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Complete Guide to Naming Your Pizza Business

Our pizza business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get pizza business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

What’s the right naming approach for a pizza business? Should you be literal and focus on taste and flavour? Should you opt for enforcing the positive emotions people experience when eating good pizza? Or maybe build your brand as a community place where friends come together to have a good time?

All three of these options are possible. Choosing the right approach depends on what you want to be known for and what the competition is already doing.

Your unique brand is your signature – the primary message you want to deliver to the world. If you’re classically trained in making Italian pizza, let potential buyers know. The same applies to sourcing local ingredients from small farms to help the community grow.

It all starts with having a good pizza place and once you do, you will have to elevate the product to the next level. To accomplish the goal, you should definitely have an accurate idea of who your target consumer is.

Demographic Interests

While the statement that everybody loves pizza is more or less accurate, you have to look deeper and find the people who are likely to become your customers.

According to 2018 statistics, the worldwide pizza market generates sales worth 134 billion US dollars per year. The number of pizzerias in the US has reached 75,243 and the trend is similar in Europe.

When choosing a pizza place, people are likely to examine several things. Having reasonably priced but quality food and the assortment of pizzas happen to be most important.

The attitudes of consumers towards pizza has been changing over the past few years and this is an important trend to keep in mind. More people are looking for high quality pizza and good ingredients. The proliferation of pizzerias has given people a choice. They’ve tested multiple options and they’ve come to appreciate the better ones.

A focus on healthy foods is also shaping consumer attitudes. People are beginning to make more conscious choices about the foods that they eat. This is the reason why pizzerias offering healthy picks (for example, pizza featuring wholegrain dough crust) are beginning to do pretty well.

Competitor Name Analysis

Pizza Hut

One of the market leaders (the number one pizza place in the US), Pizza Hut started out pretty small. So small that the sign could only fit two words. One of the words was obviously going to be pizza. Since the restaurant building was reminiscent of a hut, this is how the name came into existence.


In 1960, two brothers bought a small pizza store called DomiNick’s. Since the original owner didn’t allow the use of the name, Domino’s came into existence.

Papa John’s

Another incredibly popular pizzeria, Papa John’s doesn’t have that much of an interesting name history. It was named after its founder – “Papa” John Schnatter.

Mellow Mushroom

According to the company’s official website, mellow is a state of mind and a culture. The pizzeria wants to provide delicious food in a creative environment and this is what the name stands for.

Godfather’s Pizza

When they hear the word godfather, most people make an association with Italian. As Italy is the birth country of pizza, the name is definitely a suitable one.

MOD Pizza

Originally, the MOD in the name of this pizzeria came from made on demand. This means that the customer could come in, make their own pizza and get it produced on demand (this is still a valid concept). The name also nods to the MOD movement – a rebellious trend that developed in the UK in the 60s.


You have so many choices when it comes to naming your pizza place. It could carry an Italian theme, something a bit more local or the name could be completely out there. Have fun while brainstorming and use our Business Name Generator to explore the possibilities. It will also let you know what the domain name availability is.

To kick off the brainstorming session, you may want to try the following pizza-related words and phrases:


















Thin crust

Wood-burning oven




Pizza Business Name Inspiration

  1. Pomodori e Mozzarella: the Italian names for two of the most important pizza ingredients – tomatoes and mozzarella.
  2. The Wood Oven: most people know that pizza prepared in a wood-burning oven has a superior taste. The name is an ideal choice for a pizzeria that has the right equipment.
  3. Nonna’s Pizza: the Italian word for grandma is another excellent choice for naming your pizza place. It speaks of traditional cooking, comfort food and deliciousness.
  4. Hot Cheese Pizza: for many people, the most delicious aspect of pizza is the hot, molten cheese. The association is going to be immediate.
  5. Mmm, Yummy Pizza: two of the sounds we make when we’ve had delicious food. This is a somewhat more casual and youthful name.
  6. The Crunch: it refers to the sound a crust makes when you break it and it has been cooked perfectly. A pizzeria name doesn’t have to be direct and literal to be understood.
  7. Topping Heaven: a pizzeria that offers a wide assortment of toppings can choose such a name.
  8. Forno a Legna Pizza: this name is simply the Italian version of wood-burning oven. It sounds cool and it has that distinctive Italian vibe.
  9. Urban Palate Pizza: you don’t have to go the traditional route, something a bit more unorthodox can work really fine for a young and hip crowd.
  10. Just Pizza: after all, this is what you have to offer, isn’t it?

What Not to Name Your Pizza Business

Putting your name in the title of the company doesn’t make sense, unless you’re a world renowned pizza chef.

Don’t be boring! This is a cardinal sin when it comes to naming your business. Just how predictable are names like Pizza Palace or The Pizza Box. Always take something obvious and expected and try to deliver the same message in a much more unconventional way.

A final mistake to avoid is to never mislead your customers. If you don’t have the training and you can’t make classic Italian pizza, refrain from making such claims when naming your business.

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