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1. Choose Your Networking Event Name Keywords

Find some fun and lively words that describe your event to put in the generator tool.

2. Get Networking Event Name Ideas

The AI-powered tool will create many original name ideas for you. Look through the list to spot the names you like best.

3. Select Networking Event Names

Save some names, check domain availability, and choose the right one to launch your brand.

How to Name Your Networking Event Business

You’ve come up with the perfect virtual events company idea, but you need a solid business name in order to launch.

Not just any name can do; you need a unique and descriptive name to make your virtual events company stand out.

Your company’s name is always associated with:

  • The initial impression of your customers
  • Your company’s identity
  • The power of who your brand draws as a customer
  • Whether you’re memorable or not

We’ve compiled a list of the top virtual events business names, as well as a step-by-step tutorial on how to name your company and real-life instances of how other entrepreneurs came up with their names.

Additionally, we also offer a free networking event name generator with a quick domain availability check to assist you in coming up with a unique name for your virtual events company.

How to Use the Networking Event Business Name Generator

How to Use the Networking Event Business Name Generator

Our online networking event name generator is not only free but also simple to use. In seconds, you can come up with the perfect name for your e-commerce store using our generator. Following are the simple steps:

Search: In the networking event name generator search engine, type terms or keywords based on your company’s core idea.

Select: Within seconds, scroll through the thousands of suggestions generated by the networking event name generator to find the best name for your company.

Launch: Now is the time to run with your new networking event name idea! Before the name you want is taken, register your website domain. You’ve taken another step toward launching your business.

20 Networking Event Name Ideas

Here are 20 of the most creative event names our team came up with using the networking event name generator. In order to come up with these names, we just brainstormed three to four phrases that we associate with ‘events,’ entered them into an event name generator and hand-picked 20 of the most creative alternatives. Take a look and see if any of them appeal to you.

  1. Essential Events
  2. Making Memories
  3. Experience Spectacular
  4. One-of-a-Kind Creations
  5. Elevates Events
  6. Events Extraordinaire
  7. The Essentials Event Co.
  8. Etiquette Events
  9. Every Step Events
  10. Vision to Reality
  11. Helping Hosts
  12. The Big Event
  13. Events Empire
  14. Partyscape
  15. Divine Events
  16. Polished Events
  17. Indigo Event Planning
  18. Cashmere Events
  19. Buttercup Events
  20. We Got You Events

20 More Networking Event Name Ideas

  1. Smart Seminar
  2. Power lunch Talks
  3. Business and Bag it
  4. Maximize your membership
  5. Educate to Cultivate
  6. Power Brokers
  7. Business Education Series
  8. Topics @ Noon
  9. Banter & Drinks
  10. Business, Banter & Drinks
  11. Business Chamber
  12. Power Hour
  13. Monthly Mingle
  14. Business after Business
  15. Money Mondays
  16. Members Only
  17. Chamber Cheers
  18. Business Unplugged
  19. After Work
  20. Success Recipes

Best Networking Event Businesses

Best Networking Event Businesses

1. PROPERCORN. We’re not going to tell you what this business does. Moreover, we don’t usually like detailed names because they’re usually boring. This isn’t the case; because ‘proper’ has the sound of the word ‘pop,’ a new term with a recognizable ring to it is born. It’s one of those fantastic names that sounds simple yet is quite difficult to come up with.

2. QUDINI. A name that is both professional and humorous at the same time. Qudini is a digital queue and appointment management system that helps retailers better manage their online store’s client experience. As a result, its name provides a subtle reference to what it does without defining it.

3. KIOSKED. A sophisticated “audience monetization platform” that allows publishers to show high-quality targeted advertising on their websites. People might not instantly link the name with the industry (you could easily mistake it for an outdoor newspaper stand rather than an advertising display structure), but that doesn’t matter in this situation. The name has a charming eccentricity to it. As a result, it feels right, and it looks fantastic.

4. ENEVO. This forward-thinking startup employs wireless sensors to monitor and forecast garbage container fill levels, then produces smart collection plans based on the most effective schedules and routes. What’s the end result? Direct cost savings of up to 50% are possible. This energy-efficient idea is somehow embodied in ‘Enevo’ without being literal.

5. OKTOPOST. Creating brand engagement is a great goal, but it’s difficult to achieve. Here’s an excellent example of how to engage without being ridiculous. Because it refers to an eight-legged monster, the name conjures up a picture of multi-tasking delivery for me. This is spot-on; Oktopost oversees large-scale content dissemination across social media and other platforms.

Unique Advice Content for Networking Event Names

One of the most crucial aspects of launching a business is deciding on a name.


Because your company’s name carries a lot of power. It reflects your brand, mission, and values, as well as what people (and consumers) are looking for. This has an impact on how people remember you, refer you, and perceive your company.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing your business name, so don’t rush it. Let’s take a look at everything you should think about before naming your company on a networking event name generator:

It’s Best to Keep It Simple

This can refer to a variety of things. The name of your virtual events company should always be:

  • Simple to spell
  • Pronounced easily
  • Simple to remember

Avoid giving your customers long names as much as possible since this may simply cause them to forget your name and become frustrated.

Your Business Name Should Define What You Do

A defining element of what you do should be reflected in the name of your company.

The name of your firm should trigger some early impressions about what you do before your customer sees your website or interacts with you., for instance, states clearly what its business is all about: giving excellent examples of marketing methods.

Consider SEO When Naming Your Company

If you don’t show up on Google, clients can have a difficult time finding you.

When it comes to SEO and naming your virtual events company, there are various factors to consider:

  • Choosing a business name that another company hasn’t claimed
  • Consider naming your business after well-known search phrases
  • Make sure the name of your business relates to the search keywords and what customers are looking for

Consider the Emotions You Want to Evoke

Your business name has the power to provoke distinct emotions and thoughts in your clients. It has the ability to trigger a positive or negative response. A feeling that can be both inclusive and exclusionary. 

This isn’t to say that any of these feelings aren’t real, but they must be in line with your mission and ideals.

Death’s Dream, for example, makes you feel a little dangerous and uncertain – but that’s the goal. It’s in the business of selling gin.

Try Not to Pick Something Too Limiting

Your company name should be appropriate for the future growth of your company so that you don’t have to rebrand later.

It may be difficult to diversify your product and revenue streams down the line if you choose something too limited.

Here are some pointers to help you avoid committing this error:

  • Try to avoid naming your company after a specific location (this makes it hard to grow in other areas)
  • Try not to name your company after only one product that you sell.
  • Avoid naming something after a popular trend.

Five Tips for Creating Unique Networking Event Business Name Ideas

Your event planning company’s name can build or destroy its reputation. It’s your business card, so make sure it says exactly what you want. A fantastic event company’s name grabs people’s attention, establishes your firm’s atmosphere, and explains what your event design service is all about. That’s a lot of effort for a few words.

Once you get started you may almost certainly hit a block: your preferred event planning name is already taken by a local firm, a buddy suggests your option is too generic, or the witty name you came up with within the middle of the night seems foolish the next day. 

These hiccups are unavoidable, so start thinking about company names early and hunt for inspiration wherever you can. Another option may be to use a networking event name generator for more ideas. 

What’s the Name of Your Company, and What Is Its Mission?

It’s a good idea to think about your company’s focus and brand when you start brainstorming. You probably did this while putting together your business strategy, but now is a great time to revisit your objectives and values. Are you mostly involved in the planning of high-end events? What about business gatherings? Are you dedicated to planning eco-friendly events? What about non-profit events?

Next, consider what makes your event planning service different from the rest. Is it your laid-back attitude toward event planning? Your ability to create one-of-a-kind events or your artistry? Is it possible for you to put clients at ease?

Know your differentiators and niche, and keep them in mind as you brainstorm. Make a list of all words and phrases that come to mind characterizing your approach to event planning and the message you want to send to clients. Use these keywords when searching for a name on the networking event name generator.

What Do Your Event Business Clients Want?

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. What is it that they are most concerned about? Additionally, what are their expectations of an event planner?

All of your clients want you to put on a wonderful event, but everyone has different expectations about how that may happen. Wedding planners’ clients may value accessibility and guidance, but corporate clients value autonomy and openness. Imagine your ideal client and list all the abilities and attributes they desire, from event design innovation to work pace to industry understanding.

Another useful exercise is to contact previous clients and ask them to provide a few words and phrases that best reflect their experience and value of working with you.

What Inspires You?

You’re the CEO of your company, so it’s critical that you like the name. Make a list of the people, places, and things that make you happy and motivate you to work hard, solve problems, and be innovative. At this point, anything goes your street name or address, old family names, wild animals, pets, countries, fictitious characters, colors, music, and natural events.

Brainstorm Event Company Names

It’s now time to put on your thinking cap and have some fun. Start writing down names that the networking event name generator produces on your laptop or on a notepad. Ask for the support of relatives and friends who are eager to help — and who don’t take it personally if you don’t select their suggestion.

At this time, nothing should be ruled out. Make a list of 100 names, and then add a few more. Also, make a list of as many ideas as possible. The more options you have, the better.

Narrow the Field

Once you’ve compiled a big list of names you like, put them aside and step away from the project for a day or two. After taking a breather, you can cross a few names off your list since they may not feel “right” when you return.

Thereafter, run the list by a few people whose opinions you value; this may almost certainly reduce the list even more.

It’s Time to Choose the Ideal Networking Event Name!

It might be difficult to select a perfect name but our networking event name generator will make it easy for you. To make things simple and enjoyable, follow the steps above and come up with a name that expresses the distinct spirit and skill you offer in event planning.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Examine your marketing strategy, basic principles, and business plan.
  • Make a list of keywords that describe your company's brand.
  • Use a networking event name generator.
  • Inquire of your consumers, partners, and peers for feedback.
  • Perform a trademark and Google search.
  • Check with the state to see if the name you want is available.
  • Make a name for yourself.

There are three major categories in which events can be classified. These events are classified as private, corporate, or charitable.

  • Research
  • Look at your competitors
  • Industry Vocabulary
  • Brainstorm
  • Keep it short
  • Wordplay
  • Humor
  • Use tools

  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Use impactful words
  • Don’t overthink it
  • Make your event title SEO friendly


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