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How to Name Your Resume Business

Many job applicants use resume writing companies to get top-notch writing. Therefore, if you want to start this business, the chances are you already have a reliable market. However, you need to carefully choose your business name to help you stand out from your competitors. This article guides you on how to choose the most suitable brand title using a resumé business name generator.

How to Use the Resumé Business Name Generator

A resumé business name generator allows you to analyze different names to narrow down to your favorite one. Using this software is easier, which is a plus. First, you will enter keywords that relate to your business niche. Hence, enter words like a resume, CV, job searching, etc. The generator will then use its algorithm to automatically apply the most relevant industries and filters to your search. Note that you can add or remove filters to increase or reduce the search scope.

In addition to the keywords, consider adding adjectives to the name to catch people’s attention. Moreover, the resumé business name generator allows you to adjust the length, tone, and catchiness of all your ideas until you find your favorite name. Using the resumé business name generator domain checker tool, check if your chosen name is available. All you need to do is click on your favorite one and the site will automatically tell you if it is available for use or it’s already taken.

20 Resume Business Name Ideas

I came up with 20 resumé business name ideas to help you create your own. I ensured that all the names had keywords that informed clients about the company’s objective. The names are:

  1. Resume Writing Pros
  2. Job Hunting Solutions
  3. Resume Solutions
  4. New York Job Services
  5. Career Crashers
  6. Horizon CV Solutions
  7. Official Job Application
  8. Expert Resume Writers
  9. Limitless Jobs
  10. Career Goals
  11. Resume Revived
  12. Resume It Up
  13. Sky Resume Coaches
  14. Spruce Up Resumes
  15. Quality Resume Writing
  16. CV Specialists
  17. Be Hired
  18. Go-to Resumes
  19. Resume Consultants
  20. CV Masters

20 More Resume Business Name Ideas

  1. Official Jobs
  2. Job Mates
  3. The Resume Pros
  4. One Stop Job Services
  5. The HR Papers
  6. First Impressions Resume Writing
  7. Expert Writing & Resumes
  8. The Intake Experts
  9. Referred Resumes
  10. The Pre-Employment Experts
  11. Cv Services
  12. Job Search Industries
  13. The Career Coach
  14. Resume Writers Plus
  15. The Resume Builder
  16. Career On Request
  17. The Job Generators
  18. The Job Hounds
  19. Application Advice
  20. The Resume Centre

Best Resume Business Names

Now that you have a clue of how to develop resumé business name ideas, it’s time to look at existing businesses with incredible names. These businesses offer quality services, but in addition to that, their names have helped them increase brand awareness. Here are 5-real word exceptional resume business names.


Founded in 1999, iHire has been offering services to both employers and job applicants. They help employers recruit the right candidates and job seekers to find the most suitable jobs. However, besides recruitment, the company also offers resume services. They help job applicants improve their resumes to catch the attention of potential employers.

The professionals ensure that clients’ resumes highlight their skills and experiences, which employers always look for. Clients usually fill out a questionnaire to help the writers know the parts to focus on the most. Note that the business name has the keyword “hire,” which helps clients understand what to expect.

Let’s Eat, Grandma

Let’s Eat, Grandma is another company whose name has helped it stay on the map. The punctuation used on this business name shows clients the company pays attention to details. Although the business name doesn’t have any keyword recommended by the resumé business name generator to directly relate it to resume writing, it’s unique enough to make clients visit the website. Besides, the company has a pencil logo to portray it offers writing services. Thus, the logo helps clients know what to expect from the site. The company offers different packages to meet each client’s needs.


Resumable offers tailored resume writing services for job seekers, a mission that’s clear in its name. The company provides its services to people from different industries, including students applying for an internship. Additionally, the resumes formatted by the professionals are ATS-optimized with relevant keywords. The company also offers career advice.


Another company with a marketable name is TopResume. A client can tell the services offered by the company by looking at the name. Also, including “top” on the word was a great decision as it helps customers trust its services. Working with this company is easier because job seekers only need to upload their resumes on the site, and within 48 hours, they will receive a formatted resume with personalized feedback.


ZipJob is the fifth resume writing business that I believe its name has helped in marketing significantly. The company offers resume writing services from scratch. Thus, clients will list their career goals to create an informative resume. The experts also update already written resumes to help applicants get as many interviews as possible. The company offers different packages to fit the budget of different clients.

Ways to Create a Unique Resume Business Name

Creating a unique resume business name is crucial because it can market you substantially. The first step to take is to brainstorm ideas. Ensure that the names you list down inform clients they can get all resume solutions in one place. You don’t need to stress brainstorming the perfect words because the resumé business name generator will help you.

After this, go through all the chosen names and shortlist your favorite one(s). The most suitable resume business name is one that is simple, memorable, and easy to read. Furthermore, it should be different from your competitors. It should also not have too many words or cliches. It will be best to narrow it down to three or two names. It is advisable to get feedback from the people around you about the last standing names. Ask them what the names communicate, and choose one that is clear about your services and unique enough to keep you on the map.

Don’t forget to check if your chosen name is available. You can use the domain of the resumé business name generator, search engines, and trademark sites. Social media platforms can also help you know if your favorite business name is already used by an existing business. Once you have found your perfect name, it will be best to create social media handles early to secure your name.

Here are 5 tips to help you

Play Around with the Words

Using keywords that relate to the industry is vital as it helps clients know what to expect from your company. However, consider making a few tweaks to the keywords to stand out. For example, you can reorganize the spelling or combine two words. But do not go overboard with combining words, as this can work to your disadvantage.

If your chosen business name is already taken, consider starting from scratch instead of combining the words or rearranging them. Doing this will make your name sound like that of another business which can confuse your customers in the future. Also, when altering the spelling, change possibly one letter, provided it sounds like the original one. For example, you can replace s and c. However, do not go overboard by altering almost all letters, as this can dilute your goal.

Use Your Name

Your name can serve as a perfect business title since it enables clients to know they are dealing with real people. This is especially beneficial if you are renowned in the industry. Some resume businesses have the names of all their founders on the title, which creates a legacy for years. However, if your name and that of your partners form an extremely long title, use abbreviations.

You can also decide to name the business after the most reputable co-founder in the industry, followed by “& associates or partners.” Furthermore, you can abbreviate your name if you are the only founder to form a catchy business name. For example, KPMG, a world-class consulting and auditing company, stands for Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler. Using your name is also crucial if you want to pass the company to your family.

Do Not Describe the Business

You want to name your business, not describe it. Thus, you don’t necessarily have to overuse keywords, verbs, and adjectives in your business name. Therefore, if all your listed ideas on the resumé business name generator have already been taken, don’t panic as you can create one with unique words. A company like Let’s Eat, Grandma, does not directly describe the services offered by the company as it doesn’t have the keywords of this business niche. However, the company receives a lot of website traffic from people who are curious about the name. As a result, many people get to learn about their services and eventually work with them.

Make It Memorable

When customers can easily remember your business name, they will always reach out to you when they need help with their resume. Simple tips to help you make a memorable business name are alliteration and rhymes. It will also help to keep the name short. Additionally, ensure it is not too hard to pronounce the name, particularly for people who don’t speak your language. This is crucial if you are planning to expand your business to other regions. You can tell if your chosen business name is memorable by telling it to your family and friends. Ask them after some time to see if they can remember it.

Sell Expertise

Customers always gravitate towards businesses whose names convey authority in the industry. Thus, you need to make sure that your business name sells expertise. Words like top, pros, experts, brave, or coach depict competence. As a result, a client can trust your services. Nonetheless, make sure that not only do you sell expertise but also deliver it. For this reason, do not make a client question your capability once they start working with you. All your services should be personalized and top-notch.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Finding the right resume business name is straightforward if you have the right tips up your sleeve. First, ensure that your name clearly states what your business offers or it's unique enough to make customers visit your site.

The most suitable resume business name is an informative one, conveys authority, and is short. It should also be easy to pronounce and memorable.

If you are renowned in the industry and have a significant network, you should consider using your name as the business brand name. This will help you earn clients sooner as people already trust your skills.

Yes. It is important to trademark your resume business name to prevent other people from using it. If you have a logo, it would also be vital to copyright it.

I believe the best resume business names are iHire, Let's Eat, Grandma, Resumable, TopResume, and ZipJob. From the resumé business name generator, my top names are Resume Crafty, Brave Resume, Sail Writing, and Resumesy.


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