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The Conference Company

While the name of this prominent South African business in the field isn’t the most creative one, it instantly tells potential clients what The Conference Company Specializes in.

Congress Compnay

Similar to the first entry in the list, Congress Company emphasizes its primary area of expertise. This is a full-service professional congress organization business from The Netherlands and it has certification in various aspects of the process.

Event Dynamics

Event Dynamics from South Africa has adopted a somewhat more creative branding approach without going overboard. The term “event” is still in the core of the brand. Dynamics is a positive word linked to movement, innovation and development.

GP Destination Management

A conference company from Spain, GP Destination Management highlights the fact that it previously operated as a travel and entertainment industry – it is what all amateur actors want.

Details Event Planning

The US-based conference and corporate event planning company prides itself in the fact that it takes a personalized approach to every single client interaction and pays attention to all of the important details.

Events + Style

San Diego’s Events + Style has adopted a slightly more frivolous approach towards the selection of the brand’s name. Still, the combination of the two words tells what the brand specializes in and what its biggest strength is.

Meeting Makers

The professional conference organizer from the UK has adopted a straightforward and effective branding approach.

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Marketing Strategy & Useful
Advertising Terminology

Good marketing strategies in the field focus on the company’s ability to organize any niche or specific industry conference on the basis of client specifications. Sometimes, these specifications will be challenging due to niche preferences or industry specifics. Companies that have experience in such niche conferences should definitely highlight the experience in their advertising materials.

A conference brand name usually follows corporate logic. There isn’t a lot of room for creativity, unless the business caters to the needs of specific clients (within the art or film industry, for example). Straightforward emphasis on areas of experience are typically most suitable. If the company is the brainchild of an experienced corporate event planner, the founder’s name could also be included in the brand.

Some of the most prominent advertising terms in the field include specialized, industry-specific, niche conference, corporate event, comprehensive planning, event management solutions, professional, punctual, specialized, leadership, knowledge, innovation, traditional, sophisticated, industry-wide, international, keynote, one of a kind.

Clientele & Interests

Conference organization companies work exclusively with B2B customers. Usually, their clients are large businesses, industry leaders and international corporations that have the resources to organize a conference.

A conference is different from another type of corporate summit because it typically features a larger number of attendees, speakers and activities for the participants. Organization is of paramount importance for a successful conference, which is why a professional in the field will always be required.

Conference companies follow certain rules when working with their customers. Clients have highly specific requirements when it comes to conference planning, which is why meticulous strategizing and understanding of the client’s specific preferences happen to be so important.

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