Framing Business Name Generator Guide & Ideas

Generate names for your framing business below.

1. Choose Your Framing Business Name Keywords

Type some words into the generator to reflect your business’ products or services.

2. Get Framing Business Name Ideas

The smart generator tool will make many name ideas for your new framing company. Look through the list to spot your favorites.

3. Select Framing Business Names

Select some names that are best-suited to your brand and pick the right one.

How to name your framing business

Your framing business will stand out if you choose a great name for it. The name is usually the first thing people come across when searching for a business online. Consequently, you should pick a framing business name idea that is catchy and expresses what you do in your business. You can then feed this framing business name idea in the form of words into our framing business name generator. Several names will be generated, out of which you can choose one.

You will also use the framing business name idea you choose to create a domain on the internet for yourself. The framing business name generator will also help you with that. It will help you check for the availability of the domain name. Moreover, you can register a domain name right there on the generator. This article will guide you on how all this is done.

How to use the framing business name generator

When creating a name using the framing business name generator, the first thing you have to do is to come up with 6 words maximum. These are carefully chosen words that will represent the best attributes of your business. They should include the word framing to capture this in the name. To get these 6 words, you can think alone or consult other people on what they think. Once you have decided on the words you want, then it is time to move to the next step.

You will then connect to the internet and search for the words in framing business name generator. Once you get the generator on the screen, you can type in your 6 words and click on the “Generate” tab. The generator will then produce several name combinations for you. You can pick out the names you like best, adjust them accordingly if you want, and end up with at least three good names. The next step is to check if the domain for the name you have chosen is not already taken by someone else. If it is taken, you can adjust the name again. Once you have an available name, you can create a domain right there on the framing business name generator.

I tried out some words for a framing business on the generator. The words I chose were: framing, quality, dependable, quick, attractive, and artistic. As expected, several suggestions of 1 or 2 words came up. The best three names from that collection, which I adjusted a little to fit my desires, include:

  • Qualitygenix Framing
  • Quality Framing Studio
  • Artistic Splendor Framing

20 framing business name ideas

As I stated earlier, you get several name suggestions when you use the framing business name generator. Out of the many suggestions you get, you can pick the ones you want, and you can also recombine some of the words in the suggestions to come up with the name that suits you best. When I completed the entire exercise, I came up with 20 names that best suited me. You can use any of these names if you want or even adjust them further.

  1. Qualitygenix Framing
  2. Quality Framing Studio
  3. Artistic Splendor Framing
  4. Attractive Mill Framing
  5. Dependable Simple Framing
  6. Quicknetic Framers
  7. Quality Plan Framing
  8. Framingcog
  9. Dependable Designs Framing
  10. Quick Design Framing
  11. Quick Carousel Framing
  12. Quality Capture Framing
  13. Attractive Framing Designs
  14. Quick Quest Framing
  15. Quality Pattern Framing
  16. Framing City
  17. Framing Plan Designs
  18. Attractive Memento Framing
  19. Attractive Creation Framing
  20. Quality Carved Framing

When picking a name for your business, the main thing you should keep in mind is that the name is not meant for you. It is intended for the potential customers of your business. So, much as you may like it, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You should check with as many people as possible before settling for the name. That is why it is crucial to have at least 3 names to see which one people like the most. The one that garners the most votes is the framing business name idea that works.

20 More framing business name ideas

  1. Framed Memory
  2. Vintage Art Display
  3. FrameIt
  4. Picture This
  5. Framed Focus
  6. Cherished Memories
  7. Framory
  8. Final Touch
  9. Custom Memory Frame
  10. Customize a Frame
  11. RememberIt
  12. Focus Frame
  13. Find a Frame
  14. Artsy Framing
  15. Framepress
  16. Framework Design
  17. Frame Lobby
  18. Design Your Frame
  19. Wrappd Memory
  20. SquareArt Framing

Best framing businesses

The following framing businesses have established a reputation as some of the best in existence. We shall look at how their chosen names have helped push them forward in the competitive framing business.


Founded in 2014 in Kentucky, Framebridge has established itself as a reliable company in the framing business. It was established due to the frustrations the founder, Susan Tynan, had while trying to frame some treasured pictures. The frames around were expensive and unpleasant to her. So she started Framebridge, where there is online consultation with the customers at an affordable price during the entire framing process.

The name Framebridge is one of those simple and instantly striking names. It is a combination of frame and bridge into one word. Moreover, it is also easily memorable because of its simplicity. It shows that Susan sought to bridge the gap in the framing business. It certainly worked as a framing business name idea. The company has been doing well since its establishment and continues to grow.

Michaels Stores – Custom Framing

Michaels is another renowned name in the framing business. Founded in 1976 in Gulfport, Mississippi, the company has grown steadily in the framing business and has of late adopted internet marketing. It also specializes in custom framing, in which the customer participates in approving the frame before it is made. It also has branches in Europe and Africa, among other places.

The name Michaels Stores is clearly derived from a personal name. Sometimes, it is as easy as that. You simply pick your name and get going. However, the addition of the custom framing tag is a guide to those who are seeking framing services. In modern days when most businesses are found through searches online, it is essential to give accurate information about your business. That will ensure that your customers find you when they want your services.

Level Frames

Renowned for its low pricing and quick services, Level Frames is the favorite for start-up artists and those on a tight budget. Founded in 2014 in Brooklyn, New York, the company aimed to drastically reduce the cost of framing pictures, art, and other artifacts. Its reputation has grown as it combines online and physical services. It also offers custom framing in which the customer participates in the process.

As a framing business name idea, Level Frames has worked well due to its simplicity. It is an easy name to remember that employs two simple English words for a name. The name also shows what kind of business they are involved in by using the word “frames.” It is easy to find on the internet, and you can get ample information from their website.

Simply Framed

This framing business name idea is also simple enough to remember. It is easy to understand as it has two simple English words. It also tells you straight away that this is a framing business. This is another example of simple words to convey what a company is about. Its name sounds very much like one of those the framing business name generator would produce.

The company was founded in 2014 in Denver, Colorado. It has since established a reputation as a high-quality framing service that offers online services and includes shipping of products. You can either mail in your art or send it in soft copy. The company then frames it and ships it to you. Simply Framed is simply a successful framing business name idea.

Framed & Matted

You could produce this another two-word name through the framing business name generator. It is simple and to the point. It shows what the company does. It makes frames and does the matting for you. The inclusion of the symbol “&” may simply be a way of attaining uniqueness. Sometimes you can achieve originality by using symbols rather than words in this manner.

Framed & Matted was founded in 2013 in Oakland, California. It has grown tremendously because it allows the customer to participate in the process of choosing the frame and even the matting color. It provides online services that make it convenient for users. It is also a very affordable service comparative to some of the competition.

Nonetheless, all of these factors have contributed to the company’s meteoric rise. The simplicity of the framing business name idea has contributed significantly to this success.

Unique advice content for naming a framing business

The first point that stands out as illustrated above is that your framing business name idea should inform the target customer that you are a framing business. This is helpful when one is conducting an internet search for framing services. The result is that people will find you when they are looking for a framing business. If you are using the framing business name generator to create a name, you should include the word framing, frames, or framed in 6 words you type in.

The second important thing is to keep it simple. Everyday English words communicate to audiences from all walks of life. The only challenge you will face with the use of these words is that they may already be taken. You can adjust the words accordingly to ensure that you achieve uniqueness. For example, using “framed” instead of “framing” can help you out. The advantage of simplicity is that you are easily understood, and people remember.

You can also use your name to achieve some level of uniqueness. However, you will have to add some words to it, to show people what you do. An excellent example of this is Michaels Stores — Custom Framing. The main advantage of using your name is that it gives the framing business name idea a human touch. People will relate to your business more personally if it has a human name.

Try to be as catchy as possible with your framing business name idea. It does not help to be bland. Even if you are using the framing business name generator, you should pick out the names that are as catchy as possible. Check out with other people which of the names you have is the most catchy for them. After all, naming your business is a one-time thing. So, it would be best if you got it right the first time since rebranding is a costly and time-consuming undertaking.

5-Tips for creating a unique framing business name idea

  • Choose the 6 words that best suit your business and type them into the framing business name generator. Pick out the best names produced by the framing business name generator and adjust them accordingly to suit what you want.
  • Check out the names with other people to see which one they like best. Only go with the name that gets the most votes. Your opinion is important, but the view of your potential customers is even more important.
  • Use symbols instead of words where necessary to create uniqueness. You don’t have to type in symbols into the framing business name generator, but you can include them later when you adjust the names you have picked. Moreover, symbols can help make your name unique where words fail you.
  • You can use acronyms where possible. Acronyms are a great way of creating unique words. The acronyms should, however, be easy to pronounce. You should ensure a flow by interspersing vowels and consonants in the word to have a natural sound. Lining three or more consonants in a row may make tongues bleed trying to pronounce the name.
  • You can also use contracted or combined words. Frame bridge is a good example. This is another great way of achieving uniqueness.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Choose words that are catchy and express what your business is all about. Do not forget to include the word "framing" in the name you come up with.

A framing business is highly profitable if you run it well. Always try to meet the desires of your customers, and you will rake in the profits.

Art framing is expensive because a lot goes into it, including design and choice of material. A quality frame adds to the value of the artwork.


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