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Complete Guide to Naming Your Dress Business

Our dress business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get dress business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Starting your own apparel line is an exciting endeavour that carries many risks. The market is highly saturated and a newcomer who isn’t offering something particularly distinctive may have a hard time. A good product concept and strong branding will be two of the biggest essentials for early success.

A good, beautiful dress is simply not enough to attract potential buyers and to turn them into loyal customers. There are dozens of beautiful dresses on the market. A brand, a powerful brand is needed. Branding goes beyond the qualities of the dress, the title of the company or the logo. It’s about the values you stand for, the “spirit” and personality of your company.

Fashion is a reflection of our personal tastes. Keep this fact in mind when developing a value proposition, a title and a marketing campaign. Apparel companies are often successful when they manage to build a culture around the brand. Whether you focus on street style or cocktail dresses, you have to empower women, provide them with choices and give them something they could relate to. In order to accomplish these goals, you need to have an excellent idea about the audience’s demographic profile.

Demographic Interests

The overwhelming majority of customers dress companies interact with consists of women. That’s pretty much the one common defining characteristic of the audience.

Each brand has a unique following. Urban-style apparel attracts younger individuals who are looking for something bright, comfortable and modern in appearance. This audience isn’t the wealthiest because such people are just getting established professionally. Thus, a lower price point will be perceived as a positive characteristic.

High-end dresses appeal to women in their 30s, 40s and beyond. These women are professionally-established, they have a solid source of income and they can splurge on more expensive, designer fashion.

While such a demographic does have more income to spend on quality dresses, the requirements towards the product will be much more significant. If a brand fails meeting the expectations of such a woman, loyalty will evaporate pretty fast.

Competitor Name Analysis


One of the most prominent affordable dress companies in the world, H&M has a name that stands for Hennes & Mauritz. In Swedish, the first word means “hers” because the company used to make only women’s clothing in the very beginning.


The Spanish fast fashion company was originally named Zorba and the inspiration came from Zorba the Greek. Since a bar carrying the same name was located close to the boutique, the name was modified to Zara.


Originally, the Japanese company was called Unique Clothing Warehouse. Uni-Clo was to be registered as the brand but the staff responsible for the registration misread the C and the company became Uniqlo.

Forever 21

Originally, the company was called Fashion 21 and it was launched on April 21, 1984. The original store is still in operation but as the company grew, the name of the brand was changed to Forever 21.

Urban Outfitters

Rather than just making dresses, Urban Outfitters is described as a lifestyle retail brand. It’s often been described as hipster and a bit retro, appealing to a more youthful crowd of shoppers.

Wet Seal

A dress and fashion company that focuses on affordable apparel for teens and young individuals. The name is the result of a comment overheard at a fashion show when someone said that a model in a swimsuit looked like a wet seal.


You can go really abstract and obscure with a dress company name, as long as you have a backstory and a branding strategy to back the decision up. Don’t rush the process and don’t go for the obvious. A good name will make it much easier for you to establish market positions right from the start.

Our Business Name Generator can help you find inspiration in some of the phrases that you like for your brand. You will also get information about domain name availability and to get started, you may want to explore the following apparel-related terms and phrases:




Street style


Cocktail dress

Haute couture





Limited edition




Polka dot







Ready to wear


Dress Business Name Inspiration

  1. Prim and Proper: In the past, the term used to refer to someone who was well-behaved and knew how to handle themselves in society. The phrase could be used ironically and it can certainly be modified to get a relevant, contemporary meaning.
  2. Boho Vixen: this name isn’t very specific but it paints a picture and it gives potential buyer some idea what kinds of dresses they could find in the boutique.
  3. Floral Perfection: floral patterns are particularly popular in dress designs. A name like this one tells buyers they’ll be looking at feminine and elegant designs.
  4. The Doll House: a great name for a fashion boutique that focuses on female apparel.
  5. Lace and Linen: both of these are high quality materials for the creation of fashionable dresses. The name is a good choice for a high-end dress boutique.
  6. Little Black Dress and Beyond: every woman needs to have a couple of classic items in her wardrobe and the name suggests this company could provide the essentials.
  7. Rosedust: the name refers to a certain very specific colour and it also carries a bit of feminine appeal.
  8. Inner Diva: every lady carries her inner diva and the name implies that the brand’s creations could help her come out.
  9. Only at Night: cocktail and party dresses play a huge role in a woman’s wardrobe and the name suggests this brand could provide the right items.
  10. The 60s: an obvious name that will appeal to a group of people interested in certain classic apparel style.

What Not to Name Your Dress Business

Avoid obvious names and clichés. The Dress Shop may sound clean and pretty self-explanatory but it lacks a bit of imagination and sparkle. Go for a name tells women who you are and how inspiring your designs are.

It’s also not a good idea to exaggerate or attempt manipulating the potential buyer. If you suggest affordable fashion through the name of your brand, don’t sell expensive designer items. There has to be some congruence between the message and the items you want to give potential buyers access to.

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