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Think of some fun, game-related words to describe your company and add it to our video game generator.

2. Get Video Game Company Name Ideas

Our generator tool will create numerous unique video game name ideas based on the custom keywords that you typed into it.

3. Select Video Game Company Names

Save some names, check if they’re already in use, and find a free one to claim as your own.

Perks of Our Video Game Name Generator

Our video game name generator is a game-changer, and here’s why:

video game company name generator

Thousands of names in seconds

Our generator can conjure up thousands of unique and captivating video game names in the blink of an eye. No more endless brainstorming sessions.

Logo maker

Stand out with a stunning logo designed right here. Your brand’s visual identity is just a few clicks away.

Domain availability checker

Worried about online presence? Our tool checks domain availability, ensuring you can snag the perfect website address.

Name saving

Don’t lose those gems. Save your favorite names for future reference.

Trademark functionality

Protect your brand by checking trademark availability, ensuring a smooth legal path for your business.

Top Tips

How to Name Your Video Game Business

Reflect the Core Theme

Capture the core of your game or company in the name. For instance, “GalacticQuest Studios” suggests epic space adventures.


Keep it Memorable

Make your video game company name catchy and easy to remember. Think “PixelForge Games.” Isn’t easy to remember?


Avoid Trends

Trends fade, but classics endure. “EternalRealms” trumps “FlappyBird Spinoffs.”

Test Pronunciation

Ensure your name is easy to pronounce globally, like “NexaGaming.”


Short and Sweet

Shorter names often pack a punch, like “Zylo Games.”

Check Availability

Confirm domain and trademark availability for a hassle-free launch and to protect your business.

Get Inspired

Successful Video Game Name Ideas

Marvel at the success stories of video game giants like “Nintendo,” “Blizzard Entertainment,” and “Epic Games.” These names exude creativity, ambition, and a clear identity. Check these 20 video game name ideas to get inspiration for your own.

  • CosmicEdge Creations
  • LegendCraft Studios
  • QuantumRealm Games
  • DreamQuest Interactive
  • PixelPulse Innovations
  • NovaStrike Entertainment
  • MysticForge Gaming
  • TitanFusion Studios
  • InfinityScape Creations
  • NeonWave Interactive
  • GenesisSphere Games
  • ApexRift Studios
  • RetroNova Creations
  • ShadowBlitz Games
  • InfinityVortex Interactive
  • NeoPixel Dynamics
  • HorizonPulse Studios
  • PrismGaze Games
  • EnigmaFusion Creations
  • QuantumShift Interactive

Video Game Marketing Opportunities

The video game industry is the second-largest part of the digital media industry. Global revenue is expected to increase from $384.9 billion in 2023 to $521.6 billion by 2027, from $384.9 billion in 2023.

The number of users in the Video Games market is estimated to reach 3.10 billion by 2027.

In 2023, the average revenue per user (ARPU) in the Video Games industry is expected to be US$142.50.

video game stats

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Simply enter keywords or themes related to your game, and the generator will provide a list of potential video game names.

Yes, our tool includes a trademark functionality to help you check name availability.

Yes, it provides real-time information on available domain names, making your online presence hassle-free.

Good gaming business names should be catchy and fun. These will stand out in a funny and edgy way. To ensure that you stand out among other competitors, make sure that your business name highlights your brand’s best qualities.

With the right combination of business acumen and gaming knowledge, a games business can lead to a profitable and rewarding experience.



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