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How To Name Your Radio Show

How To Name Your Radio Show

According to Statista, there are currently over 15,445 radio stations in the US, more than double the amount of stations in 1970.

You might be wanting to add to this statistic by creating your own radio show, in which case, you’ll need a super unique business name to help you stand out from the crowd!

Luckily, you’re in the right place. My name is Molly and I am here to guide you through your name choosing journey, whilst also letting you use our show name generator. With that being said, let’s take a look at what makes a great radio show name.

20 Radio Show Name Ideas

We recommend that you use our talk show name generator, which is a great tool to use when finding inspiration for your own business name. Down below are 20 of the best suggestions I could find with the use of our show name generator, which will hopefully give you some inspiration.

  1. Broadcast Capital
  2. Broadcast Pulse
  3. Broadcast Trigger
  4. Hostable
  5. Host Project
  6. Hype Hour
  7. Program Mix
  8. Program Nightly
  9. Radio Flow
  10. Radio Ooze
  11. Radio Wave
  12. Show Master
  13. Show Plug
  14. Spotlight Show
  15. Station Scope
  16. Station Stream
  17. Variety Program
  18. Wave Show
  19. Wireless Hour
  20. Wireless Weekly

20 More Radio Show Name Ideas

  1. Pillow Talk
  2. Candid
  3. DJ Hour
  4. Back to Basics
  5. Nothing but the T
  6. Vintage Inspiration
  7. The Classics
  8. VoiceIt
  9. Chat Trap
  10. Chit Chat
  11. The Girly Show
  12. Music Connoisseurs
  13. Rhythm Nation
  14. The Sound of the Ages
  15. Hotline Direct
  16. The Morning Show
  17. Favourite Hits Rewind
  18. Hot Topics
  19. Brave Political Commentary
  20. The World Today

Best Real-world Radio Show Business Names

Hopefully, you have now had the chance to use our show name generator and our radio station name generator. If you’re still stuck or unsure where to start, we suggest finding inspiration from radio shows that already exist. Let’s have a look at some of the best radio show names on the air today, and see what makes them so successful.


This media organization comes with the slogan ‘ideas worth spreading and is one of the most popular radio shows in the US.

Ted talks are known to be informative and inspirational, and that is exactly what this radio show presents itself to be.

Morning Edition

This American radio news program is aired weekday mornings and presents news in an informative and comical way.

Listeners are aware that this radio program is more of an early show based on the name alone. The use of this time frame within the name is extremely informative as well as represents what the radio show offers.

Wait wait! … Don’t Tell Me

This radio show offers a weekly news quiz where participants have to figure out what’s real news and what’s made up.

The humor from the show is represented in its name. Although it is longer than the average business name, it is catching and enticing and makes the audience want to listen!

All Things Considered

This radio show was the first news program on NPR, which premiered back in 1971. The name already has a successful reputation, but it is also incredibly unique to others out there.

Listeners are aware that this radio program offers a wide range of talking points, and they know that a range of topics will be discussed.

The Sean Hannity Show

This radio talk show, hosted by Sean Hannity, is one of the most popular American radio talk shows. Broadcast live every weekday, the show has since gone on to be a TV show too.

This radio show name is successful because of the use of the host’s name within it. Having a recognizable name will increase the show’s popularity as listeners already have a sense of familiarity.
When you’re just starting out with your own radio show you may not be as well known, but you can build up this success as time goes on.

Unique Content for the Niche

Unique Content for the Niche

Consider using our show name generator to help you find some inspiration. When thinking of your own radio show name, think about what sort of ideas and themes you want to convey. It is always wise to link your name back to the subject of the show you are hosting. For example, if you are focused on music and the top hits, then use language that suggests this.

Or, your radio show might have more of a chatty and chilled-out vibe, in which case the language you use will be completely different. Try to come up with around five words that you associate with the theme of your show, and pop them into our show name generator. This will help you to find a name that relates back to your show whilst also being incredibly unique.

5-Tips for creating unique Radio Show Business name ideas

1. Be creative

When it comes to naming your radio show, try to think of as many creative words as possible that you can put into our show name generator. Your radio show is totally unique to you, so you’ll need a quirky and distinctive name to really get your show out there.

The whackier the better! People are drawn to crazy and absurd names, so make sure you get your creative cap on. If the theme of your radio show is obscure and crazy, then incorporate this within your name. You can even try to incorporate a pun or use a play on words to add humor to your name, and to get listeners to really connect with it.

Put some of these ideas into the talk show name generator and see what ideas are generated!

2. Sound appealing

Having a radio show is all about engagement and attracting as many listeners as possible! Therefore, you want an appealing and distinct name that will grab listeners at their first glance. As well as looking good, you want your radio show name to sound good when said out loud. Having a phrase or a common saying linked to your name will make it much easier and natural to say in a normal conversation.

Most radio shows also have a jingle, so try to consider matching this with your name. For example, if your name sounds upbeat and really positive, then having a high-pitched and catchy jingle will match this perfectly. Your name needs to have the whole package, so consider these other elements when it comes to the name picking process!

3. Ask for feedback

This is perhaps one of the most important steps you can take to ensure that your name is a hit with your listeners! Asking for feedback makes you more aware as to which names are working and which names aren’t. Try to gather a wide variety of people and ask them questions about your potential radio show names such as:

  • What do you first think of when you see the name?
  • What sort of topics would you associate with the name?
  • Would you be likely to listen to this show based on the name alone?

You can even ask people to rate each potential name from 1-10 so that you have a clear idea of which name is the most popular and which ones you should probably re-think.

4. Check for domain availability

You might think that you’ve found yourself the perfect radio show name, only to realize that you can’t actually use it! This is a common mistake that a lot of businesses make, but don’t worry as it is easily solvable. For every potential name that you come across, make sure you carry out a quick Business Name Search online to see if that name is available to use in your country/state.

Try to avoid using a show name that is even slightly similar to one that exists. This can cause confusion for your listeners, as well as make it harder for people to search for your show. Keep your name as unique as possible as this will also help when it comes to creating social media accounts.

5. Use our Radio Show Name Generator

Hopefully, these tips have been incredibly useful so far and you are now feeling much more motivated to choose the perfect name! We must remind you about our radio show name generator, which really is the perfect tool to use when it comes to finding that unique show name.

At just the click of a button, our show name generator will provide you with dozens of name suggestions that you’re bound to like at least a handful!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The name choosing process can be quite daunting, especially if you are struggling with ideas. Here are some good radio show names that you could use or take inspiration from: Pillow Talk Candid DJ Hour Back to Basics Vintage Inspiration The Classics

The world of radio is huge, and there are tons of different types of online radio programs. Here is a list of some of the main radio shows on air today: Chart Shows Entertainment Programmes Late night radio shows Morning wake-up shows

When it comes to choosing your business name, you want something that is meaningful and that your audience can connect to. You also want to aim for it to be distinctive, accessible, protectable, future-proof, and visual to make it really stand out.


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