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How To Name Your Wine Business

Expected to reach a value of $434.6bn by 2027, the global wine industry is full of potential business opportunities. If you’re thinking of venturing into the world of wine, you may be wondering what on earth you should call your new wine business. That’s where we come in.

Choosing a wine business name can be difficult. What do you want the world to think about your brand? What should the name tell them? In this article, we’re going to look over some inspiration and key steps you should take in creating a wine business name.

Our wine business name generator is a fantastic resource to get you started, so why not check it out now!

20 Wine Business Name Ideas

First, let’s take a look at some wine name ideas. I came up with these by inputting a few words I associated with the wine industry into our wine business name generator. Check them out.

  1. Major Wine
  2. Treasure Wine
  3. Winehut
  4. PLatinum WIne
  5. Faith Winery
  6. Secret Winery
  7. Gusto Wine
  8. Tasteful Winery
  9. Lineage Wine
  10. Rounded Vintage
  11. Dandy Wine
  12. Fly Winery
  13. Madras Wine
  14. Happening Vintage
  15. Snug Winery
  16. Paramount WInery
  17. Lounge Vintage
  18. Astonish Wine
  19. Hearty Vintage
  20. Wineque

20 More Wine Business Name Ideas

  1. Good Grapes
  2. A World of Wines
  3. Velvet Vinos
  4. Silky Sips
  5. Fine Vines n’ Wines
  6. Utterly Uncorked
  7. Great Grapes
  8. Vintage Vinos
  9. Classy Corks
  10. The Grape Gurus
  11. Straight from the Vine
  12. We Worship Wine
  13. Grapes By the Glass
  14. Your Secret Wine Cellar
  15. The Queen o’ Vino
  16. Red White and Poured
  17. Time for Wine
  18. More to Pour
  19. Vinery Options
  20. That Wine Is Mine

Best Real-world Wine Business Names

Now we’ve seen some of the content our wine business name generator comes up with, let’s take a look at some real-world wine name ideas.

Checking out what your competitors are doing is always going to be a great way to see how wine business names can make or break a company. Understanding why and how the names work will help you to decide how to name your company.

We’ve listed some of our favorite wine business names and the ones we think are most successful. We’ve also analyzed them briefly to help you see why we think that they work.

Majestic Wine

A UK-based specialist wine retailer, Majestic Wine uses descriptive language to communicate to their customers the level of quality in the wines they trade.

Using a word like majestic signals to the audience that the product you are producing is high-quality and worth the price. Remember to use words that your customer base will respond well to.

Augusta Winery

Located in Augusta, Missouri, the Augusta Winery name tells customers exactly who they are and what they do. Locations are big in the wine business, and so using the location of your business could help in creating an effective business name.

Frequently, wine brands will use their location as the main part of their name, and location can mean the difference between a cheap product and an expensive and sought-after product. If your location means a lot to you then definitely use it in the name.

The Wine Group

As a collective of different wine brands, this company’s services couldn’t be more obvious. The Wine Group is a group of wine brands.

Simple and effective names like this one can be good for your business. If a client understands immediately what you do and who you are, they don’t have to waste time finding out!


BinTwo uses wine-specific wording to alert customers to their trade. The word bin is used throughout the wine industry to refer to a range of different things depending upon the location, some wines are even named after bin numbers.

This use of industry-specific language alerts those in the know to the fact they are part of said industry. To others, this could be seen as a quirky name, or a question to ask when you arrive at this particular wine merchant’s shop!


Laurent-Perrier is a renowned wine brand and its name has a long history, moving through different versions at different points in time. The reason we like this name is, like with many wine brands, it uses the creators’ surnames.

Many wine brands utilize personal names in their wine business name to give it a personal touch. Don’t shy away from this idea in your own wine business name.

Unique Content for the Niche

The wine industry is full of well-experienced wine brands and companies that have been in the market for years. Sometimes their business has been in their family for generations, meaning they have an extensive amount of knowledge and experience.

To stand out, like always, you’re going to have to do something different.

The wine industry is changing. More tech is now involved and barriers are being broken down between old-world and new-world ideas of what is right.

The wine industry is ready to be shaken up and so your brand name should enlighten your customers as to how you’re going to do this. When creating your business name, remember this. And don’t forget to use our wine name generator to get some great ideas too!

5-Tips for creating unique Wine Business name ideas

So, we’ve looked over some real-world wine business names and had a look at the content our winery name generator can produce, so now it’s time to start crafting your wine business name.

Below we’ve listed some tips and tricks for creating a unique and memorable wine business name, as well as some tips for using our wine business name generator.

Check them out below and get started creating a great wine business name!

1. Brainstorm your ideas

This first tip is key to knowing your brand. Before choosing your brand name you should get to know who you are as a brand and what you stand for. Brainstorm some ideas, come up with keywords you associate with your brand, and use these to craft a unique business name.

Brainstorming words is also a great way to prepare to use our winery name generator. The wine name generator can create unique combinations of these words for a huge list of potential wine business names.

2. See what others are doing

As we mentioned before, knowing what other brands are doing can help you to create a successful business name.

Find brands you admire, brands that are doing what you will be doing, and other similar businesses, and check out their names. See what you do and don’t like about their names and why you think they work.

Seeing what others in your industry have done to be successful can help inspire you. It’s also a great way to learn what you do and don’t like in business names.

3. Ask your friends and family for their input

Outsiders are always going to see things that you don’t. A really good way to develop when you have hit a block is to ask others what they think.

They will likely have thought of something you haven’t and will help you to see your business name ideas from a different perspective.

Keep going back to the other people in your life as your ideas develop to ensure you’re moving forwards and finding new ways to present your brand to the world.

4. Make sure no one else is using it

This is a key step to do when you’re starting to whittle down your list of potential names. There is nothing worse than going to list your business and finding out someone else is already using it!

Do a google search, check the domain name, and trawl wine websites to ensure your name is as unique and individual as your business.

Do this once you’ve chosen a name too. You don’t want to send off for stationery only to find the name is taken!!

5. Use our wine business name generator

Our wine business name generator is an invaluable resource for anyone looking for a business name for their wine company. Using those words you brainstormed earlier, plug in a few at a time, and see the unique combinations that the wine business name generator comes up with!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The best names for wine can vary from the region and their makers to something completely unrelated. WIne names don’t need to be related to the wine but should be memorable, easy-to-pronounce, and easy to remember. You want people to keep coming back to your brand over and over so ensure your name is memorable and gives customers a peek behind what your brand stands for.

A liquor store can have a range of names. Good ways to start the naming process include asking yourself what kind of liquor you’re going to sell and what kind of brand you want to be. Your name should entice customers to choose your shop so you need to choose the language they will respond well to.


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