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How To Name Your Thrift Business

Clothing resale is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the fashion industry and as many turn to a more sustainable way of buying clothes, you may be thinking about ways you can create a thrift business too! If you’re starting a thrift business, you’ll also need a thrift business name, and that is where we come in!

Our thrift store name generator can help you to find tonnes of unique thrift store names for you to use! Simply input words that you associate with your thrift store into the generator and watch as it reveals lots of word combinations to inspire and create a new business name.

In this guide, we’re going to be looking at lots of different inspirations for a new thrift business name. We’re going to cover how to use our thrift shop name generator and some real-world thrift store names. I’m Alex and I’ll be your guide throughout this article. Let’s get started!

20 Thrift Business Name Ideas

To begin, we’re going to look at how our thrift store name generator can help you to create business names. To create a unique thrift business name, start by plugging in words to the generator that you want to be included in your name! Let’s check out the ones I got when I did this!

  1. Thrift Monster
  2. Clothing Classics
  3. Thrift Cove
  4. Handy Clothing
  5. Thrift Collusion
  6. Recycled Republic
  7. Clothing Unity
  8. Fresh Clothing
  9. Clothworks
  10. Clothing Clique
  11. Clothing Institute
  12. Threads Clothing
  13. Clothes Phenom
  14. Divine Clothes
  15. Happening Thrift
  16. Clothing Dive
  17. Recycled Kin
  18. Evermore Clothes
  19. The Clothes Rack
  20. More Clothing

20 More Thrift Store Business Name Ideas

  1. Like New Luxuries
  2. Vantage Vintage
  3. Vintage Vibes
  4. Prudent Panache
  5. Fantastically Frugal
  6. Fun & Frugal
  7. Twilight Treasures
  8. Thrifty Traveler
  9. Clever Customer
  10. Canny Cabana
  11. Bounty Boutique
  12. Rumpus Resale
  13. Picky & Prudent
  14. Frugal Fanatics
  15. Thrifty Gifts
  16. Swift Thrift
  17. Simply Saving
  18. Hand-Me-Up
  19. Well Loved Wonders
  20. Rave & Rummage

Best Real-world Thrift Business Names

So, now we know what our thrift store name generator can do, let’s see how others are naming their thrift businesses. Looking at real-world thrift store names can help you to see how business names can work in the industry.

Looking at competitors’ thrift business names can help you to understand how business names work to entice customers. Take a look at our favorites below. We’ve analyzed why we think they work so well, check them out.


Contrary to popular belief, Depop actually doesn’t mean anything. We like the name for this secondhand clothing app because it’s easy to remember, fun to say, and a little bit different!

Don’t shy away from a name that doesn’t really mean anything. If it’s memorable enough, people should keep coming back to you!


Vinted is an online app for reselling clothing. Vint apparently refers to the act of selling, and therefore, ‘vinted’ means sold.

Using little-known or foreign words can make your thrift store business seem a little different and exotic.

Vestiaire Collective

Apparently, though not a perfect translation, Vestiraire Collective translates to ‘our friend’s wardrobes.’ This is another example of how foreign words can make a thrift business seem a little different.

The use of collective makes the brand seem like a welcoming and accepting place too.

Luxury Garage Sale

We really like this name. It is simple and effective and communicates exactly what this business is going to do. This kind of simple and unironic name can work really well. It tells customers exactly what you’re all about.

Beyond Retro

This is a great thrift store name too because it references older styles and clothing that used to be popular. The word retro implies there will be styles from eras considered retro and beyond.

We like this kind of name because it explores what the business does as well as options that could be offered inside.

Unique Content for the Niche

Thrift stores are becoming more and more popular as people turn towards sustainability in their fashion purchases. You could use this movement to inform your thrift business name to entice customers seeking greener alternatives in their clothing purchases.

Using buzzwords like sustainable, green, eco-friendly, and recycled can really help to let customers know that secondhand clothing is better for the environment. You could also include words to inform your customers that what’s in your thrift store is unique and different from other thrift stores.

Using our thrift store name generator can help you come up with a whole range of unique and memorable thrift shop names. Our thrift shop name generator is invaluable to you on this naming journey.

5-Tips for creating unique Thrift Business name ideas

Now that we’ve taken a look at how our thrift shop name generator works and how real-world thrift store names are chosen, let’s have a look at some tips and tricks for creating your own thrift store business name.

Below we’ve gathered some of what we think are great tips on coming up with a new thrift business name. Check them out below.

1. Get to know your brand

Getting to know your brand can help you to understand your customer base. Knowing who you’re aiming your shop at can help to choose a business name that will appeal to this customer base.

Who are your thrifters? What kind of business name will they respond well to? What are they looking for in a thrift store business and how can you communicate this through your thrift store business name?

Thinking about all of these things and then writing a list of the words that you can associate with these attributes can help you to come up with a thrift store name. Once you have this list, you can start inputting them into our thrift store name generator.

2. Choose fewer words

Shorter business names are always more memorable and we want people to remember your business name so they keep coming back to you.

Using fewer words can help to make your name memorable and effective.

3. Ask your friends and family

Asking others for feedback can help you to gauge how the public responds to your name and what it says about your brand. Other people may also see things that you don’t and help you to develop your name in ways you hadn’t previously thought of.

Check in with friends and family over and over throughout this process to ensure you’re not getting stuck on one path when many are open to you!

4. Check its available

This is a really important one. Before you fall completely in love with your new thrift store name, you need to ensure it is available. Do a quick google search and check the domain name register to ensure nobody is already using your name. This can stop you from being disappointed when you go to register your business name.

5. Use our thrift store name generator

Using our thrift shop name generator can be really inspiring for you throughout this process. Just input words you want to be associated with your brand from the list you made earlier and get many different unique business names back.

Our thrift store name generator can be an inspiring tool to use throughout this process, so keep coming back to it whenever you get stuck.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you’re thinking of opening a thrift store, you’re probably looking for a new name. When naming a thrift store you may not want to include the word thrift in the name and might be looking for another way to communicate this to your customers. Below we’ve come up with a list of a few words you could use instead. Check them out: Boutique, Flea market, Vintage, Dime store, Exchange, Outlet, Secondhand, Repurposed, Recycled, Second life

A good vintage store name should communicate to customers what the store is selling. Think about the kind of items you carry and which customers will be intrigued by them and then formulate a name based on what these customers will respond well to. Using our thrift store name generator can help you to come up with lots of different unique thrift store names and can inspire the naming process. Remember to really understand your business before choosing a name and communicate it clearly to your customers.

Good names for a store should let the customer know what is inside and why they should choose it. Before naming your store, you should understand your target market and come up with a name that they will respond well to. A good store name should entice customers to come through the door. Use our business name generator to find unique store names today!


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