Ice Cream Business Name Generator Guide & Ideas

Generate names for your ice cream business below.

1. Choose Your Ice Cream Business Name Keywords

Get some tasty, yummy keywords to draw people to your brand.

2. Get Ice Cream Business Name Ideas

After receiving your keywords, the generator will give you a long list of ice cream-inspired name ideas.

3. Select Ice Cream Business Names

Find names that match your company’s products and pick one that will help your brand succeed.

How To Name Your Ice Cream Business

Ice cream businesses provide indulgence and fun for consumers. Your ice cream name sets the tone for what customers will feel when they enjoy your delicious ice cream, whether it’s comfort for a night in with a movie or refreshment for hot summer days. This guide will instruct you on different routes to come up with the perfect ice cream business name.

20 Ice Cream Business Name Ideas

I developed these name ideas using the ice cream name generator by selecting keywords that reflect different styles of ice cream marketing. You can use the ice cream shop name generator to create ice cream truck names and names for any other ice cream business you are planning to open.

  1. Indulge Shiva
  2. Indulge Prue
  3. Cleo Ice
  4. Irresistible Ice
  5. Razzle Ice
  6. Zest Ice
  7. Alpha Cream
  8. Resort Cream
  9. Island Cream
  10. Popnetic
  11. Zing Ice
  12. Captain Cream
  13. Ambrosial Ice
  14. Candy Cream
  15. Azraa Indulge
  16. Lolly Academy
  17. Lolly Lab
  18. Flash Lolly
  19. Top Lick
  20. Lighthouse Lick

The ice cream name generator helps you construct a name based on keywords you have chosen to represent your brand. You can select whether you would like the keyword to appear before or after the other words the generator suggests, and you can also make the name one word or two words. You can also set a character limit to help you keep the name snappy and short.

20 More Ice Cream Business Name Ideas

  1. Scoops o’ Joy
  2. My Favorite Flavors
  3. Cool Times
  4. Just Chilling
  5. Ice Cream Heaven
  6. Flavor Fantasies
  7. The Ice Cream Team
  8. Tasty Toppings
  9. The Chilly Connection
  10. Ice Cool Rules
  11. Silken Scoops
  12. Phone a Cone
  13. By the Scoop
  14. Live the Ice Dream
  15. We Have All the Flavors
  16. Everyday Can Be a Sundae
  17. Chilly Cones
  18. Cool and Easy
  19. Sensational Scoops
  20. Creamy Creations

Best Real-World Ice Cream Business Names

In the process of naming your ice cream business, you should perform research into which names other successful ice cream brands have chosen for themselves. This will help you understand what makes the names successful to apply the same principles when developing your name using the ice cream name generator.

I have generated a list of the best real-world ice cream business names to get you started;


Haagen-Dazs is a made-up name that actually has no meaning at all. The brand creator designed the name to sound Danish, as the American creator of the ice cream brand wanted to honor Denmark’s exemplary treatment of the Jews during WWII.

This name works well for an American brand as it utilizes foreign branding to make brands seem more refined to consumers. The name uses assonance with the long ‘a’ sound across both words to create a smooth and luxurious sound reflective of the ice cream’s flavor.

When using the ice cream name generator, be sure to consider using sounds to reflect the feeling of your products, the smoothness, the refreshment.


Ben&Jerrys is a world-famous ice cream brand started in 1978. The name represents the two founders. Instead of using the brand creators‘ surnames, it uses the founders’ first names – Ben and Jerry.

This creates a more personalized and comforting feel to the name, as it is less formal. The use of first names as the brand name reflects the cozy, intimate settings where the ice cream is usually enjoyed – the brand is iconically presented as comfort food to be enjoyed in bed or on the sofa curled up under a blanket.

Dairy Queen

McCullough, the founder of Dairy Queen, thought of the cow as the queen of the dairy business. This is what inspired him to name the business Dairy Queen. This name works well to explicitly outline what the ice cream chain sells while setting it apart from the rest.

The use of the word ‘queen’ suggests the brand’s superiority over other brands. When adding keywords to the ice cream name generator, try adding words you associate with high status that could help you to establish the idea that your brand is top-tier.

Carte d’Or

Carte d’Or is a brand under the Wall’s ice cream umbrella brand. It is seen as the more luxurious subsect of Wall’s ice creams. The name Carte D’or means ‘golden card’ in French.

The use of the French word for gold creates a prestigious image for the brand. The use of the french language is another example of foreign branding. Try researching terms associated with your product in other languages to find keywords for the ice cream name generator.


Magnum is a Belgian brand, the first to market ice cream bars coated in Belgian chocolate. The name ‘Magnum’ comes from the Latin word ‘great’.

The word Magnum is bold, and the Latin language gives it an established and classic feel. The name is one word that improves its concision. Consider using one word for your ice cream truck names or ice cream brand names.

Ways You Can Brand Your Ice Cream

The tone you set for your ice cream brand can define what mood customers will be in when they reach for your products. If you select a comforting style for your brand, customers will reach for your product when they need comfort food for a night in. You can see how this works well for Ben&Jerry’s ice cream branding.

If you set a luxurious tone for your ice cream, customers will reach for your product when they feel the need to treat themselves or if they want to provide a special dessert for a dinner party.

If you create an accessible everyday name like ‘Dairy Queen,’ your products will appear suitable for daily consumption, and your ice cream store will be a regular spot for dessert.

Think hard about what kind of impression you want your name to give about when consumers should enjoy your ice cream, as this will give customers an idea of what feeling your product evokes. Feelings are important in branding, as emotion has a role in convincing people to buy your product.

For more information, check out some resources that will give you the best words for describing ice cream. You may want to take these words and translate them into another language.

5-Tips For Creating Unique Ice Cream Business Name Ideas

There are several routes you can take when coming up with your ice cream business name. If you need inspiration, follow these five tips for creating your ice cream business name:

Tip One: Use Foreign Branding

Foreign branding is a great way to add a level of sophistication to your brand name and set a luxurious tone. Identify some words that come to mind when you taste your ice cream, and translate those words.

For example, if you think your ice cream has a smooth or creamy taste, you may want to use the French word ‘lisse’ or the Italian word ‘cremoso’. Then try putting these words into the ice cream shop name generator to get more ideas.

This is a great way to take simple words and elevate them to create a sophisticated name for your ice cream brand.

Tip Two: Use Phonetic Phrasing

A great way to communicate what it feels like to consume your product and create an emotional response in customers when they hear the name of your ice cream is to make use of phonetic phrasing.

You can create the impression of delight and joy by using ‘ooh’ sounds. You can use ‘mmm’ sounds to create the belief that your ice cream is delicious.

If you already have ideas for your ice cream name, be sure to think about the sound of your name. Is it pleasant to say? Does it sound smooth?

Tip Three: Keep It Short

If you keep the name of your ice cream brand short, it will be more impactful. Long complex names can lose impact, so it’s best to evaluate where you can shed a word or combine fragments of words for your ice cream name.

For instance, if you put ‘cremoso’ into the ice cream name generator and decide you like the name ‘Dream Cremoso’ try shortening the name by adjusting it to CremosoDream so that your name rolls of the tongue better.

Tip Four: Consider Using Your Name

If you are stuck and can’t seem to find the perfect name for your ice cream brand, then try using your own name. If you use your own name, your company will be your legacy, and you can make it a family-run business.

You don’t just have to use your first name. You can take a leaf out of Ben&Jerry’s book and use your first name to create a friendlier, more personal brand name, making your customers feel closer to you.

This works great if you open a local ice cream store, as your customers will actually know you. They will feel a sense of connection with the store if they know the owner by their first name.

Tip Five: Include Your Specific Selling Point

What makes your ice cream special? Where do you source your flavors or cream? What is your specialty ice cream? If there is something unique about your products, don’t be shy about broadcasting it in your name!

For instance, if you use hazelnut milk to make the ice cream, you may wish to include the word ‘hazel’ in your name. Your ice cream name could be ‘HazelCream’, which points out precisely what is unique about your ice cream.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ben&Jerry’s is the best-selling ice cream brand in the US and globally, a classic comfort food. The charming pair of ice cream creators is a household name.

Your ice cream business should be named using words that reflect the unique qualities of your ice cream, and advertise how delicious your ice cream is. Your naming keywords should appeal to potential customers’ stomachs.

Here are three tips that will help you make your business name more catchy: -Keep it short. -Use alliteration or assonance -Make it rhyme


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