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How To Name Your Wholesale Business

How To Name Your Wholesale Business

The name of your wholesale business is crucial to convey what kind of goods you offer while making your business more memorable. This guide will be listing some of the tools you can use to name your wholesale business and advise you on what makes a great wholesale business name.

20 Wholesale Business Name Ideas

20 Wholesale Business Name Ideas

Using the wholesale business name generator, I have compiled a list of 20 wholesale business names. I used different keywords to reflect various goods that a wholesale business might supply to demonstrate how wholesale business names should orient around the products they sell to broadcast the purpose of the company.

  1. Beautsy
  2. Beauty Planet
  3. Aces Fabric
  4. Loose Fabric
  5. Interiorsonus
  6. Zephyr Interiors
  7. Botanica Green
  8. Greenorame
  9. Petster
  10. Scoot Pets
  11. Canvas Crafts
  12. Dream Crafts
  13. Crummy Baby
  14. Sprout Baby
  15. Toyscape
  16. Commerce Toys
  17. Knight Tech
  18. Freak Tech
  19. Fodder Food
  20. Foodify

These names cover a wide range of wholesale company names that apply to different wholesaler business types. You can create a mind-map of words associated with the kinds of products your wholesale company stocks and use these as keywords to put into the business name generator and configure different wholesale business names. 

You do not have to use the business names provided exactly as they are; you can use elements you like and combine them, putting them into the domain availability checker to ensure nobody else has used the name already.

20 More Wholesale Business Name Ideas

  1. Wholesale Solutions
  2. The Wholesale Bazaar Co.
  3. Budget Wholesale
  4. Wholesale Dealers
  5. The Wholesale Merchant Co.
  6. Wholesale Store
  7. Wholesale Outlets
  8. District Wholesale Company
  9. Department Wholesale
  10. Wholesale Operative Co
  11. Le marché
  12. The Wholesale Buys Co.
  13. Sell Wholesale
  14. LiveSale Company
  15. The Grocersale Company
  16. Wholesale Imported Co.
  17. Applied Wholesale
  18. SignifiSale
  19. Massale
  20. The General Wholesale Co.

Best Real-World Wholesale Business Names

To understand what methods you can apply when coming up with a wholesale company name, you should look at the best real-world wholesale business names and notice what makes them great. 

Here is a list of some of the best real-world business names to give you an idea. If you need more assistance, you can do more research specific to your business type.

Kringle Candle

Kringle Candle is a wholesale candle supplier based in Massachusetts. Kringle Candle is the company started by the son of Yankee Candle creator Michael Kittredge II. 

The father and son put their heads together to come up with a name for the candle company. They found that ‘Kringle’ was one of the most well-known names on Google and wasn’t associated it anyone notable except for Kris Kringle, a.k.a Father Christmas. 

Since Christmas was the most popular time in the candle industry, they thought the name was apt. The alliterative sound of the wholesale business name is pleasant and makes it memorable with its festive tone.

Wholesaler Pets

Wholesaler Pets is a wholesaler that houses pet supplies. What makes this name great is how it communicates what the wholesaler supplies. Customers will be under no confusion about the nature of the supplier and the nature of its products. If a name obscures what the wholesaler is supplying, this will minimize its reach.

Wouters Textiles

Wouters Textiles is a family-run business, reflected in their choice to use the family name for the wholesale company name. Using a family name can make the business name less generic and more distinct, which will help it to stand out when people search for a textiles wholesaler. The name clearly states what the wholesale business sells while maintaining originality.


This wholesale business name combines two words to create one unified word. This makes the name less disjointed and easier to say. The name suggests what products the business is supplying with ‘flor’, which indicates that the store sells botanical supplies. This is an original name for a business that doesn’t obscure the purpose of the business.


Like FlorAccess, this name combines two words into one for a smoother sound. StylePick uses a combination of words suggestive of the consumer taking action and picking their style, which could subliminally influence the consumer. When choosing your name, you may want to use this idea of the suggested action.

How To Use Subliminal Messaging In Your Wholesale Business Name

Subliminal messages are messages that influence consumers without their conscious knowledge. To create a successful wholesale business name, it is essential to use all of the tools at your disposal to help the name make a particular impression on the minds of potential customers. 

You can apply subliminal messaging to other parts of your business creation, so be sure to do your research!

There are several ways you can go about adding subliminal messaging to your wholesale business name. Here are some examples:

  • Use suggested action – as we have seen with StylePick, a brand name that suggests taking action will serve to place the idea of buying your products into their mind. When using the wholesale business name generator, you can use action words to inspire action in potential customers. For example, if you are starting a candle wholesaler business, you may wish to use active words like ‘sniff’ or ‘light’ associated with your products.
  • Use emotional language – the consumer makes decisions based on emotion and logic, so if your name appeals to their emotions and communicates a feeling, your wholesale business name will likely stand out to customers more. If your words evoke hunger, joy, warmth, or comfort, this will inspire emotion which helps your name to stick in the brain. An example of this could be using emotive language like ‘happy’, ‘soothe’, or ‘soft’ in your name that has emotional connotations. These words can be fragmented or combined with other words in your name to keep it short but still express an emotional state.

Hopefully, these examples have given you some guidance on how to take a clever approach to name your wholesale business. You don’t have to be a psychologist to understand the power of language.

5-Tips For Creating Unique Wholesale Business Name Ideas

Here we have a list of 5 tips that can help you develop keywords to put into the wholesale business name generator and help you know what makes a lousy wholesale business name to give you an idea of things to avoid when brainstorming for your new business title.

Tip One: Be Original

The worst mistake wholesale business names make is not standing out. Although it is a good idea to communicate what your wholesale business is supplying to retailers and small businesses, if you name your plant wholesaler ‘Plant Wholesale’ or ‘Wholesale Plants’, this name will not stand out. It could give the impression that your products aren’t so unique either.

Tip Two: Use Your Name

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using your name as your wholesale business name. Be careful, however, as if your name is common, you may find that there is already a ‘Smith’s Interiors Wholesaler’ out there. Sharing a similar name with your competitors will only harm your business and confuse potential customers.

Tip Three: Slip In A Message

As we saw earlier, subliminal messaging can be a great way to ensure that your wholesale company name leaves a lasting impression. You can use superlatives like ‘best’ to suggest your brand’s superiority over competitors if you want to. Think about what kind of message you would like to communicate to potential customers.

Tip Four: Centre The Name Around Your Products

If your name does not state what products you can supply to consumers, it will not be as engaging as people will not know what your wholesaler is selling. Try to include words associated with your products. Or, if you are selling products from different categories, try and think of words that communicate that, such as the Latin ‘omni’, which means ‘all’.

Tip Five: Check For Domain Availability

If you finally construct the perfect name for your business and start to create your business identity without checking domain availability, you may be in for a nasty shock. It can be very disheartening to find that your domain name is already in use when you have already created business cards with it. So, be sure to check for domain availability using the wholesale company name generator.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can develop a catchy business name by brainstorming keywords associated with your business’ purpose and putting them into the business name generator. Once you have checked domain name availability, you can use this name for your business.

A wholesale business can sell products in one particular area like clothing, pet supplies, and pants. Or, a wholesaler can supply products from several different categories.

A wholesaler is a supplier that sells products to another store before they reach the customer. This is what makes them different from retail stores that sell directly to the customer.


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