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Generate stylish and creative names for your interior design business.

1. Choose Your Interior Design Business Name Keywords

Type arty or design-related keywords into the business name generator.

2. Get Interior Design Business Name Ideas

In seconds, the generator will create thousands of name ideas, saving you hours of time.

3. Select Interior Design Business Names

Save some of the names you like the most and compare your options to decide on one to use.

Benefits of Our Interior Design Business Name Generator

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Tailored creativity

Generates names specifically aligned with interior design aesthetics.

Style-specific suggestions

Offers unique interior design name ideas that mirror various design themes and trends.

Comprehensive branding 

Provides tools for cohesive branding, including logo design.

Legal and digital readiness

Ensures names are legally available and suitable for digital platforms.

Top Tips

How to Name Your Interior Design Business

Choose a name that resonates with your design philosophy and differentiates you from competitors. Ensure it conveys the uniqueness of your design approach and target market preferences. Follow our 6 steps to interior design name success.

Personal - Embrace Your Designs

Embrace Your Designs

Whether you specialize in minimalist, bohemian, or luxury designs, choose a name that reflects this specialty. You want to attract serious business quotes, and being clear on your unique selling points will help you here. 


Elegance and Memorability

Don’t let your name let you interior design business down. Your name should be as stylish and memorable as your designs. And it is the first thing people see when they consider doing business with you. 

Audience - Consider Your Customers

Consider Your Customers

Consider what would appeal to your ideal clientele – be it luxury homeowners or commercial spaces. These customers may be worlds apart, so thinking about what your target customers likes and dislikes is essential.

Check It Out

Check It Out 

Don’t get too attached to an interior design company name until you have verified your domain name and trademark are available to protect your brand name.


Feedback for Perfection

Don’t just decide for yourself. Gather input from a diverse group of people within your target market to gauge the impact of your potential names.

Memory - Think Long-Term

Think Long-Term

Don’t get too caught up with trendy interior design names. Select a name that can grow with your business and remain relevant. Ideally, you don’t want to change your name down the line. 

Get Inspired

20 Interior Design Business Name Ideas

To get you feeling creative, we have come up with 20 unique interior design name ideas:

  • Palette Prodigies
  • Haven Harmony Designs
  • Opulent Outlines
  • Ethereal Environments
  • Nouveau Nests
  • Serenity Studio Designs
  • Architectural Aesthetics
  • Mirage Makers
  • Ambience Artisans
  • Dreamspace Designers
  • Refined Rooms
  • Genesis Interiors
  • Blueprint Brilliance
  • Elemental Elegance
  • Space Symphony
  • Design Dexterity
  • Visionary Vistas
  • Aesthetic Architects
  • Zenith Zones
  • Chromatic Concepts

Examples of Good Names for Interior Design Businesses

  1. Eco Elegance Design: Reflects a focus on sustainable and elegant design solutions.
  2. Vintage Vogue Studios: Captures a niche in vintage and retro interior styles.
  3. Luxe Layers Interiors: Suggests a sophisticated approach to layered design elements.
  4. Urban Harmony Design: Implies a blend of urban chic and harmonious aesthetics.
  5. Innovative Interiors Inc.: Communicates a modern, forward-thinking design approach.
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Take the First Step in Creating Your Business Name

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a few simple tips you should consider if you’re feeling stuck. Keep it simple, keep it relevant to your target audience, make sure it is available to use and test it out on customers.

Be creative and incorporate design elements or themes central to your brand’s ethos to stand out.

Keep it creative enough to stand out, but simple enough for customers to understand. Here are some names you could potentially use or take inspiration from: Internal Exhibition, Design Harvest, Ready Interiors, Real Designs, Taste of Decor and Designer Rooms.



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