How To Start A Digital Marketing Blog

Here’s everything you’ll need to know when starting your Digital Marketing Blog

How to Start a Digital Marketing Blog

1) Finding your Niche

If you’re interested in digital marketing, then a blog can be a great way to get your name out there. Furthermore, it can present an opportunity to allow you to network with others who are interested in the topic as well as potential employers. It’s also just a fun way to gush about what you like about digital marketing.

There are a variety of aspects you can cover when it comes to digital marketing. It’s truly a science to create digital ads that keep readers entertained and interested as well as drawing their attention to a program, website, product or other source that is in need of more patrons.

If there is a specific avenue of digital marketing that is most interesting to you, then it can be helpful to present your blog as something that focuses mainly on that aspect. For example, if you’re interested in social media marketing, then you can write up how-to posts and share stories about how it can be useful to those who want to gain more attention from customers.

Pretty much anyone who is selling a product or service is likely to need advertising to spread the word about what they have to offer. As a result, there is a decent demand for information on digital marketing overall!

2) Think of a unique blog name and create your website

Now comes the fun part, creating your blog name. We suggest a name that’s short, sweet and is relevant to your audience. Some names for a digital marketing blog could be: Digital Ridge, Digital Velocity or if you’re still stuck try using our blog name generator for some inspiration.

Once you have a blog name in mind, it’s time to get your website set up. Don’t worry, this is much easier than it sounds and can be easily done in less than an hour! Checkout our full guide on the best and easiest way to setup a WordPress blog here.

We suggest going with BlueHost to host your website as they have a easy one-click WordPress installation tool, you can get 60% Off hosting and a free domain name here.

3) Get the essentials

Largely, the ability to run a digital marketing blog largely depends on the knowledge you have on the subject. If you have a solid grasp on digital marketing, then that can serve as a strong foundation for getting started on your blog.

Using that knowledge, you can write informational articles that can help businesses improve their digital marketing skills, or get people started who don’t know anything about digital marketing. In addition, you can guide people through the different methods of digital marketing out there, like social media, ads, affiliate marketing and more.

It can also be useful to  have plenty of social media site profiles so that you can keep track of any new stories or articles regarding digital marketing. Doing things like sharing successes due to marketing or displaying examples of what good digital marketing looks like can be very helpful.

That said, if you’re using images or information from a specific company, you’ll want to make sure that you’re giving credit where it is due and using those tools in an ethical way. It also never hurts to ask permission to use the materials, though there can be some cases where it isn’t necessary.

What content do digital marketing bloggers create?

Largely, the content developed by digital marketing bloggers is aimed at helping individuals  and businesses get more customers. Consequently, they’ll cover a wide range of different strategies you can use to help keep advertisements for those businesses on the forefront, allowing them to remain relevant and useful.

They’ll also discuss tools that readers can use to make their advertising easier and more effective overall. Including programs like AdWordsSEO and other topics that are key for making sure that companies are reaching out in the best ways possible. They may even through in some tips to help small businesses thrive.

Because so many people are on the internet, there are many ways for businesses to reach out to them. Marketing campaigns through social media, YouTube and more can draw attention and get people interested in their product. With a great digital marketing blog, you can help these businesses too!

Create engaging and relevant content

As with just about any kind of blog, it’s important to keep up with the changing needs for those who follow the information you provide. With the ever-growing changes in technology, businesses need new ways to get the attention of potential customers.

In addition to those changes, the customers themselves are also changing. Naturally, companies need to find ways to advertise their product without becoming an annoyance to those who might not be interested, or who just don’t enjoy certain kinds of marketing. Consequently, it’s important to get creative with the marketing involved.

Because of that need, it will be up to you to keep looking for new ways to use digital marketing to get the attention of the customer base. In addition, explaining the benefits and providing how-to guides for certain digital marketing strategies will be key to allowing your readers to make use of them efficiently.

How to grow your traffic

If you’re already a digital marketing pro, then you might have a few ideas about how you can get the traffic for your blog rolling. However, it’s worth covering some of the basic tips that might be a little more suited to blogs specifically. That way, you’ll have all you need to get started.

On top of great writing and a fantastic design, you’ll want to make sure to find quality keywords to include in your blog posts. These keywords ensure that people who search for certain words or phrases can find your blog more quickly than they might otherwise. Tools like Google Keyword Planner and KWFinder can be useful for finding out what related keywords are being searched the most.

In addition, it’s a good idea to make connections with other bloggers who write about digital marketing or similar topics. These relationships can help you to gain traffic on both blogs through things like guest posts and other engaging content.

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How to make money with your Digital Marketing Blog

Bloggers use a variety of methods for using their blogs to make money. With a blog that is geared towards digital marketing, this may be even easier. Through the digital marketing knowledge you’ll gain, you’ll be able to find creative ways to gain readers and gain some income.

You can opt to pair with companies, or even provide a page that allows businesses that may already use your blog to learn about the newest digital marketing strategies to hire your services or your page for ads, sponsored posts or affiliate links that can earn you a little money.

On top of that, you can choose to write reviews about some of the programs and services out there for either those companies or various digital marketing tools out there. This can give readers an idea of which might be more useful for their needs and include affiliate links that they can use to purchase the tools and give you a small percentage of that purchase.

Top #3 Digital Marketing Bloggers

#1 Moz Blog

One of the top digital marketing blogs you’re likely to find out there is the Moz Blog. It’s a blog with a simple design, which also offers a huge multitude of content from SEO marketing to E-Commerce and branding. This is definitely a blog that really focuses on providing as much information as possible to those who may be in need of it.

The writers and creators of Moz also seek to find ways to engage in marketing without becoming invasive or annoying to those who experience it. Instead, they want to help companies find effective ways to market their goods and services without making themselves into eyesores for viewers. Through providing as much information as possible, they help companies all over, in all stages, to get the word out about what they offer.

#2 Content Marketing Institute

When readers need digital marketing information or new ideas for marketing strategies, this is one of the blogs they’re likely to turn to. They cover just about everything from providing information on how to create effective marketing, stories about successful marketing and even some inspiring quotes to keep readers reaching for the stars.

There’s little this blog doesn’t cover, which is important because it ensures that readers won’t typically need to seek out other blogs to meet their needs. This is something that can be important to remember down the line, but don’t try to stretch yourself too thin when you’re just getting started. It’s better to select one topic and then branch outward as you have the time and funds to do so, or to bring in more writers to help!

#3 Social Media Examiner

For those who have a specific interest in social media marketing, the Social Media Examiner blog is one that is worth gathering some information from. They offer strategies and tactics for a variety of different social media platforms from Facebook to LinkedIn and much more. They also provide tips for making the profile for your business stand out among all the others out there.

This is a perfect blog when you want tips on keeping marketing strategies up to date. Social media has become a large part of our daily lives, making it a great way to get marketing messages across  in ways that are effective and enjoyable for those making use of the platform.


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