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Complete Guide to Naming Your Freelance Business

Our freelance business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get freelance business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Freelance professionals benefit from the fact that they have a lot of freedom in terms of client selection and choosing the best work conditions. Doing effective branding, however, is of paramount importance. Freelance businesses compete on a global scale. If a certain professional isn’t capable of differentiating themselves in a specific way, they’ll find it incredibly difficult to gain access to new projects.

Effective branding in the field can be based on several things.

A freelancer who has specific skills (certifications, very specialised knowledge that others are missing) should make that fact known. The same applies to people who have many years of experience and a huge portfolio. Providing examples of actual work that has been completed for formal clients can win new customers over.

Freelance branding should never be based on cheap services. Clients who are looking for the lowest price possible aren’t the best target. Professionals who have knowledge and experience need to value their expertise. Otherwise, they’ll end up attracting the wrong type of customer that will potentially impede sustainable business development.

Demographic Interests

Depending on their area of specialisation, freelance companies can work with a wide array of clients. Usually, they appeal to small and medium-sized businesses that want to outsource aspects of the work process. Such businesses are looking for efficiency, expertise and a reasonable price to quality ratio.

Clients are open to testing services in order to make sure that the respective freelance company is the right one for the job. If the freelance professionals can deliver the expected outcome, customer loyalty is going to be high in the future. Former clients will usually return when additional work has to be done and they’ll also be willing to recommend freelance professionals who have handled a project well.

Building relationships with clients is the most essential aspect for the survival of a freelance business. Repeat customers offer reliability and profitability. Clients tend to value a personalised approach, good communication, honesty and effectiveness. If these requirements are met, they will not be interested in a switch to another service provider.

Competitor Name Analysis


This is an online platform aimed at connecting freelancers with customers. While the company isn’t a freelance business per se, it operates in the field and it has a pretty self-explanatory name.


A global design company that employs freelance professionals from all parts of the world. The name is derived from idea, speaking of the creative input that Ideo has in the execution of projects for its clients.

Apartment Therapy Media

The name tells you this business is an amalgamation of a medium and a home design company. Apartment Therapy Media employs freelance writers and its main topic of discussion is interior design. The name is a clever reference to the fact.


Yet another company that relies on freelancer input, Longreads is a storytelling platform that offers readers a wide selection of stories to choose among – from long-form journalism pieces to very deep reports and even short fiction stories.


The global media company has a name that’s an appropriate portmanteau from two relevant words – communication and broadcast.

Lending Tree

Lending Tree’s name is derived from the type of financial services the company offers and the structure of the loans. An online business that employs freelancers, Lending Tree provides a marketplace of lenders that clients can choose among.

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While many freelancers act as solo professionals, registering a company can take your income-generation efforts to the next level. You can easily establish your brand identity and the process isn’t going to be particularly expensive, at the same time, the investment will pay off in a short amount of time.

Think about a name that represents your skills and your brand in the best possible way. Our Business Name Generator will make it easy for you to explore multiple options and the variations that can be derived from one word or phrase. You’ll also get accurate information about domain name availability.

To begin the brainstorming process, try the following freelance-related phrases:














Creative brief


Work for hire






Freelance Business Name Inspiration

  1. Creative Design Solutions: freelancers offer services in a wide range of fields. If you’re a graphic or a computer designer, such a name will tell potential clients what to expect from you.
  2. The Free Writer: the name indicates that the writer is a freelance professional, plus the word “free” has additional positive connotations.
  3. Bullseye Content: a creative option for telling a client that you’re capable of writing highly targeted content.
  4. The Editorial Team: a cute name that’s suitable for a freelance group capable of offering clients thorough editorial services.
  5. We Develop: developers and software experts are known for working on a freelance basis. This name is suitable for such a business.
  6. SoloCrew Translation Services: a person who is the sole owner and professional in a company can benefit from the selection of a fun and original name like this one.
  7. Digital Nomads Allied: a rather generic name that could apply to a wide array of freelance professionals. For best results, it should be accompanied by a clever tagline.
  8. Illustrate Your Story: artists and illustrators often work on a freelance basis and they should definitely choose a relevant and catchy name.
  9. DotCom Pros: ideal for freelance teams that specialise in web-related areas like design, development and search engine optimisation.
  10. Inspired Writing: this name is pretty self-explanatory and it’s ideal for a copywriter or an author that runs a freelance business.

What Not to Name Your Freelance Business

If you choose to build a business rather than rely on your own name for the establishment of a freelance career, go for something creative. Your name’s + Writing isn’t the most outstanding business name out there.

Be very specific about what you do and what you offer clients. Whenever the business name doesn’t provide such information, you should accompany your title by a descriptive slogan. These two usually appear alongside each other, giving the client enough to decide whether they’re going to contact you.

Don’t copy the names that other freelance businesses have chosen (a slight variation isn’t ok either). You want to stand out, not be a bland copy of somebody else.

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