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How To Name Your Water Business

How To Name Your Water Business

It was estimated that around 600 million households consumed bottled water in 2018. That number has kept on climbing in recent years and so starting a water business can be very lucrative for you!

If you are planning on starting up a water business, you will probably be needing a water company name and that is where we come in.

Our water business name generator can be a great resource for you to inspire a new water company name. To use our water bottle name generator, you just input words you want to be associated with your business into the generator and be prepared for the tonnes of unique water business names it gives you back!

In this guide, we’re going to be looking at different ways you can develop a water business name, as well as some handy tips on how to use our water name generator to help you out! I’m Alex and I’ll be with you throughout this guide! Let’s get started!

20 Water Business Name Ideas

20 Water Business Name Ideas

First of all, we’re going to take a look at some water business names that we came up with. We used our water company name generator and input some words we wanted in our business names into it, and here are the results Let’s check them out now!

  1. Vital Water
  2. Rain Clear
  3. Genius Water
  4. Vista Pure
  5. Arctic Pure
  6. Spark Water
  7. Detox Clear
  8. Lake Pure
  9. Eco Clear
  10. Viva Pure
  11. Eco Water
  12. Cloud Water
  13. Wisdom Water
  14. Glacier Clear
  15. Dr. Water
  16. Energise Water
  17. Real Clear Water
  18. Vibrant Water
  19. Vita Pure
  20. Youth Water

20 More Water Business Name Ideas

  1. Active Water
  2. Water Motion Co,
  3. Water Warmth
  4. Asset Water Co.
  5. Water Solution Company
  6. The Water Quality Co.
  7. Water Season
  8. Water Drops Company
  9. Water Supplies
  10. Water Balance Co
  11. High Water Co.
  12. Open Water
  13. The Heavy Water Company
  14. Sweet Water
  15. Safe Water Co.
  16. Water Warmer
  17. The Crystal Water Company
  18. Water Sprinkle
  19. EnviroAqua Co.
  20. Arroser Co

Best Real-world Water Business Names

Now we have seen how our water business name generator can work to create unique business names for your new water business, let’s have a look at some real-world water business names. Below, we’ve gathered our favorite water business names and analyzed why we like them and why we think they work!

We think that looking to your competitors is a really great way to help to inspire your own water business name. Hopefully, these names will help to inspire your water business name and help you out as you use our water bottle

Voss Water

Water bottle brands tend to be named after places where their water is from. Though the water is not actually bottled in Voss in Norway, the name indicates that it is.

Using locations, places that inspired your journey, or places that mean something to you in your business name is a great way to personalize the brand name and get people intrigued about your story.

Smart Water

Now, we know drinking water won’t actually make you smarter but it’s nice to think it will. And, as the smart choice, Smart Water is a great brand name for making people think they’re making a good choice by choosing your brand.

Using descriptive words in your business name is a great way to communicate the integrity of your product and make customers feel like they can trust you.

Just Water

We like this simple and effective name because it tells the customers just what they’re going to be getting. We love a simple and effective name like this because, though it might seem a little plain, it works really well to entice customers.

Don’t shy away from a simple name like this as it communicates really clearly what is going on, helping customers to choose you!

Mountain Valley Spring Water

Another location, this business name uses the word ‘spring,’ letting the customer know exactly where and how this water is going to be bottled.

Using technical terms, like spring, helps customers to understand where the bottled water is coming from. It can help customers to feel trust in your brand.

Harrogate Spring Water

And finally, another location name, Harrogate Spring Water is a simple name that communicates the location and the kind of water you’re going to be getting.

We like location names for water and technical terms for the form of the water you’re getting because customers know as much as they can about your business through your business name.

Unique Content for the Niche

For bottled water, the trend seems to be using the location of your bottling. Connecting with customers through the location the water is bottled can help them to understand more about your business.

It could also entice regional customers who live in or have a connection to the area you bottle your water in.

Another way to name your business is to entice customers to your brand is to use an emotional or personal name. Who inspired your business?

Did a special place play an important role in your company? You can use these to draw customers in and it can give your business an interesting backstory!

Using our water name generator is a great way to create this type of name. Start by typing in words to the water business name generator that you want to be associated with your brand and get inspired by all of the unique water business names it gives back to you! Go check out our water business name generator now!

5-Tips for creating unique Water Business name ideas

Now that we’ve taken a look at a few different sources of inspiration for your water business name, including how to use our water company name generator and real-world water business names, let’s take a look at some tips and tricks for creating your own water business name.

1. Get all of your ideas down on paper

First, let’s get all of your branding ideas down on paper. Who are you as a business? What do you stand for? Why do you stand out? Understanding all of these things can help you to make a list of words that you want to be associated with your brand, and therefore are great to be used in your business name.

Grab this list and head over to our water business name generator. You can input them to create a unique and interesting water business name.

2. Check its availability

This is a key step and you should ensure you do it when you have chosen a name. Do a google search, check the domain name register, and ensure you can use your business name and that is not already in use.

This is really important so you’re not disappointed when it comes to designing your logo and branding.

3. Limit the words

Using too many words in your water business name can make it too long to be memorable. Try shortening it, smashing words together, or even using an acronym to make your name more memorable.

You want to ensure that customers keep coming back to your water brand and so you need to ensure that they can remember your water business’s name!

4. Check out your competitors

Earlier, we took a look at some water business names but now you need to go deeper. You need to find brands that inspire you and look at why you like their names. What is it that you think works and what doesn’t and work with those things when creating your own business name?

Looking to your competitors can help you to understand where you fit into the water industry and you should continue to do it as you build your brand.

5. Use our water business name generator

And finally, we love our water business name generator. We think it’s invaluable to those who are looking for a water business name. To use, you should grab that list of words you made earlier and start inputting them into the water business name generator to reveal hundreds of unique water business name ideas.

You should keep coming back to our generator to get inspiration throughout the naming process too!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Naming your water company requires choosing the right words to entice your customers to your brand. You need to decide who you want as a customer base and work out how to get them to choose your brand. Your name should communicate with your customers and let them know why they should choose you and why you’re different from other water companies.

The name of a water refilling station should communicate to customers what it is going to do so that customers understand the product before they buy. You should communicate clearly with your customer base and ensure that your name works to entice customers to your product. You can use our water business name generator to come up with unique and memorable names for your water refilling station.

you’re looking to name your water business, you may be looking for other names for water that you can use in your water business name. Below we’ve listed a few different ways to communicate water. Check them out. Aqua, H2O, Ocean, Lake, Spring, Sprinkle, Flood, Drench, Saturate, Reservoir


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