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Complete Guide to Naming Your Fabrication Business

Our fabrication business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get fabrication business name inspiration.

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Brand Goals & Target Market

Fabrication is a specialised, value-added process that necessitates expertise and the use of the right equipment. Your business offers a service that few are capable of providing. This is why you have to establish a strong brand and work hard to advertise yourself, your knowledge and skills.

Fabrication is about manufacturing. Put emphasis on your portfolio and the tools you rely on to give clients the unique outcome they’re hoping for.

In essence, you have to emphasise your capabilities that make you better than the competition. Do you offer pre-construction metal fabrication services? Can you work on custom welding projects? Or maybe structural steel fabrication, heavy fabrication, rolling and forming? These are your strengths, the ones you should be letting potential customers know about. Since you’re addressing entities that are already familiar with the field and what each service entails, you can confidently highlight those strengths without worrying about sounding too obscure.

Demographic Interests

If your company has been in business for some time now, you have a pretty good idea about the types of customers you’re capable of attracting. Drawing on past experience, it’s easy to put together a detailed profile of the clients looking for metal fabrication assistance.

Fabrication companies typically work in the field of B2B service provision. They partner up with construction companies, infrastructural project executors and other entities that may have a need for stainless steel or metal fabrication.

In very few limited instances, such businesses could also interact with B2C clients.

The type of customer will be determining for the scope and the value of the order. B2B clients are the ones likely to have more specific and larger needs that will pay more. Handling such projects, however, will necessitate a certain resource so that the entire order could be completed on time.

Competitor Name Analysis

Metallum Industries

The name provides a clear indication of the fact that the company specialises in the field of metal fabrication and work.

Griffiths Metal Products

While the name is far from the most creative rendition of the theme, it sets clear expectations and tells potential clients what types of services they’ll find.

Factory Direct – Custom Metal Structures

A longer name that’s not a prime example in terms of memorability, this one features all of the important terms and characteristics a client could be seeking for in the field of fabrication.

Vinnie’s Italian Art Ironworks

Since this business offers metal fabrications to B2C clients, the approach towards name selection could be a bit more frivolous. This company specialises in fences, gates and residential metal fabrications.

Steel Masters

This name isn’t as straightforward and conservative as some of the other entries in the list but it still establishes authority right from the start.

Creative Iron Designs

Another company that is targeting B2C clients and that has chosen to put emphasis on creativity and the beauty of the final product.


Choosing a good name for a fabrication company is far from an easy task. You need a name that sounds serious and reputable. At the same time, you have to avoid the boring clichés in the industry. Accomplishing both with a single phrase will necessitate a lot of hard work.

Use our Business Name Generator to power your brainstorming session. Explore different relevant phrases and their variations. Information about domain name availability will be provided to facilitate strategic planning even further.

To get started, you may want to explore the following fabrication-related words and phrases:


Metal fabrication

Stainless steel fabrication


Laser cutting



Full-service fabrication



Press brake


Gauge metals



Carbon steel

Component fabrication


Light structural steel





Tube bending

Fabrication Business Name Inspiration

  1. Metal Gods: the name is a reference to heavy metal (and a specific song in the genre) and it’s a playful attempt to stray from the standard approach towards fabrication company name selection.
  2. WeWeld: a clean and precise fabrication company name that also has a current and fresh format (enabling excellent branding opportunities).
  3. Custom Precision Fabrication: a name that is mostly suitable for a representative of the B2B field. While far from highly creative, this name establishes clear expectations from the start.
  4. The Fabrication Shop: another name that’s a bit more generic and that can be utilised by an array of fabrication and metal work companies.
  5. Wrought Iron Masterpieces: if you work on a specific kind of products or you’re particularly good with a certain material, you have to let potential clients know.
  6. The Welding Pros: the name also has a more frivolous tone but it still maintains the area of specialisation and the professional qualities of the team.
  7. FabriCrafters: a portmanteau of fabrication and craft, the name tells potential clients what the company does and it also focuses on an important positive characteristic – craftiness.
  8. Industrial Fabrication Pros: the name is suitable for a company that specialises in the field of B2B fabrication and that wants to have a more authoritative title that demands respect.
  9. Millennium Welding: when done right, good welding should last a very long time. The title refers to this characteristic of high quality work.
  10. IronWorx: while this name may seem like an obvious choice, it still possesses a degree of playfulness that will give the branding and marketing teams a lot to work with.

What Not to Name Your Fabrication Business

Do not use your own name if you plan to attract large B2B clients. Joe’s Fabrication Company does not sound like the name of a business capable of handling large orders.

Location is also irrelevant, regardless of the fact you will be working mostly with local clients. Adding location to the title of the company takes away from its catchiness and the emphasis on your biggest strengths.

While using industry jargon and professional terminology is fine in the field, avoid abbreviations and acronyms. In order to be successful, these have to be widely understood and accepted – a fact that will be difficult to fulfil in the field of metal fabrication.

Finally, do not go for the obvious. The Metal Fabrication Company is one such choice and although the name is on point, it’s incredibly boring. Try to feature at least one of your strengths or the values that you believe in when naming your business.

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