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How To Name Your Festival Business

How To Name Your Festival Business

The music festival Coachella, although famously known for its array of star-studded music acts, is even more famously known for its name. When it comes to naming your festival business, you may ask: how do I come up with a show-stopping name? 

My name is Molly and I am here to guide you through a number of steps that teach you how to come up with the perfect festival business name. Our Festival Business Name Generator makes it easy for you to pick a name that suits you best, with no hassle or much effort! 

20 Festival Name Ideas

Below we have found 20 Festival business names by using our Festival Business Name Generator. Have a look at these great names and see if any catch your eye. 

  1. Annual Sin 
  2. Annual Wonderland 
  3. Boogie Horizon 
  4. Boogie Paradise 
  5. Danceex
  6. Dance Paradise 
  7. Festivscape 
  8. Festival Oasis 
  9. Fest Invasion 
  10. Fest Kingdom
  11. Fest VIP 
  12. Gala Jungle 
  13. Gala Temple
  14. Gigscape 
  15. Gig Glory 
  16. Midsummer Splendour  
  17. Music Dreamland 
  18. Music Heritage 
  19. Party Playground 
  20. Venue Beast 

20 More Festival Business Name Ideas

  1. Beatnik Summer Festival
  2. Acapella Events
  3. FestiVista
  4. Mammoth Festival
  5. Beerland Festival
  6. Event Rebel
  7. Night Pulse
  8. Sound Spirit Fest
  9. Xin Chao Food Festival
  10. HipFest
  11. Open Boat Fest
  12. Spread the Word
  13. Busket United
  14. Vintageer Events
  15. Craft Juice
  16. Moonlight Dance Festival
  17. Chill Vibez Music
  18. Summertime Sadness
  19. Seastar Fest
  20. Organicarden

Best Real-world Festival Business Names

Before coming up with your own festival business name, it’s good to take a look at names already out there. It’ll help you to scope out your competition, and will really make you think about what is in a successful business name. 

Below is a list of successful festival names, with explanations as to why they work so well. 


Tomorrowland is the leader of all dance festivals. Made up of huge main stages and lineups, it also pays attention to the small details.

The name gives a sense of magic, making you think of a musical wonderland when said out loud. Therefore, it really conveys itself as an event not to miss. 

Meadows in the Mountains

As the name suggests, Meadows in the Mountains is a music festival which takes place in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria. 

This name is straight to the point and customers know exactly what to expect. It also works great as the abbreviation MITM. Try to use abbreviations if your name sounds too long-winded; most of them sound snappy and catchy. 


This is the flagship festival of the iconic Cream brand, which became famous through its legendary club nights in Liverpool, UK. 

The name has a great link to festivals, whilst also conveying the brand’s origin. It’s also nice to say and is definitely more unique than the others. 

Fuji Rock

Fuji Rock usually attracts crowds topping 100,000 every year to the festival held in Naeba Ski Resort, Japan.

This name is successful as it mixes its geographical location with the type of music the festival has on offer. Try to consider this when coming up with your own name. 


This totally unique festival is set in a purpose-built wild-west town in the English countryside and incorporates carnival music and street performances. 

The name is also totally unique and references the busy setting of a festival along with the loud music on offer.

Unique Content for the Niche

When naming your festival business, it’s important for your customers to be aware that you are an events service, therefore you want your name to sound as unique and fun as possible! 

After all, you want to be selling as many tickets as possible, and your name will be the first thing that stands out to potential customers. 

When deciding on a name, think about whether your festival has a theme. Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What sort of festival is it?
  • Will there be music on offer?
  • Will there be special guests? 
  • What do you want your customers to gain from it? 

Once you have established more of a theme, it will be easier to create a business name. Try inputting some keywords into our Festival Name Generator to get started, and see what ideas are generated. 

5-Tips for creating unique Festival Business name ideas

1. Make It Stand Out

You’re looking for a festival business name; it has to make an impression! There are thousands of festivals out there, each one looking to attract as many customers as possible. Most festivals are classed as the ‘event of the year’, therefore you need something that stands out from the crowd. 

Use big and bold words, ones which connote fun, enjoyment, and spending time with your friends. The bigger the better! You want your festival to sound appealing and better than any other festival out there. Have a search for some words associated with parties or celebrating, and put them into our Festival Name Generator. 

2. Think About What Message You Want To Convey

As mentioned above, before deciding on a name, you must establish what sort of festival you are promoting to your audience. There is a range of different festivals out there, from music to food, so it is important to convey this through your name. It’ll make your audience know straight away what sort of festival you are promoting. 

  • Food festivals need to sound appealing and represent what sorts of foods are on offer.
  • Music festivals need to sound entertaining and energetic in order to sell tickets to big crowds.
  • Art festivals may want to sound cooler and edgier, appealing to a completely different audience. 

Once you have established what sort of festival you are conveying (which should be pretty easy), come up with some keywords that link to your theme. For example, if you are promoting a music festival, brainstorm some words that you associate with ‘music’ and ‘sounds’. Then, pop these into our Festival Name Generator. 

3. Get Feedback

Before moving forward straight away with a name that you love, it is worth getting feedback from other people to ensure that the name makes sense to them. Avoid going to friends and family for advice as they may want to please you no matter how good or bad the name is. 

Ask them questions about a few different name options and how they relate to your business. If there is one particular name that has more positive feedback than the rest, then keep note of it as it is probably a top contender. 

Remember, everyone has different opinions, so don’t get down if a name you love isn’t well-received by a minority of people. 

4. Check For Domain Availability

Once you have found a name that you love, make sure that you check for its domain availability. The last thing you want to happen is to have finally come up with something you think is unique for it to actually already exists with a current festival business. 

You can do a quick Business Name Search online to find out if your name is available in your country/state. Or, use our Festival Business Name Generator to instantly find or register any domain you are after. 

Try to search for potential usernames on social media channels too. If you can find your own unique username and website URL, this will make it easier for customers to find you and your business. 

5. Use Our Festival Business Name Generator

Hopefully, these tips have come in useful if you’re looking to name your own festival business. We would like to remind you about our Festival Business Name Generator one more time, as it is the perfect tool when curating a list of potential business names. 

Try to come up with around 5-10 different keywords that relate to festivals. Once you have come up with your list, type them one by one into our event name generator, and sit back and relax as we do the work! You will find dozens of different name options using the words you have specified. 

Although not all of them will appeal to you, we are confident that there will be a handful of successful festival business name options to pick from. 

Have a try of our generator above and see for yourself! 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Start by brainstorming potential name ideas. It is important to get feedback on your ideas and to see whether your names actually appeal to customers or not.

Leave it until later, Dare to be different, Keep it short and sweet , Use initials and abbreviations

First, try to think of some synonyms for the word carnival. Some options include: Carousal, Circus, Fair, Festival, Gala, Jamboree


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