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Public House







Tiki Bar


Atomic Liquors

This unique name is from the 1950’s when patrons used to go on top of the roof to watch atomic bombs explode. Keeping the name, and the history behind it is a massive draw card and good branding.

Death and Co

From the days of prohibition they would say if you’re drinking, you’re keeping company with death.

The Double Windsor

A good old fashioned double meaning, clientele will appreciate the cleverness to it and be intrigued to visit.

PDT (Please Don’t Tell)

PDT perfectly encapsulates the thrills we get from discovering what’s fashionable and clandestine.


Cheap shots at one’s character. Cheap shots on the pool table. Cheap shots of tequila. They’re all good meanings.

No Fun

A sarcastic jab at false claims, the name gives the bar a quirky, fun and fresh feel.

Burp Castle

Capitalising on the gross factor of burps, this establishment plays on the fact that burps are a natural part of life, especially when beer’s involved.


The name begins with ‘super,’ declaring that this bar’s great. And it repurposes the obscure particle-accelerator machine into an energetic moniker.

Jake’s Dilemma

A clever euphemism for the position of every bar-goer who has ever said to themselves, ‘I’m never drinking again.’

bOb Bar

The name with all its b’s is nice to say and even nicer to hear. The repetition and the use of a pronoun gives the bar a personal feel.

The Stumble Inn

The name is a pun and a New York City lifestyle. The notion of ‘stumbling into’ a bar captures something fun and friendly, and is a universal truth.

Marketing Strategy & Useful
Advertising Terminology

Clients range from large corporations to small businesses and individuals. Large customers need to be wooed using price points, scalability, expertise and transparency. Individuals and small businesses meanwhile, are usually just seeking out the simplest, cheapest way to stay on top of their income and expenses.

There are a multitude of establishments who cater towards the ‘drinking’ economy. They range from pubs and taverns to upscale cocktail bars and restaurants. Some clients want to go to the best/most expensive places to ‘be seen’ there. Others just want the cheapest drinks. Still other are looking for something specific perhaps wine, whisky or craft beers.

Two for one, happy hour, free entrance, largest selection of beer/wine/whisky/shots, ladies’ night, karaoke night, quiz night

Clientele & Interests

From age 18 and over, almost everyone drinks. It has been part of human society for the past 10 000 years. People, however, drink for a host of different reasons.

Partying, socialising, friends, popularity, hook ups, sport, dancing, clubbing, drinking, having fun, beer, wine,

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