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How To Name Your Cake Business

The cake and bakery world is an exciting place to be! In 2020, there were 168,890 bakeries operating in the US, so you can see the industry is large. If you’re a master baker or a natural-born cake maker, you could have your eye on your very own cake business. 

The business model you come up with is entirely up to you, but to get you thinking up names, we’re here to help. Our cake business name generator is a digital tool that sources hundreds of name ideas for businesses. Try it today to find a name that captures your skills, personality, and most importantly, your cakes!

20 Cake Business Name Ideas

To give you an idea of how the cake business name generator functions, here are 20 name ideas for a cake business. Just from entering ‘cake’ and other cake-related words into the generator, this is a fraction of what came up.

To further increase your chances of finding a unique name, add several words to the bakery names generator for a broader range of results. You can make it as personal as you wish. For instance, if cupcakes are your thing, try adding ‘cupcake’ to the search bar for cupcake business names.

  1. Angel Cake
  2. Utopia Cake
  3. Cakescape
  4. Bit Cake
  5. Assorted Cake
  6. Midnight Cake
  7. Uptown Cake
  8. Dockside Cake
  9. Corner Cake
  10. Whip Shop
  11. Cave Cupcake
  12. Hideout Bakery
  13. Shake Bakery
  14. Ruby Sprinkle
  15. Pure Baked
  16. Tart Baked
  17. Cakehut
  18. Awake Cake
  19. Kitchen Bake
  20. Cakeworks

20 More Cake Business Name Ideas

  1. Sprinkles Bakery
  2. Cupcake Queen
  3. Creamy Creations
  4. Cupcake Glory
  5. Cookie Encounter
  6. Crazy Cupcakes
  7. Sweet Dreams Bakery
  8. For Heaven’s Cakes!
  9. Indulge Cupcakes
  10. Bakeology
  11. The CinnaMan
  12. Grandma’s Kitchen
  13. Anytime Cakes
  14. Sugar Booger
  15. Golden Kuchens
  16. The Cake Fairy
  17. Eats and Treats
  18. Bake n’ Flake
  19. Queen of Tarts
  20. The Pie Chart

Best Real-world Cake Business Names

First things first, there are already thousands upon thousands of cake business names in use. One of the best starting points of name generation is to look at those already operating. By looking at other business names, considering where they originated, and finding what you like and dislike, you’ll educate yourself greatly.

Let’s get you started. The following list shows 5 successful bakeries currently operating in the US. Keep reading for a short synopsis of each.

Sullivan Street Bakery

Sullivan Street Bakery is a simple yet famous name. Named after the New York street where it sits, customers find this bakery incredibly easily due to its name. Calling your cake business after the location is a good place to start, but bear in mind this could potentially limit your existence to one place. Location titles are best kept for your business if you plan to set up in a particular neighborhood and stay there. On the other hand, once you build up a good reputation, your name can travel with you!

Eva’s Cupcakery

There’s something about bakeries that are humbling. Using your own name, or a beloved family member’s name is great for creating a name that feels special. Customers may feel they can connect to the business on a more personal level should the name represent the founder or face behind it. Eva’s Cupcakery gets straight to the point and took its name from Eva Perry, the owner, and operator.

Bouchon Bakery

Bouchon Bakery has the perfect name for establishing its love of traditional French baking, serving up patisseries, and sweet treats. The name is clean and simple, and the use of alliteration is a good technique to help customers remember the words.

Balthazar Bakery

Similar to the above, Balthazar Bakery uses alliteration in the title and this is a good memory tool. The word ‘balthazar’ is fun at the same time as referencing the Christian religion. It’s unclear why this bakery selected the name, but it’s an interesting one to remember. With the use of bakery in the title, customers immediately know what the business is too.

The Buttery ATL

The Buttery ATL has taken an element of taste and cooking for its name. ‘Buttery’ gets the mouth watering at the thought, and this could potentially bring in customers through appealing to their stomach. ATL refers to Atlanta and ensures people are informed of the location of this bakery.

Unique Content for the Niche

Naming a cake business should be fun! Baking requires technique and talent, but essentially it is a creative role. To really sell what you do best, the name of your venture should touch upon this. This particular niche certainly requires skill, so ask yourself what is it that you do best? Is there a specialty cake you’re going to serve? Are cupcakes your strong point?

Whatever you enjoy the most could set you on the right route to a secure name. So, before jumping straight into name creation, identify your best qualities. If you excel in the making of all baked goods, perhaps think about your personal favorite!

With a cake business, you should also think about your target audience. From wedding cakes to catering for children’s parties, your name can help you attract the right customers. Your goal might be to produce cakes in the high-end price range, or to operate as a lunchtime shop, serving up the cake by the slice. All of these points will guide you to the right name.

When you’re ready, go ahead and search using our cake business name generator.

5-Tips for creating unique Cake Business name ideas

Hopefully, our cake business name generator has formulated some top ideas for cake business names or cupcake business names if that’s your area of expertise! There are some other areas however, that should be considered during the process.

Every company name has to start somewhere. Here are 5 examples of other beneficial ways to craft a brand name.

1. Consider using your own name

Lots of cake shops and bakeries choose to use the name of the founders in the title. This is seen repeatedly across the industry and is a good way to trademark your business. If you already have a good reputation within the bakery world, the use of your name could help to bring customers in, as well as any industry connections that you have.

It also brings a personal approach to the business. Customers can take comfort in the fact that they know who you are, and who is baking their goods.

2. Gather data on your ideas

There are many ways to gather information about your ideas before settling with one. Surveys and questionnaires are just some of the tools available to you to hear what potential customers think about your future business name. You can gather feedback, and gain a sense of what your customers are after. Asking for customer opinion directly is a great way to rule out names and to shortlist others.

3. Establish a unique selling point

Bakeries specialize in a broad range of items, from freshly baked bread to delicate desserts. Your future cake shop might have it all, but is there that one product you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you make the best red velvet cake in town? How about the best chocolate cake?

Whatever it is, marketing your unique selling point is an advantageous way to distance yourself from your competitors. So, if you bake the best cupcakes, make sure your future customers know it!

4. Less is more

Generally speaking, a shorter shop name is better remembered than lengthy titles. One-word or two-word names are easier to recall than shops with several words. People will be able to share the name of your cake business without struggling to remember or spell it. Unless absolutely necessary, keep it short and sweet.

5. Don’t forget to check

Most importantly, don’t take a business name before checking the legal stuff first. With so many cake businesses, there are thousands of names that are already taken. As soon as you find a name you love, you should check its availability at once.

A quick online search will determine this. Alternatively, use the bakery names generator. The system is well-equipped to find names already taken. You can register the cake business names you like the best here too. Another top tip is to search social media channels for similar names. You can even create pages using your chosen name before it is snapped up by somebody else.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Naming your home bakery is a personal journey. Try to come up with something different that not only sells your brand, but remains in the mind of every customer who walks through your door. Keep it simple but effective, and make sure you’re not unknowingly stealing somebody else’s name.

To generate name ideas for a cake shop, you can start by entering your favourite keywords into our cake business name generator. A cake shop name should be appealing to the customer, so think of something short, catchy and memorable.


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