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How To Name Your Burger Business

Burgers are a well-loved fast food option, being both affordable and delicious, and so opening a burger business could be a fantastic opportunity for the food enthusiast in you! If you’re planning on taking the next steps to start a burger business then we’re here to help! Coming up with a name for your burger business is easy when you use our burger business name generator.

Our burger business name generator is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to name their burger business. The burger names generator is really easy to use too! All you need to do is input words that are associated with your burger business and watch as the burger restaurant name generator presents you with tonnes of fantastic burger business names for you to try out.

In this article, we’re going to be looking at different sources of inspiration for your burger business names. We’ll take a look at how our burger business name generator works, how real-world burger businesses have been naming their businesses, and some tips and tricks for coming up with your own burger business name. I’m Alex and I’ll be guiding you through this article! Let’s get started now.

20 Burger Business Name Ideas

To start off, we’re going to take a look at what our burger business name generator can do for you. Below are twenty different burger business name ideas I came up with using our burger name generator. To come up with these, I inputted a few words I would associate with a burger business! Let’s take a look.

  1. Burgers Galore
  2. The Hamburger Place
  3. Solid Burgers
  4. The Hamburger Chief
  5. First-Choice Burgers
  6. Coastal Hamburgers
  7. Burgers Brew
  8. Hamburger Me
  9. The Finest Burger Co.
  10. Sizzle Hamburgers
  11. Fast Burgers
  12. Hot Hamburgers
  13. Gusto Burger
  14. Burger Chief
  15. Smoke Burgers
  16. Valiant Burgers
  17. Burger Rush
  18. The Burger Joint
  19. Fly Burgers
  20. Hamburger Classics

20 More Burger Business Name Ideas

  1. Bold Burgers
  2. Thrill Grill
  3. Bunrise Burgers
  4. IceBurg
  5. Cheese Please
  6. Burger Boys
  7. The Golden Grill
  8. Bravo Burgers
  9. Happy Burgers
  10. Mister Burgers
  11. Buns Galore
  12. Golden Buns
  13. Burger Buddies
  14. Anytime Burgers
  15. Burger Place
  16. Roadside Burgers
  17. Burg & Go
  18. Burger Buzz
  19. City Burger
  20. Delico Burgers

Best Real-world Burger Business Names

Now we know how our burger names generator can help us to come up with some fantastic burger business names, it’s time to look at how real-world burger businesses have named their companies. 

Checking out the competition is a great way of seeing how business names can work in the burger industry. Look out for burger businesses you admire and see how their name works with their company values!

Below, we’ve gathered our favorite burger business names, discussed why we like them, and added some tips on using them to inform your burger business name journey. Let’s take a look now.

  1. Burger King

No list of burger companies could not include Burger King. Well-known and well-liked, Burger King is a successful burger business, indeed, it may be king of the burger businesses!

We like this name because it sets the business up as the best of the best. Don’t shy away from using hyperbolic language in your burger business name. Remember that your burger business name will communicate to the public the kind of business you are so you need to tell them just how great your business is!

  1. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

A UK-based burger chain, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, sometimes shortened to GBK, is a great business name. Gourmet communicates a certain level of quality and lets customers know to expect truly great things from this restaurant.

We like this name as well because of the much-used acronym, GBK. This business name is a great example of a longer business name being successfully shortened. Don’t shy away from acronyms, they can really help customers remember your business if you’ve got a name that is on the longer side.

  1. Burger Lounge

The use of the word ‘lounge’ in this business name helps to make the customer feel at home. A lounge is a place within our homes and strikes at a certain familiarity with this business.

Using familiar or nostalgic language is a great way to help customers to feel at home at your burger business.

  1. The Burger Manufacturing Company

This is a great example of a no-frills burger business name. The business name communicates exactly what the burger company does; it manufactures burgers.

We like simple names like this because they communicate clearly and help customers to understand your business without having to look too far! Customers will like that they don’t have to hunt for exactly what your business does!

  1. In-N-Out Burger

And finally, a great name for a quick burger service. This name communicates the speedy nature of this burger service, letting customers know that you will be in and out in no time with your burger in hand!

Thinking about what makes your business stand out is a great way to ensure your business name is effective. As with In-N-Out, using the unique aspects of your business helps to draw customers in!

Unique Content for the Niche

As with any food business, you want to convey the quality and deliciousness of your burgers to your customers. Using words like ‘gourmet,’ ‘tasty,’ and ‘juicy’ can all entice customers, letting them know just how fantastic your burgers are. The words you use in your business name can be the make or break between a customer coming into your business and not, so make sure to pick wisely.

Depending upon the style of your business depends on your business name. Is your business an upscale joint where the burgers come with artisan relish and hand-cut, seasoned fries? Or is it designed for quick takeaway service, perfect for nights when you just can’t be bothered to cook?

The different styles of business you offer can mean using different words with different intentions, so you really need to know your business before you start creating a name. Ask yourself who your customers are, who will be eating your burgers, and what will bring them through the doors?

Using our burger business name generator is a great way of creating burger business names once you’ve answered these questions. You can use the words you’ve answered these questions with to input into the burger restaurant name generator and see the tonnes of business names it provides you with!

5-Tips for creating unique Burger Business name ideas

Now, you have a go!

We’ve covered the basics of how our burger name generator works, looked at some real-world business names, and gone over how burger business names can vary, so now it’s your turn. Below, we have gathered a list of our top tips and tricks for coming up with a burger business name.

Let’s take a look and start creating some truly unique burger business names!

  1. Get to know your business

As we mentioned previously, getting to know your business is the best thing you can do to ensure you name it well! Ask yourself why your business is different, why it stands out. Work out your target customer and then come up with different words you can use to draw those customers in.

Make a list of words that you can associate with your business now and keep it handy when you use our burger name generator.

  1. Ask for feedback

Gather trusted friends and family and ask them for feedback on your business name. Ask them how they think it reflects your business values and what it communicates to the public.

Asking for help can always improve your ideas and may help you to develop in a way you hadn’t considered.

  1. Don’t use too many words

Burger business names tend to be quite short and catchy. This is a good idea for your burger business name as it means your customers will be able to remember your business name easily.

Don’t shy away from acronyms either. We saw earlier how acronyms can work with burger business names and it can help you to keep the name short!

  1. Check it is available

You will want to do this before you begin any formalities. Do a domain name search and a quick google search to ensure the business name is available and save yourself from disappointment later on!

  1. Use our burger business name generator

We’re probably a bit biased but we think our burger business name generator is a fantastic resource for you as you begin the process of creating a burger business name.

Grab that list of words you made earlier and start inputting them into the burger business name generator to find tones of great business names to try out.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A good restaurant name should draw in customers and communicate to them why your restaurant is the one they should choose. Use words that convey the quality of your food and ensure it appeals to your target audience. Try using our burger business name generator to find tones of fantastic burger restaurant names to inspire you.

A good cafe name could be a reference to the kind of food you offer or could reference a unique business trait. You need to consider your target customer when creating a business name and should think about why you stand out as a business. Choose a business name that ensures you draw in customers and communicate the quality of what you offer.

Naming a restaurant means knowing your business well. You need to ensure your business name communicates why your business is the one to choose and how you stand out. Try using words you know your customers will respond well to and make sure it’s a catchy name!


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