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In no time at all, the SEO business name generator will give you lots of interesting SEO-themed name ideas to look through.

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Start Your Company Smoothly With Our SEO Business Name Generator

In a competitive space where every (key)word matters, our AI-powered SEO business name generator can help you by creating as many SEO name ideas as you want based on your input (keywords) and industry research. 

You can use it to get inspired during your naming process, but that’s not all. Our tool offers additional features so that you can focus on building your brand instead of taking care of paperwork. Here’s what you’ll also get:

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Domain availability checker & registration helper
Click on any name you like, and you’ll automatically learn what domain names (i.e., what extensions) are available. Use our tool to speed up the registration process.

Logo maker
A logo is just as important for your brand identity as your name. Use one of the several suggested logos to get your brand imagery ready for launch.

LLC and trademark registration helper
Raring to go? We’ll help you protect your brand with a trademark so you can concentrate on building your clientele.

Top Tips

Tips for Coming Up With SEO Business Names

Finding that perfect name for your SEO company may seem daunting, but don’t worry. Follow our tips to simplify the process:


Audience First

Define your ideal customer before you start looking for names. Knowing who you want to attract can help you use the most effective words.


Check Competitors

Do market research to see what other companies in the niche call themselves. See what names you find interesting and try to understand why.


Be Original

You’re in a business of creative solutions, and there are many SEO companies out there. You need to be unique and memorable. Use rhymes and alliteration for catchy names.


Extending Services

As your business grows, so will your list of services. Pick a scalable name that will help you venture into other aspects of marketing.


Domain Importance

Your website will be your major selling point. If you pick a strange domain name, it’s hard to show SEO expertise. Check availability beforehand.

Get Some Feedback

Get Some Feedback

Two heads are better than one, and many are better than two. Conduct a survey to see what respondents think about your name ideas.

Get Inspired

SEO Company Name Ideas

Check out some of the names we created using our SEO business name generator:

  • SEO Chief
  • BoostedBiz
  • SEO Success
  • RankingKing
  • Rank Genius
  • LinkMagnet
  • OptiRank
  • SEO Sharp
  • RankBoost
  • Link Magic
  • Dominate Digital
  • Market Masters
  • Link Luxe
  • SEO Blitz
  • Boost Boom
  • SEO Sensei
  • Link Lounge
  • SEO Shark
  • SEO Surge
  • SERP Wizard

Video Guides

Starting Your SEO Business: First Steps Explained

Want to see our SEO business name generator in action? Check out our video guide and learn what’s the best extension for your company’s domain name:

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The Future of SEO: What the Numbers Say

It might seem difficult to break into a market that’s highly competitive. However, both individuals (bloggers) and businesses realize just how important SEO is and are not afraid to dedicate a chunk of their budget to it.

According to Statista, the global search ad spending was $197.54 billion in 2023. That number is expected to grow year by year and reach $260.97 billion by 2028.

Current and projected numbers show that SEO will be increasingly more prevalent for years to come.

Another important aspect is finding your niche and being relevant in the future of SEO practices. SEO professionals across the globe see AI as the leading reason for changes in SEO. If they’re correct, it can open a market gap that you can exploit.

A graph of Search ad spend worldwide 2018 to 2028

Take the First Step in Creating Your Business Name



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