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How To Name Your Creative Agency Business

Creative agencies play a pivotal role throughout the media, communications, and advertisement industries. As a business owner, your company may be responsible for developing innovative brands and marketing content, so your creative agency name must lead by example.

As you read on, you can expect to find a detailed competitor analysis along with our helpful step guide on how to name your creative agency, plus top tips.

Our creative agency business name generator will act as your primary source of inspiration as we show you how to utilize it according to your preferences.

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Updated Aug 25, 2021

20 Creative Agency Business Name Ideas

The creative agency business name generator is incredibly useful to anyone seeking inspiration. We used the agency name generator to devise a list of 20 creative agency names to show you a glimpse of what you could achieve:

  1. Muse Agency
  2. Agencyworks
  3. Visionary Vault
  4. Baseline Branding
  5. Creative Urbane
  6. Core Content Production
  7. Inspire Intelligence
  8. Creatology
  9. Creative Synergy
  10. Prominent Advertisement
  1. Daydream Production
  2. Prominent Advertisement
  3. Virtual Strive Agency
  4. The Productive Portal
  5. Creatify
  6. Pocket Performance
  7. Colorway Creative Agency
  8. Capitol Creations
  9. Purebred Production
  10. Virtual Fibre Advertisement

20 More Creative Agency Name Ideas

  1. Performance Productive
  2. Pure Harvest
  3. Expression Production
  4. Activate Vision
  5. Virtual Thinking Agency
  6. Inspire Original Agency
  7. Creative Intelligence
  8. Abstract Expression
  9. Creative Genius
  10. Creative Imagination
  1. The Productive People
  2. Talent Output
  3. New Creative Production
  4. Virtual Energies
  5. Inspire Solutions
  6. Vision Production
  7. Virtual Expression Agency
  8. Advancing Performance
  9. Vision Creative
  10. Creative Force

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Best Real-world Creative Agency Business Names

We recommend you take an essential step in the early stages of naming your creative agency business to analyze your competitors’ titles. Before we get started, here are some pointers to bear in mind throughout a competitor analysis:

  • Consider the company’s target audience and why the name may appeal to them?
  • Check whether the company has customized the spelling or included any symbols
  • Take note of words you regularly see in creative agency names -ask yourself, are they overused?
  • Look into whether a name holds a more profound meaning
  • Consider how you feel when you see these names

Remember, every name is open to unique interpretation. Try to note down any powerful emotions a particular name may evoke.

Real-world Creative Agency Names

We have looked into the names of successful creative agencies from around the world. Together, we can depict how the company obtained this name and analyze why it works well.

Citizen Group Logo

Citizen Group

The name of this creative agency was derived from its core mission of becoming a ‘citizen brand’ lead by a group of senior partners who specialize in an array of areas.

The term ‘citizen’ directly addresses potential clients and suggests it prioritizes their needs.

Manifesto Agency Logo

Manifesto Agency

The authentic brand-building creative agency carries an extremely brandable name that the agency can use thematically throughout the business.

The concept of branding links to the term ‘Manifesto,’ commonly recognized as a public declaration that lays out an individual’s intentions and policies -just like a brand!

Omnicom Logo


As one of the largest creative agencies in the world, the Omnicom Group Incorporated is the parent company of 3 leading subsidiaries.

Our interpretation of the name distinguishes a hybridization of the words Omniscient, meaning all-knowing, and Communications, relevant to the area of expertise.

The name is appealing and very unique to the company. The spelling and pronunciation when spoken aloud are rhythmic, helping the title to stand out.

Interpublic (Group of Companies) Logo

Interpublic (Group of Companies)

The creative agency primarily specializes in advertisements. When referred to using its long-form, the name is abbreviated to IPG, which is short and easy to remember.

The name suggests that it is in amongst the action of the public, meaning advertisements will be well rooted in a substantial audience. The word ‘Group’ also promotes a sense of togetherness that may be attractive to a client.

ThreeSixtyEight Logo


This creative industry decided to eliminate the use of spaces that helps the name stand out. The name was authentically derived from the physical distance between the two initial offices.

The name represents the unity of the team working together, ‘separated only by 368 feet’. This is a prime example of a creative agency incorporating its core beliefs into the name.

Five steps to naming your creative agency business

As a creative agency, you can be slightly more lenient on the way you customize your name as opposed to more conventional corporations. To achieve this also requires innovative thinking and a creative flare.

If you’re struggling to get started, continue on to our detailed step guide on how to name your creative business agency effectively.

1. Find keywords

Modern creative agencies tend to focus on one visionary area of speciality or offer a package of creative tools.

As you may have noticed in our list of 20 examples from the creative agency business name generator, we used the following keywords:

  • Visionary
  • Performance
  • Create
  • Virtual
  • Production
  • Inspire

To get you started, we have outlined popular areas of expertise with three keywords to signify them:

  • Marketing: campaigns, growth, strategy
  • Branding: visibility, design, identity
  • Advertisement: communications, optimization, digital

2. Use the creative agency business name generator

Enter each keyword into the creative agency business name generator for ideas on how to customize your words. Don’t forget to save options you like the look of on the site.

Using the ‘Name’ tab to filter your options, adjust the word placement to expand your range of options.

If you’re hoping to maintain a short and snappy name, you can reduce the character count of 2-15+ and tick ‘One Word,’ -just remember to untick the rhythmic option.

3. Select your top three

Your third task involves shortlisting your ideas. Aim to select three or four creative agency names that truly reflect your business and the service you offer.

Instinctively, you may be tempted to opt for the names you others may like the best. While this is important, it’s essential to consider options that show individuality.

As you examine every possible name on your list, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want my business to be associated with this name long-term?
  • Does the name convey our mission?
  • Does the name include overused words or clichés?
  • What does this name remind me of?

4. Conduct market research

Now you have your shortlisted creative agency names; it’s time to ask your target market what they think.

Reconnect with previous clients or coworkers that have an understanding of the service you are hoping to provide.

You may also consider asking possible clients to help them feel valued. Doing this can also help you build a community around your business in the early stages.

Market research questions

Before you ask for feedback, prepare a collection of open-ended questions. Here are a few examples:

  • What first comes to mind when you hear this name?
  • How would you spell it?
  • What product or service do you think the name signifies?
  • Does this appeal to you, and if so, why?

5. Check availability

We have now reached the final stage of the creative agency naming process. However, this is arguably one of the most vital steps.

Since most creative agencies operate digitally, it is essential to check whether your intended domain name is available. Consider eliminating taken options rather than customizing them further as your name may lose value.

You will also need to check that you have not included any Trademarked words or phrases. Any options that feature Trademarked words will need to be crossed off.

4-Tips for creating unique Creative Agency Business name ideas

Unique creative agency business names can help you stand out from the crowd and entice a more significant number of clients to enlist your services.

Keep the following tips in mind as you go through each stage of the naming process.

1. Think outside the box

As you enter the creative industry with an independent business, you’ll want your name to reflect your creativity. This means you can play around with unique spelling, word structure, and even conjoin words.

The marketing agency name generator is an excellent tool for anyone looking to blend words seamlessly. Here are some examples:

  • Creatology
  • Agencyworks
  • Virtuscape

Try to steer clear of following current trends that may lose their relevance in the near future. As you review possible creative agency names, ask yourself whether it is still applicable in 5 years.

2. Be memorable

A unique creative agency business name is more likely to stick in the mind of possible clients. Those that remember your name are more likely to return to your company, recommend your service to a friend, and engage with you on social platforms.

The upcoming pointers can help you curate a memorable creative agency name:

  • Use alliteration and rhythmic word combinations (Baseline Branding or Prominent Advertisement)
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Ensure it is easy to say, hear, and speak

3. Consider acronyms

Many successful companies such as WPP Group or IGP abbreviate their names if they are too long.

Using acronyms could be a great way to name your business if your intended name is too long. However, try to be mindful of these points:

  • As with the regular naming process, try to use letters that sound rhythmic or alliterative when spoken aloud
  • Try to condense your acronym to 3 letters

4. Select a brandable creative agency business name

For many creative agencies, branding will be the number one selling point. Therefore, it is essential that the business name is well-established and branded effectively to reflect the skill.

Brandable business names are typically nonsensical but are read and pronounced well. They regularly feature the letter pattern of Vowel/Consonant/Vowel as these words are often short and snappy.

Frequently Asked Questions

To further your understanding of naming a creative agency business, we have delved into some frequently asked questions.

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