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Generate your future Amazon store name with our Amazon Name Generator, in under 5 seconds

1. Choose Your Amazon Business Name Keywords

Type some interesting keywords into our Amazon store name generator to help your brand stand out.

2. Get Amazon Business Name Ideas

In seconds, the generator will generate lots of name ideas. You can read through the list and apply length and style filters to customize it.

3. Select Amazon Store Names

Pick your favorite store name, check for domain availability, and register it right away.

Why Choose Our Amazon Store Name Generator?

Choose the perfect Amazon store name with our AI-powered generator, that curates industry-specific names in seconds.

Amazon business name generator

Tailored Name Search by Industry

Effortlessly find a business name that’s a perfect match for your industry.

Thousands of No-Cost Name Suggestions

Dive into a vast pool of name ideas, all available for free.

Domain Check, Registration and Trademark

Instantly verify if your chosen name is available as a domain. You can also register and trademark your Amazon business name. 

Wide Range of Logo Designs

Explore a variety of unique logo designs on our platform to find the one that best suits your business name.

Top Tips

How to Come Up with Amazon Store Names

You’ll choose the perfect Amazon Store Name in no time with our top tips. Check them out.

Distinct Naming

Avoid using literal terms in your business name; instead, choose names that embody the core of your business, like ‘Utopia Deals,’ which intrigues and sets expectations.

Long-Term Focus

Choose keywords that avoid trends or cliches for sustained engagement, like ‘Zappos,’ which stands out with its unique name.

Smart Customization

Modify existing names or spellings carefully to maintain value; for example, ‘Clickporium’ effectively transforms ‘Click Emporium’ while retaining clarity and appeal.

Memorable Identity

Create a catchy and simple name, using techniques like alliteration or two-syllable limits, to enhance brand identity and customer recall.


SEO Strategy

Prioritize SEO by choosing concise, unique names and avoiding overused words or excessive spelling alterations to improve your Amazon business’s search engine visibility.


Gather Feedback

Before finalizing, solicit feedback on your name choices from potential customers or peers. Their insights can help refine your selection and ensure broader appeal.

Get Inspired

Amazon Store Name Ideas

Here are some Amazon business name ideas generated by the Amazon store name generator:

  • Motherload Market
  • Tech Tsunami Store
  • Green Thumb Goods
  • Dockside Direct
  • Spartan Sales
  • Curiosity Click
  • Find Line
  • Trusted Threads
  • Tech Total
  • Clickable
  • Marketplace Maestro
  • Merch Mart
  • Buyology
  • Clickporium
  • Axis Trader
  • Certified City
  • Ware Worldwide
  • Minute Market
  • Insight Edge
  • WeLove Wholesale

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Amazon Business Market Opportunities

In 2019, the percentage of sales on B2B eCommerce sites constituted only 1.1%. This relatively small figure marked the beginning of a rising trend in the sector. Over the subsequent years, this trend has been gaining momentum, indicating a growing preference for B2B eCommerce transactions. 

Looking ahead, forecasts suggest a significant increase in this domain, with expectations set for the market share to more than double, reaching 2.4% by the year 2025. This projected growth reflects the expanding role and importance of B2B eCommerce platforms in the global market.

Key Takeaways

The Amazon Business Name Generator stands out for offering industry-specific name suggestions, ensuring relevance and appeal for various business niches. It’s a cost-effective solution, providing unlimited free name ideas, thus eliminating the need for expensive branding services. 

The tool also includes a quick domain name check and registration feature, allowing users to easily secure their online presence. Users will find options to conveniently save and revisit preferred names and see a wide range of logo design options to visually complement their chosen business name.

Take the First Step in Creating Your Business Name

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, the Amazon Business Name Generator is free to use, with no hidden costs. Simply input relevant keywords into the generator and watch the magic happen.

Successful Amazon business names typically represent the product the company sells by using words with positive connotations. They often feature alliteration or rhythmic word combinations and are easy to spell, pronounce, and remember.

Use our Amazon brand name generator tool to select the perfect name for your business.

Amazon does not require merchants to possess a registered business or business name to sell on Amazon; all you need is a linked bank account. However, consumers may be more likely to purchase products from sellers with a visible and memorable business name.



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