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2. Get Catering Business Name Ideas

You’ll get a long list of name ideas, based on the words your entered. Use filters to cut the list down and focus on the best names.

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How To Name Your Catering Business

Food is the way to many people’s hearts, whether you are providing a home-cooked meal or opting for someone else’s expertise in the kitchen. And for anyone who is inspired to start their own catering business, one of the most important aspects is the catering business names that you come up with— it’s right up there with flavor and mouthfeel!

But by using our catering business name generator, you can make this process as simple as sliced bread and find the perfect name for your new company.

20 Catering Business Name Ideas

There are a wide variety of great catering company brands that you can use our catering business name generator to plate up and serve to your customers. In fact, I produced 20 ideas that range from international fare to speedy meal delivery, all depending on the keywords used. Take a look here:

  1. Catering At A Call
  2. Caterer Cares
  3. Catering Nation
  4. Quality Cooks Catering
  5. Food For You Catering
  6. Fresh & Pescatarian 
  7. Cater A Taste Of Spain
  8. Marry Me Meals
  9. Freshest Catch Caterers
  10. Who’s Cooking Tonight Catering
  11. Salt & Spice Catering
  12. Serving Up Catering
  13. Cool Cat Catering
  14. Cater Me A Catch
  15. Custom Catered Meals
  16. Chef’s Touch Caterers
  17. Cater Me Home
  18. Dishes & Delicacies
  19. Mobile Masterpieces
  20. Catch You Cater, Guys

As I mentioned, it’s all about the keywords when using this catering name generator. The words need to reflect your business appropriately, down to the style of food, size, cuisine options, and any other culinary considerations customers should know off the bat by seeing the catering business name.

Further, you can even use our catering business name generator to come up with niche ideas for individual grazing board business names, as many catering companies also offer finger-food platters for parties and large gatherings. To do so, try and incorporate appetizer keywords or synonyms that have to do with “charcuterie”, “finger”, “taste”, or “slices”.

20 More Catering Business Name Ideas

  1. At Your Service
  2. Catering Calls
  3. Cater Cares
  4. Well Catered
  5. Delicate Dishes
  6. FoodWise
  7. Yum Catering
  8. FlavorTime Catering
  9. Lovely Caterers
  10. The Happy Plate
  11. Clever Catering
  12. CaterNation
  13. Cater Guys
  14. Catering Masters
  15. Mobile Plates
  16. Catering Angels
  17. Royal Caterers
  18. Infinite Catering
  19. Fancy Fiesta
  20. Who’s Cookin

Best Real-World Catering Business Names

To get a better idea of what other catering companies are getting up to in terms of business names, let’s understand some of the most popular ones today and the mechanics behind their names.

Brother 2 Brother Catering

With the idea of family coming out right at the fore, this company undoubtedly relies on connotations of strong family traditions when it comes to food preparation and recipes.

This is an excellent method that our catering business name generator can provide many results for, as the connection of food and family is a vastly important one for many people.

Creative Edge Parties

With a unique name like this, Creative Edge Parties does not have to worry about any other companies impinging on their business-branding turf. And in this case, the more individual your name, the better!

The keywords of “creative” and “parties” are especially important here, as they denote not only that this business likes to get involved in the planning and creative part of catering, but also has the equipment and capabilities to focus on the party aspect of a gathering.

DJ’s California Catering

Not only does this company let you know where they are primarily located right off the bat, but the inclusion of “DJ” refers to both a founder’s name and this catering business’s ability to bring the party to you.

Indeed, if your catering company has equipment for a fiesta, such as lighting, sound systems, and more, why not include it into your company name to let people know you’re ready to help them set up a great party?

Elegant Affairs

On the other side of the spectrum from parties, catering can also bring elegance to your affair. Hence the effectiveness of this particular company name— not only are you reminded of luxury, but also the pampering experience that comes with hiring a catering business to take care of the food for you.

Herban Feast

When you hire a catering company, getting what you pay for is a large part of the consideration. And a company that has “feast” in its name certainly seems like a good bang for your buck! 

Plus, with the connotations of herbs and garden goods that the word “herban” conjures in the mind, you are left with the impression of a very earthy feast that will reconnect you to the flavors of the forest.

Catering Our Catering Business Name Generator To You: What’s Your Niche?

When it comes to figuring out where your catering business fits within the wider world of the foodservice industry, it’s absolutely essential to discover the particular niche that your company will fit into. And in turn, this will assist your searches within our catering business name generator to find the best name possible!

The following are some aspects of your culinary art and cuisine choices to consider when establishing catering business names or even subsequent options for grazing board business names.


What will you be serving up to customers? Is your cuisine from a specific country, down-home style, completely international, fusion, or even something new entirely? Asking these questions will help you narrow down more specific keywords for your name.


Similarly, what are the ingredients that your catered food masterpieces will be created with— from organic vegetables to locally-sourced fish, farm-to-table, or specially-imported ingredients, what you make your dishes from definitely matters when it comes to finding a niche.

Type Of Food

Depending on the type of food you serve, you might focus on catering to religious requirements or dietary restrictions. This is a good thing to establish before using a catering name generator, as the results can vary significantly when you begin filtering them with strict menu requirements.

For example, your catering company could work with the following types of food service:

  • Celiac.
  • Dairy-Free.
  • Diabetic-Friendly.
  • Gluten-Free.
  • Halall.
  • High-Protein.
  • Kosher.
  • Lactose-Free.
  • Low-Carb.
  • Pescatarian.
  • Vegan.
  • Vegetarian.

Serviceability & Size

Will you cater to smaller groups and personal or social gatherings with your business, or will you service large corporate events? This will inevitably change the focus of your business, and with it, the catering business name that appropriately describes your company.

5-Tips For Creating Unique Catering Business Name Ideas 

Finally, you are nearly ready to launch your catering business and take a bite out of the foodservice industry. But first, let’s go through 5 further tips for creating the best possible catering business name!

Tip #1: Consider Your Catering Competition

You need to know what’s out there when venturing into the world of catering and food service, so take some time to do your research on other successful caterers and their methods. In particular, focus on the business names and how they stand out from the rest so that you can apply this knowledge to your own company’s name.

Tip #2: Create Keywords

As always, keywords lead to good business names, and catering companies are no different. Sit down and draw up a list of all the keywords and synonyms that describe your business and what you want your catering style to evoke in a customer, then use our Catering business name generator to explore even more options.

Tip #3: Don’t Go For The Obvious Choice

While opting for something like “Amy’s Catering” might seem like a good option, it’s also not the most unique name and likely will join the ranks of other first-name catering combinations already out there. Try to come up with something unique and exciting based on your culinary niche and the catering services you want to offer!

Tip #4: Opt For A Memorable Name

When you are in the midst of brainstorming good company names, you might think that they are all fairly memorable. But an easy way to boost the likelihood of customers retaining your catering business name is by using poetic devices such as alliteration, consonance, and even rhythmic syllable combinations. It’s basically a linguistic brain hack!

Tip #5: Get Feedback From Others

In its essence, a catering company is created to bring services and food to others, so making sure your company name connects with the public is essential. Showcase your name options to a select group of friends or potential customers and gauge their reactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It’s best to opt for a name that incorporates several keywords especially related to your business and the types of food you serve. For example, use your name to let customers know what type of international cuisine you make or whether you use all organic goods.

Or, if your catering company specializes in charcuterie boards or small foods for gatherings, grazing board business names can include words like “finger-food”, “tasting plate”, etc.

For anyone interested in joining the catering industry, it’s important to know the primary types of catering that dominate that sector. These include concession catering for sporting events and the like, corporate catering for offices or retailers, and social event catering for family parties or personal gatherings.

Depending on which type of catering your company will focus on, the keywords used in our catering business name generator will change and produce different results that help narrow down your particular services.

The short answer is, yes it certainly is growing. The food service and catering industry is on the rise in recent years, thanks to the virtually endless demand for it by individuals, businesses, and organizations alike.

In fact, the catering industry has experienced around 2.5% in growth every year, from 2016 until the present day, with an 8% market increase having been predicted for 2021 annual alone.

According to the latest polls within the industry, catering businesses today number in the tens of thousands within the United States, and bring in over $11 billion in USD every year.

Of course, these figures include both small, family-operated catering companies and behemoth corporations like hotel catering, but it should give you a good idea of the popularity and revenue available for catering today.


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