Ice Cream Business Name Generator Guide & Ideas

Generate tasty ice cream names for your ice cream parlor.

1. Choose Your Ice Cream Business Name Keywords

Get some tasty, yummy keywords to draw people to your brand.

2. Get Ice Cream Business Name Ideas

After receiving your keywords, the generator will give you a list of ice cream-inspired name ideas.

3. Select Ice Cream Business Names

Find names that match your company’s products and pick one that will help your brand succeed.

Ice Cream Company Name Generator Benefits

Screenshot of How to use our Ice Cream Business Name Generator

Get ice cream name inspiration
Add keywords and get all the ice cream names you need to find the perfect one. 

Beautiful logos
Find a unique logo alongside your business name and trademark your chosen name. 

Check you can use the domain 
Instantly check the availability of domain names.

Top Tips

6 Tips to Name Your Ice Cream Company

Whether you are choosing an ice cream shop name, van name or launching the next big ice cream brand, a well-chosen name can set the tone for your business. Follow our six steps to name your ice cream company. 

Star - Your Brand Flavor

Your Brand Flavor

Your ice cream’s distinct taste helps build its identity. What sets your ice cream apart – is its exotic flavours, organic ingredients, or a secret family recipe? Use these elements as inspiration.

Scalable - Community Connection

Community Connection

An ice cream name that ties in with local culture or landmarks may attract local residents and intrigue visitors. For example, if your town is known for a particular festival, historical event, or natural feature, incorporate this into your name, such as “Riverbank Creamery.”

Linguistic - Playful and Fun

Playful and Fun

Since ice cream is often associated with happiness and fun, consider a light-hearted name. Use puns, alliterations, or playful imagery such as “Sundae Funday”. These types of names are memorable and can bring a smile to your customers’ faces.

Keyword - Easy Pronunciation

Easy Pronunciation

Your ice cream shop’s name should roll off the tongue. For word-of-mouth advertising, it’s important that people can easily say and remember your name.

Competition - Check Competitors

Check Competitors

Research the names of other ice cream businesses in your area and beyond to ensure your name stands out. You want a name that’s different enough to avoid confusion and to establish your own brand identity. 

Trademark - Secure Your Name

Secure Your Name

Once you have an ice cream business name, make sure the name is trademark-free and that you can find the support domain name. 

Get Inspired

20 Names for Ice Cream Brands

Using our Ice Cream Business Name, we have created 20 catchy ice cream business names.

  • Creamy Peaks
  • Frosty Delights
  • Scoop of Joy
  • Chillz Town
  • Sweet Swirls
  • Arctic Twist
  • Lickety Split
  • Sundae Funday
  • Gelato Grove
  • Blissful Bites
  • Frozen Fantasy
  • Cool Confections
  • Melted Moments
  • Berry Bliss Creamery
  • Cone Capers
  • Velvet Vanilla
  • Polar Scoop
  • Sundae Serenade
  • Whirlwind Whips
  • Chilly Choco Charms

Best Ice Cream Brand Names

We’ve compiled five of our favorite ice cream brand names and consider what makes their names so successful. 

Ice Cream Business Name Why It Works 
Haagen-DazsAn invented name that implies sophistication and quality.
Ben & Jerry’sPersonal and relatable, highlighting its founders.
Dairy QueenSuggests regal quality and dairy expertise.
Carte d’OrFrench for ‘golden card,’ it evokes luxury.
MagnumA strong, impactful name reflecting excellence.
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