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Complete Guide to Naming Your Digital Business

Our digital business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get digital business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Digital companies have to communicate a specific set of values to potential customers. These values include strategic thinking, originality, a creative approach towards the selection of the best digital strategy and personalization to address the specific needs of a client. When choosing a name, you have to think about these inherent values and enable potential customers to make the connection right away.

Demographic Interests

Digital companies typically work with B2B customers. The range of clients can vary from startups that are looking for a cost-efficient solution to large corporations interested in adding digital to their marketing mix.

Potential clients are interested in innovative marketing opportunities. Some may be looking at them in an attempt to establish a business as a pioneer and a trend-setter. Others may be looking for digital solutions due to the cost-efficiency of such advertising and communication opportunities.

Competitor Name Analysis

Disruptive Advertising

The term disruptive advertising refers to unexpected, breakthrough promotion. This company has chosen the industry jargon because of the implied meaning and let’s face it – because it sounds cool.

Ignite Visibility

The name gives potential customers of this digital agency an idea about what the professionals could do for them, namely, maximize their visibility.

Pound and Grain

The Canadian digital agency chose a convoluted name (their explanation is that a pound was used in the past by apothecaries to mix recipes and one pound features 5,760 grains). Just like apothecaries had to look at both the big picture and the very little details, digital agencies have to be strategic but they also need to pay attention to tiny elements that shape up a campaign.


One of the most prominent digital agencies from the Middle East is called langoor after a certain type of monkey. The word is also a colloquialism for crazy – a reflection of the approach that digital professionals sometimes have to adopt to deliver breakthrough campaigns.

Lead to Conversion

This is a more straightforward name that gives the potential customer a good idea about what to expect from the interaction with the digital agency.

Organik SEO

This digital agency has chosen a great wordplay for its name that’s further reinforced by the company logo. In the world of digital, organic means results accomplished that are achieved without paying for advertising (organic vs. paid Google results). At the same time, the company wants to put emphasis on a business that’s sustainable aimed at positively impacting other businesses.

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If you’re stuck and you are in need of some ideas about how to name your business, you may want to give our Business Name Generator a try. It will give you thousands of suitable ideas and you can also check domain availability – hitting two birds with one stone!

When brainstorming, you may want to choose industry-relevant keywords and organize those by sub-genre.

If you have a SEO digital company, for example, you may be looking at phrases like whitehat, organic, quick results, conversion and ROI to add to the name of your business. A company that creates thorough digital strategies on the other hand may be looking at more general keywords like leads, prospects, sales funnel, digital channels, strategy, content marketing, website development, etc.

Some industry-relevant words worth exploring include the following:



social media marketing



smart technology

artificial intelligence

big data








online business





Digital Business Name Inspiration

  1. Digital Architects: the word architect is associated with planning, a creative vision and construction. Hence, it can work particularly well in the digital realm.
  2. HighEnd Digital: if you’re looking for a name that’s indicative of exclusivity and sophistication, this one may be a good choice for your digital agency.
  3. Beyond Imagination: digital companies often have to carry out creative and innovative campaigns for their customers. The name is a top pick if creative is your main area of focus.
  4. Your Lead Generation Company: using “your” in the name of a business quickly suggests that the solution offered to customers is going to be tailored. The rest is self-explanatory.
  5. Text & Visual: digital campaigns can either be text or visual-based. A company that has such a name tells clients it can do both.
    High ROI Systems: the one thing that clients are going for when choosing digital services is a high return on investment.
  6. Ideaholics: this is yet another slightly more creative and abstract name that would be perfect for a digital marketing agency.
  7. Digital Upgrade: the term “upgrade” in the name of the agency shows that the digital marketing efforts will be taken to the next level.
  8. Brave New World: digital is all about innovation and attempting to find both channels/strategic approaches that will produce better and unexpected results.
  9. Creative Colors: this name is yet again putting emphasis on the creativity and it also is indicative of a visual marketing approach.

What Not to Name Your Digital Business

Staying away from names that sound similar to those of dozens of other digital marketing agencies can be difficult. Still, you may want to avoid some of the common words and phrases (especially if a close competitor carries a similar name). Leverage Marketing may be a name that reflects exactly what you do but building a brand with such a name will be a nearly impossible task.

Unless you do local optimization, you may want to avoid a location-based name. Digital agencies can partner up with clients from all parts of the world – don’t limit yourself by opting for an overly localized name.

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