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Complete Guide to Naming Your Sunglasses Business

Our sunglasses business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get sunglasses business name inspiration.

We also have a more in-depth guide for How to Name a Business, written by a branding expert which goes into details of building a brand and finding the right brand name.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Just like other fashion items, sunglasses need a distinctive name that speaks of quality and sophistication. The niche is a difficult one to break into. Numerous players are already well established and buyers can easily recognise their names.

The trick of being successful in the field is refraining from having the same vibe and tone as the brands that are already popular among buyers. You need to turn things around. You need to show the potential buyer how your sunglasses are different. The process starts with name selection.

We all know sunglass companies like Ray Ban, Oakley and Polaroid. A more frivolous approach towards name selection and establishing the brand identity can prove to be truly beneficial when you attempt to compete with the giants. Multiple startups have adopted such an approach and it has proven to be an effective one.

Demographic Interests

So many people use sunglasses that it is difficult to establish the features of the respective demographic. The price range and the design of the sunglasses are usually important factors.

Expensive, fashionable brands appeal predominantly to a younger, wealthier and label-conscious audience. These people identify themselves with certain brands and the level of loyalty can be expected to remain very high.

More affordable sunglasses will appeal to a wider range of people. Some see sunglasses as a fashion accessory, others are interested in their protective features. Both men and women shop for sunglasses. On occasions, people may be interested in more specialised products like sunglasses as a part of activewear (for outdoor and extreme sport enthusiasts). While such products are much more niche than fashionable accessories, they have a well-defined buyer persona.

Competitor Name Analysis


A relatively new brand in the field of eyewear, Komono has a name derived from Japanese. The word means small things and it refers to the little details that make all the difference when it comes to fashion accessories.


While the brand has become a staple in the world of eyewear, the origin of the name is pretty simple and straightforward. The sunglasses ban the sun rays from reaching the eyes and there you have it – Ray-Ban.


Another incredibly popular player in the field, Oakley was originally a small garage brand that was launched on a small investment. Its founder, Jim Jannard, named the brand after his favourite dog – Oakley Anne.

Wild Soul

A brand for the rebel, Wild Soul is another newcomer to the field. Each of the styles in the collection is named after a wild animal, as well, which carries the theme throughout all of the branding efforts.


A brand that was originally founded in the 1970s, Sunpocket has a name that tells potential buyers exactly what they’ll be getting. The sporty sunglasses can be folded and easily stored in one’s pocket.

Le Specs

Since the company adheres to the Euro-chic aesthetic, the name is an excellent nod to what a potential buyer should be looking forward to.

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Naming your sunglasses should be a creative endeavour. The competition in the field is intense and you can’t just opt for a boring, meaningless phrase as the foundation of a strong brand. Instead, look for words that carry some meaning and that matter to you.

Once you’re done with the brainstorming session, feel free to try our Business Name Generator. With its help, you can explore an array of variations and who knows, one of them could be the ideal choice for your sunglasses business. Additionally, you will get comprehensive information about domain name availability.

If you need a bit of assistance to get started, here’s a list of relevant words and phrases:












Cat eye










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Sunglasses Business Name Inspiration

  1. The Shade: the name is a fun nod to a term that has two meanings. For a start, shade could refer to the function of eyeglasses. In addition, “throwing shade” could mean to diss someone. Thus, the name is a bit more frivolous and great for a younger audience.
  2. Sun No More: another name that is fun and different. At the same time, it tells potential buyers exactly what the brand has to offer.
  3. Beyond the Frame: a name that would be a good choice for a sunglasses company that puts a bigger emphasis on the fashionable side of things.
  4. Ocular Move: a name that is a good choice for an activewear brand that sells specialised sunglasses.
  5. Iris Spirit: the name doesn’t have a particularly deeo meaning but it sounds cool and it is a good choice for a fashion accessory brand.
  6. Eye Fixation: a perfect choice for a fashionable brand. The name could carry a somewhat more controversial and scandalous branding effort.
  7. Next Vision: while this choice is more or less an obvious one, it still sounds good and the term next could refer to sunglasses that are fashion-forward.
  8. Iris Bleu: the French phrase that means blue iris sounds great and it will be a nice choice for a fashion brand.
  9. Light Reversal: an obvious choice for a sunglasses company.
  10. Frame D’Or: or the golden frame, a name that is ideal for a fashion brand that wants to put emphasis on exclusivity and luxury.

What Not to Name Your Sunglasses Business

Refrain terms that sound way too pretentious and high fashion, especially if your sunglasses do not correspond to this vision. Many accessory company owners commit the mistake, which is why high fashion terms have pretty much become void of meaning.

Keep it short and simple. You may feel tempted to explain a concept through the selection of a name but a lengthy name will take away from the memorability of the brand. The sunglasses name should be simple and you can use a tagline to give the potential buyer additional information.

A focus on the materials you use in making sunglasses is also not the most creative of ideas. Glass, metal and polycarbonate – we all know these are the most common sunglass options. Instead of going for the obvious, attempt doing something a bit more abstract and unexpected.

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