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Use our bar name generator to come up with exciting bar name ideas. Explore unlimited suggestions and register your favorites to build a website.

1. Choose Your Bar Name Keywords

Pick some words for our business name generator that express your bar’s style or theme.

2. Get Bar Name Ideas

Let the generator use your words to make countless great name ideas, and take a look through the results.

3. Select Bar Names

Check to see which names are actually available and then claim one to start your bar’s story.

There are many bars with names that people need help remembering or getting easily confused by. The owner should have considered their bar name and how powerful it is to the success of a business. Our bar name generator will work hard for you and create memorable and unique bar names.

How our Bar Name Generator Helps You

Besides providing unlimited name combinations, our bar names generator also offers other incredible benefits. They include: 

How to use our Bar Name Generator

Filter suggestions
Enter one or two keywords that reflect your bar’s theme, style, or location. For example, if you want to open an Irish pub, enter ‘Irish’ and ‘pub’. You may try words like ‘beach’, ‘tiki’, and ‘rum’ for a beach bar. Then, select your industry and ideal name style.

Offers free domain availability check
Once you find a name you like, check if the domain is available to register by selecting ‘more’. 

Develop a memorable brand image
Provides supporting brand logo and trademark capabilities. 

Save results
If you don’t see your ideal name on the first result, go ahead and generate another batch of names. Our generator tool will provide new suggestions until you find the perfect bar name. 

Top Tips

6 Tips to Name Your Bar

A compelling name can attract patrons, create word-of-mouth recommendations and set the tone for the experience you offer. Follow these tips to come up with a memorable bar name:

Keep it Simple

Avoid complicated names with too many words or obscure references. Short and straightforward names are easiest for customers to remember and tell their friends about.

Consider the Theme

Base the name on the bar’s theme or speciality, craft beers, classic cocktails, or live music. For example, The Tap Room or The Jazz Club.

Include Location

If your bar has a great view or is in a historic building, incorporate the location or address into the name, e.g. Overlook Tavern or 113 Main.

Check Availability

Make sure the name you want is not already taken by another local bar. And check if the web domain and social media handles for that name are available to claim.

Get Feedback

Ask friends, family, and potential customers for their input on your name options. See which ones make the most sense to them and get the best reactions. Their feedback can help determine the winner.

Be Creative

There’s no hard and fast rule on creating a suitable bar name. Feel free to exercise your creativity, and let your imaginations run wild. You can add a personal touch to it, such as your name, nickname, or a vibe people know you for or use humor to create a fun atmosphere. 

Get Inspired

20 Bar Names to Inspire You

To show you how creative our bar name generator is, here are 20 unique names for a hypothetical bar business. Here are the keywords we used to generate these examples – cocktail, bar, shots, tipsy, dram, keg, spirit. 

  • Shotsium
  • Kegopedia
  • Shotsfluent
  • Dramlux
  • Tipsyzen
  • Boost Spirit
  • Shots Serf
  • Crispy Tipsy
  • Dram Daub
  • Kitty Keg
  • Spiritscape
  • Bar Better
  • Cocktaillum
  • Tipsycog
  • Spiritarc
  • Dramfluent
  • Kegish
  • Bardo
  • Dramoryx
  • Tipsy keg

5 Bar Successful Bar Names and Why They Work

Some of the most successful bar names are short, memorable, and evoke a sense of place or experience. Here are five examples:

1. The Red Lion Pub: This classic British-style name taps into the tradition and familiarity of the pub experience while also using the strong image of a lion to suggest strength and boldness.

2. The Blue Moon Bar and Grill: This name evokes a sense of nostalgia and romance, conjuring images of sitting outside under the moonlight.

3. The Black Sheep Bar & Grill: This bar name works because it plays on the idea of being different or unique.

4. The Tipsy Tiger Cocktail Mixers: This fun name combines the alliteration of ‘Tipsy Tiger’ with the image of a tiger to suggest an energetic, exotic drinking experience.

5. The High Dive Bar – The image of diving implies a fun, lively atmosphere while also suggesting an element of risk-taking and adventure associated with high diving.

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Bar Market Opportunity

Over 72,000 bars and nightclubs in the U.S. generate more than $26.6 billion in revenue annually. Although the consumption of alcoholic beverages declined during the pandemic, the market has since returned to normalcy and booming once again. As such, running a bar can be a profitable venture especially if set up in a location with vibrant nightlife.

Bar Market stats

Key Takeaways

You now have everything you need to generate some great bar name ideas and find an available domain to match. Our generator gives you lots of options to spark your creativity and find something memorable that fits your concept. Go on and give it a try. Play around with different word combinations until something jumps out at you.

Take the First Step in Creating Your Business Name

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A good name for a bar should be short and memorable. It should conjure a mood, era, or experience that sets the tone for the bar's concept. Some witty examples include Kitty Keg, Bar Better, and Spiritscape.

Coming up with a great bar name begins with brainstorming keywords related to the type of bar. Next, plug in these keywords into a bar name generator and review the suggestions. You can combine the suggestions with other words that reflect your personality, location, or type of bar.

Consider the simplicity and memorability of the bar name. It should be easy to pronounce and remember. Instead of abstract or ambiguous words, consider names that clearly describe the theme and vibe of your bar.



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