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2. Generate Name Ideas

Once you type in your keywords, use the filter options to adjust word length, style, and structure to get better results.

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Within seconds, our car business name generator provides a list of name ideas for you to go through. Select your favorite names that fit your business theme.

Our Car Business Name Generator Features

More than just a name tool, our tool has other amazing features to help brand your car business. 

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Unique car business name ideas

Quickly generate unique car business names with our AI tool, offering over 1000+ options in seconds.

Domain availability checker

Easily check domain name availability to secure your online presence. 

Customize results

Using our AI tool, you can customize your search results by adjusting parameters like name length and style. 

Free car business name generator

Our AI-powered name generator is FREE to use with no hidden fees.

Logo generator

Our name generator tool enables you to find a matching logo for your brand after you’ve chosen a name.

Business name registration

Ensure legal ownership and protection of your brand name with our business name registration service.

Top Tips

How to Name a Car Company

The global car industry is huge and is continuously growing due to the increasing demand for transportation. 

As a result, automobile services are increasing, and the industry presents numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to venture into this lucrative business idea.

So if you are passionate about automobiles and looking to start a car business, be it a car rental, auto repair, or car wash business, we’ll share with you unique name ideas for your car company and helpful tips to guide you on building a strong brand and choosing the right name for your car business.


Research Your Market

Before you start naming your car business, conduct thorough research to check for any similarities with competitors’ names. Avoid selecting a name that’s already in use, as this may hinder your ability to trademark it in the future.


Consider Your Target Audience

Think about your target demographic and what appeals to them. Are you targeting young, tech-savvy consumers, or are you catering to a more affluent, luxury-oriented market? 


Brainstorm Ideas

Start brainstorming car name ideas based on your brand identity, market research, and target audience. Consider using words related to cars, speed, innovation, or any unique features of your vehicles.


Check Availability

Once you have a list of potential car business names, check for domain name availability.


Trademark and Register

Once you’ve chosen a car business name, protect it by trademarking it and registering your company name with the appropriate authorities.


Test and Iterate

Test your top car brand name choices with focus groups or trusted advisors to gather feedback. Consider how the names resonate with people and whether they evoke the desired associations with your brand.

Get Inspired

Car Business Name Ideas

Finding the perfect name for your car business can be overwhelming. You may ponder whether it should be unique, amusing, or stylish. 

When naming your car business, you first want to think of how you want customers to perceive your brand. 

  • Cabbert
  • Cabify
  • Taxfast
  • Voyagee
  • Sky drive
  • Swirl swoosh
  • Fresco
  • HorizonHikers
  • Turbo tow
  • Hitchit
  • Fixit
  • Auto sprint
  • Swift haul
  • Rentracer
  • Haulride
  • Flywheels
  • Sudsation
  • Buffbay
  • Carvoy
  • Rentastic

More Name Ideas for Inspiration

Taxi Business Name Ideas

Taxis offer convenient and dependable rides for consumers on daily trips, airport runs, and special events.  

If you’re looking to start a taxi company, you should pick a name that’s memorable, catchy and reflects the high standard and reliability of your service.

Here are some name suggestions for your taxi business:

1. Flyride 
2. Swift drive 
3. Metro drive 
4. Speedy wheels 
5. Jet cab 
6. Turbojet 
7. Cabify 
8. Flexicab 
9. Wayfare 
10. Taxfast 

Car Rental Business Name Ideas

Car rental businesses play a vital role in the travel industry, offering customers the opportunity to discover new destinations at their own pace. 

When launching a car rental company, picking the perfect name that’s simple and catchy is crucial for standing out in a crowded market.

Here are some examples of name ideas for your car rental business:

1. Rentmo 
2. Auto fleet 
3. Spincar 
4. Rentastic 
5. Rocket ride
6. Rentracer 
7. Wheelson 
8. Hirely 
9. Carvoy 
10. Rentwheels

Car Wash Business Name Ideas

Car washing is one of the most lucrative and competitive automobile businesses one can start, and a catchy and memorable name is one way to grab attention and set yourself apart from this crowded market. 

If you’re looking to start a car washing business, here are some business name ideas to get you started:

1. Slickwash 
2. Sudsation 
3. Whirl wash 
4. Bubble burst
5. Latherloom
6. Hydros
7. Buffbay
8. Poshwash
9. Bubblewhirl
10. Jetblast 

Towing Business Name Ideas

Tow companies help communities by recovering abandoned vehicles and aiding in emergencies. 

Choosing the right name is crucial for your branding and marketing success. Check out these towing business name ideas for inspiration:

1. Tow pro 
2. Tow mate 
3. Turbo tow 
4. Fast haul 
5. Haulzing
6. Towrider 
7. Haulride 
8. Towgo 
9. Towzen 
10. Hitchit 

Auto Repair Business Name Ideas

A good name for your auto repair business can enhance your credibility and reflect the quality of your services. It’s important to choose a name that’s reliable and trustworthy. 

If you need ideas for a memorable name for your auto repair business, check out this list of name ideas from our car business name generator:

1. Fixit 
2. Auto fix 
3. Automate 
4. Turbo fix 
5. Auto cure
6. Automend 
7. Ramp up 
8. Auto patch 
9. Car care 
10. Fixxcel

Auto Detailing Business Name Ideas

Auto detailing helps to improve the appearance of cars, and there’s a consistent need for services that restore vehicles to a fresh look. For the nature of this business, you want to choose a cool name that sounds intriguing and stylish. Here are 10 business names for your auto detailing business:

1. Fresco
2. Spark fusion 
3. Swift luster
4. Jetscape 
5. Turbo shine
6. Pep up 
7. Revamp rush 
8. Waxwave 
9. Auto renew 
10. Paragon
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