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How To Name Your Arcade Business

If you’re thinking of opening an arcade business, you’ll want a name that reflects the fantastic and fun times people can have in your arcade. Want to create an entertaining space for families, gamers, and couples to get competitive and let their inner geek come out? This guide will show you how to construct the best arcade names so that your business will thrive. Read on to find sources of inspiration for your arcade name and learn how to get the most out of the arcade name generator.

20 Arcade Name Ideas

I came up with these 20 great arcade names using the arcade name generator. I typed in some words associated with arcade gaming and selected the names I liked best. It’s that easy!

  1. Tekkun Rush
  2. Tactiic Arcade
  3. Beta Fun
  4. Arcade Fantasy
  5. Game Rank
  6. Game Emporium
  7. Fun Duel
  8. Clan Shoot
  9. Fighter Win
  10. Coin Hunter
  11. Coin World
  12. Matrix Coin
  13. Winzilla
  14. Shoot Highscore
  15. Highscorepad
  16. Highscore Bros
  17. Mortal Rank
  18. Dope Play
  19. Venom Play
  20. Zero Play

If I liked one of these good arcade names for my business, I could simply use the arcade name generator’s domain availability checker to see if anyone else is already using the name. If nobody used the name already, it’s all mine, and I can use it for my business.

If you struggle to find keywords to put into the generator, read on. This article is designed to give you all the inspiration you need to get the most out of the arcade names generator by covering the best real-world arcade names and the top tips for naming your arcade.

20 More Arcade Name Ideas

  1. Holiday Arcade
  2. Joyplace
  3. Game House
  4. Come Play Co.
  5. TimeZone
  6. Gamer Zone
  7. DigiHouse
  8. NetArcade
  9. High Scorer
  10. Arcade Art
  11. Bazarcade
  12. Fun Centre
  13. Barcade House
  14. Coinlette
  15. The Royal Arcade
  16. NightHawks
  17. Game Junction
  18. Happycade
  19. VR Centre
  20. Retro Fun House

Best Real-world Arcade Business Names

You will need to know what makes good arcade names to find the best name for your arcade. Luckily, this section will cover how owners created the best real-world arcade names. I will also explain what makes these games work so well to apply the same principles and techniques when coming up with your arcade name.


This arcade is named for its adult-focused selling point: it’s a bar and a place where people can play competitive shooter games. By combining the words ‘bar’ and ‘arcade’, the business can keep its name short while expressing the selling point and purpose. This name works well for people to expect what they can expect when visiting the arcade.

Button Mash 

Button mash is a fun business name inspired by the novice gaming technique of button bashing or mashing. This name works well as it creates a vivid emotional picture and puts customers in the headspace of actually playing a game. This means that they are already playing in their heads which subliminally pushes them to visit the arcade. Try using terms associated with gameplay in your arcade names.

Coin-Op Game Room 

This name was created using the term ‘coin-op’, which refers to machines operated by inserting a coin before gamers can use them. The phrase also reflects the term co-op, which refers to the cooperative gaming style one can choose in the arcade. This name works well as it uses a phrase with a double meaning.

Kung Fu Saloon 

The owner created this arcade name using popular arcade tropes – Kung fu-based games. Everyone is familiar with the game ‘Mortal Kombat’ and how it allows players to fight each other or the computer in a kung fu battle. By using this popular game trope and the word saloon, which refers to a public room designed for a specific purpose, the name is telling you exactly what to expect: a place where you can play kung fu games to your heart’s content. This name works well as it advertises the arcade’s selling point – its diverse range of kung fu arcade games.

Headquarters Beercade

Like ‘Barcade’, this name reflects the fact that you can get alcoholic drinks when playing in this arcade. This name is functional, as it lets customers know that this arcade serves to provide entertainment for adults so that customers don’t turn up with children expecting the experience to cater to younger people.

How To Brand Your Arcade Business

To create good arcade names for your business, you will need to have an established idea of what direction you will take with your branding. This means you should understand your key selling points and what kind of decor, drinks, and snacks will be available in the arcade. Some key aspects to help define your brand include:

  • Your target audience – adult arcades are becoming increasingly popular, so you will need to define whether your brand targets families and kids or caters to adults. This will help you understand what drinks you serve and how you market your arcade.
  • Your food & beverages – will you be serving pizza at your arcade? Will you be serving candy or alcohol? The kind of food you do can draw in customers who want some food and a good time. Including food in your branding and arcade names is a good idea.
  • Your games- what kind of games will you have in your arcade? If you have a wide range of kung fu or classic arcade games, you should push this to the forefront of your branding, as this makes for a good selling point.

Hopefully, these aspects of branding have given you an idea of where to start when coming up with a brand identity for your arcade.

5-Tips for creating unique Arcade Business name ideas 

Now we have covered how to define the brand identity that will form a baseline for the creative choices you make with your arcade business; it’s time to look at how you can use this brand to inspire your arcade names. This section will also provide information to help you improve the way your arcade name sounds to make it more catchy.

Tip One: Find A Fun Theme

One way to use branding in your business name is to create a fun theme that will educate your name choice, logo, and the decor in your arcade. For example, you could choose to have a space theme in your arcade. This way, you can include keywords like ‘galactic’, ‘planetary’, and ‘cosmic’ in your name generation process to create a name like ‘Galactic Gaming’.

Tip Two: Advertise Your Selling Point

Your selling point will be the kind of games you have, the kind of food you serve, and who your arcade entertains. If your arcade runs late into the evening, providing cocktails and beer, you will need to advertise this in your name to prevent children from showing up only to be in the mix with intoxicated adults. You could use words like ‘pub’, ‘bar’, and ‘cocktails’ in your keywords to make this clear to your customers.

Tip Three: Make It Punny

You can use your name as an opportunity to reflect the joy and fun of your arcade by using puns. Try using phrases associated with arcade games like ‘level up’, ‘health bar’, ‘game over’, and more. Using game-related puns will show your customers that you enjoy these games just as much as they do.

Tip Four: Use Your Name

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect name for your arcade, you can always use your name. This will help you make your mark on the business, and it will also help you make the arcade a family-run business later on. You can use your first name, last name, or both. You can even use the initials of your business partners to come up with a collaborative and personal name.

Tip Five: Use Literary Devices

If you want to make your business name catchy, you’re going to have to use literary and poetic devices. Alliteration, rhythm, stylized capitalization, and combined words are the best devices you can use to improve the way your name sounds. Try to keep your name short and reduce the number of syllables to strengthen its impact. For example, ‘Barcade’ is short and uses combined words to perfectly communicate the arcade’s selling point and the fact that it’s an arcade in 2 syllables.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can come up with a catchy business name by keeping it short and using poetic devices like alliteration that improve the sound of your business name.

The largest arcade in the US is the Galloping Ghost Arcade in Illinois, which has over 640 games.

You can name your arcade business by using themes like space or your key selling points, such as the type of food you sell or the kind of games you have.


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