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How To Name Your Interior Design Business

How To Name Your Interior Design Business

Did you know that the US interior design industry market was worth $40.7 billion in 2020? According to IBIS World, there has been a further 5.6% growth of designers in the US market this year.

You might be wanting to set up your own interior design business, in which case you might be wanting some inspiration when it comes to brainstorming interior design names.

I’m Molly, and I’m here to guide you through the name-picking process. Whether you’re after real-world examples or want to use our interior design name generator, this article has got you covered.

20 Interior Design Name Ideas

20 Interior Design Name Ideas

Down below are 20 of the best interior design names that were suggested by the interior design company name generator. All I did was brainstorm words that I associated with ‘interiors’, popped them into the generator, and picked out 20 suggestions. Have a look and see if any catch your eye!

  1. Coloraholic
  2. Color City
  3. Color Flex
  4. Crafty Sequins
  5. Decor Master
  6. Decor Urge
  7. Decorate Delicacy
  8. Decorate Pedal
  9. Decorate Runner
  10. Home Admire
  11. Home in a Million
  12. Homevio
  13. Interior Blanket
  14. Interior Blinds
  15. Interior Entice
  16. Interior Vanity
  17. Luxe Homes
  18. Sequin Revolution
  19. Sequin Secure
  20. Versatile Homes

20 More Interior Design Name Ideas

  1. Internal Exhibition
  2. Design Harvest
  3. Ready Interiors
  4. Real Designs
  5. Taste of Décor
  6. Perfect Spaces
  7. Designer Rooms
  8. Basic Designs
  9. Inner Renos & Design
  10. Interior Elements
  11. Inside Style
  12. Creative Consulting
  13. Chic Solutions
  14. The Space Stylists
  15. Room Elements
  16. The Chamber of Change
  17. Implied Design
  18. The Fab Furniture Firm
  19. Personal Staging
  20. Basic Interiors

Best Real-world Interior Design Business Names

Hopefully you have now had the chance to use our interior design name generator. If you’re still struggling for inspiration, we suggest taking a look at some real-world interior design business names that are already out there to see what makes them so successful.

Interior Architects

Otherwise known as the abbreviated name ‘IA’, this interior design company focuses on environments to create stunning interiors and furniture.

The name sums up exactly what their experts can offer. It sounds sophisticated and is straight to the point, which makes customers aware of their services.

Design Innovations

This female-owned business has been offering innovative design solutions for over 35 years.

This reputable interior design business links to this through its name. The name can also be shortened to ‘DI’, making it sound snappy and simple, something which customers like.

Studio 11 Design

Based in Dallas, Studio 11 Design offers interiors to the hospitality and leisure industries.

This interiors company uses the year it was founded within its name to stand out and add a bit of context. This is linked back to the theme of interiors, so customers still understand exactly what this company is about.

Urban Elements

Located in Portland, this interiors company is passionate about creating stylish, organic, and contemporary spaces through their professional interior design founders.

This name is a bit more rustic and has some substance to it. ‘Urban’ links to the organic beliefs behind the brand and customers know that they can expect something a bit more.

White Webb

This interior design firm, based in New York, is known for combining classic and modern elements to create stylish and comfortable spaces.

The alliteration works extremely well in this name. The blend of ‘white’, a word associated with modern and current, combined with the word ‘we(b)b’, something which could be associated with being old and dusty, shows their ability to combine different themes and time stamps.

Unique Content for the Niche

Being an interior design company, you want your expertise to shine through the use of your name. Customers will be coming to you because they trust your taste in furniture, architecture, and ability to create s stunning space to live in. Therefore, you need a name that reflects this and the work that you do.

If you are passionate about providing modern ways of living to homes, then incorporate this in your business name! Or, if you prefer the antique and retro vibe, then this will change the meaning of your name completely too.

Try to come up with some words that you associate with your interior style, and pop them into the interior design name generator.

The interior design company name generator will provide you with tons of potential name options, giving you the chance to find something totally unique to you.

5-Tips for creating unique Interior Design Business name ideas

1. Be creative

As an interior design business, being creative should be something that you shine in! Therefore, coming up with a business name should be something that comes naturally to you. Instead of keeping it dull and boring, you want a name that stands out from your competitors and includes something with a bit more punch.

Avoid using words that are too repetitive, or that sound boring. This won’t appeal to customers and they may simply skim over your name if they ever stumble upon it.

Sounding creative and unique is a great selling point. If there are any creative words that you are desperate to use, try and put them into the interior design name generator for hundreds of suggestions.

2. Don’t be too wordy

When it comes to creating business names, sometimes you can get really carried away and end up thinking of phrases instead of names!

Try to keep your business name to around 2 words maximum; customers want something short and sweet as it means that they don’t have to spend too long figuring out what the name links to.

However, if you do want to use a lengthy name, see if it works well as an abbreviation instead! Abbreviations are a great way to have a shorter and snappier name and will mean that you can have the best of both worlds.

Use our interior design name generator to find some potential business names, then see if they sound nice as an abbreviated version.

3. Ask for feedback

In my opinion, this is one of the most important steps you can take as a business. Asking for feedback means that you can really connect with your customers and find out what names they like and dislike. This will mean that it will be easier to find out which name has the most potential, and which names you should probably get rid of.

Gather a big range of people, all from different backgrounds with different ages, and ask them questions such as:

  • What does the name first make you think of?
  • How likely would you use this business based on the name alone?
  • What sort of things would you associate with this business?

You can even ask them to rate each name from 1-10, as this will give you a clearer idea as to which name is the most popular. Once you have gathered your feedback, I can guarantee this will make the elimination process much easier!

4. Check for domain availability

You don’t want to think you have found the perfect business name, only to realize that you can’t actually use it! This is a common mistake that a lot of businesses make, but don’t worry as it is easily solvable. With each name you feel drawn to, do a quick online Business Name Search to check if it is available to use within your state/country.

Our interior design name generator aims to give you only the most unique business names. Once you find out if the name is available to use, this is a huge weight lifted off your shoulders and you can calmly progress with the name that you felt a connection to.

5. Use our Interior Design Business Name Generator

We hope that these tips have been useful so far. Can we remind you once more about our interior design name generator? It really is the best tool to use when it comes to picking your business name.

All you need to do is think of any words that you would like to use within your name, pop them into the generator, and sit back and relax as hundreds of suggestions are presented to you at the click of a button!

The interior design name generator will give you a whole range of totally unique business names, so there is sure to be a handful that you like.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Setting up your interior business can be a daunting task, especially knowing that you have to come up with a really unique and exciting name. There are already hundreds of interior design names out there so coming up with something original can seem quite overwhelming. Here are a few simple tips you should consider if you’re feeling stuck: -Keep it simple -Make sure it is available -Test it out on customers

With plenty of interior design business names already out there, it can be hard to come up with a really unique name for your own business. Try to keep it creative enough to stand out, but simple enough for customers to understand. Here are some names you could potentially use or take inspiration from: -Internal Exhibition -Design Harvest -Ready Interiors -Real Designs -Taste of Decor -Designer Rooms


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