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1. Choose Your Dress Business Name Keywords

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2. Get Dress Business Name Ideas

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3. Select Dress Business Names

Save some names, check domain availability, and launch your brand-new dress business.

How To Name Your Dress Business

If you’re planning on using your creative and fashion-forward skills to create your own dree business, you will need to find the best names for dresses. Your names for dresses should reflect the style and quality of your dresses while encouraging buyers to shop and treat themselves. Luckily, this guide will help you use the business name generator to develop the best names for dresses that promote your business.

20 Business Name Ideas

I created these 20 names for dresses using the business name generator. I typed in some keywords associated with different styles and aspects of dresses and chose the names I liked best from the results.

  1. Style Slay
  2. Dress Baron
  3. Silk Outskirt
  4. Dress Snug
  5. Elegant Figure
  6. Paris Saint
  7. Dress Posh 
  8. Dress Rebel
  9. Silk Stella
  10. Decadent Tailored
  11. Hemdeck
  12. Slender Fashions
  13. Hem Boulevard
  14. Fashionscape
  15. Club Hem 
  16. Dune Fashions
  17. Closet Waistline
  18. Vagabond Waistline
  19. Duke Hips
  20. Style Hips

Suppose I wanted to use one of these names for dresses. In that case, I could simply check whether they are available as a domain name using the domain availability checker on the business name generator. If it isn’t taken, it’s all mine.

Don’t worry if you are unsure what keywords to put into the generator. This article will give you the best tips to come up with keywords for the business name generator, including tips drawn from the best real-world business names for dresses.

20 More Business Name Ideas

  1. Golden Chick
  2. Angel Dress Up
  3. Miss Independent Clothe line
  4. Tess Dream Dresses
  5. Moonlight dresser
  6. Allure dress
  7. Vintage palette
  8. Mannequin Missy
  9. Simona Bound
  10. Pink La Rosa
  11. Rosevalley Fashion
  12. Lady G Couture
  13. Minimax dressup
  14. Passion Ivy
  15. Forty-Nine Closet
  16. Legacy Nine
  17. Psh Perfect
  18. Crystal Edge fashion
  19. Perfect Girl Fashion
  20. Eva Dreams

Best Real-world Dress Business Names

To find the perfect names for dresses, you will need to look at your competitors’ dress store names. You can use their names for inspiration. To help you do this, I have covered the best real-world dress store names, their creation, and why they work so well. You can draw some tips from these names and apply them when using the business name generator.

Nasty Gal 

Naty gal is a dress business known for its stunning silk mini dresses, providing in-style and figure-hugging apparel for evening activities. The name is inspired by a song performed by Betty Davis,  an R&B icon. The business started as a vintage store on eBay, and the name reflects the vintage roots of the brand. 

This brand name works well with its memorable and popular turn of phrase to create an element of fun. The name also says something about who their products are designed for, namely daring and bold women.

Consider using popular iconography such as films, songs, and other media to inspire the imagery you use for your brand.


Anthropologie is a dress business that gets its name from the college major of its founder, Dick Hayne. Hayne identified a gap in the market for women who have aged out of urban outfitters but still wanted to dress in creative clothing. The name has a French twist, replacing anthropology’s ‘y’ with an ‘ie’. This name works well as it uses foreign branding to create a sophisticated feel. Anthropology is the study of different cultures and their origins, which suggests that the brand uses original and diverse material for creative dresses.


MANGO’s dresses and clothing are known for their niche Mediterranean-style clothing, combining timeless and contemporary. The name comes from Isak Andic’s recent discovery of the fruit on holiday in the Philippines. This name works well as it uses stylized capitalization to make the name stand out and uses the distinct image of the mango fruit to give the brand a fresh and exotic feel.

Consider using stylized capitalization in your dress store name to make it distinct. If your name is two words, you might consider combining them and using a capital letter to clarify the words.

House Of CB

The name of this popular dress business is an adjustment to the original name ‘Celeb Boutique’ that founder Conna Walker came up with as a teenager and now finds embarrassing. By changing the name to House Of CB, Walker was able to add a sense of class by rooting the name in the history of upscale dressmakers called ‘fashion houses’.

French Connection

French Connection is a dress business founded in 1976. It gets its name from the founder’s original sales plan, which involved getting cheesecloth Indian shirts via a French contact. This name works well as it is ambiguous and seems to vaguely imply that shoppers who buy dresses from French Connection are getting more connected to the global capital of fashion.

Understanding Your Fashion Branding

To name your business, you will need to understand how branding works in the fashion industry. Your dress business branding should be based on the defining element of your store- your unique selling point. Many parts of the business can define your branding, including:

  • Your style – if your designs fit into a style category, for example, if your dresses are preppy, edgy, or classy, you should push this to the forefront of your branding. A great example of this is Hollister, with their seagull logo, which demonstrates that the brand is built around their surfing and beachwear garments.
  • Your materials – if there is a particular material that you use, or if you use recycled or upcycled materials, this can be an excellent foundation for your branding.
  • Your target customers – your branding can be based on who your dresses are designed for. Examples of this can be teens, pregnant women, elegant women, or working women.

Once you have an idea of your branding, you will develop your business name, logo, and store design more efficiently. 

5-Tips for creating unique Dress Business name ideas 

Now you have an idea of the direction you would like to take with your branding, it’s time to develop your dress business name. This section will cover the best tips to help you use the business name generator to get the most stylish name for your dress business. 

Tip One: Use Powerful Images

The more impactful your dress business name is, the better. You should use distinct imagery that oozes style in your name to make your dress business a sensation. Some places you can draw inspiration from are animals, locations, plants, and media. For example, if I were to use media imagery to develop my business name, I might think of popular fashion icons to come up with keywords for my name like ‘Monroe’ or ‘Vogue’.

Tip Two: Focus On Your Selling Point

As discussed earlier, your branding and business name should focus on your selling point to let consumers know what is special about your dresses. You can communicate your selling point in your name by finding keywords associated with the unique aspect of your brand. If your selling point was that your dress business sells only altered second-hand dresses to give them a new chance at life, you might use keywords like ‘reborn’, ‘vintage’, or ‘antique’.

Tip Three: Use Foreign Branding

A great way to add style to your brand is to use elegant foreign branding. The use of foreign words adds a sense of sophistication, as we saw earlier with Anthropologie, the French stylization of the word anthropology.

Consider creating keywords for your business name by selecting fashion-related words and translating them into another language.

Tip Four: Use Your Name

If you are struggling to develop a name for your business, you can always use your name. Using your name to represent your dresses is like putting your signature on your pieces. You could even use your signature as your logo! If you are trying to make it as a designer, you should use your name for your business to build your reputation. If it worked for Giovanni Versace, it could work for you too.

Tip Five: Apply Literary Devices

If you want to improve the way your dress name ideas sound and make it more catchy, you will need to use poetic and literary devices. Alliteration, rhythm, combined words, and stylized capitalization are the best literary devices for naming your business. MANGO’s stylized capitalization makes the name stand out with the bold all-caps. Try using alliteration if your name is more than one word to improve the way your dress business name rolls of the tongue.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can come up with a catchy business name by using literary devices like alliteration, rhythm, imagery, and stylized capitalization.

The biggest dress shops include ASOS, Modcloth, and Nasty Gal. These online dress stores are the most popular.

You can name your dress business by using your brand’s selling point, which could be your style, your materials, or your target customers.


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