How To Start A Wedding Blog

If weddings are your favorite thing to talk about, here’s everything you’ll want to know when starting and growing your wedding blog.

Starting a blog is one of the most effective ways to grow an audience, get your thoughts out there, and maybe earn some (or a lot) of money while doing what you love. 

Everyone has a different motivation for starting a blog and different objectives in mind. Some of the decisions you make will be influenced by your own journey. However, one thing is universal: the only way to succeed is to begin.

Taking the initial step might be difficult, but by the end of this post, you should have all the resources you need to feel secure and ready to begin your wedding blog right away.

What Is The Topic Of Your Blog?

If you are reading this post, you are likely to be building a wedding blog, which indicates you have a fairly good notion of what you want to blog about.

However, there is plenty of space to get more specific about weddings, which is exactly what you need to do to draw an audience. Do you have a wedding blog for families with kids? A wedding blog focused on destination weddings or a wedding blog for the budget-conscious?

To guarantee you get off to a good start, decide what you want your blog to be about.

Establish Your Niche

You must identify your specialty before starting a new blog. This is the market segment you know the most about and where you can position yourself as an absolute expert. If you try to compete with big general wedding blogs,  you will be severely outmatched and disappointed.

You’ll need a topic that’s the correct size, not anything as big as “weddings,” since you won’t be able to stand out in such a large area. But you don’t want to limit yourself to “wedding shoes from 1989” since you’ll run out of topics to write about. It’s best to find a middle ground.

Find The Right Name For Your Blog

It’s a fantastic time to start thinking about a web domain name for your blog after discovering your specialty. 

Choose a name that is both brandable and accessible. Check whether your desired domain name is available with our domain name generator. Grab it before someone else does if it’s available.

Brand Your Blog

A great brand is the foundation of the most successful and memorable enterprises. Consider what your company stands for while creating your brand. Customers are just as interested in organizations with a strong brand as they are in high-quality goods and services.

It is essential to create a logo for your blog to enhance brand recognition. You can pick the best logo maker from our list of recommended software. 

Identify Your Target Audience

One of the greatest ways to determine what sort of material to write, how to structure it, and, ultimately, how to increase your following is to have a solid understanding of who will be reading your blog. Once you know what you’re good at, it should be easier to figure out whom you’re talking to.

It takes more than statistics and demographics to find your target audience. You need to really understand who these individuals are and what they want. When you create a blog, your target audience is the individuals to whom you’re writing.

Are you writing to newlyweds or to married couples who want to make their future marriage last? Knowing your audience is vital regardless of what your material will address since it allows you to communicate with them and develop themes they will like.

Create A Persona

Knowing your target market is one technique to better understand your audience. Creating a mock-up of the ideal customer you want to reach with your blog helps you create more targeted content.

A character for your ideal audience member will help you see and understand who you’re writing for, as well as give your material direction.

Embrace Your Own Persona

Another common technique to locate your ideal target audience is by knowing what your own identity is. Self-awareness produces a lot of the finest goods and services. 

It’s possible you looked for the ideal wedding blog to read but couldn’t find one, so you decided to make your own. As a result, you’re the ideal reader for your own site.

This may be an interesting approach for developing content. You’re more likely to find an audience looking for the same things if you provide the content you feel connected to. 

Target Audience Demographics

Web content does not exist in a vacuum. While you should endeavor to develop original and enjoyable blog material, your target audience is almost definitely already reading other blogs, participating in specialized forums, and utilizing social media. 

Finding sites where your target audience already congregates is a great way to figure out what issues they care about, what language they speak, and what valuable information you can bring to the mix.

How Are You Going To Present Your Work?

There are various ways to showcase your wedding blog’s content. Among them are:

Evergreen Articles

Evergreen articles, as the name implies, are made up of timeless information. These articles are created to have a longer shelf life and attract viewers to your site over time. They are usually long-form, text-based pieces that go into a certain subject more in-depth.

Wedding essentials are an excellent choice for evergreen posts on a wedding blog. While wedding trends and approaches change with time, certain aspects remain constant. 

In most weddings, the bride must choose a gown, which implies that articles regarding gown selection will remain timeless. Once you’ve figured out your niche, you can start creating evergreen content.


The expansion of YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok has shown videos’ real potency as an online medium. While you may believe that making videos is considerably more difficult and costly than writing material, you already have all the equipment you need on your smartphone to create high-quality video content.

Compelling films that educate your audience on how to do things are a good option for video content since they serve your audience well. 

You could develop videos explaining how to go through each step of the wedding planning process. Your videos may not seem great at first, but if you keep creating them and learning, they will improve. 

You may attend video-making classes or just learn from free web resources. Keep going until you have the ability you need to make videos you can be proud of.

News-Type Articles

News pieces and other “announcement” material may help you attract new readers. One advantage of news material is the temporary but significant rise in search traffic that occurs during an incident. While this boost is only temporary, it may be a useful tool for attracting new readers who will return for more.

There is usually less competition for readers when writing about current events or recent events. Other blogs and media outlets are receiving updates as they become available. Because the pool of accessible information is limited, you have a better chance of personalizing the content.

The disadvantage of news articles is that they lose popularity more quickly than evergreen material. While one day’s interest in an event may be high, the following day’s attention may be drawn to the next exciting thing.

Post Content With Images

While most visitors expect to read when they visit a blog, image-heavy material can help break up your text-heavy pieces. Depending on the content of your article, displaying many photographs per page on a single subject may help your viewers understand what you’re trying to say.

While certain themes, such as a car blog or a celebrity gossip site, may respond well to graphics, others may need more thought to make this tactic work.

On wedding blogs, there are several wonderful options for image-heavy content. While your specialty may differ, your audience is likely to enjoy the gorgeous wedding and wedding-related photographs. You may use images you capture yourself, photos you discover or buy online, or a combination of the two.

Contrast And Combine

You don’t have to, and shouldn’t, limit yourself to one kind of content distribution for your blog. 

The truth is that a diversity of content types attracts a larger audience. You may be more comfortable writing or taking images, but for the long-term success of your blog, it is worthwhile to try your hand at various sorts of material. 

To improve your abilities and appeal to the largest potential audience with your wedding blog, challenge yourself to try different content types regularly.

Making Money With A Wedding Blog

One of the most common reasons individuals start blogging is to make money. Blogging is still a wonderful way to make your aspirations a reality, whether you’re searching for a few hundred bucks per month or a job-replacing income.

There are many excellent ways to profit from a wedding blog:

Display Ads

Using display advertising is one of the most straightforward methods for websites to earn money. Acceptance into ad networks such as Google AdSense is simple, and deployment onto your site is streamlined and tidy. 

Most individuals start with display advertisements if they’re just starting to notice any traffic to their site and want to convert it into money.

However, there are a few drawbacks to showing advertisements. The first is that some people believe they distract from your blog’s user experience. Most individuals have visited a website where huge advertisements appear and obstruct the content.

The second major disadvantage is that they do not pay well. Most of these networks employ a pay-per-click (PPC) model, which may pay anywhere from $0.01 to $1.50 per click, depending on the niche.

Affiliate Marketing

Over the last several years, affiliate marketing programs like Amazon Affiliate have grown in popularity as they shift the payment model from pay-per-click to cost-per-acquisition (CPA). 

This means you may refer as many people as you want to an advertiser’s goods, but you’ll only be paid if they buy anything.

An affiliate marketing structure benefits both marketers and publishers. The advertiser doesn’t have to pay until a sale is made, and the publisher gets a much larger cut than with the pay-per-click model.

Selling Digital Products

A digital product is an internet business owner’s dream. You make the product once, then sell it as many times as possible for a small sum. This implies you can grow your income indefinitely.

Here are some examples of digital products:

  • Ebooks – These are books that are usually in PDF format and may include any information your audience wants. They range in length from a whole book to only a few pages, with a price range of $1 and over, depending on your specialty, audience, and issue.
  • Gated Material – This is content that is provided on your website in the same way as any other article, but it is protected by a “paywall.” If you’re developing material that you don’t want anybody but your most ardent fans to see, have them create an account on your site and pay a monthly fee to get access. For access to gated information, writers often charge anything from $5 to $200 per month.
  • Online Courses – You may sell an online course to your audience if you can teach a skill that they want to master. These courses may be arranged in any manner that makes sense to you, although video courses are the most common currently. Online courses may range in price from $10 to well over $10,000, depending on the topic and target audience.

Selling Physical Goods

The first money-making method was selling actual goods. You assemble a hungry audience, sell to them, and everyone benefits.


It is simple to start a blog. Maintaining the blog and converting it into a new, profitable business, on the other hand, is a different story. We know that most bloggers want to put their hearts and souls into their blogs, but few have the patience to do so.

Taking your wedding blog from the initial stage to the next step requires a lot of effort. Then there’s the job of shaping and nurturing it into something genuinely extraordinary, which requires even more effort and determination. But don’t be put off by all the hard work; it will all be worth it in the end!


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