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Complete Guide to Naming Your Graphic Design Business

Our Graphic Design business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get Graphic Design business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Graphic Design companies are responsible for helping others create their own brand identities, so, to be successful, you need to first of all successfully brand your own business. Your name needs to stand out in a competitive market place. It should grab people’s attention and not just visually.

This poses a serious challenge for graphic design companies. A simple name like ‘John Smith’s Design’ won’t make the cut. Graphic design companies are expected to be more creative, more engaging, and more clever. The name needs to say our designs are better than anybody. We specialize but are unrestricted.

This is why many graphic design companies opt for a fun, abstract name. Something (often slightly absurd) that grabs the audience’s attention. ‘Red Cow Studio’ for example. It may seem that the name says nothing about the company, however, the point of any branding is to get the audience’s attention and remain easily memorable. That is exactly what that name does. It also opens up some interesting visual branding possibilities, which can be capitalized on by a good graphic design company.

Demographic Interests

Design companies are primarily B2B businesses and as such have to understand the needs of the industries they wish to target. If you are aiming to work with large international banks, you might want a more professional name than something like Red Cow Studio.

However, if you want to capitalise on the ever growing number of small independent businesses, something that implies that you can help them stand out from the crowd, something interesting, fun, bold and clever, perhaps with a little of the absurd.

The first thing anyone will look at when they are choosing a graphic design company is how well they have branded themselves and the accompanying graphics. How well they have merged a brand concept with an engaging and smart visual identity. So understanding who you want to work with will help you choose the tone of your business name.

Competitor Name Analysis

Hey Studio

This is a brilliant name for a graphic design company. It is so simple it almost seems like cheating. It grabs your attention and makes you smile. The brand is memorable, and the simplicity of their branding actually reflects the simplicity of their work which involves lots of eye grabbing block colors and clean design.

Total Design

The use of the word total is an up front promise. They offer total design. Well thought out, comprehensive design for business. It’s a bold statement backed up with an interactive website and eye grabbing design.


This name refers to the litmus test. In an alkaline solution litmus turns blue, in an acid solution, red. What they are saying here is that they are adaptable. They react to brand identities and create complimentary design. They are a full graphic design company who will help you create the perfect look for your brand.


Fable is another word for story. By naming their company fable they are saying we will help you tell your businesses story with our visual designs.


Saffron is known as being more valuable by weight than gold. By taking one of the most valuable items as their name, they are setting themselves above their competition. This name then suggests a more luxurious, expensive service. One that is befitting the biggest, most expensive brands. This is not a name for a company that wishes to work with small independents, but with large international corporations.

Happy Cog

In juxtaposition to Saffron, this name suggests a smaller business. However, it also suggests a team who are happy to work hard to get the results. This is a more fun name that would appeal to small and big businesses alike.


Graphic Design companies want to stand out and grab people’s attention. However, this has to be paired with a trustworthy name. Hiring a Graphic Design company, especially for a branding exercise, can be an expensive undertaking. So, being able to inspire confidence up front is incredibly important.

Do a bit of brainstorming and create a few captivating phrases. Try and imagine how you would visualize your brand too. Experiment with our Business Name Generator. Just enter a word or phrase and you’ll be provided with dozens of interesting suggestions. It also checks domain name availability at the same time.

Here are a few helpful words and phrases to help you get started with your brainstorming:
























Graphic Design Name Inspiration

  1. Dynamic Pictures: The word ‘pictures’ describes what they make in a simplistic fashion. Friendly and easy to remember, the word dynamic promises interesting original design work.
  2. The Golden Goose: This opens up some curious branding ideas around the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. This name suggest the graphic company offer a golden service, but also can help smaller brands overtake giants.
  3. Marked Creative: The word mark takes on multiple meanings here. First, it is tried and tested, marked by others. It also refers to the verb, to mark in, the act of creating creative work.
  4. Splash Graphics: This name promises to help you make a splash with your graphics and grab attention with your branding.
  5. Identify: What do you identify with? The key to a good brand is understanding identity. This name promises to help people find their brand identity and visuals. 
  6. Color Flex: Color is powerful when used in design. Flex implies the company is adaptable and flexible.
  7. Curious Cat Design: A name that is easy to remember. It also opens up some interesting design prospects around cats which could be  eye-catching and engaging (everyone likes cats!).
  8. Creative Colors: this name is putting emphasis on creativity and it also is indicative of a creative visual approach.
  9. Vivid PicturesThe word vivid is bold. In this context it implies interesting, colorful and eye-catching designs.
  10. ConsilioLatin for design, this word is also one of the root words for consolidate. Use of a foreign language adds a little class to the name.
  11. Starbound Studios: Aim for the star. This name implies that they would help your business grow.

What Not to Name Your Graphic Design Business

When naming your graphic design business try to think out of the box. Hint at the quality of the work whilst also being original and engaging.

Try not to be too random though, your name should have a reason, even if that reason is because you had an incredible visual idea. Don’t, for example, name your business ‘Blue Fox’ and then fail to use any blue foxes in your branding. It’s misleading and show a disjointedness between your visuals and your brand.

You want to make your branding easily memorable, so try and keep it short and sweet and avoid technical language.

Finally, avoid straight forward names like ‘The Design Company’. If you are just starting out you will get lost among the competition.