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Complete Guide to Naming Your Beer Business

Our beer business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get beer business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Professional craft beers are the It thing today. Millennials are particularly keen on experimenting with different beer varieties, tastes and compositions. A brewery or a beer distribution business can be branded in various ways and here are a few of the key essentials to consider.

The first thing you know about your target market is that it consists of people who like beer. In order to brand effectively, however, you will have to dig a lot deeper.

For example, unfiltered beers are quite popular among the young and hip crowd. They have a mild taste but they tend to spoil faster than pasteurized and filtered beers. As a result, unfiltered beer tends to be more expensive. A good branding message will emphasize the quality, the benefits of unrefined beer and the characteristics that distinguish it from the standard store-bought varieties. The reason for such a branding approach is simple – the crowd that the beer is being marketed to is not interested in affordability.

Beer can also be branded and named to reflect lifestyle choices. Beer is very much indicative of a guy’s night out. Alternatively, it can be the beverage of preference while a group of friends are watching a football game. In such instances, beer will be linked to emotions and experiences. The quality of the brew and the specific taste are not going to be of particular importance for the branding efforts.

Demographic Interests

Traditionally, beer has been advertised as a predominantly male beverage. Craft beer makers have started changing its image today. The popularity of beer among younger people and among women has increased.

The craft beer market is exceptionally popular among the urban millennial crowd. This is why every aspect – from name selection to packaging – is chosen to look hip and trendy (many labels and marketing campaigns have a hipster feel to them).

Larger beer manufacturers still tailor their marketing messages to a predominantly male crowd. Usually, their audience will be a bit older than the demographic segment that the craft beer industry is targeting.

Competitor Name Analysis


The word means crown in Spanish and it obviously establishes the leadership position of the Mexican beer. Corona’s logo enforces the message even further.


The Dutch beer brand is named after its founder – Gerard Adriaan Heineken. With time, the name has become synonymous with high quality pale lager beer.


The beer is named after Ceske Budejovice (Budweis in German) – the place in which it has been brewed ever since the establishment of the company in 1876.

Stella Artois

The Belgian lager beer was first launched as a Christmas brew. The word “stella” in its name comes after the Latin word for star. Artois is the name of owner and master brewer Sebastian Artois.

Fat Tire

This beer variety is made by a company called New Belgium. The name Fat Tire honors a trip that the co-founder of the brewery took through the Belgian countryside on a bike. Today, Fat Tire is considered a craft beer staple.

Dogfish Head

Another craft beer that has a weird name. The brewery is located off the coast of Maine where its founder grew up. While a young boy, he used to watch the fishermen whose traps caught more dogfish than lobsters.

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You can benefit from a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing the right name for your beer company. As you have probably seen from the competition analysis, some of the names are quite weird and they have a complex backstory.

Sit down and brainstorm about phrases you could potentially base your company name on. Next, play around with variations for each phrase. If you don’t know how to do that, try our Business Name Generator. It will produce an array of viable variations and it will also give you information about domain name availability.

Here are a few phrases to warm up with and find inspiration from:
















Pint glass





Beer Business Name Inspiration

  1. The Stout Gentleman: the name does two things – it features some wordplay revolving around stout and it also tells potential buyers what kind of beer they’re going to get.
  2. Urban Ale: a good name for a craft beer that targets a young and hip crowd of millennials and younger consumers.
  3. Foam Mustache: we’re all familiar with the foam mustache every impatient beer drinker gets from taking that very first sip from the rim of the cold, tempting glass.
  4. Premium Weiss: a little bit more generic, the name is a good choice for a company that is mainly targeting a larger market instead of a niche demographic.
  5. On the House: the term is quite familiar among pub goers. It may be a good choice for a local, smaller brewery that is attempting to focus on a sense of community.
  6. In Honor of Prague Brewery: Prague and the Czech Republic are known for the impeccable quality of the local beer varieties. These are places you’d definitely want to associate your brewery with.
  7. Macho Ale: beer is still somewhat closely tied to masculinity. You can acknowledge this fact and have a bit of fun with it through the selection of a name like this one.
  8. The Old Time Brewery: traditions in the world of beer making are very important. You can nod to your roots through the selection of a suitable brewery name.
  9. Strangers to Friends: what does beer do? It helps strangers break the ice, making it easier for them to become friends. A good name for a craft beer variety.
  10. Amber Eye: this name once again nods to beer brewing terminology, plus it has a cool sound to it.

What Not to Name Your Beer Business

There aren’t that many rules you have to follow when it comes to naming your brewery or your beer company. The one important thing you have to do is refrain from being boring. Sure, you can follow a formulaic approach towards naming your company. The outcome, however, isn’t going to be memorable.

Picking a name just because it sounds cool and abstract isn’t going to do it. Instead, try to come up with a backstory. It’s an especially good idea to choose a name that has somewhat of a personal significance. Such a name will help you generate tons of excellent ideas as far as marketing and branding go.

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