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Top Tips

How to Name Your Design Business

The thought of creating a business name from scratch can be quite daunting, especially if you have never had to do it before. If you are unsure how to begin, follow these tips to get you started:

Name That Fits Your Style

Name That Fits Your Style

There are different types of design businesses such as graphic design, interior design, etc. Make sure your name makes it clear what your customers can expect from you.


Think of Your Audience

Do you want to work with large animation studios or want to help SMBs develop brand imagery? A name should clarify that.


Study Competitors’ Names

While you should cater to your design niche and target audience, you still need to have a unique name to attract people and stand out.


Don’t Be Too Specific

A name that reflects your style is one thing; a name that works only within a certain niche will limit your growth in the future.


Check Domains First

In today’s world, you don’t exist if you’re not online. Pick a name that comes with an available domain name you can register quickly.

Feedback Frenzy

Feedback Frenzy

Before you settle on a name, run a survey among your friends and potential customers to see how they feel about your idea.

Get Inspired

Design Business Name Ideas

Want to see our design business name generator in action? Here are some design name ideas we got when using our AI-based name generator tool:

  • Artistic Touch
  • Graphic Glam
  • ProDoodle
  • Stylish Strokes
  • Imaginative Ink
  • Design Dynamics
  • StyleCraft
  • Artistic Avenues
  • Design Delights
  • ArtBox
  • InkSpot
  • Design Axis
  • Creative Hive
  • HotPress
  • ImageCraft
  • Art Squad
  • PixelPerfect
  • Inked Ideas
  • Design Factory
  • Studio Spark

More Name Ideas for Inspiration

Graphic Design Business Names

Mix creativity and innovation to come up with perfect graphic design business names. Here are some examples of graphic design business name ideas.

1. WildHike Gear
2. PeakPulse Sports
3. SummitSquad
4. Wilderness Wares
5. Wanderlust
6. TrekTerra
7. Outdoor Oasis
8. Trail Blaze
9. NatureNest
10. AlpineAura

Interior Design Business Names

Whether it is redesigning a residential space, revamping a commercial establishment, or creating a new business, a strong interior design business name is imortant . Here are 10 interior design name ideas for inspiration:

1. Envision
2. Infuse
3. Serene
4. Opula
5. Luxe
6. Enliven
7. Lush
8. Regale
9. Sparkora
10. Velour

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