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Complete Guide to Naming Your Furniture Business

Our furniture business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get furniture business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Beautiful, functional, well-made furniture that has a modern look – most people dream of owning such items and making their home look cosier. Furniture makers can enjoy long-term success if they manage to put emphasis on the positive characteristics of their creations and if they offer excellent customer service.

Good branding in the furniture industry is based on several factors.

A unique signature is one of the keys. It could come in the form of particular ornaments or a style (boxy items, streamlined and minimalist items made of stainless steel, etc.), it could also stem from the materials being used.

If you make or you sell a specific type of furniture, that should be the highlight. Do you offer quality garden furniture? Sofas? Beds? Storage units? Such an area of specialisation will need to be emphasised through naming and branding.

A final thing you can do is establish yourself as a local business. Have you been serving the community for 20 or more years? Are you using timbre that is produced locally, helping other companies in the field? Such businesses tend to be quite popular among local clients – display your contribution to the neighbourhood or the city proudly.

Demographic Interests

Furniture makers and sellers work with companies, retail facilities and residential customers.

These clients come with their specific needs. There could be wide variations in terms of preferences, even when the same demographic group is being examined. Some people will want very affordable pieces. Others are looking for furniture that’s easy to assemble and fold for storage purposes. Still others want vintage-looking, ornate items.

The income levels and the social status of furniture shop clients are diverse. The same applies to occupation and marital status.

You’ll find it very hard to determine your buyer persona. Chances are that your business will attract many different types of customers. This is why you should focus on your biggest strengths without attempting to please one particular group. In time, your specific demographic will emerge.

Competitor Name Analysis


Probably the most recognised furniture company name in the world, IKEA is derived from the initials of the company’s founder – Ingvar Kamprad, in combination with the E from Elmtaryd (the farm where he grew up) and A from Agunnaryd (a small nearby village).

Roche Bobois

The high-end French luxury furniture retailer came into existence in the 1950s. Roche Bobois is called after its founders – Philippe and Francois Roche. Originally, furniture was sold at Au Beau Bois in Paris, which later became Bobois.


Pronounced as Lazy Boy, this American furniture manufacturer got its name after the brand launched a contest for a new title. The company is predominantly known for its recliners and sofas.

Boca Do Lobo

The furniture design company is named after the Italian expression in bocca al lupo, which literally means in the mouth of the wolf. The idiom is usually said before a performance to wish an artist good luck.


While the word itself carries a certain meaning, Delightfull was chosen on purpose to provide information about the company’s products. Light in the title suggests that the company makes modern lightning solutions.

Restoration Hardware

A high-end furniture brand, Restoration Hardware was founded in 1979 by Stephen Gordon. He came up with the concept while restoring a Victorian home to find affordable, yet high quality hardware and fixtures for the owners.

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You have so much freedom and you can go in multiple directions when attempting to come up with a name for your furniture business. Just remember to keep it short and catchy. A brainstorming session is a must, especially if you want a sustainable company that will succeed through the years.

Use our Business Name Generator to test different phrases and explore their variations. We can also provide you with accurate domain name availability data.

To test the effectiveness of the name generator, you can get started with the following furniture-related words and phrases:









Storage unit

Garden furniture



Art deco



Coffee table









Furniture Business Name Inspiration

  1. Modern Classics Furniture Boutique: a modern classic is something that has timeless appeal, hence the name will have positive connotations in the furniture sphere.
  2. Sustainable Home: more and more people are looking for environment-friendly furnishings. The name will attract a specific demographic to the store.
  3. For Your Boudoir: a boudoir is a room of personal retreat and relaxation. This name is ideal for bedroom furniture makers and sellers.
  4. From Apartment to Home: the aim of furniture and accessory selection is to turn a simple apartment into a home. Most homeowners will know immediately what the title is trying to convey.
  5. Maison Exclusive: the French phrase stands for exclusive home, which makes it ideal for a high-end furniture line or a company that wants to convey luxury.
  6. Solid Masterpieces: the name could be interpreted in several ways (solid wood? Heavy and bulky pieces?). The addition of “masterpieces” to the phrase gives it a bit of exclusivity.
  7. Amorini Furniture: the term amorini refers to little cherubs typical for 17th and 18th century furniture. This is a brand attempting to appeal to connoisseurs.
  8. The Bamboo Workshop: bamboo is a sustainable material that’s growing in popularity for furniture making. People who look for eco-friendly pieces will be drawn to this brand.
  9. Vintage Cabochon: cabochon is a design motif typical for ornate vintage furniture. This is a lovely name for an old-school furniture shop.
  10. Free Form Furniture Designs: if you want to convey creativity and uniqueness, choose a name like this one.

What Not to Name Your Furniture Business

While there are many furniture terms that sound great, don’t be obscure. If you opt for a relevant term, provide an explanation through your slogan or your visuals. Otherwise, you risk alienating a portion of the audience that wouldn’t know what you’re trying to sell.

The addition of your name to the brand isn’t a good idea, unless you’re trying to establish yourself as a designer or you’re doing some personal branding.

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