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Complete Guide to Naming Your Framing Business

Our framing business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get framing business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

What does it take to display art in the best possible way? Framing service providers can answer this question. A beautiful frame can elevate a fine picture, a poster, print or photograph. The addition of a frame could even transform the appearance of a plain and simple mirror.

If you specialise in making frames, you have to emphasise the way in which your products enhance artwork.

Beautiful art is timeless but the way in which a picture is displayed could either make or break its exceptional appearance. You are much more than a person who puts frames together. Clients will expect you to make suggestions and offer consultations about the best options for their needs. In a sense, you will be basing branding on much more than your products and services. Expertise, know-how and a good understanding of art will help you set the company apart from other competitors on the market.

Make sure you let potential customers know you offer a comprehensive range of services. These may include framing, the creation of custom frames based on the preferences of the client, canvas stretching, selling art that’s already pre-framed, the creation of gift items, personalised photos and many others.

Demographic Interests

Framing companies usually work with a multitude of clients. These may include homeowners who want to brighten the interior of their property or who want to display family photographs in the best possible way. The majority of these clients is female and they have a pretty good idea about what they’re looking for. Personalisation will be of paramount importance to keep this customer demographic satisfied.

Art galleries, art collectors and even painters could also seek the services of framing companies. These interactions enter the B2B realm. The number of orders is likely to be bigger and the clients will also have particular requirements. The aim would be to preserve and display the artwork in the best way possible.

Competitor Name Analysis

Prints Charming

As the name suggests, this company specialises in work with prints. Comprehensive framing services are also being offered.

Make a Frame

The name makes it pretty obvious what the company deals with. Make a Frame also puts emphasis on the fact that a high level of personalisation is possible through the selection of the service.

The Hobby Lobby

The Hobby Lobby is a store that offers supplies, tools and materials for people engaged in an array of artistic hobbies. Frames and framing supplies are also available for painters, photographers and everybody else interested in art.

Art Affair

The word frame doesn’t necessarily have to be included in the name of the company. Art Affair is pretty impactful and once you get to learn a bit more about the company, you realise that framing services are being offered.

Art Express

It may be a good idea to add a descriptive word to the name of a business and this is precisely what Art Express has done. The name tells potential clients that framing will occur quickly and efficiently.

I’ve Been Framed

A more humorous approach towards the selection of a company name will always pay off in terms of brand memorability.

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Take some time to think about your strengths and the characteristics that ensure the uniqueness of your business. Based on this information, you can carry out a brainstorming session. Draft the words and the phrases that make the most sense and that could potentially be included in a title.

With the help of our Business Name Generator, you can explore variations and identify the ones that sound the best. Information about domain name availability will be provided, as well.

Here are some relevant words and phrases you can use to test the generator:




Custom frame







Sports memorabilia

Ready-made frames

Picture matting


Dry mounting




Frame size






Preservation framing

Framing Business Name Inspiration

  1. Out of the Box Framing: as already mentioned, a bit of humour can always come in handy. Always look for a name that’s somewhat different and out of the standard for the industry.
  2. The Thrifty Frame: many people will be looking for cost-efficient solutions – let them know this is precisely what you have to offer.
  3. Framed Memories: people are fond of pictures because they’ve preserved sweet memories. This name makes use of the emotions and the attachment that people feel towards these little captured moments.
  4. Frame by Frame: a very simple name that offers excellent opportunities for the creation of a brand identity.
  5. Vintage Art Display: if you specialise in vintage and traditional ornate frames, you should definitely let potential customers know.
  6. Picture This: another somewhat more interpretative name that is an excellent choice for framing companies capable of offering additional art and craft services.
  7. The Original: a name like this one can be interpreted in a number of ways, which is perfect for addressing an artistic demographic and crafting the right brand identity.
  8. Pics that Pop: a beautiful frame allows a photo or a piece of artwork to pop and stand out. This is the hidden meaning in the name of this company.
  9. Picture Focus: a frame focuses the attention on the piece of artwork displayed within it, which is why the name makes sense for the particular service provider.
  10. Memories We Cherish: another name that puts emphasis on the emotional value of pictures and art.

What Not to Name Your Framing Business

A bland, product-focused name is not going to work. Something like Beautiful Frames will never stand out in a way that an emotional representation of art will. What does art or a picture mean for one of your clients? This is the primary focus that will help you make your products and services appealing.

Don’t choose a name that makes you sound too much like the completion. A simple Google search will give you a good idea about the titles that are already established in the industry. A business name that sounds too similar will make it nearly impossible for you to earn your market share and establish the company as a separate entity.

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