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Find your perfect DJ name with our DJ Name Generator. Get ready to make a lasting impression as you rock the turntables with your new DJ identity.

1. Choose Your DJ Name Keywords

Choose bold and unique words to enter into our DJ name generator.

2. Get DJ Name Ideas

The AI-based generator will generate thousands of name ideas. Activate filters to hone in on your favorites.

3. Select DJ Names

Select some DJ names that fit your style and narrow down the list to find your favorite. Check the domain name instantly.

Benefits of Our DJ Name Generator

The first step to crafting your DJ persona is coming up with a catchy stage name. You need something memorable yet mysterious, flashy but not tacky. Our DJ names generator is here to help inspire you.

How to use our DJ Name Generator

Simple and Easy to Use

Using our name generator is simple and easy. You can find a name and a supporting logo. 

Get unlimited ideas

Enter one or two keywords that are related to your DJ brand, like ‘groove’, ‘beat’, or ‘mix. Our generator will then generate an initial list of DJ name ideas.

Refine and filter

You can filter the results by industry, language, or AI style to narrow down options. 

Save favorites and check domain availability
As you review the DJ name suggestions generated, save any favorites by clicking the heart icon.

Check domains
Our tool automatically checks popular domain extensions (.com, .net, .co) for availability and provides status icons next to each suggestion so you know which URLs are up for grabs.

Top Tips

How to Name a DJ Business

One peculiar thing about the highest earning DJs like Chainsmokers, DJ Martin Garixx, DJ Tiësto is how memorable and personal their names appear. Your brand name is the first thing that people will hear, and while DJs usually have the luxury of hiding behind their music, the name is just as important if you want to make it big. 


 Go Personal

If you want to create a brand identity that suits you and your music, adding a personal touch is a great way to make you stand out from the crowd. To make it personal, you could just use your name. 

Draw Inspiration 

You can draw name inspiration from the world around you. Think about the art, film, literature, or music that inspires you most. Take the most well-known iconography from your favorite creative masterpiece and try to include that in your name.

Be Emotive

Think about the feeling your music evokes in people, be it passion, excitement, or ease, you can use that as the basis for your name. A name that evokes emotion makes your DJ name memorable and ties it firmly to the acoustic aesthetic of your music.

 Create an Alter Ego

You can construct a whole new identity for yourself based on traits you’d like to have or that you love in characters and other people. For example, you might be fascinated by superhero villains and adopt a name that sounds like a villain from a superhero movie. 

Consider using Wordplay

Subtly referencing albums or songs in your DJ name is a clever way to make an inside joke with music fans. For example, DJ Sgt. Pepper. Puns, rhymes, and alliteration also work well, e.g. DJ TurnTable or Scratch Master.

 Get Feedback

Now comes the fun part of testing out the different names with friends and seeing how they react. Ask people who share in your musical passion what they think about your preferred DJ names. They may help you point out some details you didn’t notice earlier, but at the same time, you mustn’t necessarily follow their suggestions.

Get Inspired

20 DJ Name Ideas to Get Started

With our free DJ name generator, you can explore thousands of great DJ names with several keyword combinations. Here are some suggestions generated using it:

  • DJ Beatdrop
  • DJ Soundlife
  • Musado
  • Xtreme Beats
  • DjJ Wildwave
  • DJ Trill
  • DJ Scope
  • Elixir Mixr
  • DJ A.M
  • Beats Bazaar
  • DJ Tempo
  • DJ Prism
  • DJ Trapzoid
  • Biggenix
  • DJ Phunk
  • Dandy DJ
  • Staccato Sounds
  • Pitch and Pizazz
  • DJ Bass Beast
  • Biff’s Riffs

Video Guides

Video to Help You Get Started

Are you ready to kickstart your DJ career? Our business videos will help you get started.

Key Takeaways

In the end, finding an original yet memorable DJ name may take some work but it’s totally worth it. A catchy, meaningful name that subtly reflects your style or musical interests will serve you well as you start gigging and promoting your DJ services. 

With some brainstorming and the help of a name generator, you’ll be well on your way to establishing your DJ brand. Let our DJ name generator help inspire your creativity and find the perfect name to kickstart your DJ career.

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Besides our DJ name generator, we also have a bunch of other music-related name generators if DJing isn’t exactly your niche. Take a look at our other popular name generators.

Take the First Step in Creating Your Business Name

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The key is to be creative. Think about your musical influences, hobbies, favorite sounds or places. Try combining different words or phrases that resonate with you.

Search online to see if the name you want is already in use by another DJ. If it seems to be taken, keep exploring other options. BNG's name generator can help you check the availability of any name you have found.

A DJ name drop is when you say your name over the mic during your set to help promote your brand. Effective name drops should:
  • Be clear and concise. Repeat your name 2-3 times.
  • Have energy and enthusiasm. Your tone and cadence should pump up the crowd.
  • Fit the vibe of the music. Match the rhythm, speed, or genre of the song playing.
  • Happen at peak moments. Name drop during a favorite song or big transition to make the biggest impact.
Ensure to practice your name drop ahead of time and be sure to project confidence when delivering it live.

The full meaning of DJ is "disk jockey." But you can also call them a turntablist if they focus on scratching and beat matching with vinyl records. A DJ can also be called a producer if they make original music in addition to DJing.

To find a relevant DJ name, start by reflecting on your personality or unique characteristics. Consider the genre or vibe you want to convey through your music. Keep it simple and memorable. Additionally, check the availability of the name across social media platforms and ensure it's not already in use to establish a distinct online presence.



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