Catering Business Name Generator Guide & Ideas

Generate names for your catering company.

1. Choose Your Catering Business Name Keywords

Pick some super catering-connected keywords for our generator tool to work with.

2. Get Catering Business Name Ideas

You’ll get a long list of name ideas, based on the words you entered. Use filters to cut the list down and focus on the best names.

3. Select Catering Business Names

Save some names, check their domain name availability, and then launch your brand.

Advantages of Our Catering Company Name Generator

Screenshot of How to use our Catering Business Name Generator

Catering business name suggestions
Generates an extensive list of creative names for your catering service within moments.

Design tools 
Access to user-friendly tools to secure a  unique logo that complements your business name.

Check out domain names 
Verifies if your chosen business name has an accessible domain to develop your business online. 

Safeguard your brand name 
Offers assistance in securing a trademark to protect your brand identity. 

Evaluate the best name ideas 
Save and evaluate your preferred business names for informed decision-making.

Extra tips 
Valuable tips to help you select the perfect name for your catering venture.

Top Tips

How to Name Your Catering Company

The name of your catering business is as crucial as the flavors you create. It’s your  summary of your culinary style, and a vital part of your business identity. To help you get started here are six top tips to name your catering company. 


Market Analysis

Look into your consumer preferences and trends within the catering industry. Keep a close eye on what’s popular, what’s fading out, and what has a timeless appeal. This knowledge will help you understand catering industry keywords to include in your business name. 


Culinary Expertise

If your catering business has a specialty, such as Italian cuisine, vegan delights, or gourmet seafood, consider including it in your brand name. This helps to distinguish you from your competitors and shows customers what they can expect from your food. 


Sticky Brand Name 

Whether you do wedding catering or corporate events, you want people to recommend your catering business. So, go for a name that’s unique, catchy and memorable. Your word-of-mouth recommendations will thank you later. Ask your target customers for feedback to see how the name goes down. 


Creative Word Play 

Food is something people associate with celebrating and having fun. Try employing techniques like alliteration and rhyme to your name, for example “Sizzling Service” or “Munch and Brunch” to be creative and playful in your catering brand name. 

Avoid Trendy Terms

Avoid Trendy Terms

While it’s tempting to use current slang or trends in your catering company name, these can date your business name in the long term. Aim to go for a timeless name that will stand the test of time. This will help avoid costly rebrands in the near future. 


Legal Checks 

Before finalizing your business name, make sure to check if the name is already in use, trademarked, or has any legal constraints. This step is important to make sure the name is uniquely your brand name. 

Get Inspired

20 Catering Business Name Ideas

It can be hard to know where to start with your catering business name. We’ve created 20 ideas using our Catering Business Name Generator. 

  • Blissful Bites Catering
  • Gourmet Gatherings
  • Culinary Canvas Catering
  • Delightful Dishes
  • Savory Soirees
  • Piquant Platters
  • Feast & Fêtes
  • Nourish & Flourish Catering
  • Ambrosial Affairs
  • Flavor Fiesta Catering
  • Elegant Eats
  • Heavenly Hosts Catering
  • Palate Pleasers
  • Gastronomy Galore
  • Banquet Bliss Catering
  • Tasteful Table
  • Spice Symphony Catering
  • Mingle & Munch
  • Catering Chronicles
  • Aroma Artisans

The Best Catering Company Names

We’ve looked at five caterers’ names to see what tactics they use to name their catering businesses. From family connections, to quality and value for 

Catering Business Name Why It works
Brother 2 Brother CateringThey use connotations of strong family traditions when it comes to food preparation and recipes.
Creative Edge PartiesThe keywords of “creative” and “parties” are especially important here, as they denote not only that this business likes to get involved in the planning and creative part of catering. 
DJ’s California CateringThis company lets you know where they are primarily located, but the inclusion of “DJ” refers to both a founder’s name and this catering business’s ability to bring the party to you.
Elegant AffairsNot only are you reminded of luxury, but also the pampering experience that comes with hiring a catering business to take care of the food for you.
Herban FeastWhen you hire a catering company, getting what you pay for is a large part of the consideration. And a company that has “feast” in its name certainly seems like a good bang for your buck! 
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