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Generate fun and memorable names for your arcade business below.

1. Choose Your Arcade Name Keywords

Choose fun and interesting words to enter into our arcade business name generator.

2. Get Arcade Name Ideas

In seconds, the generator will give you thousands of amazing arcade name ideas. Use filters to find your favorites.

3. Select Arcade Names

Compare names and check availability before officially naming your new arcade.

Benefits of Our Arcade Name Generator

Our wellness name generator uses your input and an AI algorithm to come up with the best name for your enterprise. It is a straightforward process that helps you to create a perfect wellness brand name in a couple of clicks.

Instant ideas
Generate thousands of arcade names in a seconds. 

All-in-one tool
It’s not just a name generator; it’s a logo maker, domain checker, and trademark aid too.

Save your favorites
Loved a name but still deciding? Save it for later consideration.

Top Tips

How to Name an Arcade Business

Names of arcades can be lively, fun and full of personality due to the lighthearted entertainment. But if you are still trying to figure out where to start, follow our six-point plan to name your arcade.

Match Your Theme

The name should mirror your arcade’s theme – is it classic arcade games, futuristic, or family-friendly?


Keep it Memorable

Short, catchy names stick in people’s minds and get people remembering and recommending you. 

Check Name Availability

Make sure your chosen name isn’t already taken before you get too far down the line. 

Seek Feedback

Ask friends or potential customers for their thoughts on your chosen arcade names. You could even use social media to get them to vote for the best name. 


Consider Social Media

Think about how you will promote your business on social media and if the name still works on these channels. 


Think About Future Plans

If you are launching a physical store, do you have plans to launch an online store? And vice versa. As this may impact your name choice. 

Get Inspired

20 Arcade Name Ideas

What to get the fun started? Then check out these Arcade names to get inspired. 

  • Neon Nexus
  • Cosmic Clash
  • Galaxy Games
  • Retro Realm
  • JoyStix Arena
  • Time Warp Arcade
  • Space Invaders Lounge
  • Pixel Point
  • FunZone Fortress
  • Gamer’s Galaxy
  • Byte Battle
  • Classic Consoles
  • Virtual Ventures
  • Arcade Odyssey
  • PlayPlace Paradise
  • Quest Quarters
  • Retro Revolution
  • GameGrid Galore
  • Magic Maze Arcade
  • Dreamland Dugout

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Focus on fun and gaming-related terms, keeping the name short and memorable.

You can name your arcade business by using themes like space or your key selling points, such as the type of food you sell or the kind of games you have.

Yes, you can trademark your arcade name to protect your brand in the future.

It helps if the name gives a hint of what games or experiences customers can expect.



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