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How To Name Your Tea Business

The global tea market was valued at 200 billion US dollars in 2020 and is expected to rise to 318 billion by 2025. Tea is drunk all over the world and so a business in the tea industry can be incredibly lucrative. If you’re a tea lover and you’re thinking of setting up a tea business, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got your new tea business name covered!

Our tea business name generator is an invaluable resource if you’re thinking of setting up a new tea business. You’ll be inspired by the masses of tea shop names our generator can produce and it will help you on your journey to a new business name.

In this guide, we’re going to cover a range of ways that you can develop a list of tea shop names for your new business. I’m Alex and I’ll be with you on this journey! Let’s get started.

20 Tea Business Name Ideas

First, let’s have a look at a list of tea business names that I came up with using our tea business name generator. I inputted a number of words into our tea shop name generator that I associate with tea businesses and these are the word combinations I was given!

  1. Fruity Essence
  2. Tisanely
  3. Golden Tisanes
  4. Good Tea
  5. Brew Fresh
  6. Tea Revolution
  7. Dr. Tea
  8. Tisane Easy
  9. Bliss Tea
  10. Naturo Tea
  11. Pure Tisanes
  12. Healing Tea
  13. Go Tea
  14. Choice Brew
  15. Quality Brew
  16. Essential Tea
  17. Sunshine Tea
  18. Teaaholic
  19. Tea Health
  20. Tea Journey

20 More Tea Business Name Ideas

  1. Herbal Magic
  2. Premium Tea Leaves Co.
  3. Tea Blend
  4. Infused
  5. China Porcelain Perfection
  6. China Porcelain Perfection
  7. The Tea Cup Boutique
  8. Tea O’Clock
  9. Tea Time
  10. Rich Aroma
  11. Tranquil Tea Boutique
  12. Herbal Delight
  13. A Spoon of Honey
  14. SereniTea
  15. Matcha Mastery
  16. Enjoy Tea
  17. Spicy and Sweet
  18. All Natural Tea Shop
  19. The Tea Flavour
  20. Fruity Tea

Best Real-world Tea Business Names

Now we’ve seen what our fantastic tea business name generator can do, let’s take a look at some tea business names from other tea businesses. We’ve chosen some of our favorite tea business names and analyzed why we like them below.

Looking to your competitors is a great way to learn what it is that works for tea business names and what doesn’t. Check them out and get some inspiration!

Yogi Tea

This tea brand uses Ayurvedic practice to create wellness teas. By using yogi in the name this brand is communicating the kind of business they’re running. They’re catering to those interested in health and wellness and by using the word in their name, the customer knows this.

It is important to entice the customers you’re interested in engaging with and your name is a great way to do this. You can use words that you know your chosen customers will respond well to.

Honest Tea

Honest Tea is an organic brand and so the use of the word ‘honest’ is a great way of communicating the integrity of the brand. It also sets this brand up as being a transparent brand that is good for you and the planet.

Organic tea is popular these days and so if you’re choosing to set up an organic, healthy tea brand, using words that communicate this can really help you to stand out.


This is a fun and unique name. It sets this brand up as a fun and exciting brand and lets the customer know that you will be getting something different when you choose them.

Smashing words together to create a name is a great way of making a memorable and distinct tea business name.

Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire Tea is a well-known brand and uses the location where the tea is blended within its name. This is a good idea if your location is important to your brand.

Other important words to use in your tea business name could be the kind of tea you’re using or the name of the creators of the tea.

The Republic of Tea

This is a great and simple tea business name. It also sets the brand up as a large, community of tea lovers. Republic makes the company seem as though it is an entire country dedicated to tea.

This simple kind of name works really well to let customers know exactly what to expect from your brand.

Unique Content for the Niche

As we have mentioned before, organic tea is incredibly popular right now. As people move towards a healthier way of living, they’re looking for brands that can make them feel good. Using words that convey this in your name can help you to entice this kind of customer and gain popularity in the tea industry.

Words like ‘health,’ ‘wellness,’ and ‘organic’ are really great words to use in your name if you’re trying to communicate a healthy tea brand to your customers. Synonyms of these words can also be good to use in your name!

Tea lovers know what they’re looking for in tea so you need to build confidence in your brand so that customers trust your tea products! Why not use our tea business name generator to find yourself a fantastic new name including some of these words?

5-Tips for creating unique Tea Business name ideas

Now that we have had a look at some tea business names that our tea name generator can come up with, and we’ve taken a look at some other tea business names, let’s take a look at some tips and tricks for creating your own tea business name.

Below are some great steps to take when starting your journey to a new business name, including some handy tips on how to use our tea name generator. Check them out below.

1. Get your ideas onto paper

First things first, get all of your ideas out. Who are you as a business? What do you want people to think of when they think of your brand? Make some notes and make a list of words that will communicate this to your customers.

Getting to know your brand is a really great way to develop a name that works well for it. Once you’ve got this list, you can plug some of these words into our tea business name generator to find unique word combinations to inspire your business name.

2. Check out the competition

We’ve already checked them out a little bit, but going deeper and finding brands that you find inspiring can help you to develop your name. Look for brands that work in the same way you aspire to and take some inspiration from them.

What do you think of when you hear these brand names? Is it the kind of thing you want to be associated with your brand?

Checking in with your competitors can really help you to find your footing in the tea industry which is why you should do this throughout your name journey.

3. Use fewer words

A short and simple name is most effective as your customers will be able to remember it. Using fewer words can help to make your name stand out.

If your name is going to be too long, you can always use an acronym! Use it with your name too to get your customers used to it!

4. Check it’s available

Make sure to continue checking that the names you love are available. Do a quick google search and even a domain name search to ensure you can use your business name!

Make sure you do this before you start any other branding so that you’re not disappointed when it comes to listing your business!

5. Use our tea business name generator

Obviously, we think that our tea business name generator is a great resource, but why not check it out now to find out for yourself. Our tea shop name generator is great and can help keep you inspired throughout this process.

Use the list of words you created earlier too! You’ll find some really fantastic word combinations that you can use for your tea business name!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The best way to name a tea shop is to choose how you want to convey your brand to the public. What is it about your tea shop that stands out? Why should people choose you? Make sure to choose words that your customer base will respond well to so that you ensure you entice them to your business! The best name for a tea shop is the one that communicates who you are to the public.

Using our tea business name generator can help you to come up with a really great and unique tea business name! Just input words you want to be associated with your brand, and you’ll be given some really great word combinations that can help to inspire a new business name. Think about what makes you stand out as a brand and use this to inform your business name.


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