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How To Name Your Marketing Business

So you’re all set to kick off your new marketing and help your clients implement new successful marketing strategies. The only problem is you’re undecided on that perfect name for your new venture. Try to get some ideas right now by making use of our Campaign Name Generator.

Maybe you’re looking for more in-depth inspiration. If so, let’s look at some strategies that the most successful marketing companies use to find their ideal name. Keep reading this page to find everything you need to know. We are going to take you step by step through the process and pinpoint the unique schemes for your new company.

We’ve also made a list of the most famous and memorable marketing company names within your industry so you can get some inspiration from those who have been successful in the past.

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20 Unique Marketing Business Name Ideas

With a quick search using our Campaign Name Generator, we have provided you with a list of marketing company names. Take a look and see if any strike a connection with your company’s brand!

  1. ProDirect Media
  2. B2B Media
  3. CreateToday
  4. DynamicMarketing
  5. Digital Optimum
  6. Kings of Digital
  7. Straight Talking Marketing
  8. MediaPower
  9. ImagineMedia
  10. Effective Marketing Tricks
  1. Quantitative Media
  2. BuzzTraffic
  3. DigitalScoop
  4. Digital Link Solutions
  5. 365+ Marketing
  6. Prime Vector Solutions
  7. Triforce Solutions
  8. Optimize Today
  9. Gonzo Marketing
  10. Aspire To Digital

20 More Marketing Business Name Ideas


  1. DiscoverMarketing
  2. Promo Emphasis
  3. (Out)Perform
  4. Brandolific
  5. Fly Media
  6. Ace Studio
  7. New Age Advertising
  8. BeyondMarketing
  9. What’s in a Brand Studio
  10. Create Central
  1. Graffiti Boys
  2. Brand New Voice
  3. DigiBuzz
  4. Dynamic Ads
  5. Get Busy Studio
  6. Conversion Crowd
  7. ROI Optimum
  8. Digital Kings
  9. Web and Print Studio
  10. Organic Media

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Best Real-world Marketing Business Names

When doing your research into marketing company names, it’s always worth delving into some of the most renowned firms in your industry.

It will be helpful for you if we take a quick look at the biggest marketing business names and see it sparks some inspiration.

More than likely being in the marketing industry means that you’ve heard of the most known companies. If so, these top five will ring a bell:

  • Ignite Visibility
  • WebFX
  • Power Digital Marketing
  • L7 Creative
  • 3 Media Web

Now let’s break some of those marketing business names down and see how they found their inspiration.

Ignite Visibility Logo

Ignite Visibility

John Lincoln’s company is recognized as one of the top digital marketing firms in the world. As digital marketing is based on B2B relationships the word “visibility” promotes trust between the company and its clients.

WebFX Logo


Since 1995 WebFX has driven over $2 billion in revenue to its clients. On their website, they detail the excitement of rebranding in 2018 from “Webpage FX” to “WebFX”. Becoming much shorter, the name is direct and to-the-point. Everything you need to know about their experience in digital marketing is contained in their name.

Power Digital Marketing Logo

Power Digital Marketing

This name may be a mouthful but it leaves nothing out and tells you everything you need to know about the company. As marketing company names go, Power Digital allows its clients to know that it is a full-service agency, and promotes powerful digital campaigns.

L7 Creative Logo

L7 Creative

Being unique with marketing company names may seem daunting, but you can take some encouragement from L7 Creative. L7 takes a more philosophical approach (even quoting Aristotle) with the number “7” referring to its 7 core beliefs.

With principles like “building a great grand call for bravery” and “there is a science to the art of branding”, L7 Creative promotes transparency between their company and its clients. Take a look at the full list over at L7 Creative.

3 Web Media Logo

3 Web Media

Setting up shop in 2001, 3 Web Media have helped over 500 brands grow online. Just like L7 Creative, the number 3 defines their core principles: Innovate, Build, Grow.

Marketing Business Names in a Post-Covid World

We all know that the past 2 years have meant that people are spending much more time online, with marketing businesses eager to bolster their online presence.

Choosing your perfect name may be hard enough but it may also depend on catering to a changing world after COVID.

There are some key points to take note of that will help you adapt to a new digital landscape.

Choose a Name That Caters to Online Consumers

It’s true that the pandemic has transformed consumer behavior. Just take a look at the Q2 statistics of app downloads which have risen by 31.7% since COVID. This means that there has been a huge shift in the consumer landscape.

It’s no longer only a portion of people using social media, Google, and other online realms. With this said, you will want to keep in mind that people are going to be interacting with your marketing company name through their mobile phones.

You should be looking for a name that is accessible and represents your company both physically and online. Take, for example, Ignite Visibility. This name screams transparency between a client and their online presence.

Digital Branding and Your Marketing Company Name

It’s apparent that more and more businesses have recognized the advantage of a powerful online presence.

Now you know that the pandemic has meant that any refusal of the online realm has put businesses in jeopardy. May have been left scrambling to boost their online accessibility.

When considering marketing business names make sure that you are taking into perspective your online branding. Names with “Online”, “Digital” and “Media” always imply a good online presence.

Just remember that there are around 5,600 digital marketing and advertising agencies in the U.S. so your brand will need to stand out online.

5-Tips for creating unique Marketing Business name ideas

1. Clear Up Your Brand Identity

As we’ve already seen how important online branding is in a post-COVID world, make sure from the off you have a clear brand identity. Plan out a strategy or even speak to a brand identity coach.

It’s useful to know exactly what your marketing company is about before diving in, and discussing your mission statement will surely help you find a name.

2. Think About Your Customers

Your company name after all is going to be attracting your future customers. Something that may sound amazing to you might not connect with your prospective clients.

A great idea here is to speak with fellow colleagues and see what their opinion is. At the end of the day, you are looking to create trust between you and your customers and stand out against fellow competitors.

3. What is our USP?

Have you decided on a Unique Selling Point yet? What makes you different from your competitors? A top tip is that usually, your USP will define your marketing business name so take your time figuring out what makes you unique. Maybe your USP matches the results from our Campaign Name Generator.

4. Look to Convey Authority.

If you’re in the marketing business industry, you’re all about selling expertise. People should be prepared to trust what you have to offer. Choosing a name can also build trust by promoting authority. You want your clients to take you

5. Don’t be Over Wordy

There’s nothing worse than a name that is simply a complete mouthful. You may see that some marketing business names are long but this may be due to legal mergers.

From your point of view the shorter the name, the more impactful it will be. Think about those simple names like Microsoft, Apple, and WebFX. They are 2-3 syllables and easily memorable for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for some more advice about marketing company names, you can check out the most frequent questions asked by people in your position. They are listed below:

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