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How To Name Your Pizza Business

If you’re looking to serve up an iconic, recognisable name for your pizza business, then you’re in the right place!

Our menu of name ideas provided by our pizza name generator will inspire you to find the perfect name that represents your business, your ethos, and what your brand is about. By using the pizza name generator, you can discover a range of delicious options for you to choose from.

To help you make the right decision, we have provided this guide to naming your pizza business, using real world examples, as well as innovative suggestions from our pizzeria name generator!

20 Pizza Business Name Ideas

By using our pizza place name generator, we have selected the top 20 business names you could choose for your pizza place.

Choose a keyword or phrase associated with your brand, enter it into the pizzeria name generator, and choose a name you can sink your teeth into:

  1. Garnish Pizza
  2. Pizzabea
  3. Relish Pizza
  4. Lucha Pizza
  5. Smoke Pizza
  6. Munchies Pizza
  7. Pizzalux
  8. Cantina Pizza
  9. Perfection Pizza
  10. Local Pizza
  11. Pizzapad
  12. Baby Pizza
  13. Lord Pizza
  14. Pizzaporium
  15. Smash Pizza
  16. Grove Pizza
  17. Dude Pizza
  18. Hideaway Pizza
  19. Pizzaio
  20. Superior Pizza

20 More Pizza Business Name Ideas

  1. The Hearty Slice
  2. Italian Crust
  3. Just Pizza!
  4. Oven-Baked
  5. The Taste of Italy
  6. Mozzarella & Prosciutto
  7. Just Like Mamma’s
  8. Thick Slice Pizza
  9. Topping Masters
  10. Fine Baked Crust
  11. Formaggio Heaven
  12. The Neighborhood Pizzeria
  13. Pizza and Friends
  14. The Gourmet Pizza Parlor
  15. Pizza We Deliver
  16. Classic Pizza
  17. The Italian Recipe Book Pizzeria
  18. Melted Cheese Pizza
  19. Pizza Familia
  20. The Pizza Pros

Best Real-world Pizza Business Names

Names are often the first thing customers will learn about your business, which is why it is crucial to choose a good name. Use our pizza business name generator to create your own iconic name!

Here are some real-world examples of famous pizza business names, including how they got their name and why it works for their business.

Pizza Hut

Known for their distinctive red roof, Pizza Hut is one of the most iconic pizza businesses around. Originally, Pizza Hut was named because their sign could only fit 8 letters on it, but the short name makes it memorable to customers.

The Pizza Hut name also is straightforward and direct about what their product is, what they serve, and where you can find it.

Pizza Hut have built their business around pizza night being special, made possible through their friendly customer service and family atmosphere, which the name perfectly represents.

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza also uses the product within the brand name, which indicates to customers what they specialise in. The Domino’s Pizza owner wanted to franchise his existing business, ‘DomiNick’s Pizza’, but was refused.

By opting to go for Domino’s Pizza instead, the name has become recognisable to customers and works in collaboration with their logo, which represents a dominoes game piece

While DomiNick’s is arguably a more unique name for the pizza franchise, customers may have found it harder to pronounce and spell due to the capitalisation, which may have hindered the expansion of the business. Domino’s Pizza is easy for customers to pronounce, and remember!

Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s name derived from the combination of two existing pizza places, Papa Aldo’s and Murphy’s Pizza. The joining of the two names together symbolised not only the merging of businesses, but the idea of people coming together to enjoy delicious food.

Papa Murphy’s inspires comfort and familiarity through the use of ‘Papa’, which works in collaboration with their slogan of ‘Handmade’. Home Baked’. The brand aspires to create a family atmosphere through the familial term ‘Papa’ as well as the home cooked aspect of the food.

Little Caesars

Similar to Papa Murphy’s, Little Caesars also does not reference pizza in their name, but the reputation of their brand allows customers to know what they sell.

The pizza business name works in conjunction with their logo, which displays a roman gladiator spearing and eating pizza. This imagery suggests a sense of victory and reward at Little Caesars, indicating their pizza is a treat for customers.

Little Caesars was initially named Little Caesar’s Pizza Treat, yet as the brand grew, the name was shortened in favour of being more memorable and easier to advertise.

Papa John’s Pizza

Known for their fresh ingredients, Papa John’s Pizza gives the impression through their name that they are one of the best pizza places around.

Papa John’s Pizza was named for founder John Schnatter, which helps to develop a personal relationship with their customers and give the illusion of an intimate dining experience, rather than a chain.

The pizza business name, using ‘Papa’, implies they are the father of the pizza business, creating a reputation of an authority figure. The use of the product within the name also helps customers to understand what they sell.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Pizza Business Name

Choosing your pizza business name can be tricky, especially when there are so many great options through our pizzeria naming generator.

Ideally, your pizza business name should give an indication about the products you sell. If you plan to sell just pizza, consider placing it in the title so your customers are aware of exactly what your business is about.

If you are looking to sell a wider assortment of products as well as pizza, think about how you can represent this within your name. Will you use fresh ingredients, or have unique, one-of-a-kind recipes? If so, consider including this in your name if possible as a draw for your customers.

While it can be tempting to give your pizza business an unorthodox name, this can actually be detrimental to your business if customers find it hard to remember, pronounce and locate. Your pizza business name needs to be accessible to your customers, and something to be remembered.

It is also recommended to avoid using names that are too similar to existing franchises, as this can detract from the uniqueness of your business. If you want a completely original name for your business, try using our pizza business name generator.

5-Tips for Creating Unique Pizza Business Name Ideas

Use What is Unique About Your Brand

According to the Washington Post, Americans eat over 100 acres of pizza every day, which means there is significant competition within the pizza business. Therefore, having a catchy pizza business name that perfectly encompasses what is unique about your brand is essential.

When choosing your pizza business name, consider how your pizza is different from those on the market. Do you use only fresh ingredients, or offer distinctive toppings? Find what is special about your business, and ensure it is included within your name.

If your customers can remember your pizza business name, it makes it easier for them to return and spread the word about your perfect pizzas, which is great for business!

Consider Your Target Audience

It can be important to include your target audience with your pizza name. You want your target audience to read your pizza business name and have it interest them enough to visit or research!

If you’re aiming to establish a family business perfect for the little ones, choose a fun, catchy name with alliteration or a rhyme. Conversely, if you’re looking to attract an older audience with sophisticated taste, choose a smart sounding name that reflects the atmosphere of your business.

Use a Family Name

Like Papa John’s or Papa Murphy’s Pizza, using a family name or even your own name can be a great choice for your business.

Using your name or a family name can make your pizza business more personable and give the illusion of familiarity to your customers which will make them feel right at home.

If you’re struggling to decide using our pizza business name generator, then try incorporating your own name into the brand and see if you like how it sounds.

Focus on Your Product

Many prominent pizza businesses use the word ‘pizza’ within their brand names. Why? It immediately indicates to your customers what your business is about, and there is no mistaking what you sell.

Your pizza business name should give an indication of the type of products you sell. If it is primarily pizza, then consider including it in your business name.

Streamline Your Brand

Having a streamlined pizza business brand is the best way to promote and grow your business.

Using one memorable, clear pizza business name is the best way to help customers find your brand, and share it with their friends and family.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect name for your brand, try our pizza business name generator for inspiration, innovation and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A pizza shop can be called several names, including a pizzeria, pizza parlour or a pizza place. The variations in names of pizza shops can have different connotations about the food and atmosphere, so consider what aesthetic you are aiming for when selecting your business name.

Naming your pizza business can be a daunting decision. Your pizza business name should ideally represent the values or ethos of your brand, suggest something about your pizza, and represent your unique values. If you’re struggling to think of unique pizza business names, try our pizza place name generator for inspiration, or even your ideal brand name.

Your pizza business name should ideally stand out from the competitors, but should not be so unorthodox it is difficult to pronounce or remember. Popular pizza business names often use words such as hearty, Italian, oven-baked, taste, mozzarella, and, of course, pizza!

Using a catchy pizza business name can help to make your brand memorable. Methods to achieve this include using a name with alliteration, such as ‘Perfect Pizza’ or ‘Pepperoni Pizza’, and using a rhyme. Words that rhyme with pizza or are a near-rhyme to pizza include ‘completes a’, ‘treats a’ and ‘eats a’, which can all be used to create your perfect pizza business name.


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