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Complete Guide to Naming Your Festival Business

Our festival business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get festival business name inspiration.

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Brand Goals & Target Market

Festival and event companies have a diversified range of responsibilities – from organising small and niche industry events to planning large rock festivals that see the attendance of 50,000 people or even more.

Branding and marketing in the field of festival organisation is about emphasising punctuality, flexibility and the full spectrum of activities that such a company has to deal with.

A breakthrough in the field can be difficult because the festival niche is a pretty saturated one. Branding should focus on standing out among industry representatives and also appealing to the crowd of festival goers. Accomplishing both through name selection and the establishment of the right brand identity is not an easy task.

To be successful, keep branding consistent throughout all communication channels. Statistics show that more than 32 million people will attend at least one festival in a given year. This interest has resulted in more festivals than ever before and having a distinctive voice (whether you’re advertising online or in a local newspaper) will make you immediately recognisable.

Demographic Interests

The range of festival goers is truly diversified. From young families with kids to senior citizens, everyone enjoys certain kinds of music and entertainment. The fact that festival tickets are available in an array of price ranges also means that the vast majority of people would be capable of affording an event or two per year, regardless of their income.

Festival goers in Europe fall mostly in the 21 to 25 age range. These people represent 29.2 per cent of all attendees. Those aged 18 to 20 follow – 20.6 per cent of festival goers. People in the 26 to 30 age range rank as the third biggest group of festival goers – 18.3 per cent of all attendees.

Hardcore fans of the respective band or entertainer typically represent only 20 per cent of the people who go to a festival. It’s also interesting to point out, however, that these loyal fans are much more likely than other attendees to spend more on the purchase of tickets and extras. These people are more likely to be male, in their 30s and having a stable source of income.

Moderate fans represent about 50 per cent of the audience and the other 30 per cent are casual festival goers. These are the people who attend one festival per year.

Competitor Name Analysis

Live Nation Entertainment

The company was originally called SFX Broadcasting and the name was derived from the initials of founder F.X. Silverman. A unit called SFX Live was eventually formed to market entertainment and festivals. Eventually, this unit was rebranded in Live Nation.

AEG Live

One of the biggest event and festival companies in the world, AEG Live has a name that’s an acronym for Anschutz Entertainment Group.


The New York-based event and marketing company has a name that’s inspired by the soundtrack of the 1976 movie by the same name.

Festival Republic

Possibly the biggest festival organiser in the UK, Festival Republic was previously known as Mean Fiddler Group. An acquisition in 2005 made the company focus much more on festival planning than on promotion, hence the name was changed.

Electricity Events

The event and festival planning company has an electrifying name (literally), which comes as a reference to the types of experiences visitors can expect.

Frontier Touring Company

One of Australia’s biggest concert and festival promoters, Frontier Touring has a name that refers to its specialty. The group organised its first tour in 1980 and its efforts in the field are still ongoing.


Choosing the right name for your festival business is all about your priorities and strengths. You can opt for something niche and specific or a more general name. Think about the types of events and festivals you plan to organise and make the choice on the basis of this consideration.

Our Business Name Generator will help you explore a number of creative options. On the practical side, you will also get information about domain name availability. To test its features, you may want to try the following festival-related words and phrases:




Rock concert

Electronic music



Front stage




All-day pass

Front of stage












Sound check

Festival Business Name Inspiration

  1. Acapella Events: acapella singing is the most difficult style because there’s no musical backup. Thus, a name like this one is indicative of a high level of professionalism.
  2. Rock the Night Promoters: the term rock the night has become the synonym of a wild party, a night to remember a lifetime. Thus, the name is an ideal choice for a festival planner.
  3. Hipster Fest: a company that aims to attract a more youthful audience to its events will benefit from a name like this one.
  4. On the Road Entertainment: essentially, this is what a festival is. The name tells potential clients this is a festival organiser without being direct in the title selection approach.
  5. Hot Beats: the name is a bit more generic and it is suitable for a wide array of companies in the music industry.
  6. FestiVista: the name is a bit more playful and it can help for the creation of an interesting backstory for the purpose of building the brand’s identity.
  7. Event Rebel: if you plan to support alternative and underground artists, a name that stands out and opposes the mainstream choices would be a good pick.
  8. Mammoth Events: the first word in the title is a synonym for large. It sounds good, it is relevant and it’s a bit more unusual than the standard pick.
  9. Lifetime Memories: a good festival leaves memories for a lifetime – precisely what this company’s name implies.
  10. Night Pulse: this name also provides some spectacular opportunities in terms of building a backstory and a brand identity.

What Not to Name Your Festival Business

While many of the large festival companies use acronyms and abbreviations in their name, you should avoid the approach. Remember that nobody knows who you are. In order to establish your position, you need a meaningful name that elicits an immediate response from the audience.

If you plan to focus on a certain type of festival, make sure that the name is reflective. Heavy metal fest promoters aren’t going to benefit from a title like Pink Pop events. Each genre has its phrases and terminology. Familiarise yourself with the lingo, if you want to speak to the right crowd.

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