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Complete Guide to Naming Your Advertising Business

Our advertising business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get advertising business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Starting an advertising agency without a portfolio to stand as the evidence of your competence can be overpowering. This is why your branding efforts have to be impeccable right from the beginning.

Your work and its distinctiveness is the one thing that separates you from the competition. The other is the strength of your brand. To accomplish the goal of differentiation, you need to have a pretty good idea about who you are, which clients you’d like to target and what common clichés that apply to other advertising businesses are not applicable to you.

Think about your area of specialization. Do you offer digital and inbound advertising services? Is reputation establishment your strength? Or maybe you’d like to focus on PR? Would you offer clients comprehensive solutions? Something out of the box and more focused on the creative aspects of advertising?

When you get to answer these questions, you will have a much better idea about where you stand and what name will reflect your values and competences in the best possible way.

Demographic Interests

Advertising companies usually work with B2B customers.

These clients can have pretty diversified needs. Some are looking for cost-efficient ways to acquire new customers. Such cost-efficient opportunities will involve online advertising and content-based promotion.

Other clients could look for overall ways to build their reputation, TV advertising, spots in print publications or even radio ad creatives. Larger advertising agencies could address all of these needs while specialized service providers will handle one specific type of campaign.

Competitor Name Analysis


The name doesn’t require a massive explanation. IDEO is a creative design company that focuses on personalized, breakthrough solutions for its clients.

We Are Social

Here’s an example of a more specialized advertising company name. We Are Social is a creative advertising agency that puts most of its work emphasis on the utilization of contemporary promotion channels.

Droga 5

An obviously strange name, Droga 5 was conceptualized David Droga. The name is derived from the tag that Droga’s mother sewed into his clothes. Five stems from the fact that David was the fifth from six children.


The name is reflective of the agency’s philosophy – a brand has to be naked in front of its consumers and this goal is achieved through transparency in terms of communication.

Elephants and Ants

Elephants and Ants doesn’t discriminate between its clients and is willing to work with businesses of any size. Does the name start making sense now?

The Barbarian Group

Here’s a name that has nothing to do with advertising. During a brainstorming session, agency creatives were talking about defeating barbarians in a game called Civilization. Co-founder Benjamin Palmer liked the fact that barbarians were incredibly difficult to defeat and this is what provoked the name.


You have a lot of freedom when it comes to naming your advertising agency. As you’ve seen already, a completely irrelevant and bizarre name could peak the curiosity of potential clients, if you have an interesting story about the specific phrase.

To get started with the advertising agency naming process, give our Company Name Generator a try. It can provoke a great brainstorming session or produce a ready to use name. in addition, you’ll get information about available domain names.

Do you still need some inspiration to begin the advertising agency naming process? The following word list may come in handy:




Return on investment









Catch phrase






Word of mouth


Digital Business Name Inspiration

  1. Creative Muse: a business that puts emphasis on design, idea generation and creative concepts should definitely have a distinctive and even somewhat artistic name.
  2. From Paper to Screen: if you are launching an advertising agency that will be giving clients access to comprehensive services, such a name will certainly be an appropriate choice.
  3. Networked: marketing today is all about creating connections and reaching your audience (whether online or offline). A good advertising agency name could focus on this fact.
  4. Tell Your Story: marketing today is also about storytelling and driving engagement. Let clients know that you will be telling their story in the best way possible.
  5. Design That Works: here’s yet another name that focuses on effectiveness and tailor-made solutions that address the specific needs of a client.
  6. Branding and Beyond: branding is an extensive concept and companies that offer such services should be willing to go above and beyond in order to help customers establish their positions in the respective field.
  7. From Idea to Campaign: if you want your clients to know exactly what you’re going to give them during a collaboration, you should probably mention the range/scope of services in the name of your advertising business.
  8. Creatix: taking an ordinary word and tweaking it a bit to come up with something new is certainly a good way to put emphasis on out of the box solutions.
  9. Digital Supreme: are you the king or queen of digital? Put the royal element in the company name, it deserves to be highlighted.
  10. Infinite Exposure: instead of focusing on what you have to offer, play with what the client is trying to achieve. Let potential customers know that you can help them reach their advertising goals.

What Not to Name Your Digital Business

Being stiff in terms of advertising agency name is a big no-no. People will be coming to you for creative solutions. If your own business title doesn’t have a bit of oomph, how will you help clients differentiate themselves from the competition.

Abstract is good as far as advertising names go but you need to have a backstory. A catchy name should have an explanation on your corporate website. Being weird for the sake of being weird will leave so many questions unanswered.

Just like you’ll probably tell your clients – it is important to avoid the clichés. Do a bit of research and see what the competition is doing. Chances are that you’ll come across dozens of advertising agency names that all sound the same. If you are just trying to get established, you will be shooting yourself in the foot by having a company name that can’t be distinguished from those of all other service providers.

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