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Complete Guide to Naming Your Bike Business

Our bike business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get bike business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Bike companies benefit from a very loyal audience, which facilitates branding. The crowd has its specific needs and preferences – some are looking for extreme adventures on a mountain bike, others need a city bike for effective commuting. It’s up to you to determine who your product is tailored to and how you can deliver a solid message through company naming and branding.

While in the past bike marketing used to carry a more youthful and adventurous message, things are starting to become more diversified. Urban biking is on the rise. The need for bike shops and accessories is growing across multiple market segments. When branding and naming your company, you should focus on what makes you an expert in the field. Do you hire the best bike repairmen? Is the company itself founded by bikers?

It’s important to not just think about the product when branding. Yes, you make or you repair bikes. A good bike is about comfort and freedom for some people. For others, it gives a sense of adventure. These are the emotions and the experiences to focus on when attempting to set up a successful bike company.

Demographic Interests

Cyclists are people of all ages and economic groups – from kids to active senior citizens. Demographic profiling suggests that the average biker is male in his 30s. Most of them have attended college, a large portion of the demographic is also married.

Those who are devoted to cycling do it on a regular basis – at least once per week. Men are more likely than women to use a bike to go to work and full-time students are the people likely to use a bike to get nearly everywhere.

It’s interesting to point out that the percentage of active bikers and people who own a bicycle increases in the case of groups that have a higher income level.

Urban biking is most common, followed by recreational biking in rural areas. Mountain biking comes in next as a more niche hobby.

Competitor Name Analysis

Giant Bicycle

Made by Giant Manufacturing – the world’s largest bike manufacturer – the Giant Bicycle is this company’s flagship product. The company is a true giant – global sales surpass five million bikes per year.


The oldest bike manufacturing company in the world (set up in Italy in 1885) is named after its founder – Edoardo Bianchi.

Merida Bike

The Taiwanese bike company has a specific and meaningful name. The approximate translation of Me-Ri-Da from Taiwanese is a company that aims to produce solely high quality, beautiful and comfortable products.

Fuji Bike

It’s easy to see what the inspiration for this Japanese company’s name is. Fuji Bike is named after the Fuji Mountain – a symbol of strength and endurance in the country.

Cervelo Bike

Here’s a name that is a bit more playful and complex than the previous ones. The Canadian manufacturer used a portmanteau of cervello (an Italian word meaning brain) and velo – the French word for bike.

Scott Bicycle

This is another industry name that most biking enthusiasts are familiar with. The company also ranks among those named after their founder – Ed Scott.


Take some time to carry out a brainstorming session – after all, you will be making one of the most important decisions for the future of your business. A good bike company name is short, catchy and easy to pronounce.

Think about the characteristics and the words that describe your work. When you have a list, try our Business Name Generator. It will give you relevant suggestions on the basis of your input and you’ll also be provided with domain name availability information.

Here are a few relevant suggestions that can get the creative juices flowing:











Road bike










Bike Business Name Inspiration

  1. Adrenaline Rush Bikes: the name is suitable for a niche company that specializes in mountain bikes and extreme experiences.
  2. The Bike Doctor: if you have a bicycle repair shop, you may as well adopt a humorous approach towards name selection.
  3. Freedom Cycles: as already mentioned, a bike gives the rider a sense of freedom – something that many bike enthusiasts pursue.
  4. Urban Dwellers Bicycles: bikes are becoming increasingly hip and trendy in urban markets. You can make a good use of this fact through the selection of the right name.
  5. Spin Nerds: it’s ok to take a word and turn it around in an attempt to differentiate your brand from the rest.
  6. Alpha City Bikes: alpha is a word that’s used as a synonym of leader. You obviously want to be the best in the field and you want to reflect that in your company’s name.
  7. Off the Beaten Path: the expression is a well-known one but it gets a new meaning in the context of cycling.
  8. The Science of Cycling: this name could apply to a bike repair shop but it’s also suitable for a manufacturer.
  9. Wheels on Fire: a simple name that will potentially appeal to a more youthful audience.
  10. Forte: the term forte refers to a strong ability, something that a person is recognized for doing well. Obviously, such a name is powerful, short and ideal for a brand new bike manufacturer.

What Not to Name Your Bike Business

Avoid using the word bike in the name of your company. The same applies to cycling. You can be much more creative, especially if you are a manufacturer and you’re launching a brand new bicycle on the market. Take a look at your direct competition – you will find out that most companies adopt a much more creative approach towards bike name selection.

There are many bicycle-related clichés. There’s a common perception that cycling is a leisurely activity for the rich (or a last resort option for those who cannot afford other means of transportation). Try not to reinforce such completely wrong perceptions through the selection of your bike company name.

Don’t go into explanation mode with your company name. if you have to say something in more than three or four words, chances are that the crowd will find it difficult to get the message. If it can’t be presented concisely, chances are that you’ll need to switch things up.