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How To Name Your Freelance Business

How To Name Your Freelance Business

So, you’ve decided to take control of your career and ditched the monotony of 9-5 and started working on your terms. Well, you’ve made the right choice. Freelancing is a fantastic way to get the most out of your career and showcase your skills on your hours instead of someone else’s.

But, figuring out a name to trade under can be tough, especially as you’ll be flying completely solo. Don’t panic, with Freelance Business Name Generator, we’ve got you covered!

In this handy guide, we’ll be taking you through all things name generation, with tips, examples and a step-by-step guide to generating your perfect Freelance Business Name!

Before we get started, why not try Freelance Business Name Generator for yourself to see if you can find that winning name!

20 Freelance Business Name Ideas

We know that trying to engage your creativity is sometimes a difficult task, so we’ve compiled a list of 20 freelance business names by using our Freelance Business Name Generator to give you some inspiration.
We identified the best keywords associated with common freelancing services like graphic design or photography and blended them together to create the perfect freelance business name examples!

  1. Darkroom Graphic
  2. Purist Photography
  3. CredCreative
  4. Media Enigma
  5. Illuminate Graphics
  6. Convert
  7. Crunch Time Content
  8. Collision Creative
  9. Curio Consultant
  10. Wormhole Writers
  11. Service Solutions
  12. Nocturn Artists
  13. Domestic Illustrations
  14. VenomAesthetics
  15. Crush Cosmetology
  16. Capaciti Design
  17. Dr Wrote
  18. Synth Professionals
  19. Define Visual
  20. Inquisition Illustration

20 More Freelance Business Name Ideas

20 Freelance Business Name Ideas
  1. Creative Design Solutions
  2. DotCom Writing
  3. Borderless Solutions
  4. SoloCrew Translation Services
  5. Illustrately
  6. Independent Professionals
  7. Top Notch Agency
  8. WordIn Writers
  9. Wordsmith Creative Agency
  10. InDesign
  11. Aim for Success Copy
  12. Writely
  13. Nomad Media
  14. WeDevelop
  15. Avio Media
  16. WebX Technologies
  17. Artly Services
  18. Exodus Media
  19. Top Talent Network
  20. Trustify Marketing

Best Real-world Freelance Business Names

If you’re still scratching your head, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of real-world freelancers and freelance agencies with great names. Here, we’ve explained what makes each of their names so great, in the hopes that it will provide you with some inspiration.

This list contains examples of freelance agencies and isn’t exclusive to individual freelancers. However, these agencies are still perfect examples of painting freelancing in a unique and memorable way.


Upwork is an American Freelancing agency that acts as a middle ground between clients and freelancers. Freelancers are able to find work by searching for a company where the service is needed, rather than waiting to be headhunted or scouted.
Upwork’s name is so successful because it is simple and unconventional; therefore easy to remember. The monosyllabic structure means that it is pretty recognisable by any language, and people don’t have to strain to say it!


Similar to Upwork, Freelancer is a freelance marketplace where freelancers and recruiters can look for each other easily. Freelancer is such a successful name because it tells interested parties all that they need to know just by the name.
The customer doesn’t need to disassemble any complicated wordplay or puns but knows immediately what they are dealing with. People are much more likely to do business with a company that they feel is transparent in such a way.


We’re going to bet that you’ve at least had a YouTube ad from Fiverr. Probably the most well-known freelancing market website, Fiverr’s name is successful because it is unconventional.

You wouldn’t associate ‘Fiverr’ with freelancing immediately, but the name is short and simple enough for customers to remember it. Because it is ambiguous, customers may be compelled to look further into the company to see just what ‘Fiverr’ means!

Creative Recruitment

Creative recruitment is another example of a freelance market website but specifically targets those in the creative sector. This is a super effective tool as clients and freelancers immediately know what kind of service that this business offers.
Sometimes simplicity and transparency is the most effective tool in the naming process.

The Crewing Company

The crewing company combines both freelancer and recruitment as they act as part market, part freelancer supply.
The crewing company’s name is so successful because it cleverly combines the professionalism of ‘The company’ with a fun take on the word crew. Customers also will be able to tell that this company deals in visual production as ‘crew’ is most attributed to film, camera, or theatre crew.

Make sure you try Freelance Business Name Generator now to see if you can come up with any names to rival these!

Freelancing in a Pandemic

When the pandemic struck and businesses around the globe closed, many people seized the opportunity and took control of their careers by starting their own businesses or freelancing. Maybe it’s because freelancing is most conducive to remote working, or maybe people just liked the ability to be in charge of their own careers.
In fact, freelancing contributed $1.2 trillion U.S dollars to the economy during the pandemic as many suddenly unemployed people sought out flexible work.

Whatever the reason was, many people made the best of a bad situation and decided to take control despite all odds. That is the kind of message you want to send your potential clients. You will want to market yourself as reliable, flexible, and able to overcome all scenarios (like pandemics)!

So, with that in mind, make sure you pick a name that conveys your brand or service as strong and stable, regardless of the situation.

5-Tips for creating unique Freelance Business name ideas

We know that this process can feel a little overwhelming and complicated, so we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide that not only helps you find the perfect freelance business name but also helps you generate a well thought out business strategy.

Why not try our Freelance Business Name Generator now to see if you can spot any last-minute gems waiting to be discovered!

Work out what you are selling

This might be pretty obvious, but you can’t create the perfect freelance business name without working out what you’re selling. So, start designing your business strategy by working out your niche, your product, and the type of business you want to market yourself as. That way, you’ll have all the building blocks of a great name.

What makes you different?

Are you targeting a specific gap in the market? Or are you offering a service that is pretty widely available elsewhere? Everyone likes to think they’re unique, but tapping into a gap in the market that is really there is quite hard to pinpoint, so you need to find out what makes you different from all the competition out there!

Think about the specific service you offer and how that might differ from any other freelancer. This may be the price, the delivery, or even the relationship you build with the client. Whatever it is, it could be the defining factor in your freelance company name generation.

How will you sell/offer your service?

How do you plan on offering your service? Can your work be done from a laptop in your home office, or do you need to be physically present with your client? Whatever the answer is, think about the delivery of your service.

For example, if you offer a cake making service that is next day delivery, you could generate a freelance business name that incorporates your next day delivery process! It’s little things like that that could be the difference between your name sinking or swimming.

Use Freelance Business Name Generator

Of course, we all have our creative limits and sometimes, that creative juice just isn’t flowing. So, to help with your name generation block, try using Freelance Business Name Generator to find the perfect unique name that brings in clients and kick starts your freelancing empire!

Get a second opinion!

We all know that horrible feeling when something we think sounds great, is a total miss with our peers. So, make sure you collect a number of freelance business ideas to run past your friends and family to get a second opinion.

The more people’s opinions you get, the better as you’ll be able to gauge which names have potential, and which are dead in the water. Remember, you’ll be dealing with a number of different clients who have a lot of opinions, so get as many opinions as possible!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You should try to base your name on your service, but also make it as fun as possible. Have a play around with puns, acronyms and wordplay to see if you can come up with a clever name that sticks in people’s heads!

A freelancer refers to someone who is self-employed or isn’t employed by one fixed employer. They tend to offer a service to a wide range of clients.

A lot of people decide to name their business after their own names if they don’t feel like coming up with a freelance business name, but it’s good practise to try anyway. Clients are more likely to view you as a professional with a top-notch name!

A better way to view this is that contracts give you protection against being either ripped off or exploited by a client. A written and signed contract means that you are better protected from a legal standpoint if you or a client feels the need to ever take legal action against your service.

The beauty of freelancing is that you have the power to charge on your terms. As long as you set a realistic rate, you could be in to make a decent amount of money. On average, a freelancer makes around $24,000 a year in the United States.


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