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Launched in 2005, the company is the one behind WordPress, WooCommerce and Akismet. The name is a play on the first name of Automattic’s founder – Matt Mullenweg.

Worldwide 101

The virtual company enables businesses to hire virtual assistants from all parts of the world.


The network of freelance software developers has a name that’s the result of a combination between two words – top and talent.


The company employs a team of professionals working from home offices throughout the US. The name suggests that the employees of this virtual company enjoy a flexible work schedule.

The Content Factory

The Content Factory is a 100 percent virtual press release company. The company also specializes in the fields of content marketing and blogging, hence the name.


The virtual company works with local media and allows them to build partnerships with businesses in the community through the provision of digital advertising tools. These benefit both the media and local businesses.


The technology company specializes in the field of search engines, offering an alternative to Google. The name is inspired by the popular children’s game Duck, Duck, Goose. According to the official website, this isn’t a metaphor. The company is attempting to brand an alternative to Google it – Duck it.


The company’s primary product is a productivity log that’s email based and used to share accomplishments in the workplace. Obviously, the virtual business has a fitting name that’s 100 percent in line with the product.

Branding Strategy & Naming Terminology

A virtual company has one amazing strength – it offers its workers a lot of flexibility. This way, it can attract top talent from all parts of the country and even internationally. When advertising itself, a virtual company should put emphasis on the diversity and the strengths of the team. Sometimes, virtual companies have office employees and remote workers – another business model that allows everyone to choose the work method they deem to be most convenient.

A good naming strategy is usually based on the industry and the specific terminology of the area that the company specializes in.

Virtual companies are typically innovators. This is why they have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing a business name. It can be creative, it can be a metaphor or wordplay. Through further branding efforts, the name could be explained to a potential clientele for the purpose of creating a solid and well-understood brand.

Innovative, global, flexible work opportunities, flexible employment, virtual work model, remote, home office, employment perks, global team, top talent, hi-tech solutions, worldwide, international talent acquisition, telecommute

Demographic & Interests

Virtual businesses don’t have a well-defined group of clients because they specialize in an array of fields – from digital technology to education and the development of B2B solutions.

It’s difficult to pinpoint common interests or other defining characteristics that set the group apart from other clients. Typically, virtual companies offer innovative solutions and developments in the field of digital technology but this isn’t always the case.

Whenever virtual companies engage in B2B interactions, they typically offer other businesses streamlined solutions or hi-tech alternatives to traditional processes.

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