Podcast Name Ideas

Speed up your naming process using the name ideas below (or create your own directly)

Why is Naming Your Podcast So Important?

Your podcast name creates a first impression with listeners and serves as the identity of your show. Those are two big factors in building your brand. 

Use our podcast name generator to come up with clever podcast name ideas that will attract listeners and set expectations from the start.

Create a Podcast Name That’s Memorable and Catchy

A memorable, catchy podcast name that reflects the theme and tone of your show will be a key contributor as you climb the charts. 

An easy-to-remember name makes it easy for listeners to find and recommend your podcast to new listeners. And in a crowded market, having a unique, recognizable name will help you establish a powerful brand.

50 Catchy Podcast Name Ideas List

Talking TenaciousTalking TakeoutPodcast PalmShow SaversPodcast Perfect
Pod PotentialParamount PodcastPaw PodProsper PodcastSeasoned Show
Roads RadioPrize PodcastSensation ShowScintillant ShowResults Radio
Profuse PodSunshine ShowSmashing ShowPleasures PodScrum Show
Prima PodcastRay RadioSkyline ShowShadow PodcastCookie Podcast
Vibe PodcastShout TalkingSky RadioCyber PodcastInformant Podcast
Brainy PodNovus PodcastLimitless TalkingApp PodcastChroma Podcast
Novel TalkingExpression ShowInsight PodcastHonor RadioCloud Talking
Hub PodMammoth TalkingCrowd TalkingVista ShowBold Podcast

Need more catchy podcast name ideas? Generate here:

A Unique Name for Your Podcast

If you want to make your podcast name relevant to your target audience, you’ll need an engaging name. Engaging names evoke emotions, create excitement, and spark interest in the content of your show. 

People in the industry often press podcasters for a unique name. But that’s not a straightforward task, so don’t overthink the naming process in search of a diamond in the rough. It’s easier for potential listeners to find your podcast through search engines and directories, but it’s possible to market any creative podcast name. 

The goal is to stand out from the competition with a unique podcast name that’s relative to your market. 

The Path to a Creative Podcast Name — Best Practices

Creative podcast names rarely just appear. You’ll most likely have to go through a lengthy brainstorming process to create a name for your podcast. But don’t worry, here are some key tips to help you brainstorm. 

1. Play with words – Try combining words or phrases that relate to your podcast topic or theme. Use puns, alliteration, and wordplay to create a cool podcast name. Our podcast name generator can filter these types of wordplay for you.

2. Use a descriptor – Incorporate a word or phrase that describes what your podcast is about into your name. 

3. Get personal – Consider using your own name or a personal story that relates to your podcast as the basis for your name.

4. Brainstorm with others – Collaborate with co-hosts, friends, or family members to generate a list of potential names.

5. Use a thesaurus – Look up synonyms and related words for your podcast topic to conjure up unique names.

6. Use rhymes – Rhymes and alliterations can make a name more memorable and appealing to listeners.

7. Make it memorable – Make sure the name is easy to remember, spell, and pronounce.

8. Research the competition – Check out other podcasts in your niche and try to come up with a name that sets your podcast apart. Use category-relative keywords in your search. 

9. Consider your target audience – Think about who your target audience is and what type of name will appeal to them.

10. Get creative – Don’t be afraid to be daring as long as it’s relative to your audience.

100 Creative Podcast Name Ideas

Dynamics StudioBravo StoryBrute StoryUnit PodcastVigor Show
Alpha ShowHaven ChillWise StudioAfterburner StudioDare Show
Refresh StoryPowerlift DebateSuccess PodcastOlympia PodcastCure Debate
Muscle ShowChip PodAccord StudioSkeptic StoryWatchdog Studio
Birdseye ShowNavigator StudioStep PodcastElevate Debate100 Pod
Cell DebateIgnite PodcastWired PodCloud PodcastLighthouse Pod
Elevate TalkVelocity PodcastVoice PodInteraction PodcastLookout Studio
Vita TalkUnited DebateDigital PodMeta StudioLime Debate
Bloom DebatePowerhouse PodcastSoothe StudioTarget TalkShrine Studio
Pavilion PodPal PodcastPatter PodDelight DebateTrinity Talk
Sting StudioDoctor DebatePowder PodcastSpartan StudioSpread Show
Parama PodcastDuo DebateDiverse DebateDebate DoctorTrade Talk
Paradise PodDiscuss PodcastTrainer TalkSteamy ShowSuede Show
Pinhole PodDig DebateThrottle TalkScrub ShowStream Studio
Pure PodcastProfit PodcastTribe TalkPrairie PodTalkwind
Pod PatrolPodcast PinkStudio SaltDebate DubPod Provider
Debate DynamicsPrimitive PodcastPodcast PlansPodcast PhilosophyTalk Toast
Talk TheoryThin TalkTraction TalkPod PreservePodcast Parley

Generate more creative podcast name ideas here:

10 Cool Podcast Name Ideas

  1. Apodcalyptic
  2. Coolcast
  3. Talks Bamboozled
  4. Blasphemy Nightly
  5. Riding Mopod
  6. Bonecast
  7. Podscape
  8. Podnetic
  9. Podcology
  10. Talkopod

10 Comedy Podcast Name Ideas

  1. Comedy Hour
  2. Funny Roundup
  3. Comedy Stream
  4. Lab Comic
  5. Comedians Nightly
  6. Funny Talks
  7. Discuss Comic
  8. Talking Standup
  9. Funny Daily
  10. Review Funny

10 Fun Podcast Name Ideas

  1. Charm Talks
  2. Segment Joy
  3. Fun Talks
  4. Charm Roundup
  5. Fun Show
  6. About Fun
  7. Action Fun
  8. Talking Trivia
  9. Hobby Podcast
  10. All-Star Fun

10 Clever Podcast Name Ideas

  1. Sports Stir
  2. Stoner Session
  3. Meta Minds
  4. Brainy Bambi
  5. Magnetic Minds
  6. Blurred Brains
  7. Brainy Blues
  8. Minds Matter
  9. Clevercast
  10. Evil Economy Podcast

10 Tech Podcast Name Ideas

Listeners who love tech podcasts! Use our Tech Business Name Generator to come up with better name ideas for your podcast.

  1. ITjet
  2. Tech Chat
  3. Hardware Show
  4. Software Cast
  5. Nightly Software
  6. Discuss Hardware
  7. Chat IT
  8. Allure Tech
  9. Daily IT
  10. Techzoid

50 Cooking Podcast Name Ideas

Looking for Cooking Business Name ideas could help you identify a creative podcast name!

  • Cookie Captain
  • Eating Cast
  • Eating Segment
  • Dine Chat
  • Dine Talks
  • Meal Stream
  • Food Discuss
  • Dine Nightly
  • Foodzilla
  • Cookie Weekly
  • Vegan Talks
  • Meal Chaos
  • Food Roundup
  • Dine Lab
  • Vegetarian Show
  • Sweetology
  • Meal Infinite
  • Dinery
  • Vegan Show
  • Feed Quad
  • Meal Show
  • Vegetarian Segment
  • Feed Joint
  • Vegetarian Chat
  • Raw Meal
  • Sweet Review
  • Eatingaro
  • Meal Harvest
  • Sweet Hour
  • Eating Show
  • Vegannest
  • Food Lab
  • Food Chat
  • Vegan Review
  • Veganaholic
  • Dinehut
  • Weekly Vegetarian
  • Eatingly
  • Whiskers Meal
  • Hour Food
  • Veganorama
  • Simply Sweet
  • Fame Food
  • Variety Vegetarian
  • Day One Dine
  • Elegant Eating
  • Edgy Eating
  • Variable Vegan
  • Eating Empire
  • Sweet Stallion

Need more different ideas? Generate here:

50 Film and Theatre Podcast Names

A TV & Film Production Business Name search could help you come up with a better podcast name!

  • Theatre Review
  • Theatre Voice
  • Film Nightly
  • Theatre Scope
  • Film Minotaur
  • Movie Vortex
  • Cinema Parachute
  • Cinema Brainy
  • Atomic Review
  • Movie Wisdom
  • Film Insight
  • Film Master
  • Cinema Muse
  • Podcast Foster
  • Film Atomic
  • Cinema Trident
  • Theatre Rave
  • Movie Minotaur
  • Movie Show
  • Theatre Broadcast
  • Cinema Arrowhead
  • Review Vibe
  • Discover Theatre
  • Theatre Weekly
  • Cinema Jam
  • Capital Movie
  • Sprightly Podcast
  • Omni Theatre
  • Enjoy Theatre
  • Brainy Review
  • Blackout Podcast
  • Curtains Down
  • Roundup Cinema
  • Saga Theatre
  • Mammoth Movie
  • Cinema Tribe
  • Lab Film
  • Weekly Film
  • Ignite Theatre
  • Variety Theatre
  • Loud Review
  • Cinema Cutter
  • Theatre Torq
  • Cinema Chaos
  • Film Flyers
  • Theatre Treehouse
  • Movie Mugshot
  • Casual Cinema
  • Theatre Tyrant
  • Flash Film

10 News Podcast Name Ideas

News podcasts are all the rage. Pick a better name by using our Magazines & Newspapers Name Generator.

  1. Roundup Latest
  2. Global Segment
  3. Stream News
  4. News Roundup
  5. Talking Global
  6. Latest Talks
  7. Hour Latest
  8. News Weekly
  9. Discuss Global
  10. Latest Show

100 Christian Podcast Name Ideas

Christian HourChurch ReviewChristian DailyJesus HourJesus Roundup
Bible HourBible TalksBible ShowJesus LabChurch Weekly
Church CastChristian ShowApostles ShowChoir HourBible Segment
Apostles LabChristian ReviewChristian DailyApostles RoundupBible Nightly
Choir CastChristian LabChristian SegmentChoir WeeklyChoir Chat
Jesus DiscussChurch RoundupApostles WeeklyApostles ChatJesus Cast
Bible DiscussChurch WeeklyJesus DailyBible WeeklyApostles Talks
Jesus ShowBible CastBible TalksBible ShowChristian Roundup
Stream ChristianWeekly JesusDaily ChurchDiscuss ChoirDaily Bible
Review ChurchNightly ChristianNightly ApostlesHour ApostlesTalking Apostles
Weekly BibleChristian ConquerChurch ChiefChurch ChiselBible Brushes
Apostles AuditChoir CruxChoir CultChurch ColorsApostles Ambient
Bible BeatsJesus JunoChristian CantinaCanine ChoirBible Brewer
Choir CraftsChoir CanyonBible BaysideJesus JoeyBible Boor
Christian CenterChristian CliqueBible BlurApostles AntaresAssure Apostles
Cleric ChoirBrave BibleJunction JesusAddict ApostlesArch Apostles
Culture ChurchCrunch ChristianBed BibleCapital ChristianAssured Apostles
Cafe ChristianAntheia ApostlesJesusaholicApostlishChurchdeck
JesusoramaBiblezillaChoirhutChristian DoozyDr Christian

Want different Christian podcast name ideas? Generate here:

10 Podcast Name Ideas for Best Friends

  1. Two Peas in a Podcast
  2. Pals Show
  3. Frenemies Cast
  4. Buddies Discuss
  5. Pals Daily
  6. Friendly Stream
  7. Brew Buddies
  8. Brain Buddies
  9. Fiscal Frenemies
  10. Buddy Talks

10 Basketball Podcast Name Ideas

  1. Weekly Basket
  2. Daily NBA
  3. Basket Hour
  4. Jordan Cast
  5. LeBron Life
  6. Court Curl
  7. NBA Nomads
  8. Basketball Bones
  9. Basket Bliss
  10. Basket Beats

10 Paranormal Podcast Name Ideas

  1. Ghosts Review
  2. Ghosts Cast
  3. Freak Chat
  4. Paranormal Review
  5. Parauniverse Weekly
  6. Freak Hour
  7. Cast Paranormal
  8. Talking Ghosts
  9. Ghostly Cast
  10. Ghostly Chat

10 Conspiracy Podcast Name Ideas

  1. Truth Review
  2. Theory Show
  3. Conspiracy Lab
  4. Discuss Facts
  5. Truth Roundup
  6. Fact Hour
  7. Daily Conspiracy
  8. Stream Conspiracy
  9. Theory Stream
  10. Talking Conspiracy

10 Real Estate Podcast Name Ideas

  1. Estate Review
  2. Weekly Estate
  3. Mortgage Hour
  4. House Cast
  5. Discuss Mortgage
  6. Estate Nightly
  7. Chat Estate
  8. Estate Daily
  9. Mortgage Daily
  10. Stream Mortgage

10 Relationship Podcast Name Ideas

  1. Love Show
  2. Love Stream
  3. Relationship Cast
  4. Stream Partners
  5. Love Partners
  6. Partners Chat
  7. Girlfriend Review
  8. Partner Talks
  9. Relationship Weekly
  10. Love Discuss

Need more relationship name ideas? Generate here:

10 Cute Podcast Name Ideas

  1. Adorable Chat
  2. Daily Adorable
  3. Cute Lab
  4. Daily Charming
  5. Adorable Show
  6. Charming Show
  7. Roundup
  8. Charming Cast
  9. Talking Cuties
  10. Cutesy Show

Choosing and Testing the Ideal Podcast Name

Your podcast name is crucial to the success of your podcasting career, so don’t breeze through the naming process.

Before landing on a name, contemplate the purpose of your podcast and reflect on how that name accurately represents the content. Your podcast name should exhibit what your show is about because it sets the standard for your audience and helps them understand what they can expect to hear in each episode. 

If the name is misleading or doesn’t align with the content, it can cause confusion and frustration for listeners and result in low engagement and retention. A clear and accurate name can attract the right audience and build trust. And — like a unique name — it also makes it easier for the podcast to be discovered through search engines or by word-of-mouth. 

Testing your Podcast Name Ideas

Before you stick with an exceptional name like Two Peas in a Podcast, it’s important to test the name out in the public and on the web and ensure it checks some key boxes.  

There are several ways to test out potential podcast names before committing to one:

  1. Conduct surveys – Ask friends, family, and potential audience members for their opinions on your potential names. See which ones resonate with them the most.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Check if the potential names appear in search results when searching for related keywords. This can help you determine if the name is easy to find and if it stands out among the competition.
  3. Social Media – Create social media accounts with your potential names to see which one generates the most interest. This will give you an idea of which name is most appealing and memorable to your target audience.
  4. Trademark Search – Check if the potential names have trademarks or are in use. This will ensure you are not violating any copyright laws and that the name you choose is unique.
  5. Domain Availability – Check if the website domain name for each potential podcast name is available. This can also help you determine which is the most memorable and easy to find.

Test multiple names before making a final decision, to ensure that you have chosen a name that accurately represents your podcast and appeals to your target audience.

Naming Podcasts That Attract Large Audiences

Having the right podcast name is important because it:

  1. Helps with discoverability: A memorable and descriptive name makes it easier for your target audience to find your podcast and distinguishes it from other podcasts in your niche.
  2. Reflects your brand: The name of your podcast is often the first impression your audience will have of your content. It must accurately represent your brand and the topics you’ll be covering.
  3. Builds audience recognition: A strong name helps establish your brand and creates recognition with your audience, making it easier to build a following over time.
  4. Avoids legal issues: Choosing a name that is not already trademarked or in use avoids potential legal issues.

The right podcast name can have a significant impact on the success of your podcast, so choose a name that accurately represents your brand, appeals to your target audience, and is memorable and easily discoverable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There’s no set-in-stone length for the name of a podcast; it varies. However, short names are easy to remember and — typically — easy to spell, so it's best to keep it between 3-10 words. A shorter, memorable can help with brand recognition and discoverability. But don’t cut things so short that the name doesn’t accurately reflect the content.

Yes! Audience growth is a possibility and there may come a time when you need to change the name of your podcast. To maintain your listener base, it's important to communicate the reason for the change to your audience clearly. Use our generator to create a future podcast name ideas list to prepare.

Using your name in your podcast name is completely up to you and depends on your specific goals and target audience. If you’re using your podcast as a personal brand building tool or if you want to establish yourself as an expert in a certain field, using your name in the podcast name can be beneficial. However, if you want to focus on a specific topic or theme, it may be better to choose a name that reflects that instead of using your personal name.

It’s poor practice to use someone else’s podcast name. And it can get you into legal trouble if the previous podcaster owns the rights to the name. Just don’t do it. Besides, our Podcast Name Ideas Generator has free and unlimited usage, so you can brainstorm until you’ve landed on the perfect podcast name.

Making your podcast stand out in a crowded market can be challenging, but with the right strategies, it's possible to differentiate your podcast and reach your listeners. Here are some tips for making your podcast stand out: - Find a Niche - Offer Unique Content - Invest in High-Quality Production - Build a Strong Online Presence - Collaborate with Others

Optimizing your podcast for search engines is essential for increasing visibility and reach. Here are some things you can do to optimize your podcast title ideas for search engines: - Choose Relevant Keywords - Use Transcripts - Submit Your Podcast to Directories - Include Metadata - Use Social Media


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