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How To Name Your Conference Business

If you have come here, you’re probably looking to set up a conference business and are looking for memorable and catchy names to brand your conference business and get the clients interested!

The world of conferences has evolved drastically in the past few months, meaning innovation and entrepreneurial skills are desperately needed!

If you’re looking for a way to brand your innovative new conference business, why not check out our conference business name generator and find some distinctive and catchy names for your brand.

This article is intended to help you in the process of choosing your conference business name, from concept to fully-formed creation. I’m Alex, and I will be your guide on your journey to a fantastic conference business name.

20 Conference Business Name Ideas

20 Conference Business Name Ideas

Business names are all about memorability. Here are twenty conference business name ideas that I found when I used our conference business name generator along with words associated with conference business!

  1. Conferencepad
  2. Meeting Bastion
  3. Meeting Encore
  4. Dynamic Meeting
  5. Share Conference
  6. Forum Global
  7. Pursuit Meeting
  8. Associate Global
  9. Master Meeting
  10. Assembly Global
  11. Forumx
  12. System Conference
  13. Meetingify
  14. Dial Meeting
  15. Horizon Conference
  16. Source Conference
  17. Nurture Conference
  18. Together Conference
  19. Forumscape
  20. Operation Meeting

20 More Conference Business

  1. The Annual
  2. The Expert Conference
  3. Scholar’s Conference
  4. Capstone Conference
  5. Interstate Conference
  6. Allstar Conference
  7. Build Your Base
  8. Conference Creativity
  9. Prose And Pros
  10. Discuss Success
  11. Point Presentation
  12. Preach Your Pitch
  13. Breaking Bounds
  14. Banquets And More
  15. Conference Construct
  16. The Jewel Conference
  17. Healthy Blossom
  18. Diversity Conferences
  19. Millennial Conference
  20. Conference Circus

Best Real-world Conference Business Names

Best Real-world Conference Business Names

If you’ve had a go with our conference business name generator and you’re still stuck, take a look at these real-world examples of good conference business names and take some of their ideas back to our conference name generator!

We’ve gathered what we think are some fantastic conference business names and analyzed them for you to browse below.


This clever world play combines ‘event’ with ‘adventurous’, making the reader understand the innovation and adventurousness of this conference business.

Beginning in 1989, this company has engaged people in inspiring places in a truly adventurous way! The brand name lets people know what the company does and informs them that their strategy might be a little more fun and innovative than other brands.

The words they have chosen associate the brand with being different, meaning clients will pick up on that too. They have also smashed two words together to create a new word! This is a great way for you to make your business name unique!

The Events Company

Now, this name isn’t going to win awards for creativity but you know exactly what this company does, right? With a simple and obvious name, The Events Company makes it very obvious what they’re doing and selling.

Don’t shy away from simple names like this. Sometimes simplicity is better than an overcomplicated name and it really does pay to let the world know what you’re going to do for them.


Founded in 1993, Speakeasy plays on the word for a hidden and illicit bar that came about during prohibition and the words ‘speak’ and ‘easy.’ This clever wordplay where the initial thought invokes images of prohibition-era bars is actually referencing the ease with which the company organizes events filled with speakers and talks of interest.

‘Speak’ is a word associated with conferences. With speakers, lectures, and talks, conferences are all about speaking. ‘Easy’ is a word associated with the brand. They want people to know just how easy working with them will be and how much they can do for you.

International Event Management

Another simple name and usually shortened to IEM, this brand name tells you where and what they do. You know from reading that these events are going to happen worldwide. Again, not too creative, but to the point, able to be shortened, and tells you exactly what is going on.

Don’t shy away from acronyms. If your brand name is relatively long, opt for using an acronym too. Your brand can be easily associated with both the full name and the acronym.

In Conference

And finally, another simple name. In Conference, a Scotland-based company uses its brand name to tell you what its brand is all about. “In conference with…” appears the intended inspiration and invokes images of large conferences.

Simple, to the point, and effective, this brand name is easy to remember and lets you know what you will be getting from this business.

Unique Content for the Niche

In all our research on conference business names, the overriding theme appears simple. Telling your clients what you’re doing and where you are doing it. Some clever world play is used but overall, the theme is straightforward and uncomplicated names.

Telling your clients from the off what exactly you’re going to be providing them with is great in the fast-paced environment of the business world. No one has the time to be googling your brand name to find out what exactly it is you do. Your name should be to-the-point, easy to remember, and informative.

Choose words associated with conference business and keep to fewer words. Don’t shy away from acronyms if you opt for a longer name and be sure to convey what your business is going to do for the client.

5-Tips for creating unique Conference Business name ideas

As we move further on in this guide, you’re probably itching to get going on your own conference business name! Our conference business name generator is ready and raring to bring you a whole range of fantastic names for your business, but before you shoot off, why not check out our five tips for creating unique conference business names.

With these handy tips, you’ll be ready to create a memorable and distinctive conference business name in no time! Take a look below and get started now using our meeting name generator.

1. Word association

In the world of conference business, there is a range of words that can be associated with a conference business brand. Take some time to think up as many as possible, write them down, and note which ones you associate most with your brand.

Go niche and pick out words that are unique to your business style. Are you a global brand? Do you want to make the process smooth and simple? Are you interested in specific conference types? These niche words are great to start plugging into our conference name generator.

2. Limit the words

In the quick-moving world of corporate conferences, no one has the time to be reading out your ten-word-long brand name. Think about the words you’re using, and how many you choose. Make it easy to remember, and if it needs to be a longer name, then make it an acronym.

Plenty of conference businesses use acronyms for their brand name, though you need to ensure people can still understand what your business is about!

3. Discuss the name

After you’ve brainstormed and come up with a few ideas, with the help of our meeting name generator, of course, start chatting to people about it. Ask people if they feel it works, do they know what the brand is offering, and is it working with your business style!

You will probably think your ideas are great, but remember that other people are your target clients. Get chatting about your conference business name and if it’s not as positive as you hoped, log back onto our conference name generator and start tweaking.

4. Check it’s not in use!

Once you’re starting to find names you like, the next step is to check they’re available! There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a name for your conference business and then finding out someone else is using it! Do a quick google search and a domain name search to ensure the name is free for the taking!

5. Use the generator

Our conference business name generator is a really great resource for finding ideas for your conference business name. It can suggest a whole range to you, giving you ideas that you can blend and merge to create your own unique brand name. A conference theme generator can really aid you on your journey to a new business name.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Think about what your company is going to offer and where it is going to offer it. Use simple terms that are memorable but to the point. Your name doesn’t need to be over complicated and should let your clients know exactly what it is you’re going to offer them.

Catchy business names can be anything from an alliterative three words to an acronym. Using language features, like rhyming, can help to make business names more catchy and make them more memorable. Choose fun words, or make up your own, to help customers remember your brand name! Using a conference theme generator to create names is a great place to start.


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