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Complete Guide to Naming Your Service Business

Our service business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get service business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

What do you want the brand of your service providing business to communicate? Certain words communicate different assumptions, and depending on what your service business is, you should choose language that reflects your brand or voice.

For example, if your service business is focussed on providing a speedy, mobile service, you may wish to choose language that accentuates this unique selling point, such as ‘express’, ‘mobile’ or ‘dial’. Similarly, a repair-focussed service business may use language related to repair like ‘doctor’, ‘fix it’ or ‘care’ to promote their brand.

The language you use can also represent the voice or style of your business, and whether the business wants to appear casual, up-market, cheap, healthy etc. For example, two businesses offering the same IT services to different target audiences may choose the names ‘Nerd Doctor’ or ‘Speciality IT Repairs’ depending on their specific brand.

Demographic Interests

Having a thorough understanding of your target audience is a critical part of any business strategy, and can be particularly useful when trying to decide on a business name. If you understand your target audience, you may be able to identify a common demographic or interest and chose a related business name to appeal directly to your ideal customer.

For example, an automotive related service business may choose a name including ‘hot rod’ or ‘racer’ if this appeals to their clients. Similarly, a business with a focus on committing to sustainability or eco-friendliness can you use language such as ‘green’, ‘earth’ or ‘eco’ to depict their brand and appeal directly to their target audience.

Competitor Name Analysis

Geeks 2 U

This mobile IT service provider sums up their brand and emphasis the mobile focus of their business in a funny, memorable name.

Flush Master

A plumbing service provider with a clever and memorable name, that sums up the services they offer, and implies their industry experience.

Man with a Van

This is a really simplistic, descriptive business name for a removalist/transporting company that also uses rhyming to be catchy.

Hire a Hubby

This awesome business name says a lot with a few words. It identifies its audience as predominantly female, or otherwise in need of services traditional considered ‘husbandly’ or masculine duties. It also uses alliteration to be catchy and memorable.

Bucktown Home Maintenance

If your unique selling point is a localised service, and you’re wishing to attract locals with your community vibe, don’t be afraid of a localised business name. Just remember, it generally limits you to a geographical area.

Meals on Wheels

One of the biggest food delivery services in the world, this business name cleverly sums up their service of mobile food delivery with a rhyming name that rolls of the tongue.

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Brainstorm Service Business Name Ideas

When brainstorming for service business name ideas, as well a trying to capture your brand and appeal to your target audience, consider how people pronounce your business name, and how it may look visually when written on a business card, social media post or logo.

For brainstorming assistance, check out our Company Name Generator to help generate thousands of business name ideas from a single word, and check domain availability whilst you’re at it.

To help you get started we’ve put together a list of service business related words:










& sons










Service Business Name Inspiration

  1. John & Sons: never underestimate the power of a family business as a marketing tool. It promotes trustworthiness and can relate closely with your clients.
  2. Dial a Doctor: using ‘Dial’ or ‘Phone’ in your business name is a great way to promote a mobile, ‘to your door’ aspect of your service providing business.
  3. A+ Auto: alliteration is a great way to create a memorable business name, and if you can some up your brand in a small few words… even better!
  4. WordWorthy: sometimes a conjunction of two words to make one made-up word is a great way to create a catchy business name, like this idea for a business selling quality writing services.
  5. Trowelers: sometimes if you’re struggling to think of a business name, try thinking of a tool used in your business (e.g. a trowel, for a tiling business), and add a catchy suffix to the end of the word.

What Not to Name Your Service Business

As with most business names, it is always advised to avoid long-winded or hard to spell business names, as these are not only hard to remember, but can make it difficult to search for online… a crucial marketing avenue for any modern business.

For many online businesses with global reach, or desire to expand without limits, it is not recommended to use a localised business name… however many service providing businesses may be an exempt from this advice if they only targeting a specific geographical area, and want to promote a localised service.

It is also not recommended to use bland adjectives such as ‘good’, ‘best’, ‘amazing’, ‘stunning’, etc., as this won’t convince your target audience half as much as letting your services do the talking for you.

Of course, it is always recommended to avoid business names that may be deemed as offensive or marginalising.

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