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How To Name Your DJ Business

Are you thinking of starting your career as a DJ? If you need some inspiration, this article will cover everything you need to know about choosing the right DJ name. We will cover the various places you can draw inspiration from to make your name personal and get creative with your ideas. If you follow this guide your DJ names will be fresh and original, not lame or generic.

20 DJ Name Ideas

When choosing a DJ name, I have compiled a list of DJ names using the DJ name generator that will inspire you to add some words to your palette. I got these names by typing keywords into the DJ name generator that I thought sounded fun and different:

  1. Earzlada
  2. Earz Electric
  3. Groove Earz
  4. Earz Largo
  5. Raw Papa
  6. Papa Sessions
  7. Papafluent
  8. Count Big
  9. Goblinscape
  10. Modus Big
  11. Heropedia
  12. Mastered Hedonism
  13. Shotgun Hero
  14. Xeroio
  15. Trap Hedonism
  16. Major Bread
  17. SoundsLux
  18. Union Bread
  19. Ghost Sounds
  20. Duo Stoic

The best part about using a DJ name generator is that the keywords you use should reflect your personality to get creative with which words you associate with your personality and style. 

When using the DJ name generator, you can choose if you would like your keyword to be at the front or back of your name, and you can choose whether you want one word or two words in your name. You can also set a character limit if you would like a shorter term.

20 More DJ Name Ideas

  1. Dandy DJs
  2. Staccato Sounds
  3. DJ Danny Tempo
  4. Melanie’s Melodies
  5. Clef & Crescendo DJs
  6. Pitch and Pizazz
  7. DJ Bass Beast
  8. Biff’s Riffs
  9. Staccato Samples
  10. Party Pulse
  11. DJ Scratch Batch
  12. DJ Eddie Echo
  13. Arpeggio Events
  14. Sounds & Smiles
  15. Festive Ensembles
  16. Blowout Beats
  17. Bass Bash
  18. DJ Soiree
  19. Snacks & Tracks
  20. DJ Ballad Bill

Best Real-world DJ Business Names

The best way to gather information on what makes a good DJ name is to look at the names existing DJs have chosen for themselves. Think about which ones you like, why you like them, and what the names convey about the kind of music produced by these DJs, then apply what you have learned when using the business names generator.

Frankie Knuckles

Frankie Knuckles, who is widely considered the godfather of house music, got his name from the warehouse where he made his start playing sets. When DJs name themselves after popular iconography or places in their hometown,  you can see that it is a way to pay homage to their roots. Frankie Knuckles’s name creates a tough image for the DJ and sets him up as an untouchable figure.

David Guetta

David Guetta is a French DJ, producer, and songwriter. His full name is David Pierre Guetta. By using his name as his DJ name, David Guetta enhances his fame and creates a more solid legacy. Most DJs go by stage names, which makes their real names less well-known. David Guetta’s real name will last over time, whereas society will forget other artists’ real identities.

DJ Screw

Born in Smithville, Texas, DJ Screw wanted to be a truck driver like his father. When they were driving together, Screw’s father turned to him and said, ‘who do you think you are? DJ Screw?’ and he was surprisingly quite taken with the name. This example shows that a great way to develop a name is to adapt any insulting names you have been called and turn them into the branding of something great. This is a great way to create a cathartic DJ name.


Marshmello’s name is linked strongly to their signature mascot head in the shape of a marshmallow. Their mascot head was heavily inspired by Canadian DJ Deadmau5 and served as an ode to their idol. You can use DJ names to pay homage to your idols and the people that inspired you to create music within the genre.

You should be careful when using another artist for inspiration, as Deadmau5 and Marshmello have had some feuds over similar branding. Try not to poach too much of another artist’s distinct style. It was their idea first.


Avicii’s name comes from the word representing the lowest level in Buddhist hell. The artist explained that he had previously used the name on his Myspace account and just thought it was cool. Using iconic symbolism, like religious symbolism, national symbols, film, and literary symbols to inspire your name is a great way to create a distinct impression and use famous characters or symbols to create an illusion of fame for yourself.

How To Avoid A Lame DJ Name

Now we have taken a look at some of the names of successful DJs; it’s time to consider what makes a terrible DJ name so you can save yourself some embarrassment. The name is the first thing an audience will hear at your set, and a bad name can taint their impression of your music from the offset.

I will not mention some of the worst DJ names here due to their salty nature, but as a general tip, it’s best to steer clear of vividly explicit names as they limit your audience. They will not play your music on any mainstream radio channel. It’s best to opt for a double-entendre if you’re taking a more provocative route with your name to market yourself better.

DJ Booth is among one of the worst DJ names. Although it makes for a good pun, it may get confusing if you start to name yourself after your equipment. DJ PJ The DJ makes for a lousy DJ name, as it is too long and loses any wit or charm.

In general, it is advisable to steer clear of names that have DJ in front of them, as this is seen as quite a dated trope when it comes to DJ names. If you do use DJ in your name, especially with your first name after it, you will find dozens of DJs with the exact same name as you. That’s not what you want; your name has to be unique and memorable, setting you apart from the rest.

If you are using the DJ name generator, then, it’s best to avoid using ‘DJ’ as one of your keywords.

5-Tips For Creating Unique DJ Business Name Ideas

Now that we have covered some of the less impressive DJ names, let’s look at how you can construct your unique DJ name that people will love. I have found these tips to give you some food for thought and steer you in the right direction to define your brand identity.

Tip One: Make It Personal

Think about your favorite anecdotes from your life that reflect your character. Or, think about ways you can include where you’re from or your heritage in your name. Try putting words associated with where you’re from into the DJ name generator to get started.

To make it really personal, you could just use your name. The more unique the name is to you, the more attached to it you will be. Your brand as a DJ is a reflection of who you are, after all.

Tip Two: Take Inspiration

Think about art, film, literature, and music that inspires you most. Take the most well-known iconography from your favorite creative masterpiece and try to include that in your name.

An excellent example of this is the electronic duo Zed’s Dead, who pulled their name from the iconic scene from the Tarantino movie Pulp Fiction, with Bruce Willis on a motorbike. The duo has taken advantage of the rebellious reputation of Tarantino’s films to make themselves seem edgier.

If you like classic horror movies, for example, and want to reflect elements of classic horror in your music, it’s good to try putting keywords like ‘gothic’, ‘Frankenstein, or ‘vampire’ into the DJ name generator.

Tip Three: Think About Your Music

If you think about the feeling your music inspires in people, whether it’s passion, excitement, or ease, you will be able to use this as a basis for your name. Creating a name that evokes emotion will make your DJ name memorable and connect it firmly with the audial aesthetic of your music.

Tip Four: Take The Chance To Create An Alter Ego

When creating your DJ name, you can think about your music, past, inspirations, and character. But, there is another way to construct your DJ name. Creating an alter ego has been noted as a great way to enhance brand identity.

You can construct a whole new identity for yourself based on qualities you wish you had or love in characters and other people. For instance, you might be fascinated by superhero villains and build yourself a name that sounds like a villain from a superhero film. This is an opportunity to create a whole new identity.

Tip Five: Use A Put-Down From Your Past

If you have been picked on in your lifetime, creating a DJ name that repurposes a derogatory name given to you is a perfect act of revenge. As your brand and success grow, the person who gave you the cruel nickname will feel smaller and smaller. Wear it like a badge of honor, and make the name legendary.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To come up with a DJ name, you should think about your character, influences, and music. Your DJ can reflect aspects of your background and personality, or it can be constructed based on an alter ego you have created to inspire you.

The best DJ names are original and based on personal preferences or facts about the artist. So long as the name is memorable and has a level of meaning or imagery attached to it, it should work. It’s best to avoid putting DJ in the name, as this is quite a dated trope in the DJ world.

A DJ Alias is more than just a name; it is a way for artists to brand themselves and create an overarching image that defines their music. It is an expression of the DJs style and personal identity.
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