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1. Choose Your Furniture Business Name Keywords

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2. Get Furniture Business Name Ideas

You’ll get a long list of name ideas. Activate one or multiple filters to find specific types of names from the list.

3. Select Furniture Business Names

Compare your options, check domain name availability, and finalize a great name to launch your brand.

How To Name Your Furniture Business

The furniture market is expected to see massive growth in the next few years with an estimated worth of 650.7 billion US dollars by 2027. Furniture is a great market to break into and if you’re thinking of starting your own furniture business, you’re probably wondering what you should name it.

Naming a business is a key step in building a brand and furniture business names can have a huge impact on the success of the business. Our furniture business name generator is a great resource for anyone looking to find furniture store names for their new brand.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the ways you can create a unique furniture business name, using our furniture business name generator. I’m Alex and I’ll be your guide throughout this journey.

20 Furniture Business Name Ideas

To begin with, let’s look at some furniture store names that I came up with using our furniture business name generator. I did this by inputting a few words I associated with furniture businesses, and this is what the furniture name generator came up with.

  1. Simply Home
  2. Home Made
  3. Home Bits
  4. Flawless Furniture
  5. Furnitureworks
  6. House Market
  7. Furniture Sage
  8. Inspire Furniture
  9. Uncommon Bits
  10. Simple Home
  11. Madeopolis
  12. Mill Furniture
  13. Carve Home
  14. Pure Home
  15. Homeology
  16. Vintage Home
  17. Home Stuff
  18. Homely
  19. Cutter Furniture
  20. Stack Tables

20 More Furniture Business Name Ideas

  1. Vintage Room
  2. Amorini Furniture
  3. Furnitureland
  4. Black Oak
  5. Office Talk Co.
  6. Vintage Oak Furniture
  7. Wooden Luxury Home
  8. Antiq Log
  9. Vogue Furniture
  10. Woodland Home
  11. Roomly
  12. Minimal Home Co.
  13. Platinum Furniture
  14. Scandinavian Furniture Co.
  15. Homely
  16. WoodWorks
  17. Minimalistic Craft
  18. Solid Furniture Co.
  19. Oakly
  20. Everyday Sofa Co.

Best Real-world Furniture Business Names

Now we have seen what the furniture business name generator can do, let’s take a look at some real-world business names. We’ve gathered our favorite furniture business names below and analyzed why we like them so much.

Looking at your competitors is always a great way to find your niche and understand the market you’re heading into. Finding out what you like and what you don’t like in other people’s business names will help you to work out how to choose your own.


We love Made for its simplicity. This one-word brand name is well-known and does its job well to communicate exactly what is going on with this brand. The furniture is simple and stylish, just like this simple and effective brand name.

Don’t shy away from a simple name like this. A one-word business name can be really effective and memorable.


Another great one-word name, Habitat goes a little further than Made in that Habitat used a synonym of home. Habitat is another way of saying house or home and allows the customer to understand that this furniture is for the home.

Again, another simple and effective brand name. Choosing synonyms of words associated with your brand, like habitat for home, is a great way of choosing a slightly more memorable name for your brand.

Bed, Bath & Beyond

This name is great for two reasons. 1.) We know exactly what we’re getting when we go in. This is a shop that’s going to cover a few rooms with furniture products for your house. 2.) The use of language features, like the list of three and the alliteration, make this a memorable furniture store name that rolls easily off the tongue.

Language features make furniture business names easy to remember and can work well to make your brand name stand out.


AptDeco is a marketplace to sell secondhand furniture. We really like this name for two reasons. 1.) The use of the shortened version of ‘apartment and ‘decoration’ gives this brand name a contemporary edge and communicates that this is a modern business. 2.) The use of these words also indicates what the brand is going to be doing!

We love shorthand names. Shortening words can really modernize your brand, though choose wisely which words you shorten to ensure people can still understand the word!

Living Spaces

Another simple name, Living Space communicates that this brand is a furniture and home-related store because the words living spaces invoke images of the home.

This is a relatively simple name and communicates clearly to the customer which is why we like it so much!

Unique Content for the Niche

Interior design is a subjective industry to be in. With so many different styles of furniture, from the sleek and simple to the bright and fanciful, everyone has a different taste. This means that your furniture business will likely only cater to a few niches at most.

As you start out, choosing a niche to target, whether it’s minimalists, maximalists, or anyone in between, your branding, particularly your brand name, should appeal to them. When starting out deciding who you are as a business, you need to understand who your audience is too. What appeals to them? What kind of name will attract them?

Knowing your niche and knowing how to target them is key to picking a really good furniture business name. Try inputting the words you have decided will appeal to your customer base into our furniture name generator and see if it reveals a unique word combination to you!

5-Tips for creating unique Furniture Business name ideas

Now that we’ve looked at what the furniture business name generator can do, and some of the names of competitor businesses, let’s have a look at some tips and tricks for creating your own unique and memorable business name.

We’ve gathered a list of things you should consider as you begin working on your name below, including a few tips on how best to use our furniture business name generator. Take a look below and get creating your business name now.

1. Get to know the brand

As we’ve already discussed, knowing your brand is key to your business name. Try brainstorming words you want to be associated with your brand. Why is your business different? What do you do that makes you unique? And how can you use these things to create a unique and memorable business name?

Once you’ve brainstormed, you’ll have a list of words that are great for inputting into our furniture business name generator!

2. Check out the competition

We’ve already done a bit of this but now you need to go deeper. Find the brands that you are inspired by, the ones who are doing what you want to do, and see what they’re doing. Check out their brand name and see how you can be inspired by it when creating your own.

Looking to other brands is key to understanding the market and getting to know how customers respond to business names. Doing this early on in the process will help you to form a good understanding of your brand.

3. Ask your friends and family

Getting other people’s opinions on your brand name will be really helpful to your journey. Working out what people respond well to and what they don’t will help you see how the greater public will respond to your name.

In addition, other people may have ideas you haven’t thought of and could help you to develop your business name in a new and unique way. Always check in with others to help keep your brand name unique.

4. Check its available

Do this step before you fall completely in love with the name! Make sure your business name is actually available. Check the domain name, do a google search, and make sure no one else is using it so you’re not disappointed when you come to list your name and find someone else has taken it!

Make sure to do this early on so that you don’t waste time and resources creating logos and stationary before you know your business name is free.

5. Use the furniture business name generator

We might be biased but we think the furniture business name generator is invaluable to those looking to find a new furniture business name. It’s really easy to use and will give you masses of unique word combinations to peruse and to inspire your furniture business name search.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A good furniture store name should entice your target customer base to come in and shop. Choosing your name should involve looking for words and names that will appeal to this customer base. Think about what makes your business different and why you think people should choose you. Make sure you choose words that you want to be associated with your brand and make it memorable!

Coming up with a name for your new furniture business can be a long process but using our furniture business name generator can make it really easy! Inputting words that you associate with your brand and want as part of your name into our generator can give you back hundreds of unique word combinations to use as inspiration for your furniture business name.

Creating a unique furniture business name is easy when you use our furniture business name generator. You can start by coming up with words you want within your name and inputting them into the generator. Think about what makes you stand out as a business and other things that make you different, like your location, or your methods, and put these into the generator to get some really unique business name ideas.


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