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Complete Guide to Naming Your Ice Cream Business

Our ice cream business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get ice cream business name inspiration.

Trending Words

Here are the top trending words used in Ice Cream company names.





Ice Cream











Ice Cream Verbs & Adjectives

You can use an verb or adjective in your business name to create a business name like ‘Lick’n’Freeze Ice Cream‘ or ‘Jumbo’s Ice Creamery‘.













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Brand Goals & Target Market

Ice cream is probably one of the most beloved and delicious summer treats. According to industry statistics, the size of the global ice cream market is expected to grow from 49.45 billion dollars in 2013 to 74.96 billion dollars in 2024.

Because the growth is significant and such a business is lucrative, there will be many new players appearing on the market in the years to come. If you’re one of them, you will have to choose a memorable name and the right branding strategy in order to be successful.

The first and the most important rule to follow is to opt for specialisation. Pinpoint the one thing that makes you unique and better than the other companies. Do you make Italian-style gelato based on an original recipe? Do you make healthy, sugar-free ice cream? Or maybe you’ve come with a creamy, dairy-free vegan product? The characteristics of the ice cream itself will help you pinpoint a name that will sound good and that will be relevant.

Ice-cream shops today have started catering to the needs of different audiences – from the health enthusiasts to those in need of a true gourmet experience. Identify a suitable niche and develop a branding strategy within that context in order to ensure your good positioning.

Demographic Interests

The ice cream market is so diversified that you will find it almost impossible to come up with a demographic profile.

It is true that women often buy ice cream more frequently than men. The reason is simple – they typically handle grocery and food shopping for the entire family. Age and income levels are determined by the specific sub-niche. Organic and vegan options tend to appeal to a younger crowd. Such ice creams are also more expensive, which is why the earnings of potential clients are a demographic indicator in this field.

Keep in mind that the needs and the desires of ice cream buyers have been changing through the years. Take-home ice cream, for example, currently represents about half of the ice cream purchases in the US (similar statistics have been presented for other Western countries). The percentage of people looking for artisan ice creams, however, is also growing. Because of these characteristics, the ice cream market is fragmented and opportunities do exist for new players to find their niche.

Competitor Name Analysis


While the name sounds Danish, it is actually invented. Haagen-Dazs was started by Reuben Mattus who wanted to pay tribute to Denmark for its treatment of Jews during World War II. Early ice cream labels also featured an outline of the Danish map.

Dairy Queen

J.F McCullough, the founder of the company, often referred to the cow as “the queen of the dairy business.” His saying became the inspiration for the creation of the entire brand.


One of the most popular ice creams in the world by sales volume has a name derived from the Italian word cornetto, which means a little horn.

Carte D’Or

Another incredibly prominent ice cream brand. Carte d’Or means golden card and the company has been rebranded several times through the years to have a logo reminiscent of the name. it speaks of the quality of the ice cream.

Blue Bell Creameries

Based in Texas, this very popular ice cream company is named after the Texas bluebell – a wildflower that is native to the state.


This is probably the ice cream company that has the least imaginative name of the bunch. Dreyer’s, as you’ve probably guessed already – is named after its founder William Dreyer.

Ice Cream Business Name Inspiration

  1. Frozen Chocolate River: most people adore chocolate ice cream so if this is your specialty, make it known. Obviously, the company could produce various other flavours on top of the primary one.
  2. Momma’s Handmade Cones: handcrafted, home-style ice creams are an excellent niche to target because the customers are pretty loyal and specific in their demands.
  3. Gelato Burst of Flavour: the Italian gelato is pretty much the king of ice cream, hence the inclusion of the term in the name of your company is a good idea.
  4. Guilt-Free Dessert Factory: healthy ice creams are also quite popular and another potential focus for your company naming efforts.
  5. 3 Scoops of Happiness: the number is arbitrary but the rest of the name is linked to an emotion that most of us remember from our childhood days.
  6. The Gelato Bar: trendy and hip, the name for an ice cream shop will appeal to a more youthful audience.
  7. The Frozen Kingdom: a pop cultural reference added to the name of the company is always a good idea in terms of ensuring recognition.
  8. Simply Cream: sometimes, less is more in the world of branding. Choosing a minimalist name can help you stand out as much as being original and humorous.
  9. Vanilla Bean and Cacao: good ingredients are the key to a delicious ice cream and connoisseurs in the field will know that.
  10. Dairy-Free Peach Tree: an excellent choice for vegan ice cream brands.

What Not to Name Your Ice Cream Business

Whatever you do, don’t be boring and don’t try to replicate the fame of somebody else’s brand. We’re all inspired and affected by the competition. In order to find your clientele, however, you have to be original and true to yourself.

Choose words people will know, recognise and link to positive emotions. Aspects of the ice cream making process that nobody is familiar with will obviously result in a name that’s way too obscure to be marketable.

Avoid the clichés, as well. Milk, creamy, velvety and smooth are words that have been so overused in connection to ice cream that they have no place in your company title.

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Ice Cream in Foreign Languages

Consider using foreign words in your business name to give the impression of an international or exotic brand.

Latin: Glacies crepito

French: Crème glacée

Italian: Gelato

Spanish: Helado

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