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An amazing and catchy bar business name awaits you. Try out our bar name generator to get the ideas flowing!

1. Choose Your Bar Name Keywords

Pick some words for our business name generator that express your bar’s style or theme.

2. Get Bar Name Ideas

Let the generator use your words to make countless great name ideas, and take a look through the results.

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How to Use Our Bar Name Generator

What’s in a name, you say? Everything, we tell you! So if your bar business is almost ready but it doesn’t have a name, take your time to come up with one that sticks using our bar business name generator. Think about it – the name will be on everything that represents your bar. It will be on the door, on the newspaper headlines, magazine articles, online listings, local maps, travel itineraries and on the lips of your patrons when they recommend it to their friends. 

Branding is everything in business and the name of the business is the most important part of branding. It’s the first and often the only thing that potential new customers will know about your business. So it is important to make it count.

Now that we have convinced you of the importance of a good name, here are some steps that you can follow for coming up with a successful name.

  • Start with a few memorable options that are unique and not in use. The more unique the better. Something that really captures the spirit of your business without being too obvious about it. Don’t be afraid to venture into different languages and unusual territories. Really dig deep and come up with something that no one has ever heard of in your industry. The more keywords you have, the more diverse your suggestions will be.
  • The name should be timeless because you want your business to run forever. It should make sense decades and even a century down the line. It should ideally be short, easy to remember and catchy.
  • Imagine all the places where this name will be shown – outdoor signboards, paper napkins, coasters, bar glasses, glass windows and more. How does it look in these areas? Does it really communicate the feeling of your bar? If it feels good, you know you are on the right track.
  • How would you design the name? Is it antique, vintage or modern? Does it sit well with the theme of your bar if you have one?
  • Now go online and search for everything that is associated with that name, especially bars. Is it already an established name for a bar somewhere in your country? It doesn’t matter much if it is in another country unless you dream of expanding worldwide. If it’s not to be found anywhere, that’s a great sign! That means your bar will always come up top when people search for that name.

Benefits of Our Bar Name Generator

tick png Easy to useJust enter the words that you have chosen and our smart system will do the rest. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use it. You can even put in random words and just have fun with the process. You never know what gold you might strike!
tick png Endless optionsYou can iterate as much or as little as you like. The name generator will continue to generate endless name options for you for as long as you want to.
tick png Multiple keywords supportedYou can put in as many keywords as you want and the system will combine them in all possible combinations and styles along with other words. This will create word pairings that have likely not been used before.
tick png Intelligent filtersUse our filters to specify what it is that you are looking for. You can choose to get two words or one-word results only or both.  You can also choose to have rhyming options where the words begin with the same letter. This way you can zero in on the exact type of name that you are looking for.
tick png Specify the industryThis is a very useful tool as you can specify the industry that your business falls under. This way you can rule out names that do not suit the personality of your business.
tick png Save your favoritesYou can easily mark the ones that you like the most so that you can sort through them later.
tick png Register your domainSearch for web domains directly from our website and find out which of your favorites are available online.

20 Bar Business Name Ideas

In this example, we have used the following keywords to generate 20 unique names for a hypothetical bar business – cocktail, bar, shots, tipsy, dram, keg, spirit. You can enter up to six keywords at a time. Here are 20 of the best ones that we came up with.

  • Shotsium
  • Kegopedia
  • Shotsfluent
  • Dramlux
  • Tipsyzen
  • Boost Spirit
  • Shots Serf
  • Crispy Tipsy
  • Dram Daub
  • Kitty Keg
  • Spiritscape
  • Bar Better
  • Cocktaillum
  • Tipsycog
  • Spiritarc
  • Dramfluent
  • Kegish
  • Bardo
  • Dramoryx
  • Tipsy keg

The Difference Between A Bar, Pub, Lounge, Tavern, and Club

Even though we often use these terms interchangeably, they actually mean very different things. Here are the main differentiators between a Bar, Pub, Lounge, Tavern and a Club.

Main purpose/functionDrinking alcohol and CocktailsDrinking Alcohol and socializingRelaxation and RestingDrinking affordablySocializing through common activity
Do they serve food?UsuallyYesSometimesRarelyYes
Do they serve alcohol?YesYesSometimesYesSometimes
Are there age restrictions?YesYesNot alwaysYesNot always
Approx average size (sq/m)50 sqM and above70 sqM and above90 sqM and above40 sqM and above100 sqM and above

So now that you know what the differences between these terms are, you can also see where the overlapping areas are. That is why a nightclub can have a bar inside it and a bar can also be called a pub and almost all social clubs have at least one and usually multiple bars within them. These are all cultural terms that are used to loosely refer to popular places where people gather to socialize and have fun.

Based on this understanding, it is easy to decide how you want to brand your bar business.

Is it a small place with limited seating where people mostly sit at the counter and order their drinks? Call it a bar and people know what to expect. Is it a slightly larger place with a few tables as well as a long bar counter and a food menu? That’s a great setting for a pub. Is it a large space with a lot of space, a dedicated dance floor and lots of seating and multiple bars or a central island bar? Call it a club and tell them how good the bar is at this club.

If it is a small place that has an antique feel with dim lighting and simple arrangements, it is an ideal setting for a tavern. It doesn’t have to be lowbrow to be called a tavern. Modern establishments are often repurposing old names and giving them new meanings through their own interpretations.

How you interpret the name you choose is up to you and it will become part of the fun story that customers like to tell their friends when they talk about your business. So make sure there is an interesting story to tell and that way the name itself becomes a selling point, which is the holy grail of naming a business.

20 Pub, Lounge, Tavern, and Club Business Name Ideas

We used our bar business name generator to come up with 20 unique names for pubs, clubs, taverns and lounges. This will give you a fair idea of all the possibilities that are out there, waiting for you to grab them.

  • Tavernelia
  • Pubzen
  • Goddess Lounge
  • Creamy Pub
  • Catalyst Lounge
  • Mode Pub
  • Sonic Tavern
  • Matrix Lounge
  • Commune Club
  • Club Drip
  • Sattva lounge
  • Triad Lounge
  • Lifesaver Pub
  • Heritage Lounge
  • Synth Club
  • Lounge Lazarus
  • Grow Pub
  • Pub Zephyr
  • Obsidian Lounge
  • Pub Catalyst

The more you dig into the possibilities, the closer you get to that unique name that no one has ever thought of. Given the depth and breadth of the global culture with all its multi-lingual influences, coming up with exotic names is getting easier all the time.

Do not be afraid to venture into the esoteric and strange. Those are often where the most interesting names are found. You can also go the opposite route and look for the fantastic in the mundane. No one ever thought that the humble apple can become the name of a tech giant that will change the face of consumer technology. In fact, everyone thought it was weird at first, which in fact worked in its favor because it got everyone talking about it. That’s half the battle won right there.

So go ahead and venture fearlessly into unknown territories and see what you come up with. Feel free to go outside of your industry entirely and bring in something that no one expects, like Apple. That is how you will guarantee lots of positive attention and curiosity about your business for its lifetime and beyond.

Generate A Powerful Bar Business Name

Here at BNG, we offer a large variety of name generators for businesses and projects of all kinds. Here are some name generators that are closely associated with bar businesses. You can try them out and see if some of the names seem interesting for your new business.

plus Drinks Name Generator – Need names for the fantastic new drinks that your bar is going to be serving? Look no further! We have a drink name generator just for that.

plus Restaurant Name Generator – Is your bar part of a larger restaurant business? Do you need a name for it? We have a dedicated restaurant name generator that can help you out.

plus Takeaway Business Name Generator – If you are building an f&b empire and you have a takeaway business as a part of it, here’s a name generator that’s the perfect fit for it.

plus Hotel, Motel and B&B Name Generator – Is your bar located inside a hotel? Do you need a name for your new motel or B&B business? Try out this special name generator that is designed especially for this purpose.

plus Fast Food Name Generator – You know what goes really well together? A great bar and a nice fast-food place that always uplifts you. Find the right name for your fast food business with this name generator and watch it take off!

plus Wine Business Name Generator – Perhaps you are planning to specialise in wine and you want a name that points to that. We have a wine name generator that will create names that will suit your wine business just right.

plus Beer Business Name Generator – Do you want to be known for your special brews? We have a beer business name generator that has been made for just this purpose.

plus Hipster Name Generator – Planning to open a hipster-style bar? Here’s a name generator that will give you just the right kind of suggestions for that.

Want more name generators? Check out our full series of name generators. There is something for everybody!

10 Interesting Bar Names From Around The World

We picked the best names from the list of the top 50 bars around the world. Just like everything else about these top-notch establishments that have the entire world in awe of them, their names are also designed to pique your interest.

Jigger & PonySingaporeClassic Cocktail BarReimagined Classics
Little Red DoorParisCosy, CosmopolitanFarm To Glass
Katana KittenNew YorkUnderground, Japanese Dive Bar80’s style, Japanese Classics
Hanky PankyMexico CityHidden, originally a speakeasyTravel inspired menu
SidecarNew DelhiFriendly, neighbourhood barBar food, imaginative cocktails
CoaHong kongOaxacan, Mexico inspired barAll about Mexican spirits
Salmon GuruMadridLoud, Kitschy, Anti-MainstreamStrange, unusual food and drinks
Satan’s WhiskersLondonVintage, low-key, classicStraight up classics at their finest
Lucy’s Flower ShopStockholmMuted, classic, minimal, chicElegant yet complex cocktails
May Be SammySydneyClassy and vibrantInnovative, surprising cocktails

As you can see, the names are as cool as the establishments themselves. You can visit each of their websites and learn more about their name, the story behind it and much more. This will give you an idea of how important the name, and its clear connection to the whole story of the bar, is. Without that connection, the whole experience feels incomplete.

5 Tips For Creating Unique And Catchy Bar Name Ideas

Here are some tips to help you create the most unique bar name that fits your business perfectly.

Ask “What is my story”

Salmon Guru got its name because salmon swim against the current and everything about the bar is about going against the norm.

Be Exotic if you need to

Coa takes its name from the tool used to harvest agave, and it is a bar that specializes in agave and Mexican spirits, yet it is located in Hong Kong. Hence, it is exotic for its location.

Create something new

Katana Kitten is all about 80s Japanese style and finesse. The name makes a Japanese reference and still makes it easy to remember and catchy. You can just put in your shortlisted words and let our name generator do the rest to create combos like this one.

Check for availability

If the name is taken online, that’s a no-go in this day and age. Look again and be creative. Our name generator will help you with this. We have a free domain check availability.

Just go with what feels right

Lucy’s Flower Shop doesn’t have anything to do with Lucy or flowers. But it has a feeling to it that matches the understated yet fine-crafted experience of the bar. So don’t be afraid to go completely abstract, as long as it feels right.


Be bold and explore a lot – that is the summation of what most industry leaders will tell you. Go where no one has dared to venture and you are sure to find something new and exciting. Think way outside the box or go deep into it. Do not just skim the surface. Be outrageous or funny or mysterious if that is your style, let the audience wonder a little.

As long as the name matches the story that you are trying to tell, you will have a fantastic brand name that will serve you for a lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Name it something that matches the vibe, decor, story and spirit of your bar. This starts from the very roots of your idea – what inspired you to create the bar? What are its main attractions? What sets it apart? These are the questions that will point you in the right direction when it comes to naming it right. Remember that your bar name will be the core of your brand, the messenger that carries your story everywhere it goes. It will be the one thing that almost all your potential customers will see and it will be the first thing that most of them will judge you by. If you can manage to ignite their imagination or at least make them laugh or be curious, you have a good chance of making them take an interest. Once they have stepped up, make sure there is more to the name than just the face value of it. That will really impress them and solidify the connection. After that, it is all about the actual brass tacks of it - service, taste and hospitality, to make them your regulars and brand ambassadors.

They are usually named after the owner, the location, a local cultural reference or just something funny and outrageous that suits the mood and catches the eye. It all depends on the owner and how they want to run the place. It can be friendly, bold, brawny or something else altogether.

Look into the culture of the tiki bar and see what really attracts you or piques your interest. Then think of how your unique approach to a tiki bar sets it apart from everyone else. Now see if you can combine the two aspects or make them play against each other. This will generate some unique keywords. Now put those keywords into our name generator and let the adventure begin!


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