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How to Name Your Catering Company

The name of your catering business is as crucial as the flavors you create. It’s your  summary of your culinary style, and a vital part of your business identity. To help you get started here are six top tips to name your catering company. 


Market Analysis

Look into your consumer preferences and trends within the catering industry. Keep a close eye on what’s popular, what’s fading out, and what has a timeless appeal. This knowledge will help you understand catering industry keywords to include in your business name. 


Culinary Expertise

If your catering business has a specialty, such as Italian cuisine, vegan delights, or gourmet seafood, consider including it in your brand name. This helps to distinguish you from your competitors and shows customers what they can expect from your food. 


Sticky Brand Name 

Whether you do wedding catering or corporate events, you want people to recommend your catering business. So, go for a name that’s unique, catchy and memorable. Your word-of-mouth recommendations will thank you later. Ask your target customers for feedback to see how the name goes down. 


Creative Word Play 

Food is something people associate with celebrating and having fun. Try employing techniques like alliteration and rhyme to your name, for example “Sizzling Service” or “Munch and Brunch” to be creative and playful in your catering brand name. 

Avoid Trendy Terms

Avoid Trendy Terms

While it’s tempting to use current slang or trends in your catering company name, these can date your business name in the long term. Aim to go for a timeless name that will stand the test of time. This will help avoid costly rebrands in the near future. 


Legal Checks 

Before finalizing your business name, make sure to check if the name is already in use, trademarked, or has any legal constraints. This step is important to make sure the name is uniquely your brand name. 

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Catering Business Name Ideas

It can be hard to know where to start with your catering business name. We’ve created 40 ideas using our Catering Business Name Generator.

Tiffin Service Name Ideas

Whether you specialize in homemade meals, health-conscious options, or gourmet cuisine, the right name can set your service apart in a competitive market. Here are some creative tiffin service name ideas:

1. TastyTiffin
2. FreshFare
3. MealMagic
4. TiffinTime
5. DelightDishes
6. GourmetBox
7. DailyBites
8. FlavorBox
9. HomeFeast
10. PureMeals
11. NutriBox
12. SavoryServe
13. MealMate
14. FreshPlate
15. TiffinTreats
16. WholesomeBite
17. HappyTiffin
18. DailyDelights
19. Chef’s Tiffin
20. MealJoy

Unique Catering Name Ideas

Whether you specialize in gourmet cuisine, corporate events, or intimate gatherings, the right name can help your company stand out. Below are 20 unique catering name ideas for your inspiration.

1. GourmetGalore
2. ElegantEats
3. CulinaryCreations
4. DelightfulDishes
5. SavoryAffair
6. PremierPlates
7. FlavorFusion
8. ExquisiteEvents
9. TastyTouch
10. EpicureanElegance
11. PurelyCatering
12. LuxCater
13. DivineDine
14. FlavorFeast
15. SupremeServings
16. ChicCatering
17. HarmonyHosts
18. PalatePleasures
19. UrbanGourmet
20. FreshFare

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