer.

Five steps on naming your Amazon business

Once you’ve given our Amazon Store Name Generator a try, you may be ready to dive into the naming process. The following steps will walk you through each stage to craft good Amazon store name ideas.

1. Consider which keywords suit your Amazon business type

Take the opportunity to brainstorm the type of products your Amazon store will sell. As you categorize your merchandise, certain adjectives you wish to use in your business name may come to mind.

To help inspire you, I have matched some popular Amazon store categories with applicable adjectives:

  • Beauty: vision, artistry, allure.
  • Clothing: garments (or garms), apparel, threads.
  • Tools: hardware, gadget, appliance.
  • Homeware: wares, fixtures, goods.
  • Electronics: tech, computer, automation.
  • No specific niche: wholesale, merchant, marketplace (or mart).

2. Note down your name ideas

Create a mind map containing an array of words you believe best represent your business. Aim to incorporate words that reflect the shopping experience you aim to provide.

In my examples above, I aimed to use words such as Trust, Total, and Delivery to help consumers feel confident. Try out our Amazon Store Name Generator for an idea of how to link keywords together.

3. Analyze your ideas

Analyze your ideas!

Now the foundations of your ideas are built, you can begin to analyze each keyword closely. The aim here is to start reducing your current list by eliminating amazon business name ideas that may not represent your business accurately or could be hard to remember.

During this process, try to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How brandable is this name?
  • Will my target audience understand my business from this name alone?
  • How does this name sound aloud, and could it be mispronounced?
  • Does this name blend in with its competitors?
  • Can the words used in this name be taken out of context or hold negative connotations?

4. Ask your target audience

By now, you should be left with 3-4 Amazon business name ideas that you can present to potential customers you may target. As an Amazon business owner, you can take advantage of the wide variety of online shoppers you can ask.

You can also ask professionals with a knowledge of the eCommerce industry, such as previous retail associates.

During this stage, take the opportunity to analyze each interviewee’s first impression organically. Feel free to use the following questions during market research interviews:

  • How would you spell these names?
  • Which option captivates you the most?
  • What first comes to mind when you hear the name?
  • Would you feel confident shopping somewhere with this name?

5. Check domain availability

Check domain availability!

Before you can complete the process, you must ensure another organization has not taken the elected name. In addition to this, make sure the Amazon business name is available to purchase as a domain and is free of Trademark rights.

Head over to the Domain Checker available on the Amazon Business Name Generator to check this. You can also use a free online Trademark search tool that operates globally.

Once you’ve cleared these checks, you can go ahead and finalize your brand new Amazon business name!

5-Tips for creating unique Amazon Business name ideas

Remember, your Amazon store name will represent your business for the foreseeable future, so it’s essential to develop one you are proud of. Here are my 5 top tips to help you achieve this:

1. Focus on naming your business not describing it

Although the name needs to convey your Amazon business type, using literal terms can make it harder to stand out. Descriptive words such as Sale, Pay, and Shipping.

As a solution, dig deeper into what your business truly stands for. Let’s take Utopia Deals. The company instantly sets high expectations and intrigues the customer to learn more.

2. Think of long-term values

When curating a list of keywords, try to steer clear of current trends or cliches, as this may limit your level of engagement.

You may find that developing an authentic word combination or hybrid helps you increase your brand awareness more effectively.

Zappos is an excellent example of this. The company thought outside the box and developed a name like no other.

3. Customize words wisely

When your heart is set on an Amazon business name idea already in operation or contains a Trademarked word, you may wish to play around with the spelling or word placement. While this can set you apart from your competitors, you risk losing the name’s value.

The following examples can help you understand the difference between effective customization and a poor one:

Poor customization

Let’s take Merch Mart as an example. If it is already taken, you may consider merging the words and adding ‘T’ to create ‘MerchMartt.’ As you can see, the additional T adds nothing to the overall name. It also looks messy and slightly unprofessional.

Effective customization

On the other hand, a business owner may transform ‘Click Emporium’ to ‘Clickporium,’ an easy-to-spell solution. The name distinctively tells customers that they’ll have an abundance of products to click on.

4. Make a memorable Amazon business name

Creating a memorable business name can positively impact your Amazon business by improving your brand’s identity and elevating conversion. A unique store name can seize the attention of spectators and influence them to know more.

Here’s a helpful checklist you can use to create a memorable Amazon business name:

  • Use melodic word combinations or alliteration (Certified City or Find Line)
  • Avoid terms or idioms that consumers may take out context (Open Sesame: Sesame is a seed, but in this context, it is used to illustrate entering somewhere with ease)
  • Keep it short and straightforward (Business analysts have found a sweet spot of two-syllables to a name)

5. Consider SEO

Consider SEO!

Search Engine Optimization often referred to as SEO, can help your Amazon business increase its visibility on search networks such as Google and Bing.

Since there are countless Amazon sellers, obtaining practical SEO values can help your Amazon business to take off. While keywords throughout your site are essential, you can also consider these points:

  • Avoid overused words as they may get lost in the search engine
  • Take it easy on spelling customizations
  • Aim to create a name that contains 1-3 words

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In 1994, Jeff Bezos established his business as Cadabra but changed it to Incorporated just a few months later. The simple yet powerful name is embedded in the heart of eCommerce.

Amazon does not require merchants to possess a registered business or business name to sell on Amazon; all you need is a linked bank account. However, consumers are more likely to purchase wares from sellers with a visible and memorable business name.

Successful Amazon business names typically represent the product the company sells by using words with positive connotations. They often feature alliteration or rhythmic word combinations and are easy to spell, pronounce, and remember.

Head to and select ‘Other Sellers’; you can then click on the store names of your choice. This ability is handy for business owners completing a competitor analysis.


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