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How To Name Your Wedding Business

In 2021, the revenue of the US wedding industry was reported to be $51.2bn , and this huge industry is still growing. If you’re thinking about becoming a part of the wedding industry, it could be a lucrative move for your career!

As you begin to formulate your wedding business ideas, you may wonder how to name your brand. A brand name is everything. It tells the world who you are and what you do and needs to be perfect. That’s where our wedding business name generator comes in!

In this handy guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to creating a unique and memorable wedding business name, using our wedding business name generator, to help you choose the perfect name for your brand! I’m Alex and I will be your guide on your quest for the perfect wedding business name.

20 Wedding Business Name Ideas

20 Wedding Business Name Ideas

To begin with, let’s take a look at some wedding business names that I came up with with the help of our wedding business name generator. I plugged in words associated with wedding businesses to come up with these wedding company names.

  1. Love Complete
  2. Weddingable
  3. Fix Wedding
  4. Loveverse
  5. Vintage Wedding
  6. Weddingish
  7. Wedding Classic
  8. Majesty Wedding
  9. Close-up Elegance
  10. Dreams Wedding
  11. Blank Elegance
  12. Loveable
  13. Luxe Love
  14. Lovescape
  15. Simply Married
  16. Nuptialistic
  17. Heartsfluent
  18. Delight Weddings
  19. Divine Hearts
  20. Signature Weddings

20 More Wedding Business Name Ideas

  1. My Dream Wedding
  2. Be the Bride
  3. The Graceful Groom
  4. Perfect Marriage
  5. Wedding Trends
  6. The Marriage Market
  7. Marital Moments
  8. Like a Horse and Carriage
  9. The Happy Couple
  10. Bridal Bliss
  11. Nuptial Needs
  12. Wedding World
  13. Bride and Groom
  14. Bows and Vows
  15. To Have and To Hold
  16. Planning with Love
  17. Create My Wedding
  18. Make a Marriage
  19. Tying the Knot
  20. Wonder Weddings

Best Real-world Wedding Business Names

Best Real-world Wedding Business Names

Another key inspiration in your journey to the perfect wedding business name should be the names of other successful wedding businesses! What are they doing? How do their names reflect their brand? And how can you replicate those ideas in your own wedding business names?

Below, we’ve gathered some of our favorite wedding-themed business names for you to peruse. Take a look and see how they have captured their brand in just a few words.

The Knot

A name for a family of wedding-based brands, this company uses clever wordplay for a niche wedding business name. Tying the knot is synonymous with getting married and this brand has used that metaphor for their simple yet effective name.

Simplicity is key to this name. Reflective of the group of brands under this umbrella term, The Knot invokes both marriage images and images of the collective of companies.


Another play on a colloquial term for marriage. ‘Getting hitched’ refers to getting married and so this brand name invokes the images of marriage but in a fun and slang way.

Don’t shy away from using colloquial terms for your wedding business name. The world of weddings is less formal than other industries and clients like the familiarity. Let clients know that you’re a fun and modern brand, ready to make their dreams come true.

My Wedding Fixer

A wedding planning business, this brand name tells you exactly what they’re going to do, you know from the start that your wedding is going to be ‘fixed’ by this team.

Sometimes, the best brand names are the ones that explain exactly what your brand does in simple and effective terms. Flowery language may be off-putting to practical and logical people and so a brand name like this is perfect if you’re offering an easy and stress-free service.

Perfectly Planned 4 You

A London-based wedding planner, this is another of our wedding company names that provide a no-frills explanation for what they do in their brand name. The use of the number ‘4’ instead of the word makes the brand seem a little younger and more relaxed, conveying their ethos through their brand name.

Using slang and colloquialisms can be good if your audience is younger and more in tune with this kind of language. Remember not to alienate older clients if your preferred audience base is in the older age range.

La Fête

This globe-trotting wedding planning brand offers a glimpse into their multicultural outlook by using a foreign language in their name. Not only this, they’ve used French which is considered the language of love!

This clever choice for a name invokes romance as well as culture!

Unique Content for the Niche

Wedding company names frequently use words associated with love and happiness, letting clients know that their day will be filled to the brim with romance, but business names can also be simple and to the point. The key is knowing your audience.

Knowing the kind of weddings you are going to plan or cater to, will help you to choose the language that is appropriate. Knowing your niche in the market will let you know whether you need to invoke romance and elegance, or a no-frills, to-the-point package.

The name for your wedding business can range from simple and effective to flowery to another language completely. You really do have a wide scope of inspiration here, so choose wisely or risk alienating your audience.

5-Tips for creating unique Wedding Business name ideas

Now you’ve been inspired by different wedding business name options, you’re probably raring to have a go at using our wedding business name generator. Before you do, why not check out our list of tips and tricks to use when deciding on a wedding business name?

1. Know your niche

As already discussed, the audience can vary drastically when it comes to weddings. With some wanting extravagant and romance-filled days to others who would prefer a simple and cost-effective ceremony, you need to know your niche before you start naming your brand.

Once you do, you can use the words associated with your niche to come up with business names. These words are handy to have when you begin using our wedding business name generator too!

2. Don’t get too wordy

No one can remember brand names that are too long! If your brand name exceeds more than a few words, you risk clients mixing up your name or forgetting it completely. Make sure the name is to the point and effective.

3. Test it out on other people

Give your business name a go in the real world. See if your friends and family understand what your brand does and who it caters to. Getting their feedback is essential to understanding how your brand name is perceived.

It also helps to discuss other ideas with people, to see how your less favored names fare too!

4. Make sure it’s unique

Before you set your heart on a name, make sure it is totally unique. Do a quick internet search, check the domain name, and hunt for anyone else using the name too. You can’t be unique and individual if there’s another brand with the same name out there!

Do this step early on to avoid disappointment down the line!

5. Use the wedding business name generator!

We might be biased, but we think our wedding business name generator is a pretty useful tool when you’re trying to choose a name for your wedding business!

Choose words from your earlier brainstorm and be presented with a whole range of different business names to try out! The wedding venue name generator is a handy little tool!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your wedding business name should evoke exactly what it is you’re offering as a brand. Though there is no need to use the word wedding in your brand name, the words should tell the client what they can expect from your business. You should get to know your target market thoroughly before choosing your brand name to ensure that the name you do pick will appeal to them and entice them into coveting your services. A brand name doesn’t need to be fancy and complicated, indeed, some business names tell the client exactly what services they offer. There is a lot of scope with inspiration for names for your wedding company, from love and romance to simple and understated language, to another language completely.

Your wedding planner name should be reflective of the kind of wedding planner you are and the weddings you intend to plan. Are you going to plan elegant and chic weddings? Themed weddings? Multicultural weddings? You should choose a name that demonstrates the kind of wedding planner you are so that clients can understand what your brand does before they have even met you. Know your target market and choose a name you know will endear them to you. Knowing who you are and what you want to do as a brand is incredibly important. Our wedding venue name generator can be a handy tool to help you on your way.


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