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MTN (Mobile Telecommunications Network)

Acronyms are a fan favourite when naming a business. This three-letter acronym is catchy, short enough to remember easily and expands into a clear description of the products the company offers.


One of the largest mobile operators in the world. The name is unique and clearly hints at the services they offer.

China Mobile

A simple, authoritative name that describes the company in good detail. The name clearly indicates its country of origin, which is fitting for a state-owned corporation.

British Telecom

Another authoritative name. It is essentially a duplicate of ‘China Mobile’, but with a different country and synonym.


The fact that it sounds like horizon and the positive imagery attached to that word is no accident. The company uses visual imagery and the sound structure of words to its advantage.


Using an actual number, instead of the letters that make up the word (3 instead of three) is an interesting name choice. On one hand, it is essentially impossible to forget, which is a massive advantage. On the other hand, it is susceptible to brand confusion.


Derived from the word optimal. The name also pays homage to ‘us’, giving the carrier a positive perception of wanting to be inclusive.


Another invented word. Telstra’s uniqueness ensures brand awareness while it also pays homage to the industry it operates in.


Similar in structure to Nextel, Digicel takes the name one step further and uses a more current, modern combination of words.


A combination name of the words ‘next’ and ‘tel’. The name is meant to imply the future while also clearly stating what services they offer.


A very visual name. The word also has a multitude of positive connotations. The visual imagery is effective in making the name easy to remember and recall.

Marketing Strategy & Useful
Advertising Terminology

Primarily, consumers want data plans. Text and calling credit no longer matter and consumers are not interested. Secondarily, consumers want the best possible devices at the cheapest rates. Offering upgrade plans and cheap data is therefore the key to success in this industry.

Unparalleled coverage, LTE speeds, lowest data rates, fastest streaming speeds, free upgrade, secure lines, top brands, compare deals, latest phones, non-binding contracts

Clientele & Interests

Consumers interested in phone and connectivity services are primarily concerned with staying connected with friends and family. They want the latest and best smartphones and tablets. They also want the cheapest data plans, but they also want enough to do their favourite things: browse Instagram, post status’s on Facebook and send Snapchats to friends.

Connectivity, data, contracts, smartphones, tablets, phone covers, tablet covers, social media, sharing, phone calls, messaging applications

Industry Related Words


advanced intelligent network

automated attendant


automatic distributor

blue box

call originator


call waiting

called party


calling party

conference call



emergency telephone number

end instrument

erlang unit



distribution frame

dial tone

distribution frame



inside plant

intelligent network e=interface device (iNID)


local loop long-distance operator

on-premises wiring

operator assistance

outside plant


plain old telephone service


public switched telephone network


red telephone box

regional bell operating company


ringer equivalency number

ringing signal

rural radio service


signaling system

station to station

tandem switch

transaction capabilities application part



telephone booth

telephone call

telephone card

telephone directory

telephone exchange

tele traffic engineering

time division multiplexing

track and trace

vertical system code


voice over internet protocol


wireless telephony applications interface

wireless network

wide area telephone service

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