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How To Name Your SEO Business

Voted one of the most valuable marketing tools by Forbes, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is driving sturdy digital infrastructures for businesses all around the world. For that reason, SEO business names should be clear, trendy, and forward-thinking.

If your business is all about increasing brand visibility and reaching that top ranking on Google, you’re going to need a name that showcases these skills. For that reason, this article is dedicated to supporting you on this journey. First and foremost, try our SEO Name Generator. In seconds, you can receive instant creative SEO company names!

Still need a little more help? Keep reading to find all the research we have compiled on SEO business names, including 20 unique name ideas, examples of the most successful SEO companies, and tips catered just for you!

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Updated Sep 14, 2021

20 SEO Company Names & Ideas

Getting the hang of the SEO Name Generator will be a blessing in your search for that ideal name. Most importantly, you can take your time trying different words that suit your values and principles. As a result, you’ll receive hundreds of suggestions.

For example, just take a look at 20 SEO Business Names we found using the SEO Name Generator:

  1. SEO Proof
  2. SEOprism
  3. Rank 1# Today
  4. Optimized 4 U
  5. Pixeled SEO
  6. The SEO Troopers
  7. Quest for 1#
  8. Sprout Rank
  9. Lift & Optimize
  10. Influence Your SEO
  1. Domain Engine Optimizer
  2. The SEO Gods
  3. Fusion SEO
  4. Enhanced SEO
  5. SEOlytical
  6. Proof Your Rank Today
  7. Buzz Ranks
  8. SEO Magnets
  9. SEAscape
  10. Rankque

20 More SEO Company Names & Ideas

  1. Numero Uno SEO Agency
  2. Lumina SEO
  3. Growth Hack Marketing
  5. Growthly
  6. SEO Doctor
  7. White SEO Lab
  9. Searched & Found
  10. Optimal SEO
  1. Ethical SEO
  2. Rank Me High
  3. Long Tail Agency
  4. Beyond SEO
  5. White Knight SEO
  6. Organic Rank
  7. Targeted SEO & Marketing
  8. Grow & Shine
  9. SEO
  10. Searchlight

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Best Real-world SEO Business Names

We hope by now the SEO Name Generator has let you find some wonderful new names. If you’re an SEO business owner, you know that online visibility is everything. Moreover, studies from the Search Engine Journal have shown that Google currently holds 91.75% of the search engine market.

With that said, let’s take a look at what makes the top SEO companies in the United States successful. Above all, pay attention to how these SEO company names promote a user-friendly interface while also remaining informative about their services.
Most Known SEO Business Names

Here is a list of the top SEO companies in the US:

  • Ignite Visibility
  • Straight North
  • SocialSEO
  • Blue Fountain Media
  • Mayple
  • WebFX
  • Flightpath
  • Major Tom
  • WebEnertia
  • 9thWonder
Ignite Visibility Logo


Ranked by Clutch as one of the top digital marketing firms in the world, IgniteVisibility specializes in SEO, paid media, social media, and multichannel digital strategy.

In short, their goal is to vertically skyrocket your Google ranking and make any company number 1 in search results. Therefore, it’s only fitting that they have paired the words “Ignite” and “Visibility”. In other words, this company informs clients directly that it aims to arouse, stimulate, and boost the visibility of your company.

WebFX Logo


As a tech-enabled marketing solutions provider, WebFX creates custom strategies for each client. Founded under the name WebpageFX, this company rebranded in 2018 as WebFX.

As a result, its values became more streamlined, and the term “FX” which stands for “digital effects” was used as their brand identity. For instance, each workspace was designated as FX1, FX2, or FX3. As a result, SEO company names such as this one showcase how a trademark grows with the ambitions of the organization.

Major Tom Logo

Major Tom

In 2013, this company underwent a full revamp in its direction and branding. They wanted to speak to a changing marketing landscape while choosing a name that represented all its employees.

Therefore, they recorded the whole process of choosing their name, citing along the way what makes that great name stand out. The decision to name the company Major Tom was heavily influenced by feedback from each colleague.

Taking a look at the list of SEO company names, you can see how Major Tom stands out against other competitors. They believed the new name was “thought-provoking”. Furthermore, for them, it “communicates that 50,000-foot view” they take as an agency.

9thWonder Logo


Making use of the terminology involved in the “8 wonders of the world”, this company chose a name to show what makes them different.

Being named the 9thWonder not only implies that they are an organization known all over the world. It, more importantly, supports their recognition that “people today are bound by differences”.

The 8 wonders of the world are about embracing different experiences and identities, and this remains the core value of 9thWonder.

Unlock The Potential of SEO Company Names

When you think about SEO, things like internal links, keywords, and backlinks will spring to mind. While you’re promoting visibility and domain authority, you may forget how key the name of your company can be.

As an illustration, choosing a name that is friendly to your target keywords will boost your own search engine ranking. Just as any SEO business owner knows, the higher your ranking on Google, the more successful your click-through rate will be.

More specifically, if you find a name that can rank number 1 in Google search results, the click-through rate will be 34%. These statistics are crucial when brainstorming ideas for SEO company names.

Put another way, if you’re specifically selling services that will help your clients rank on Google, you need to prove it. What’s a better way of providing evidence to future customers than doing it for your own company.

Accordingly, in a fast-changing industry, you need to keep up, and a name that perfectly executes an SEO strategy will increase your clientele.

The Tips To Unlocking Your Potential

The basic tips for achieving this are making sure your company name is memorable, unique, and keyword-focused. Above all, the third tip in this list will be the most important for you. It’s easy enough to say a name will be unique and memorable, but it must directly feed into your SEO strategy.

With this in mind, before deciding on any name make sure you have researched how it ranks in search volume, keyword difficulty, search value, and search intent.

By way of illustration, make use of dedicated SEO tools such as SEMRush, Surfer SEO, and AnswerThePublic. Some of these require subscriptions, but trials involve one or two free keyword searches a day.

Unlock the potential of your future SEO company name today, and pinpoint exactly what keywords will increase your brand awareness.

At the same time, the keywords you compile can then be inputted into our SEO Name Generator. By doing this, you will find creative mash-ups that also rank highly on Google. What are you waiting for!

4-Tips for creating unique SEO Business Names

1. Run A Survey With Your Employees

Remember businesses are collaborative ventures. For that reason, don’t hide away and try to come up with the name all by yourself – your colleagues are on this journey with you!

As a result, get in touch with people around you and start brainstorming ideas. For instance, you only need to look at how the name Major Tom was landed on. It took months of cooperation between different minds within the business.

In light of this, gather all your colleagues and announce brainstorming sessions. Firstly, send them a survey with all your ideas and let them see which ones they like and dislike. Secondly, make sure to include an option for their own input.

You never know, that perfect company name could be a conversation away.

2. Think About the Future!

A top tip is not to choose between SEO business names that limit your ambitions. Specifically, the SEO industry is always changing, so your name needs to change with it.

The successful SEO business names we’ve seen in this article showcase a forward-thinking mentality. In other words, they don’t limit themselves to something that may be out of fashion by next week!

3. Conduct Your Own Research

SEO is research, research, research. If you’re an experienced analyst when it comes to digital research, why not employ this skill in your name-choosing journey.

We’ve already conducted some competitor analysis in this article. Nevertheless, for a greater understanding take some of your own time breaking down the veneer of SEO business names and looking into their stories.

4. Use the SEO Name Generator

We hope that you have used the SEO Name Generator by now. If not, try creating a list of those highly valued keywords and inputting them into the SEO Name Generator.

We guarantee you will find creative and unique names that have never been used before!

The Tips To Unlocking Your Potential

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