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review│ Our Wix Review

As one of the most popular website builders in the world, Wix has everything you need to create the perfect page. But is it perfect for your needs?

The cloud-based software features hundreds of themes, multiple page editors for every skill level. Plus, it comes with hundreds of other plugins and third-party integrations. 

If you’re considering Wix for your website, there’s a lot to learn. This review contains all the details you need to make an informed decision. 

Wix – Best for small business owners
Wix: small business
Most small business owners aren’t running heavily trafficked sites needing complex code. Wix is perfect for building a well-designed site with payment integrations or a clean portfolio site featuring your best multimedia files.

pros and cons│Wix Pros and Cons

Before digging into all the elements that make Wix a top website building choice, let’s lay out some key pros and cons about the software. These should give you a general overview of what’s good and bad about the product and provide ideas about where to focus your research.

Wix Pros

tick Makes it easy to set up a website quickly

If you want to get a good-looking site live, with haste, then Wix is a great option. The tools and templates make it easy to click and drag your way to a solid site in no time.

tick There is a vast selection of templates

With over 800 templates to choose from, it’s one of the largest workable template libraries available. We say workable because you don’t just download the template and hope for the best. You can integrate all the tools on the Wix platform into any template.

tick The interface is workable no matter your skill level

With three platforms to work from, you can create a website regardless of your level of experience in site-building. The tools make it easy for a beginner to drag-and-drop elements and type in the text. But experienced users can also access the Editor X platform for full-scale web development.

tick Extensive selection of widgets and third-party applications

The level of applications available is uncanny for a web building platform. From live chat apps to checkout carts, Wix has it all at the click of a button. Just remember that third-party apps are not always supported by Wix.

tick Solid customer service options

Most other web building platforms have limited customer service options. But the lowest payment plan on Wix still offers 24/7 support and English. Even users on the Free plan have access to actual customer service representatives and not just a database.

Wix Cons

wix cons Ranges from difficult to impossible to change templates

Unfortunately, once you select a template on the platform, it’s best to stick with it. It’s not possible to change content from one template to another or to integrate elements from different templates. You’ll need to start a fresh template and then rebuild the content into it piece by piece.

wix cons Mobile loading speed is below par

Loading speed has always been an issue for Wix, but they’re much better — see more below. However, the loading speed on mobile still needs some work, especially if you’re not a developer using their Editor X platform.

wix cons Sites have a lot of unnecessary or extra code

Wix has a history of detractors who complain about SEO and slow page speeds for websites developed on the platform. The company spent a lot of time fixing these issues as you can integrate your own SEO code and tagging into your page. But there’s still a lot of extra for Google to sift through once your site goes live.

Wix AdvantagesWix Disadvantages
plus Build a load a site with easeminus Template interchangeability is difficult or not possible
plus Large template selectionminus Slow mobile loading speeds
plus Intuitive interface for all skill levelsminus Bloated site coding for mobile and web
plus Extraordinary application and widget availability
plus Lots of customer service options
WixTry Wix now!
If you’re a small business looking for intuitive solutions for your website needs, Wix is a superb option. You can build a site quickly and have it live in no time. Then, integrate a shopping cart and other business-building features at an affordable price.

what is │ What is Wix?

For anyone who wants to quickly and painlessly put a website online, Wix is an excellent platform. It blends ease-of-use with the freedom to create whatever you need to represent your brand effectively. And you don’t need coding or web design experience.

With a drag-and-drop tool structure and over 500 site templates, you can build full-on websites with efficiency. The cloud-based software service integrates both design and hosting services into an easy-to-use package. 

If you need to take things to the next level, its EditorX interface is an intuitive system with advanced layout and design capabilities that increase the scalability potential of any website. But if you don’t want to work on the advanced platform, you can stick with the original Wix editor that’s powerful in its own right.

Wix streamlines developing ecommerce sites for small and medium-sized businesses. The back office system allows you to use common features like checkout carts, payments processing, and chat support. It even integrates with Fulfillment by Amazon

Not only can Wix host your website, it also hosts its own servers. This means that everything on the platform is a cloud solution. You can work on your site anywhere you want as long as you have access to the internet and a web browser. 

This may seem a little disconcerting to some, asking, “What would I do if the company went under?” But with over 200 million Wix users in 190 countries, the company is definitely a step above competitors like Squarespace and Weebly.

Overall, Wix is the perfect cloud-based website builder for a wide range of users. It can help you put up a personal site, build a blog, open an online store, build a site for appointment booking, and any other purpose you can think of.

ratings Overall Rating:full starfull starfull starfull starhalf star
function Functionality:The interface is comprehensive, but easy to learn. Plus, you’ll have access to a wide range of support articles along with interactive walkthroughs.
template Number of templates:Both Wix Editor and Wix ADI boast over 800 templates.
feature Features for Business Users:Tremendous selection of various business applications. Wix also offers Ascend by Wix which has everything a business needs to market online effectively.
performance Website performance:Excellent improvements to website loading speed over the past three years. However, the mobile loading speeds are still on the slower side.
offers Latest offers:Visit their current promotions page for the latest deals. 

│ How Does Wix Work?

To start, you’ll need to sign up on the platform and select a pricing plan — more on that below. But once you’re set up, everything on the Wix platform starts with choosing a template. 

With over 800 templates, it could take a while. But they’re organized neatly by industry, so it’s easy to narrow things down. Plus, you’re able to preview the templates and explore every element before making a choice. 

The template is the most important part of how Wix works. As noted in the ‘Pros and Cons’, changing your template is extremely difficult or even impossible on the platform. You’ll most likely start from scratch if you decide to change.

With a template selected, you can now really dig into what Wix offers. You’ll start by filling in content based on the template, but you don’t have to follow it exactly. It’s possible to add additional sections with more text, photo galleries, etc. 

Wix works on a drag-and-drop system, which makes it easy to move around backgrounds, text boxes, and media anywhere you want. And there are also tons of color pallets to adjust anything you want on the page with a proper color scheme.

You add as many additional pages as you want and link them up to a navigation menu at the top of any page. It’s also possible to dig deeper into the makeup of your pages to tweak SEO settings, duplicate and copy pages. You can even hide a page.

Based on your subscription plan and what you want to use, you can start integrating apps when the layout of your site is complete. Wix offers everything from chat support to interactive quizzes. You can also upgrade your plan to set up an online store directly on your page with a host of ecommerce tools to run your business. 

Did you know?
points The platform has over 200 million users worldwide in 190 countries
points The founders of the company came up with the idea on a beach in Tel Aviv
points They chose the name Wix because they wanted a name that starts with a ‘W’, has only three letters, and is easy to remember.
points Wix offers over 1,000 individual features.
points Wix was founded in 2006 and reached 1 million users by 2009
points The company has offices in many major cities across 5 continents

│ Wix Features

The beauty of Wix is that if you can think it up, you can probably do it through the platform. For the ADI and basic Wix editors, you don’t need any technical knowledge or coding experience to set up the website you want. And it all works in an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

WIX apps

But outside of the editors is where you’ll find boatloads of extras that make this platform worthwhile. It has the basics like online store setup and blog management, but it also offers tons of applications that cater to individual needs. 

Restaurant app

There are industry targeted themes and apps on the platform that cater to photographers, artists, writers, restaurants, musicians, and much more. In fact, you’ll find yourself tempted to over add applications you don’t need just because they seem interesting.

SEO checklist

One other key feature of note is the Wix SEO Wiz. It takes more than just a few keywords and targeted page titles to implement an SEO strategy effectively. Wix goes beyond just the standard SEO tools that typically send businesses to a digital marketing agency within a year. In the SEO wizard, you type in three keywords for your site, and then Wix generates an effective checklist of SEO strategies you can follow step-by-step. 

  • Wix Editor
WIX editor

Wix Editor is the key feature that attracts most people to the platform. It’s the full-scale drag-and-drop website development feature and tools set that gives users with no experience the power to create a fantastic website. You start with a template, and then you have the option to follow the platform’s instructions or customize your site as you see fit.

  • Editor X
Editor X

Editor X drops the number of templates from 800 down to 28. But that’s because Wix developed this web development feature for developers and agencies. It includes all the tools from Wix Editor with a lot more perks. You can edit a site’s CSS and add and test JavaScript code. It also offers breakpoint editing for elements on the page and the ability for multiple team members to collaborate on one website.

  • Wix ADI

If the perks of Editor X sound like a foreign language, and you find drag-and-drop editing to be a nuisance, Wix ADI is your new best feature. ADI stands for Artificial Design Intelligence. With this feature, you answer key questions to describe your perfect site, and the program will create it automatically. You can polish some details afterwards.

  • Velo by Wix

This is Wix’s full-stack web application developer that allows users to create UIs with customer interfaces. The feature works via a drag-and-drop editor. Once you’ve set your element, you can create custom functions with JavaScript and APIs within Velo. It’s perfect for businesses or individuals who want to scale or just build more dynamic websites.

  • Ascend by Wix

Ascend by Wix may seem basic if you take a quick glance. But it’s actually one of the best features offered by the platform, and it’s a key reason we’ve labeled Wix as Best for Small Businesses. Ascend provides everything a business needs to market their brand effectively, and it’s all done from a single dashboard. You can create email marketing campaigns, create and edit videos, build social media posts, create marketing automations, and integrate third-party marketing tools like Mailchimp and Google Analytics.

  • Wix Logo Maker

Wix logo maker is an online service that allows you to create a professional logo for free. If you don’t have a brand name yet, use our business name generator feature to find a unique one.

It is a user-friendly tool that is straightforward to use with personalization options, including typography, themes, backgrounds, and you can even upload images

Exceptional features of Wix Logo Maker are:

Integrations – This software can be integrated with other products, including CRM, email, Zapier, Integromat, and Workato. However, currently, you can’t integrate Ifttt with Wix automations.
Logo inspiration – This design tool has a logo inspiration section created by design and branding experts.
Customization – Use the different types of icons, fonts, and colors offered to customize your logos like an expert.

Why We Need to Use Wix

tick Gives those with no design experience the opportunity to create their own websitestick Has options for developers and agencies with tons of experience.
tick Has tons of applications available for businessestick If you don’t want to build a website, the Wix ADI will do it for you with a little information.
tick Offers a logo maker with an entire suite just for brand buildingtick The number of templates, applications, tools, and widgets far surpass their competition
Wix can work for your small business!
With a wide range of small business applications and niche templates, Wix is a solid solution for any small business looking to build a website. The drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to set things up and have a live site running in no time.

│ Who Should Use Wix?

Whether you rank as beginner, mid-level, or experienced at building websites, Wix is a workable platform. 

Beginners and mid-level users can take the time to follow step-by-step instructions — and plethora of tutorials — and learn the basic Wix editor. It’s easy to access all the apps and office and SEO tools to create a beautiful, but functional, website. 

For beginners who don’t want to learn anything, but need a simple site, the Wix ADI can automatically do the hard work for them.

Needless to say, you don’t need development or tech experience to use Wix. But if you have the experience, the new Editor X feature launched in 2020 is a superb option. 

Read the list below to see examples of enterprises that may be suitable for Wix.

  • Restaurants

Wix is perfect for restaurants and actually caters to them as a niche on the platform. It offers everything a restaurant could need to set up and market their website with SEO optimization. Plus, you can set up online ordering and reservations systems directly within Wix.

  • Small ecommerce businesses

Much like the restaurant features, Wix also has a host of tools available for small businesses selling goods online. You can quickly set up an online store through the platform that’s intuitive and effective. And you have all the marketing tools and applications available from Ascend by Wix.

  • Artists

Artists in this sense are more than painters and drawers. If you’re a musician, photographer, voiceover artist, filmmaker, or anyone who uses a portfolio as a resume, Wix has an impressive tool set for your needs. It’s easy to set up galleries and other visually compelling ways to display your work for potential clients to see.

  • Large enterprises

This is the only category where Wix falls short. Though Wix is great for small businesses and individuals, it isn’t viable for large enterprises. Companies with a large infrastructure and big pockets are better off opting for their own proprietary systems. Plus, they wouldn’t want to get tied to a template. 

points Great for small businesses who want to sell online or even just maintain a presence.
points Your level of website design or development experience doesn’t matter on Wix. The platform has tools for everyone from those with no experience to professional coders.
points Experienced developers and agencies can utilize Wix’s Editor X to create websites with robust features with CSS editing and JavaScript capabilities.
Use Wix for your portfolio!
If your enterprise features a portfolio of your work, using Wix to showcase it online is a smart move. The platform has tons of galleries that allow you to display images, photos, or songs in a visually intriguing way that could land you more clients.

│ Wix Cost and Time

How much time it will take to create a website using WIX? Well, the time to create a site depends on what you want to accomplish with your site. If you use the Wix ADI, you can have a live website set up in less than 10 minutes. But most users opt for the Wix editor or Editor X, which can take hours, days, or even weeks depending on the complexity of the site.

Is Wix expensive? To answer your question: Wix has a lot of pricing tiers based on a variety of needs. But overall it’s a great value for the money.

│ Wix Usability

One of the biggest appeals is Wix’s ease of use. It’s the perk on the platform that has made it so globally popular. You can start with any of the hundreds of templates Wix offers and start editing your site immediately.

Its drag-and-drop style editor is precise and gives you the ability to adjust down to the pixel. Adding and moving elements within the template work perfectly to the click, and moving between layers is simple and easy to follow. 

To make things more convenient for beginners, there are help options that pop up automatically to guide you through the editing process. There are also alignment guidelines to help you create a visually stimulating experience for your users. 

Last, if you’re not into all the clicking and dragging, you can still pick from a wide range of pre-set layouts. They make things even easier by giving you solid-looking options without having to do very much design work — if any.

Unsurprisingly, using Wix is a satisfying experience.

│ Wix Pricing

Wix offers a wide range of plans and pricing tiers to fit the needs of a personal or professional website. There are also business tiers which enable you to accept payments through your site. 

The website builder also offers a free plan that gives you access to most of the tools. It’s a great option if you want to try out the features before purchasing a premium plan. Just know that it doesn’t have a custom domain and you’ll have Wix branding all over the site. 

Outside of the free plan, Wix offers three plans with tiers based on your needs:

  • Website Plans – Create a professional site

Under their Website Plans, Wix offers four tiers: Combo, Unlimited, Pro, and VIP. Each plan comes with a free custom domain for a year, free SSL certificate, 24/7 customer support, and removes the Wix ads if you were using the Free version. Each tier comes with different storage options and the VIP and Pro tiers come with free use of some web building applications. 

  • Business & eCommerce Plans – Accept payments

Under Business & eCommerce plans, Wix offers three tiers: Business Basic, Business Unlimited, and Business VIP. These plans are like the website plans, so you get the same perks with different storage limits. The key to business plans is that they give you the ability to accept payments on your site.

  • Enterprise Plans – Custom brand solutions

Enterprise plans start at $500 per month and offer many business solutions like custom code and storage, personalized design, enterprise-level security, scalable billing, and much more.

Website Plans
tick FreeAvailable
tick Combo$16/mo
tick Unlimited$22/mo
tick Pro$27/mo
tick VIP$45/mo
Business & eCommerce Plans
tick Business Basic$27/mo
tick Business Unlimited$32/mo
tick Business VIP$59/mo
Enterprise PlansStarting at $500/mo

│ Wix Tools for Business

Wix has a wide range of tools to help you launch or scale your business online. Below are some notable features.

  • Business Applications

Wix offers paid and unpaid and also third-party applications that will enhance your website’s business capabilities. This includes notable tools like Wix Pricing Plans (for subscriptions and memberships), Wix Booking, Wix Forms & Payments, Jiro Live Chat, and many more.

Business Applications
  • Analytics

Wix Analytics comes with any pricing plan and tracks your site traffic, interactions, and sales all in one spot. It’s also possible to integrate Google Analytics into your site.

  • SEO

There are two routes for optimizing SEO on a Wix site. You can follow the recommendations of the Wix SEO Wiz. But if you have SEO experience, it’s possible to do things manually by creating custom meta tags, structuring your data markup, and adjusting the other various SEO settings. 

SEO tools
  • Ascend by Wix

Ascend by Wix is Wix’s suite for customer management and business marketing. It includes email campaigns, online forms, chat, social posting, video maker, and invoicing. Some tools are free with limited usage through their website pricing plans. But to remove the branding, you must subscribe.

Points to Note
points Wix’s business tool set is robust
points Many of the tools are perfect solutions for small business
points There are many business tools, and applications tailored for specific industries
points The SEO Wiz is perfect for anyone not familiar with the ins and outs of SEO

│ Wix Use Cases

Wix has a broad range of use cases because it’s such a versatile program. But here are a few notable sites that use Wix.

1. Seven Grams Caffe – Based in NYC, this coffee shop has a sleek, clean website that’s full of high-quality food images. The company ships nationwide, so there’s also an online cart for purchasing cookies, cakes, and coffee. There’s also another ordering system set up so customers can order for delivery or pick up at any of their locations.

Seven grams

2. Cuts & Bruises – This London based barbershop has a modern-looking site full of images and multimedia. They’ve integrated a reservation system on the site for online booking, and there’s also an online store to have some products shipped directly to you.

cuts & bruises

3. Thank God It’s Monday – As a design and branding company, you need lots of access to showcase your work. They have a complete online portfolio set up with lots of images to click on and investigate what they can do for your brand.

thank God

│ Wix Support

Wix isn’t renowned for its customer support. But it does have a support center that’s full of detailed articles with step-by-step instructions on almost any issue or topic you can imagine. There’s also an automated chatbot that directs you to the correct article.

If you’re on a premium plan, you gain access to 24/7 callback and chat support in English. They also offer callback and chat support in many other languages, but not all languages have 24/7 support.

To access Wix customer support, you must do it through their automated chatbot — WixBot — first to narrow down the category of information you need help with. From there, the bot will direct you to a live chat support tech, or you can request a callback from a technician. Some of the higher tier payment plans offer priority support that places you at the front of the line when you call.


Wix support technicians will often only attempt to walk you through what you find in their support center articles. It can be difficult to get true support, and it’s one of the drawbacks of the platform.

points 24/7 support for premium plans
points Robust article base in the support center
points Automated chat is intuitive and directs you useful information

Alternative Wix Software – Weebly

Weebly is the most common cloud-based website building software alternative to Wix. The program is also drag-and-drop based and has a free website option that includes ads. It has a lot of the same tools offered by Wix, along with a solid integration of key eCommerce business tools. 

Comparing Wix to Weebly

Although Weebely gets mentioned next to Wix, it doesn’t match Wix on tool selection or the amount of themes available. There are also a lot of enrichment tools available on Wix, like text animations and image-carousel backgrounds Weebely doesn’t offer. The platform is cheaper overall, but you get what you pay for.


If you’re looking for a solid cloud-based website builder, you can’t go wrong with Wix. The developers loaded the software with tools and features that can help you create an eye-catching, effective, and functional site.

Even if you have no design experience, anyone from beginners to experts can use this versatile platform. There are templates and applications for every niche and industry that can help you get a site live in no time. 

The click-and-drag system is precise and easy-to-use, and the pricing plans are of excellent value for what you get. 

It’s the perfect platform for small businesses who need an online presence. Or if you’re a professional who wants to create a professional-looking portfolio site, Wix will definitely suit your needs.

Try WiX Now!
Wix is a cloud-based website development solution for personal or professional pages. Create professional-looking portfolio sites to showcase your work, or set up a small online business that integrates with hundreds of business tools. It’s all possible on Wix.




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