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Trending Words

Here are the top trending words used in Fast Food company names.









Drive Thru









Fried Chicken

Burger King

It is a clean and great name that hints at or suggests royalty. The name explains the offerings clearly and also indicate that the products are of the finest quality.

Tender Greens

The name establishes a connection with healthy and fresh food. Tender greens can be easily understood as it is a common phrase in our food market.


It is a kind of chili; the restaurant’s name indicates the type of food items it offers. The name is not only easy to recall it is also slightly exotic.


The McDonald brothers founded this fast-food mega-chain. The family name is used to develop a family-friendly and homely atmosphere in their establishments.

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Demographics and Interests

People who frequently visit fast-food chains usually seek the taste and convenience that fast food provides. They do not like to waste time or prefer cooking. They are in love with the flavor fast food joints offer. If a fast-food place is convenient and accessible, the price is low, and the food is tasty, they are likely to visit the establishment. Fast-food marketing often presents food as very delicious.

The fast-food industry generates more than $570 billion in revenue each year. In the US alone, there are more than 200,000 fast-food restaurants, and this industry employs about 4 million individuals.

Naming Considerations

It is not easy to come up with a name for your new fast-food joint as the competition is quite intense in this industry. The following tips can help you come up with a suitable name for your new establishment.

  1. Figure out the specialty food you intend to sell. A majority of burger joints, smoothie shops, and chicken places tend to connect their core products with their names.
  2. Make smart use of the language to define the type of food you want to sell. For example, if you plan to sell American food, go with a catchy or memorable English word. For Chinese restaurants, you may resort to a fusion of Chinese and American words that are popular in your culture. Some examples are “panda” or “wok.” These types of names can help with brand identification.
  3. Another useful idea is to come up with fictitious words that sound cool and hip. At times, you just need your fast-food establishment to stand out from your rivals. A lot of sandwich shops use this tactic very well. Places such as Quizno’s and Blimpie’s have funny names.
  4. The name of your fast-food place can also give your consumers an idea of the type of experience they can expect. As it is fast-food, it has to sound convenient and fast. There are many burger joints and fast-food chains that tend to incorporate their speedy and expedient experience in their names. A good example is “In and Out,” which is a very popular hamburger chain.

Keeping pace with the top trends in the fast-food industry is an ideal way to make sure your business remains relevant in the industry. The use of buzzwords like ‘super-food’ and targeting niche markets could be a very successful marketing strategy for your restaurant.

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